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The Bet - Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 5)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 15 (Saturday – week 2 Part 5)

Mel undressed slowly in front of him. Her need was huge. She realized she was almost panting because of it. Her maid! Hers alone. Something she herself had created… or was still creating. A work in progress, but now close enough. More than close enough. When she was completely naked, she again waved her hands in front of his eyes, making sure that he couldn’t see. She realized she was being silly, but she couldn’t help it. She wasn’t ready for him… or anybody, to see her naked body yet. But to feel it?
This time she knelt down in front of him and grabbed his head in her hands.

Chad was surprised when he realized that Mel had knelt down in front of him. He felt her take his head in her hands and pull it down, not as far as he expected. Suddenly, he felt her naked body against his cheek. She was pulling his head up. His cheek felt her stomach, then her breast sliding over his head, down his cheek, then down his neck to his chest. He could hear her breathing so hard. She did it again, this time between her two breasts. Now he was breathing hard too. Suddenly he felt her pull on his head hard and somehow, her lips wound up right on top of his. She kissed him and he kissed her right back with everything he had. And right then, the urge to pee hit him. Not wanting to dwell on it, he let it all out while she started to force her tongue between his lips. It was pure heaven. Only after she had ended her long wonderful kiss did he realize that he had not gotten hard. He had even been able to pee during what would normally be driving him over the edge. For once though, he was grateful, because the pain that he would be feeling from his chastity device would have been terrible.
Now he felt her pulling on his head again. He had to move forward awkwardly on his knees. His hands bound behind his back didn’t allow him to steady himself in any way. She stopped him finally and he felt her arranging herself on the couch. He knew what was going to happen next and he didn’t have to wait very long.
She was all need tonight. More than he had ever seen. And he had no choice but to accommodate her. And through it all, he felt the disappointment of getting no physical stimulation at all. And yet, that very fact was somehow stimulating his inner glow tremendously.

Mel writhed above him as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. His little tongue was getting better each time, there was no doubt about that at all. With each orgasm she felt like she had arrived. The slow build-up of watching him cleaning in his maid’s dress. Then dragging him against her body over and over again. And now this finality! This was without a doubt the best she had ever had. He couldn’t see her. He couldn’t touch her with anything but his face where she wanted it to touch. He couldn’t feel anything at all that she didn’t want him to feel. He was totally denied, and she had everything! The sky exploded all around her as she abandoned herself to complete and total ecstasy.

Chad felt like he was drowning. He could hardly breathe and his face was beginning to hurt from her grinding against it. Did she know she was screaming and making so much noise this time? She was almost animalistic in what she was doing. And obviously she had no regard for his comfort. But realizing the state that she seemed to be in, he doubted she could think of anything but what she herself was feeling. He only wished he could feel a tiny bit of what she was experiencing… but of course, he also wished that he could feel anything physical at all beyond his face grinding against her. He felt so denied. Yet he felt such and inner glow from that same denial.
She was slowing now. Finally! He could hear and feel her breathing slowing, yet still heavy. She spasmed and he felt her grinding hard against him again, but it was only a spasm. It happened again, then a third time. Each one just a little bit less. Till finally, she was done.

She pulled his head up under her breasts and cradled it there, panting heavily as she recovered. She doubted she had ever felt more fulfilled. She kissed the top of his head lovingly and tasted her own juices in his hair. She laughed to herself, he was a mess. Heck, she was a mess! Carefully, almost lovingly, she helped raise him till he could kneel on his own. “I’ll be right back,” she whispered.

Chad felt her leaving him. He let his head droop into his chest as he tried to recover himself. He felt spent, and used, and denied. Yet… yet… yet… strangely, because if it all, he had felt excited by it too. He thanked the gods that he had never even tried to become hard from it all. He was thankful, yet the very thought that he hadn’t both scared and excited him. He heard her coming back, then quickly she was scrubbing his face with a washcloth. It felt so wonderful. He felt her pulling on him. “Here, lay down for a few minutes till I’m ready,” she said. He let her help him lay down, that felt good too. And then she was gone and he was left alone again, helplessly tied and blind. He hoped she wouldn’t be too long.

Mel left him and went into the bathroom again. She rinsed the washcloth under the sink and hung it up to dry. She thought about just using it on herself, but she was too messy. Tonight had been really something! She opted for a quick rinse in the shower instead. He certainly wasn’t going anywhere. When she was done, she dressed quickly and went back to him.

