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The Bet - Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 2 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 38 (Monday – week 6 Part 2 of 7)

Mel turned her stove off and poured the baby cereal she had just fixed into a plastic child’s bowl. As she did so, she heard someone knocking at her door. She glanced up at her clock. He was right on time. She set the pot down and hurried to her door.
“Good morning, Mistress,” Chad greeted her in his sissy voice as he dropped a curtsey just outside her door.
She stared at him for a moment before she stood back to let him in. He looked different! Instead of his usual all pink jewelry, he was wearing all three of the wooden necklaces he had bought this weekend along with the matching bracelet. Even his usual ring was missing. The addition of the multi-colored earrings he had been wearing for most of the weekend further changed his appearance. And it all seemed to go with the very neutral looking skirt and blouse that he had chosen. She looked more carefully at his earrings. “Did you clean your earrings this morning?” she asked, concerned that maybe he hadn’t.
“Yes, Mistress,” he replied.
She nodded as she continued to look him over. “Just checking. You’ve been wearing them since you go them. I thought you might want to try one of the other pairs you bought.”
“If you want me to change them, I’ll do it right away,” he offered.
She shook her head. “No, don’t bother. They look fine.”
Chad wasn’t sure, but he wondered if Mel seemed to be a bit… off today. Maybe she was just still tired form all the sexual activity she had put herself through last night – activities that involved him so intimately, yet he had gotten nothing at all out of any of it.
A few moments later, he was once again confined in his highchair, bib in place, and was trying to shovel baby mush into his mouth with a baby spoon that he held left handed in his fist. Maybe he wouldn’t make such a mess with his breakfast if the cereal was more solid! Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
Watching him making a fool of himself didn’t seem to have its usual appeal for Mel. She sipped her coffee as she watched him trying his best to eat, and instead making a mess of things. But today, she wasn’t laughing or even overly thrilled by watching it. Instead, she was thinking about other things involving him, and wanting to move on.
She had come so far with him already – in what… five or six short weeks? And he had changed something in her too – she recognized that now. He had awakened a longing for something she hadn’t known she wanted that badly – a proper home… and someone to take care of it for her. One was no good without the other. And Chad… Sissy… was the perfect person to do that for her. In fact, for some reason, he was the only person she wanted doing that for her. She had to have him! Besides, she really had come to love dominating the poor shmuck so completely – and molding him more and more into what she loved the best. And he was getting there - slowly… or was it really fast? After thinking about that for a moment, she supposed that overall she’d have to say that she had gotten him to this point rather quickly – despite the fact that she wanted it all right now!
And what was next on her agenda for him? She was slowly and methodically removing all of his masculine traits. Or were they masculine rights? Either way, she was denying them from him, wiping them away to where they could only be something he could remember, not something he could have. But again, what was next?
Of course, there was still her latest project that she was getting nowhere with, so far – removing the use of his masculine voice – completely. But while he was pretty good now about using only his sissy voice while she was around, he was refusing to use it at work – or probably anywhere else he went when she wasn’t there. But how could she fix that? How could she make him use his sissy voice – all the time? She sighed with resignation. It probably wasn’t possible. She had no control of him at all when he was at work – and that was the problem. It was also the problem with the terms of the bet too – making him incontinent. Everything seemed to be going really well as long as he was right there with her, but the minute he went off to work, he was out of her control – and regaining his own control.
There was just no help for it, she had to find away to control him better while he was away from her, including being with his friends at work! But how? It was an impossible question.
“Any more big projects going on at work?” she finally asked, just to talk about something for a few minutes and get her mind off her impossible thoughts.
“Not right now,” Chad replied between tiny spoonfuls of his cereal. “Just a lot of little things the company needs me to get caught up on.” He took another spoonful of his cereal and actually managed to get it all into his mouth. “We do still have one last thing before our last project is officially off our plates though, and that’s supposed to happen today.”
“What’s that?”
“The final meeting with the client to make sure they have no questions or problems.”
Something about that surprised her. “And are you going to be there?”
“Not this time. Usually I would be, but… well… my boss thought that it would be better if I stayed out of sight. Robin will be there though.”
The Robin woman again! But this time, it wasn’t really about anything that mattered to her, she just hated hearing the name. “And how do you feel about not being included?” she asked.
He shrugged as much as he was able, considering the highchair he was in. “Under the circumstances, I think it’s for the best. They do need my input though in case there are any questions that Robin can’t answer, so they’re supposed to phone me if anything comes up like that.”
She took another sip of her coffee as she digested the information. “Is it likely that they’ll call you?”
“Probably,” he replied after managing another spoonful of cereal without dropping any. “There are a lot of technical aspects to the project that are more in my expertise than Robins.”
“So it would be better if you were able to be there in person?”
“Probably,” he replied once again, meaning that it would definitely be better. He dug another tiny spoonful of the cereal out of the bowl, but in getting it to his mouth, his wrist twisted just a little bit and most of it landed on his bib. Ugh!
“What time are they meeting?” she asked.
“This afternoon sometime,” he replied as he dipped his spoon into the cereal again.
Mel watched him trying to bring the cereal to his mouth – so carefully. He almost made it. While most of it went in, a tiny dribble of it appeared on his chin. Just like a baby! She grinned. She didn’t know why, but suddenly she was finding it funny again.

