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The Bet - Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 3)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 16 (Sunday – week 3 Part 3)

Chad heard his cell phone ringing from his purse and ran to get it. “Hello?” he said quickly.
“Hi Sissy, it’s Mel. How’s everything going?”
“Perfect,” he replied confidently.
“Excellent. Look I should only be a few more minutes here then I’ll be home. Is dinner almost ready?”
“Yes, it’s all set. I was just about to put my uniform on.”
“Good. I’m looking forward to it. I should be there before Cassie and Sandy, but if not, I won’t be long.”
“Ok,” he replied. “See you then.”
So far, everything was going perfectly. He took the time to change into two fresh diapers before he redid his makeup and put his uniform on. For once, his makeup came out much better. The brushes that Sandy had shown him how to use along with the other things really helped. He was suddenly wishing that they had had time for her to show him more. As he slipped the low-heeled shoes on his feet, he was almost stunned by how comfortable they felt after wearing the high heels all day. But now with these new shoes on, he found himself thinking about the high-heel fantasy all over again.
He tied his apron around his waist. He was ready. Dinner was ready to be dished out onto the plates as soon as everyone arrived. But there was still time. Mel wasn’t even back yet… and he couldn’t stop thinking about the heels! He picked his heels up then put them down again. No, he shouldn’t. Mel might be back at any minute. But he couldn’t resist. He slipped his low-heeled shoes off and put the high heels on again. Why was he doing this? If Mel caught him… It was the darn fantasy. And damn! He really needed some relief and bad. That was it in a nutshell. Every little thing was piling up on him because he needed relief. And still he was reluctant to take the heels off.
He wore them out to the kitchen to quickly check on dinner one more time before going back to take them off again. The fantasy played heavily in his mind while he did it. But before he could get back to the bedroom to remove them, Mel breezed in quickly. “Whew! I made it!” she declared happily as she came in. She sniffed, “Mmmm. Something smells good. Don’t tell me what it is. Surprise me.” She quickly looked him over as she set her purse on the table by the door. Then she stopped surprised. “Sissy! You’re wearing heels? Why?”
Chad could feel himself blushing. “I was just going to change them.”
Mel walked up to him with a wicked smile on her face. “You like them,” don’t you!”
“Yes, Mistress,” he said nervously as he dropped a quick curtsey.
“You’ve been thinking about what it would be like to not be able to wear anything but high heels, haven’t you!”
He dropped another quick curtsey. More nervous than ever, he repeated, “Y-yes, Mistress.”
Then her manner quickly changed. “Take them off! That decision is mine, not yours.” Then she smiled wickedly at him. “I’ll leave it up to you to worry about that for now. Will I? Or won’t I?” She left to wash up in the bathroom.
Why was it that almost everything she did lately turned him on so much? Even when she was being cruel, she was still fueling his fantasies unmercifully!

