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Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

“Hey Mel. I’m glad I reached you,” Cassie said as soon as she heard Mel answer her phone.
“Hi Cassie. You have news?”
“I’ll say! First of all, when I called him, he definitely didn’t talk in his sissy voice. In fact, it took me a minute to make sure I was talking to the right person. I’m not used to hearing his male voice anymore.”
Mel was slightly disappointed – in a way. Still it was just as she suspected he’d do. “That’s kind of what I figured he’d do,” she told Cassie. “Thanks for doing that for me.”
“No problem,” Cassie replied. “By the way, our little receptionist here asked me today if she could watch while I change his diapers.”
“She did?” Mel was very surprised to hear that. “What did you tell her?”
“I told her not today, but that I would ask you about it. She seemed fairly pleased with my answer. So what should I tell her?”
Her question actually caught Mel off guard. “Geez! I never thought about anyone else there.”
“I know. She kind of surprised me too. But Mel, let me tell you, while I was… uh… working with Chad today, I mentioned her watching a few times, just to kid with him, you know? And each time I brought it up, you should have seen how he reacted. I think the idea scares him, but at the same time, I think it turns him on too.”
Mel digested that. “Yeah, that figures! Knowing him, it probably would turn him on!”
“So what should I tell her?”
Mel thought about it, but she had too many other problems with Chad just then to decide one way or another. Besides, she wasn’t there at lunchtimes to change him. She didn’t really know the situation. “Tell you what Cassie, you decide. I’m afraid I’m going to have to leave it all up to you this time. Use your best judgment.”
Cassie paused for a moment before she replied. “Okay, I guess. We’ll just have to see how things go in the future.”

Robin poked her head into Chad’s cubicle for a moment. “Okay, Sissy, I’m off to the meeting. Is there anything you want me to bring up for you?”
Chad turned in his chair to answer her. “No. Good luck.”
She smiled, “Thanks. And you’ll be standing by to answer any questions?”
He picked up his cell phone from the desk to show her. But before he could put it down again, it rang. Chad was so startled he almost dropped it.
“You’re getting a lot of calls today,” Robin noted as he opened his phone.
Chad had checked to see who was calling and was surprised to see Sandy’s name there. “Hello?”
“Hi Sissy,” Sandy replied. “I was just checking to see if there was anything else you needed me to design for you before I send you my bill.”
“Uh… No thanks. I think you’ve given me plenty to look at.”
Sandy actually giggled at his answer. “Okay then, I just wanted to check, that’s all.”
“Yeah. Thanks Sandy.” Chad closed his phone.
“Who’s Sandy?” Robin asked.
“I asked her to do some design work for redecorating my apartment.”
Robin was suddenly very interested. “You’re redecorating?”
“Did she come up with anything good?”
“Some of it,” Chad replied. “Some I wasn’t as happy with.”

Mel’s phone rang and she noticed that it was Sandy calling back. “Hello,” she said as soon as she connected.
“Hi Mel. I just wanted to let you know that I called him.”
“And what voice did he use?”
“Definitely his male voice. I don’t think he even thought about speaking any other way.”
Mel sighed. Again, it was just as she suspected. “Okay, thanks Sandy. I appreciate your help.”
“No problem Mel. Anytime.”
Mel sat back in her chair to think. It was really the same old problem that she still had no way to solve. How could she get him to use his sissy voice all the time? She had already yelled at him earlier – and obviously that didn’t work. She knew that tonight he was going to be in for a major beating and she was fairly certain that he was aware of that too. But she still had no other method than the beatings she was giving him now.
She was tempted to call him and let him know that he would be getting more demerits – one for Cassie’s call and another one for Sandy’s call, but she decided to wait a little while first. She had a meeting with another client in a few minutes and she really didn’t want to get any more upset before hand than she already was.

