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The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

One of the things that Chad disliked about getting home from work lately, was having to immediately go back to wearing only one diaper again – and being on a very short one hour and forty-five minute time limit to make it leak. It seemed like he had just started doing better at holding back when that ability was ripped out from under him. All that progress he had worked so hard to regain all day – lost! And today, it had been particularly difficult to start making progress again. The restrictions that Mel had kept him under all weekend had taken quite a toll. And now that she had changed his time limit from two hours to an hour and forty-five minutes, he was more worried about that than ever. Fifteen minutes didn’t sound like a lot of time, but in this case, it was an enormous amount. It was usually that last fifteen minutes that decided if he was going to get punished or not.
While going back to wearing only one diaper with nothing over it was beginning to feel normal, he immediately missed the comfort and security of the thicker multiple diapers. Just one diaper felt thin, flimsy, and all too much like it would leak – which was exactly the goal for him. But it was amazing how much pee it actually took to get the thing to leak!
Once he had removed his “once again” messy diapers from the afternoon and showered himself clean, he phoned Mel as he was putting his single diaper on. While she was still on the line he taped it closed.
“One hour and forty-five minutes,” she told him over the phone. “But I shouldn’t have to tell you that. I’ll be home in a little while, Sissy. I expect to see you in your uniform when I get there.”
Chad hurried to get dressed again, which actually took a lot longer than it used to – when he was still dressing like a man. But dressing like a man was no longer an option, especially since she had removed every piece of male clothing from his apartment and took it… somewhere. He quickly touched up his makeup and hair and added the white apron to his uniform. Then he hurried over to her apartment. He immediately grabbed another baby bottle, this time full of juice, from her refrigerator. That hour and forty-five minute deadline came awfully fast!
His one and only meal of solid food in the past… three days now, had been his lunch today. As he rummaged past all the baby bottles in her refrigerator to decide what to cook, he fervently hoped that she wouldn’t feed him more baby food for dinner tonight… or what was almost as bad, mash up the food he worked so hard to prepare into – essentially – baby food! He knew that Mel liked chicken, so he pulled that out to fix for the two of them. No use taking any chances on fixing something she might not like. She seemed to be mad enough at him already.

Mel was tired when she walked in the door. Overall it had been a fairly lousy day – way too busy and way too many petty problems. The minor little cramps in her stomach didn’t help matters either. She smelled the dinner he was cooking the minute she opened the door. She knew without a doubt that normally it would smell and taste great, but not tonight. She knew there was nothing wrong with what he had made, it was just that her stomach seemed to be a bit more sensitive today than usual. She didn’t want dinner at all. Two seconds after she realized that, he appeared and dropped a fast curtsey as he greeted her. So nice! At least that part was enjoyable. She actually smiled despite herself.
He disappeared back into the kitchen as quickly as he had appeared. She went over to her desk to deposit her laptop and another folder full of paperwork. Ugh! She needed to do some work again tonight – but right now she just didn’t feel like it. She sat down at one end of the couch instead. “Sissy!” she called. “Get in here!”
Chad heard her and hurried into the living room. He was in so much trouble already that he dared not make any mistakes. He dropped a curtsey and asked how he could help her in his best sissy voice.
“Forget dinner. Just turn it off and get back here right away. I need my feet rubbed.” The minute she said it, she pulled her legs up onto the couch and pried off her too tight heels. “Ohhh,” she signed audibly with relief the moment her shoes were gone.
Forget dinner? But he had already fixed it? He hurried back to the kitchen and looked around, there was nothing really that he could do so he ran back again. She pulled her legs up a little, giving him room to sit down, then she plopped her pantyhose covered feet in his lap. He immediately grabbed one of them and began to massage it. Mel signed again as she closed her eyes and sank further back into the couch. Heaven!