Chad felt her finally returning. He hoped fervently that she would untie him right away and he was ever so grateful when she did. The last thing she did was to remove his blindfold. He rubbed his eyes to get his vision back. “I’ll start your bath water,” she told him. “Join me as soon as you can.” And he was alone again. He rubbed his wrists and ankles. He stretched his arms. He rubbed his entire abused face. Two nights in a row now she had used him drastically. He hoped it wouldn’t continue… but he also knew better. He got up and tottered into the bathroom.
Mel undressed him completely and helped him into the warm scented bathwater. He didn’t raise any kind of protest when she produced her razor and began removing any unwanted hair from his body. The only area she didn’t work on was around his chastity device. He tried to ignore what she was doing and close his eyes, but it didn’t work. Her attention was too invasive to his need to relax. It wasn’t till she was done that she let him lay there undisturbed while she left him alone. He closed his eyes and breathed in the fragrant scent from the water… and relaxed completely.
It seemed like all too soon, she was back again. She helped him out of the tub and dried him off herself. Her attention was sensual in itself, yet he never tried to get hard. She had laid out his diapers already, the thick cloth ones, he was ready for them. He wanted to go home… back to his own apartment.
But she surprised him. Once again, she wound the scarf around his head and tied it tightly behind him. Blindfolding him. Leaving him helpless to her demands. “Come on baby,” she said softly, “back to my bedroom.” And she led him gently back into her room and laid him onto her bed again.
He knew to expect it this time and automatically raised his arms over his head so she could tie them. “Good baby,” she crooned into his ear as she began tying his wrists. All too soon, his legs were spread and tied to the foot of her bed too. Blind and helpless. Completely. The story of his life lately. Yet, deep down, it thrilled him too.
In his blindness, he felt her fidgeting with his chastity device, sometimes yanking on it harder than he wanted, making the tiny teeth dig in. But he was now so used to them that he didn’t even wince. But when she pulled the plastic piece off that had completely encased his cock for days now, he was totally stunned and shocked. The open air felt cool and strange. What was she doing?
His whole body jolted when he suddenly felt her two fingers grab his flaccid member for a moment. And then she was fidgeting with the rest of the device, her hand constantly brushing him where he wanted it the most as she removed it from him completely. But it didn’t last long enough. Her hand was gone again, and so was she.
When she came back, he suddenly felt his entire sex area covered in a soft, warm, wet cloth. She was massaging him with it… no… she was washing him with it. He realized it was her washcloth she was using on him. And it felt so wonderful. He wanted to push is groin up into it, but he was afraid to… afraid she might stop what she was doing. And like everything else that he liked lately, it too was gone all too soon. He felt cool air wash over him again where he was wet now.
And then he felt the shock of her cold razor running over his skin down there, removing any stray hairs that she could find. After the warm wet washcloth, her razor felt hard and frightening, erasing not only the tiny hairs, but the wonderful sexual glow her washcloth had given him. And then the wonderful washcloth was back again, massaging him as she finished cleaning him. All too soon though, it too was gone.
He felt her pulling a thick soft cloth up through his legs and over top of him. Was she actually going to diaper him again without the chastity device? He prayed that she would. It would be almost too good to be true. But she didn’t fasten the diaper, she just left it draped over him. “That’s just in case you have to pee baby,” she whispered. And then she was gone again. Her final words seemed to have a magical effect as he realized that he suddenly did have to pee. This time he didn’t hold back at all. He felt like a foolish baby as his pee hit the cloth and dripped down through his crotch. But what could he do about it?
She was gone a long time. At one point he thought he heard water running in the kitchen, but he wasn’t sure. And then she returned and sat on the bed next to him.

Mel set all the pieces to his chastity device down on the bed next to her. She had cleaned them thoroughly, just as she had cleaned him. She grabbed the diaper that she had laid over top of him and noticed that it was wet. “Good baby,” she crooned in his ear. “You wet for me while I was gone.”

Chad felt a moment of absolute thrill at her words. The crooning baby talk, praising him for wetting like a baby sent wonderful chills through his body. He wanted more, and he got it… sort of. He felt something cold and soothing being spread all around where the base of the device had been against him, then more where the tiny teeth had hurt him. Not quite what he was looking for, but it still felt really good. Now if she would just touch him where he wanted her to and bring him the relief he drastically needed… Unfortunately, what he got instead was the feeling of her beginning to attach the chastity device again. He wanted to scream. All his hopes had just been dashed.

After Mel spread salve over any of the slightly red areas the device had caused, she fitted the base of the unit around him again. She could tell that he wasn’t really happy about that. But instead of putting the medium sized points of intrigue on the device, she chose the largest and most painful ones instead. She had to hold it all together with one hand to keep everything in place. With her other hand, she once again touched his still flaccid cock and began running her fingers over it.