Chad sat back in his chair – waiting for his phone to ring. But now that he wanted it to ring, it was remaining stubbornly quiet. He could have been doing other work, but he just didn’t feel like it. In a way, he was glad that he wasn’t at the meeting with the client. Dressed as he was, it would be horribly embarrassing. He was fairly sure that the clients wouldn’t exactly like it either. But on the other hand, he was rather proud of what he had built for them and would have liked to get some direct credit for it from the people who would actually be using it. If it wasn’t for the way he was dressed… and the things that Mel made him do… and the bet in general, then he would have gladly been in that meeting. As it was, Robin was now representing both of them. He kind of resented that a bit, but then, what other solution was there?
The longer he sat without his phone ringing, the more useless he began to feel. Didn’t anybody have any questions he could answer? Was it possible that Robin knew everything? Maybe they didn’t really need him. Was it a sign that the company might be able to do without him? None of the other work he was currently doing was really very important. It was mostly a lot of busywork that just needed doing. Were they trying to tell him something by ignoring him? He began to wish harder than ever for his phone to ring.
As he waited, he realized he had to pee again – fortunately. He quickly noted the time and began holding back. At least holding back gave him something different to worry about instead of only wondering why nobody was calling him. As the minutes ticked on, holding back became harder and harder. He got up from his seat to walk around his cubicle, hoping the movement would help. It helped, but only slightly, and only for a few moments. Eventually, he sat down again for the same reason. And then he felt it leaking out of him. The pressure was just too much to hold back, and with an audible explosion of his breath he let it loose. He checked the clock. Nine minutes. Pitiful! But much better than anything he had done yet today.
“Hey Chad.”
Robin’s sudden appearance at the entrance to his cubicle startled him. “Hi Robin. Is the meeting over already?”
“Yeah. It was a total waste of time. Mostly, Tom went through everything, then he turned all the materials over to them. They didn’t even have any questions.”
“No questions at all?”
“Nope. I just sat there like a lump the whole time.”
Chad suddenly began to feel better.
“So are you ready for break?” she asked.
Her question surprised him. “Break time already?” he asked as he checked the time.
“Duh! What do you think?”
It was indeed time. Where had the afternoon gone? But did he want to go? Lately, everybody had way too many questions that he wasn’t willing to answer. But if he didn’t go, then Robin would only make some kind of a fuss. He got out of his chair and followed her out to the hallway.
“So have you patched things up yet with your friend Mel?” Robin asked as they walked.
“Patched things up?” He almost laughed. The real answer was a big definite no! But he couldn’t tell her that. “There was nothing to patch up,” he told her instead.
“So what was your problem?”
He paused searching for some acceptable way to answer. Finally he replied. “It’s complicated.”
“I hate you!”

There was no line for coffee. Chad only had to wait for Robin to get hers. But as he was waiting he saw Derek already sitting at a table by himself. Derek motioned slightly toward one of the empty seats at his table, inviting Chad over. Chad leaned closer to Robin. “I’m going to go see what Derek wants,” he said.
Robin turned and looked at Derek then waved coyly at him. “Your boyfriend!” she teased. “Go get him girl!”
Chad just rolled his eyes as he poured his own coffee.
“Hi Derek,” Chad said as he walked up to the table.
“Cha… I mean, hi Sissy. You still coming to the game tomorrow night?”
Chad sat down before he answered. “As far as I know.” But what he didn’t say was that he’d much rather not be there. Especially with what he suspected that Mel had planned for him.
Derek only nodded. “Any chance you won’t be dressed like… he paused, then just waved his hand a bit toward Chad.”
Chad shook his head. “The truth is, I don’t know what I’ll be wearing yet.” And that was the part that really worried him. After this morning, he figured there was now a better chance than ever that he would be attending the poker game in his silly sissy baby dress.
Derek only smiled. “You sound like my ex-wife! She never knew what she was going to wear to something till she went thorough everything in her closet at least three times. Then she usually went out and bought something new.”
Chad blushed as he searched for a decent answer. “That’s part of the fun of it all.” And he supposed that was the truth. He just hadn’t had much of a chance to experience much of it yet.
When break was over, he walked back to his desk with Robin. She asked him, “What did Derek want to talk about?”
“He asked about what I plan to wear to the poker game tomorrow night.”
Robin sounded somewhat shocked. “He did? I told you he liked you!”
“It’s not like that!” Chad replied, defending himself. “I think he’d rather I showed up as a guy again.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes!” Chad answered emphatically.
But Robin only smiled. “So what are you going to wear?”
“That’s the part that has me worried.”
Robin almost laughed. “Do you need some help picking out an outfit? I’m sure we can come up with something sexy that Derek will just love.”
Chad knew she was only teasing, but still… “No thanks. I’m pretty sure that Mel has that already figured out for me.” And he had no doubt about that at all!