As soon as he had parked his car at work, Chad grabbed his purse and got out. He didn’t bother hurrying into the building or even trying to hide his appearance. What would be the point? Everyone in the company had seen him or at least knew about him by now. As he walked, he was very much aware of his new necklaces moving around on his chest. He could not only feel them moving, he could hear them as they banged together with a slight but distinct clacking sound. His other necklace, the one with the pink stone, didn’t do that. In fact, he hardly knew he was wearing it. The heavy wooden bracelet on his wrist felt weird as it moved around too.
The other women in the company had been after him to get some new jewelry – new earrings too. What would they think of what he was wearing now? Would they like it? He hoped so. In a way, he couldn’t wait to show it all off. That thought almost made him stop where he was. How strange he should feel like that after being so afraid of anybody seeing him for so long. He let out a small sigh as he continued walking. Things had changed. In fact, judging by the way everything had been going lately, he was betting that things were still changing.
As he reached his cubicle, he realized that he was peeing yet again. That was bad because he hadn’t realized he was going to. Mel’s little games all weekend were starting to make things more difficult than ever for him. He definitely needed to keep a closer watch and get back all his control. He prayed that next time he had to pee he would at least have some pre-notification! Slightly worried about it, he stowed his purse into his desk drawer and booted up his computer.
“Hi Sissy,” Robin called as she walked past to her own cubical.
“Hi Robin,” Chad called over the wall so she could hear him. He turned around in his chair, knowing that she would probably be right back. He wasn’t disappointed. She returned in less than a minute.
“I’ve got to stop carrying so much stuff with me!” she exclaimed as she rounded the corner into his cubicle.
Chad smiled up at her, wondering if she would notice what he was wearing. “Why do you bring it all?” he asked.
But Robin was staring intently at him, more interested in what he was wearing than in his dumb question. She answered anyway. “Because I might want some of it,” she replied as a smile began to creep onto her face. “Hey, you got your ears pierced!”
Chad beamed. “What do you think?” He turned his head slightly from side to side so she could see them better. “Do they look okay?”
“Very pretty! I like all the different colors in them. Where did you get it done?”
“In the mall.”
“The mall? Were there a lot of people around, or was it mostly private?”
Chad rolled his eyes. “A ton of people!”
“And you still had it done there? You’re very brave!”
Chad just shrugged. “Not really. It just kind of happened.” He grabbed his necklaces. “I got these in the same store.”
“I like them,” Robin replied. “It’s nice to see you wearing something different for a change. A big improvement!” He was still holding his necklaces, looking down at them when she noticed his nails. “Oh! That’s a different color for you! Lavender!”
Chad didn’t know if he should be more surprised that she noticed his nail color or that she would be able to name the color correctly. He held his hand out so he could look at his nails too. “Yeah. The color seemed really strange at first, but it’s starting to grow on me. I kind of like it.”
“You got your hair trimmed too.”
“You can tell?”
“Of course. Why shouldn’t I”
“I don’t know. It just seems like a lot to notice.”
“Don’t you notice all the differences in everyone?”
He thought about that. “Not unless they’re something major.”
She shook her head. “You’ve got an awful long way to go if you’re going to be woman someday!”
Chad had no intention of being a woman someday. But he had already been down that road with Robin before – unsuccessfully!
“So overall, you approve?” he asked, with a bit of uncertainty.
“Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”
“I don’t know. I was just hoping, that’s all. I’m kind of hoping everyone else will approve too.”
“You mean at break?” She smiled briefly then teased, “Does that mean that for once you’re not going to fight with me about going?”
Chad was startled by her question and blushed a bit. “I guess not… at least, maybe not today.”