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. “Answer it Sissy,” Mel called from the bedroom.
Nervous and praying that it was Sandy and Cassie at the door, he opened it. Thankfully, it was. “Hi Cassie,” he said with a quick curtsey. “Hi Sandy,” he said with another curtsey.
“Sissy, you look real good tonight,” Cassie said as she walked through the door.
Sandy stopped in the doorway and peered closely at his makeup. “It’s getting a lot better. It’s a shame we didn’t get much past your foundation though, but overall, I’d say we accomplished something earlier.” She walked on in and he closed the door behind them.
“Hi,” Mel said as she came out of the bedroom. Chad headed for the kitchen while the women talked. Quietly and efficiently he dished everything out onto the plates and lit the candle on the table. He poured the wine for each of them and checked to make sure everything was as it should be. Perfect! He headed into the living room. At the first opportunity he interrupted them. “Dinner is ready.”
“Wonderful, I’m starving,” Sandy declared.
“It does smell good,” Cassie noted as she got up from the couch.
The three women sat down at the table and Chad went back by the sink to stand out of the way and watch in case they needed anything. “It all looks so good,” Sandy said as she grabbed her fork.
“And the best part is that it’s something out of a diet cookbook I just bought,” Mel replied.
“Really?” Cassie exclaimed. “But it’s so good.”
“Mel, you are so lucky to have him,” Sandy declared as she stuffed a fork full of food into her mouth.
“Speaking of which!” Mel suddenly sounded stern. She looked angrily over at Chad. “Sissy! Where do you belong?”
Chad was taken totally by surprise. He couldn’t believe that she wanted him in the corner again. But obviously she did. Reluctantly, he went back to his corner to stand scrunched into the wall. He could hear Cassie and Sandy laughing hysterically behind him. He couldn’t really hear what they were saying anymore since he was so far away and facing the wall, but it didn’t really matter. He was once again stuck in his boring old corner!
He stood there for a long time with nothing to occupy his mind. He desperately tried to listen to what the women were saying, but mostly he had a very hard time of it since they weren’t speaking directly to him. The most exciting part came for him when he realized that he had to pee again. That at least was something he could easily concentrate on. How long could he hold it? He couldn’t look at his watch or a clock so he began counting seconds in his head. Mentally calculating how many seconds went into each minute that passed. It almost became a game for him as he stood there with his eyes closed trying to be still.
As his counting passed the ten minute mark, he began to doubt his minute calculations. It seemed like a lot longer. They had to be finished with dinner soon! Unfortunately, it was getting harder and harder to hold back on his peeing – probably because it was all he had to think about it. Without thinking, he started struggling against it and in the process took a tiny step back to shift his weight and relieve his aching legs and feet.
“Sissy! Stand still!” Mel yelled. She watched till she was satisfied that he was back in the corner the way he was supposed to be. Sandy and Cassie both turned around to look at him.
“Don’t ruin your dinner over him,” Cassie cautioned. “This is too good for that.”
Mel smiled at her. “Are you kidding, yelling at him is my favorite part.” All the women laughed again.
As they gradually finished eating, they kept turning around more and more often to watch Chad standing in the corner. Every time he moved in the slightest, Mel would yell and he would get still again. Eventually, they were no longer eating and Mel had opened up a second bottle of wine that they were now working on. After a while, they all fell silent while they stared at Chad and drank their wine.
“You know,” Cassie finally said. “Please don’t get me wrong about this, but while I really like the maid’s outfit, to me, it gets boring pretty quick.”
Mel was surprised, but before she could say anything, Sandy replied first. “Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s like… you know, last week when we watched him running back and forth in that cute little onesie, that was like one of the highlights of my life. But now… well, he looks great and all. Maybe too great. But it does get a bit boring.”
Mel wasn’t sure what to say. Having Sissy as her maid was her biggest dream. The three women stared at him for a while more. She saw him move his feet again. “Sissy!” Quickly he put his feet back where they belonged again. But she finally realized that maybe Cassie and Sandy were right. He looked great like that, but that “something special” spark was missing.
“Maybe you’re right,” she finally admitted. “But what should I do about it?”
“I don’t know,” Cassie admitted, but I really loved the baby outfit too. “God, it must have been so humiliating. But this, what he’s wearing now well, it’s almost respectable.”
“Of course there’s always the French maid thing,” Sandy suggested.
“Yeah,” Cassie agreed, “guys are always hot for that kind of thing.”
“Yeah but French maids don’t really turn me on,” Mel replied. “But it is a good suggestion.”
“Why don’t we check the internet,” Sandy suggested.
Mel brightened. “That’s a great idea!”
All three women picked up their wine glasses and headed into the living room where Mel set up her laptop on her desk. “Sissy,” she finally said. “Go clean up the kitchen!”
Chad was ever so glad to finally be able to move away from the corner again. He bent his knees painfully to get the circulation moving again. Thank God he wasn’t wearing heels! The darn women had sat at the table for an eternity while he stewed in the corner! Talk about cruel! He could hear them all laughing now as they sat around her computer. He wasn’t at all sure he wanted to know what they were laughing about.

“Oh! I love that one,” Cassie squealed excitedly. “And you’ve got to get the shoes that go with it too!”
Mel duly added everything they decided on to the website’s shopping cart. When they were done, she entered her payment information and finalized the order. That was the third website they had bought things from for Sissy so far. The amount was adding up, but by that time, Mel didn’t even care. “Oh! You want to see what I’ve been looking at for a while now for him? I was planning on buying them later this week.” She navigated to the web page she wanted.
“Breast forms!” Sandy and Cassie screamed together.
“Why wait?” Cassie asked. “Get them now!”
Mel turned back to her computer and did just as Cassie had suggested. It was so much fun!

Chad, in the kitchen, felt like he was forgotten, while at the same time not forgotten. He knew everything the girls were discussing was for him. He knew every bit of it would be painfully humiliating. But the only words he had heard clearly were “breast forms.” He shuddered, but realized that it was only logical. She had been making him pad out the breasts of his girdle since the beginning anyway. So in reality, breast forms were no big deal.
Forgotten, but not forgotten. He was the maid tonight. A fixture to be there and work, but not be in the way. Invisible. Alone. Used.
He hated it. He loved it. The misery of the situation also fueled his fantasies. Damn he needed some relief! Unfortunately, he went back to thinking about Mel training him so that he could only wear high heels and nothing else. Why should he find that so appealing? Why did he find any of it appealing? He just did. He accepted it. He enjoyed it. All of it.

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