Chad was just walking into his cubicle when his phone started ringing. Fortunately, he had left it out on his desk. He quickly checked and saw that it was Mel calling – oh shit! He hurried out of his cubicle with the phone, as he did so, he noticed that Robin had stopped at the entrance to her own cubicle and was looking back at him. “Uh… excuse me,” Chad mumbled to Robin as he quickly hurried off in the opposite direction – phone in hand.
As he hurried up the hallway as fast as he could walk in the heels he was wearing, he opened his phone. “Hewwo?” he said, slightly winded in his sissy voice as he hurried further away.
“Sissy! What took you so long to answer again?”
“I was just getting back fwom bweak.” He replied in his sissy voice again.
“What’s wrong?” Mel asked, her suspicions growing. “Are you running somewhere again – trying to hide?”
“Which means yes!”
Chad had no real way to deny it. “Uh… Yes, Mistwess.”
“I thought so! When I called you earlier, you spoke in your old male voice. You know that’s forbidden, yet you refused to speak correctly even when I told you to! Then after that, Cassie called you and you talked to her in your old – forbidden – male voice too! And you know you shouldn’t have. Cassie said she wasn’t even sure it was you that she was really talking to for a few minutes. Then later, Sandy called you and she told me that you again spoke to her in your forbidden male voice. You just never learn! And now you’re hurrying away somewhere so nobody else will hear you! You know perfectly well that I want you using your sissy voice when you talk with everybody – even at work! As of right now, you’ve got a total of four demerits. I certainly hope you don’t get anymore, or you won’t be sitting down for a very, very long time!”
Four demerits! Oh great! He wasn’t happy to hear that at all. And how was he supposed to know that when Sandy and Cassie called that they would be telling her what voice he used. It wasn’t fair! But what could he say about it? He wasn’t going to use his sissy voice at work – no matter what! “Yes, Mistwess,” he replied sullenly, accepting the fact that he was going to be in for a very painful evening. No real surprise though.
“Now,” Mel continued. “I had wanted to ask you earlier, but I forgot since you made me so angry. What do the guys usually wear to these poker games? I’m guessing it’s all quite casual, but do they show up in junky old t-shirts, or do they at least have a bit more class?”
Chad had to stop to consider the question. “Well,” he finally said, “I have seen one or two of them in t-shirts before, but usually most of the guys just wear what they wore to work that day.” Then very quickly he added, “That’s probably what I should do too – just wear whatever I wear to work tomorrow. It will be the easiest.”
“Don’t plan on it!” Mel replied, leaving him with no doubt at all that she had other ideas. Well, he had tried.
As he entered his cubicle, he heard Robin’s voice call over the wall, “Is everything all right?”
“It’s fine!” he called back. Just fine – that is if you don’t count being beaten half to death later.
A moment later, Robin was in his cubicle. She seemed genuinely concerned. “I just thought something was really wrong the way you grabbed your phone and went running like that. So what was the problem?”
He shook his head. “No real problem. Mel just wanted to know what the guys wear to the poker games.”
“And for that you had to run down the hall like your life was at stake?”
Well, his life was sort of at stake. He just couldn’t tell her that. “Um… I thought it might be another problem,” he replied.
“Like the problem that had you so scared earlier?”
Trust Robin to never forget something you wanted her to forget. “Um… Yeah, kind of.”
Robin shook her head, knowing that he was about to get stubborn again. “And you’re not going to tell me any more about it. Right?”
He shook his head. “Sorry.”
“Yeah, right!” she said disgustedly. Then she perked up. “So did you talk about what you’re going to be wearing? I hope it will be something interesting.”
Chad rolled his eyes as he thought again of the stupid, too short, silly – baby dress! “No, we didn’t talk about that, but I have no doubt at all that it will be interesting.”

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