Chad rubbed one foot for a long time, and then the other. Mel never moved, never opened her eyes. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was sleeping. He rubbed both feet for quite a while, he was getting tired of doing it. Would she care if he stopped? Did he dare ask her? “Um… Mistress? Have you had enough yet?”
His question brought her back to the world of reality. Her mind had been thinking about other things – daydreaming. She realized how much time must have gone by. “Okay, Sissy,” she said as she pulled her feet off of him. “Go fix me a small sandwich. I don’t feel like anything else tonight.”
Chad was shocked as he got up from the couch. Just a sandwich? After he had prepared a nice dinner for her? “A sandwich? What kind?” he asked politely.
“Surprise me,” she said as she closed her eyes and stretched out again.
Chad had fixed chicken for dinner, so he cut up the chicken from her plate and fixed a simple sandwich from it. He laid her “modified” dinner on the table as nicely as possible. “Mistress,” he called. “Your dinner is ready.”
Mel rolled over on the couch. Dinner. Ugh! But she supposed she was a little hungry and she did need to eat. “Bring it in here to me,” she told him as she got up from the couch to get her laptop. She really did have work that needed to be done.
Chad was surprised once again, but he grabbed her plate and the cup of coffee he had poured for her and brought it into the living room where she was just pulling her laptop out of it’s case. He set the food down on the end table next to her and stood back. “Will there be anything else?” he asked.
“Not now, Sissy,” she replied without looking up from what she was doing. “Go stand in the corner till I need you.”
Realizing that she was in some kind of strange mood, Chad took another big swig from his latest bottle and headed slowly to his corner where he carefully stepped up onto his perch and leaned into the walls. His corner again! Ugh! He closed his eyes since there was nothing to see. A tiny roll of hunger went through his stomach, but he ignored it. He listened carefully, but all he could hear was an occasional tapping on her keyboard and sometimes the soft rustle of paper moving. And that was it.
Inside the kitchen, his dinner was all prepared and waiting for him – in her refrigerator. It would be nice if she would let him eat it while she was busy. Plus, the kitchen was somewhat of a mess and needed to be cleaned up. There was a bit of laundry he could be busy with too. He was sure that some of the furniture could use a quick dusting and it wouldn’t hurt to run the vacuum over the carpets. And did her bathroom need a quick once-over too? Of course it did! So many things that he could be doing. But instead he had been banished to his corner. Again. What fun! Not!
He was almost tempted to ask if he could clean her apartment instead of standing and doing nothing. But in the mood she seemed to be in tonight, he dared not make a sound. So he stood there, his feet and legs aching from the stupid bar he was made to stand on, unable to see anything, not allowed to move a single muscle. In his corner, and out of the way. Unneeded. Unwanted. Unloved?

It took Mel most of an hour to finish what she had to get done. As she finished, she reached for her coffee cup and discovered that it was empty. She barely remembered drinking it. She glanced at the plate that had held her sandwich. All that was left was a bit of crust. She barely remembered eating anything too.
She glanced at Sissy in his corner. She hadn’t heard him make a sound. She doubted that he had even moved – of course she hadn’t paid any attention to him so she really didn’t know. And unfortunately there was work to be done tonight that involved him too. She glanced at the clock and realized how late it was. “Get out of there Sissy,” she told him as she started packing up her laptop.
Chad let out an audible gasp of relief even before he began the painful process of extricating himself from the corner. He had been there forever and his toes ached, his calves ached, even his back and neck ached. But moving off of the perch brought outright pain to all those areas as he tried to move those muscles or even just stand normally again. His ankles especially didn’t want to bend upright like that should.
“Are you leaking?” Mel asked as she shoved her computer into its case.
Chad hated admitting it. “No Mistress.” Then he quickly added in his own defense. “I didn’t get enough to drink since I had to stay in the corner so long.” Hopefully, she would be a bit merciful.
“Too bad, Sissy. I can’t make any exceptions.” Mel actually felt bad about saying that, but at the same time, winning the bet was still the most important thing in her life right now. “Go get yourself another drink while I finish here,” she told him.