Chad was in suddenly in shock. She was touching him. Touching him in ways that he had only dreamed of. Her fingers, barely running over his skin, soon became more fingers lightly grabbing him, kneading his flesh over and over again. She was doing it! She was granting him the relief he wanted more than anything. And he was still soft! But most of the device was now gone. It wouldn’t hurt him to get hard. He concentrated on the sensual feel of her hands touching him. His hips began to writhe.
“Good baby,” she crooned into his ear again. “You’re staying nice and soft aren’t you? Just like a little baby should. Such a good baby.”
But her words triggered his denied need completely. And instantly he was growing hard. But at the same time, the cruel teeth from the device began digging painfully into his thickening cock. “Ow!” he quickly cried. What had happened? The teeth felt different than before. Much worse! She was still massaging him, trying to make him hard, but those darn teeth were hurting him too much. All he could feel was the pain - far more than what she was doing to him. He heard her chuckle at his distress.
Mel had to keep holding the cruel spikes against him to keep them in place. It wasn’t easy, but it was working. He had started to get hard, strangely at her words more than her touch. But the little plastic teeth had done their job well. He was still thicker than he had been and the teeth were still digging painfully into him. But he was not getting any harder. “You don’t like those nasty teeth, do you baby?” she crooned. “But it looks like they’re helping you to stay nice and soft, just like a good baby. Isn’t that right? You want to be a good baby don’t you?”
Despite the pain, Mel’s words were again reaching all the wrong places in Chad’s brain. His cock began to grow despite the spikes now digging in horribly. And then he felt her pulling the one hand away, and the pain from the spikes was completely gone. She stopped touching him for a moment, then both hands went to work on him. With his cock already halfway there, and without the painful spikes, he roared to full erection. His hips began trying to thrust into her fingers. He felt her pull her hands away again. And then he felt a harsh shocking burning pain erupt on his shaft. She had hit him again with something, and hit him hard.
“Bad baby!” She hit him again and he jumped. “Bad baby! I can see we still have a long way to go teaching you yet!” She hit him one more time. He was starting to get softer now. “I know you want to cum badly. But I’m not going to let you cum till I think you’re ready for it. And right now, I can see that you’re not even close!” She hit him again. “Bad baby! Down! Get it down where it belongs!” She hit him again and waited, then swung one more time.
Chad wanted to cry. It had been so good! Now she was punishing him again. Why? He couldn’t help it. As he fought back his tears, all he could think about was that he had disappointed Mommy Mel. Mommy Mel? Why had he thought of her that way? But she was Mommy Mel… sort of. It had been so good! He had thought that she wanted him to get hard. He had thought she wanted to bring him some relief. He should have known better. Especially because of those wicked spikes she had used. He had disappointed her… and he was denied again. Totally. Two confusing issues raging through him at the same time. He had disappointed her, he had to fight harder to keep from crying outright.

Mel watched him. Even with the scarf tied around his eyes she could tell he was fighting back tears. “Bad baby!” she said again and then hit him one more time. A small whimper escaped his lips, but still he didn’t cry. She tried another tactic. “It’s ok baby, you can cry if you want. Let it out. Let it all out baby.” He whimpered again, but still didn’t burst into tears. She hit him one more time. “Let it out baby. Go ahead and cry like you want to.” But still he couldn’t do it. She glanced down at his cock. It was completely soft and small again. Not even much left of it to slap again with her ruler. She had come close to making him cry this time, which wasn’t her main purpose, but watching him almost do it had fascinated her. Maybe next week after another of Gloria’s sessions he would be able. She had warned her that her suggestions would probably wear off after a few days, but she couldn’t see any sign of that happening yet.
Sighing, she set her ruler down and picked up the tube of baby lotion and rubbed it all over his now shriveled cock. She put the medium sized points of intrigue back on the device and fitted the rest of it over him again… and locked it on once again. It was done. He wouldn’t need to be cleaned for another few days. And in the meantime, he would again feel nothing at all down there.
She quickly inserted two suppositories up inside him, then pinned two of his super thick night diapers on him right where he was. She untied him and helped him to a sitting position where she removed his blindfold. She let him rub his eyes before handing him his plastic panties to put on. She found the high-heel shoes he had worn earlier and handed them to him. He awkwardly strapped them on.
Neither of them spoke a word as she let him stand and follow her. She handed him his diaper bag which he draped over one shoulder, then his purse which he held in his left hand. She laid his maid’s dress over his arm and handed him his other pair of shoes to carry. Then she picked up her own purse and opened the door for him. Dressed just as he was, he went out into the night air and over to his own apartment. She unlocked the door and they both went in. The empty darkness echoed back at them till she switched on the light.
She helped him into his baby-doll nightie. “Three baby bottles before you go to sleep,” she told him. “I’ll leave you a note like I usually do later. We have a busy day tomorrow so don’t be late!” And then she left.

Chad sat down on his blow-up mattress, and sucked on his baby bottle. He was still dazed. He didn’t really know what to think. He had gotten so many mixed signals from her tonight that had left him thoroughly confused. And worse, he was now locked up again after being wonderfully free for a little while. Locked up and denied where he couldn’t get hard or feel anything. Nothing!
Disheartened, he laid down on his mattress and sucked on his bottle.

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