Mel sat at her desk and stared at the calendar on her computer. Her last client had just left and she had a few minutes before she had to meet with the next one, but she didn’t really feel much like doing any paperwork or even checking over her next client’s folder. It was just one of those days where she really didn’t feel much like working at all. Instead, she glanced through her list of things she needed to do. The items that caught most of her attention were the ones that involved Chad.
She noticed that it was time to call Cassie again this morning with another slight change for Chad’s training. No time like the present to take care of that little item. She dialed Cassie’s cell phone, but only got her voice mail. She had to leave a message for Cassie to call her back. With a sigh, she picked up the folder for her next client and briefly looked through it. The client’s problem wasn’t anything major for her to handle – fortunately.
Between her clients and Cassie’s schedule, she played phone tag with Cassie for over an hour before she actually got to talk with her. “Hi Cassie,” she finally said.
“Hey Mel. What’s up? You’ve been trying to reach me all morning.”
“Yeah, well, between the two of us, I guess we’ve been busy.”
“I know I have,” Cassie replied. “So what can I do for you?”
“You know how you’ve been only giving Chad the suppositories three days a week and then pretending to give him one on Tuesdays and Thursdays?”
“Well, I want you to reverse that now. Only give him the suppositories on Tuesday and Thursday and just pretend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”
“That should be no problem. I’m pretty sure the poor guy still has no idea that he’s not always getting them.”
“That’s good,” Mel replied. “And hopefully, the results will stay the same.”
After talking with Cassie, Mel glanced at her calendar again. She noticed that under tomorrow’s date she had listed the poker game that she had made Chad get them into. She hadn’t forgotten about it, but she had purposely avoided thinking about it further, just because she still didn’t know why she wanted him to be there – for that matter, she didn’t know why she wanted to be there either.
She remembered some of Chad’s concerns that he had expressed at the restaurant last week over what she would make him do or what she was going to make him wear… Speaking of what he was going to wear, what was she going to wear? She was only guessing that this was going to be one of those silly “guy” get-togethers where they all dressed like slobs. Ugh! Why did they have to do that? Didn’t they have any pride? So what should she wear? She decided that maybe it wouldn’t hurt to check with Chad to see what everyone had worn in the past. She reached for her phone and dialed his number.

“Hey Sissy,” Robin called from the entrance to his cubicle. “Ready for break?”
Chad looked up from his computer and glanced at the time. “Break time already? Wow, where has the time gone?” He got up from his seat and started to walk out of his cubicle, but he suddenly heard his cell phone ringing – inside his purse – inside his desk drawer. He was tempted to not answer it, but Robin had already stopped and was looking back toward his drawer where the ringing was coming from. And besides, if it was Mel and he didn’t answer, she’d probably kill him! As quickly as possible, he extracted his cell phone and opened it, forgetting in his hurry to check to see who was calling. “Hello?”
Mel paused for a moment before she answered. She had just been about to hang up and try again later when he had answered – in the wrong voice. “Sissy? What took you so long?” she asked angrily.
Chad knew instantly that he was in trouble. He fervently wished that Robin wasn’t standing right next to him – or more preferably, that he was somewhere where nobody could hear him at all. He didn’t dare use his sissy voice with Robin standing there. “Um… My phone was inside my purse, which was inside my desk drawer,” he admitted.
“And why aren’t you using your sissy voice?” Mel asked even more angrily. “You know better than to talk, anywhere, in your old voice – especially to me!”
“Um…” Chad didn’t know how to reply. What could he say so that Robin wouldn’t know what was going on? “We were just going to break,” he finally replied.
“To break! And… we? Who’s we?”
“Um… Robin and I.”
The Robin woman again! She was getting awfully tired of hearing about her! And now they were going to break together. The images that came to mind weren’t nice! “I don’t care who you’re with! I don’t care what you’re doing! I want to hear you talking like you’re supposed to – like a sissy! Now answer me properly!”
Chad was horrified. He just couldn’t! Not right now where Robin would hear. “I… I… I can’t,” he stammered fearfully. “Not right now.” There was just no way he could do what Mel wanted right now. The whole company would know all too quickly exactly what was going on – not to mention that Mel was really his Mistress, not just his friend – not to mention how much of a sissy he really was. He just couldn’t do it!
Mel’s temper started to boil. “We’ll discuss this later!” she replied menacingly. But you can be sure that it’s at least one demerit – for now. And the next time I call you, you had better answer me properly!”
Chad suddenly found himself holding a disconnected phone. He knew he was in big trouble – perhaps worse trouble than he had ever been in. Fearfully, he closed his phone. He glanced at his purse still in the drawer. Should he put the phone back in, or keep it out? He was so worried about Mel that he couldn’t decide.
“Trouble?” Robin asked.
“Um…” Chad didn’t really know how to answer. “Kind of.”
“What do you mean, kind of?”
“Um…” He finally just shook his head. “Don’t ask. It’s complicated!”
It was all Robin could do to keep from hitting him.

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