Chad hurried to the kitchen to grab his baby bottle. He was thirsty, very thirsty. Hungry too.
“Get in your highchair,” Mel called from the living room. “I’ll bring you your dinner in a minute.”
Chad was hungry. He pulled his dinner plate out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter for her. Then he removed the tray from his highchair and climbed up into it.
Mel walked into the kitchen and immediately put the tray in place again, essentially locking him into the highchair. Then she grabbed a bib and tied it around his neck – he was a messy eater after all. She saw his dinner plate already out on the counter but she ignored it completely. Instead, she went to the cupboard and randomly grabbed four jars of baby food, not even bothering to look to see what she had selected. With a bit of difficulty, she opened all four jars and set them on his tray for him along with a tiny baby spoon. Then she set his latest baby bottle on the tray for him too. He did need to keep drinking.
She poured herself another cup of coffee and leaned back against one of the counters to watch him eat – and make a mess of himself.
Chad was more than a bit surprised, not so much by the baby food that she had set in front of him, but by the fact that she hadn’t even bothered to dump any of it out onto another plate. She had given it all to him, still in the jars. He grabbed the tiny baby spoon in his right hand and picked up one of he colorful jars with his left.
“Ah, ah!” Mel warned from across the room. “You hold that spoon like you’re supposed to!”
Ugh! Chad immediately transferred the spoon to his left hand where he held it in his fist, then he picked up the jar with his right hand instead. Holding the spoon the way he was and trying to scoop up the food out of the tiny jar, while not spilling the contents, proved to be another difficult exercise. As usual, much of the baby food dripped off of the spoon – but he was getting better at it. More than usual found its way all the way into his mouth – if you didn’t count all the food that dripped down onto his tray as he was trying to pull the spoon out of the jar, which was a lot.
“So how was work today?” Mel asked as she watched him trying to eat.
Chad shrugged. “Okay.”
“How did things go with that meeting? Did they call you with many questions?”
Chad briefly looked up from his dinner. “Not even once. Robin said that they didn’t ask her anything either.”
She winced a little bit at hearing Robin’s name. She really wished he wouldn’t mention her. “Did anybody ask you about the poker game tomorrow night?”
Chad shoved more of the baby food into his mouth. “I sat with Derek this afternoon during break. I think he really would prefer it if I were allowed to dress like a man again.” He looked up questioningly.
“Don’t even think it! It’s not going to happen.”
But of course Chad knew that. “Robin wanted to know what I’d be wearing to the game,” he said as he dug more of the colorful food out of one of the jars. “She even offered to help me pick out an outfit.”
Mel’s annoyance with Robin grew a lot greater. Yes, it was way past time to do something about the Robin woman! Way past time!
Despite the difficulty of eating with the tiny baby spoon, four jars of baby food didn’t take him all that long to eat. And finishing his bottle didn’t add a whole lot of time to his time in the highchair either. He had felt himself peeing quite a bit once while he ate, but it was only once. Unfortunately, he couldn’t feel any telltale leaks yet. Of course sitting down like he was made it perfectly possible for him to be leaking and not know it.
Mel finished her coffee and wiped him off before pulling the tray away from the table. “Are you leaking yet?” she asked. “It’s way past time.”
“I don’t know,” he replied as he slid down from the chair. He pulled the skirt of his dress all the way up to expose his diaper. It certainly looked soggy, but he couldn’t see any leaks.
Mel shook her head in frustration. “Never mind. Get that dress off and start preparing your punishment area. You’ve got lots of punishment coming! And hurry up! Four demerits worth, plus not leaking – even now… I don’t even know how long we’re going to be at this!”
Chad was looking forward to his punishment even less now. Forty whacks for the demerits was a lot, but how many was she going to tack on just because he hadn’t leaked yet? And the problem was mostly because she had kept him confined in that darn corner where he couldn’t keep drinking. It was her fault, not his!

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