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The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 5 of 7)

Mel’s doorbell rang just as Chad was pulling the steamed vegetables out of the pot.
“Sissy… Get the door!” Mel called from the living room.
Chad quickly put everything down, wiped his hands on a dish towel, and hurried toward the door – fairly confident and hoping that it would be Sandy and Cassie arriving. He was not disappointed.
“Oh! You’ve got new earrings!” Cassie exclaimed as she walked in the moment he had finished his curtseying greeting. She stopped to examine the multi-colored spots on his ears closer. I like them,” she declared before walking further into the apartment.
Sandy was still standing in the doorway, staring at him. “I still love that dress on you!” she stated happily before she too walked in. She glanced back at him once again before she sat down in the living room with Cassie and Mel.
Chad hurried back to the kitchen to finish dinner. When it was ready, and all dished out on the plates. He reluctantly put his own plate into the refrigerator… where he knew that Mel would want him to put it. He took one more quick drink from his latest bottle before calling everyone to the table.
“Mmmm. Looks good,” Cassie declared as she sat down.
Mel looked up at Sissy from her seat. “Back in your corner,” she ordered. “We shouldn’t need you for a little while.”
Chad reluctantly headed toward the corner he had already spent too much time in.
“Pacifier!” Mel yelled behind him.
Chad quickly went back and found his pacifier on the kitchen counter. He took the opportunity to take another long drink from his bottle before putting the pacifier back into his mouth and then heading back to his corner. The women all seemed to be ignoring him as he climbed up onto his perch and pressed his body into the tight confines of the corner walls. One thing he noticed as he climbed up onto his perch, was that the much higher heels he was wearing made the height of the perch less of a difference. While the heels of his shoes were still off of the ground, it wasn’t by quite as much – which made the shoes on his feet more comfortable on the perch than his low-heeled shoes.
He couldn’t really hear what any of the women were talking about. He heard some laughter occasionally, but he had no idea what it was about… probably him. Twice while he was there he noticed himself peeing. And as usual, that was the only thing of interest that his body had to feel. Boring! Boring! Boring!

“Another great meal,” Cassie declared as she sat back and pushed her plate away. “I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying these Sunday dinners.”
“Me too!” Sandy agreed. “It’s the best meal I eat all week!”
Mel smiled. “I have to say, I enjoy the company too… not to mention the meal!”
“Sissy really is a good cook!” Sandy declared.
The mention of Sissy made Mel look over toward him in his corner. She hadn’t really been watching him at all during dinner. But right now he was right where he was supposed to be – in his corner and out of the way. She sighed. “I guess I better fix his dinner for him. We may as well let him eat before he cleans the kitchen up.”
Sandy giggled as they all got up from the table together. “Baby food again?” she asked.
Mel shook her head. “Not this time. I don’t want to waste all the food that I bought – and he fixed. She opened the refrigerator and pulled out the plate that Sissy had prepared for himself. She held it out so everyone could see. The plate had been fixed just as nicely as the ones he had prepared for everyone else. “Imagine,” Mel said, “he thinks he’s going to get to eat this just like it is. I don’t know why he even bothered!” She set the plate down on the counter, grabbed a sharp knife and a fork, and went to work cutting his food up into very tiny pieces. She had no trouble with the vegetables of course, but the pork chops… “Ugh! This is hard!” she complained before she had gotten very far. But she kept at it.
“Why do you bother doing it that way?” Sandy asked. “Real babies can’t eat anything like that.”
“Is there a better way?” Mel asked, fairly certain there wasn’t.
“Don’t you have a blender? That’s what we usually used when I was younger to fix table food for the babies.”
“A blender?” Mel smiled and hunted around in one of her bottom cabinets. A moment later, she dragged the thing out and plugged it in. She motioned toward Sandy. “Show me.”
Sandy smiled. “Well, it’s really very easy.” She took all of the vegetables that Mel had already cut up and put them into the blender, then she turned it on. Two seconds later, everything in the blender was reduced to nothing but mush. “See,” Sandy said, “instant baby food.”
“That’s great,” Mel declared. “But how about the pork chops?”
Sandy emptied the colorful vegetable mush from the blender onto Chad’s plate. Then she grabbed the pork chops and pulled them apart with her hands and stuffed them into the blender. “You’ve got to add some water for things like this,” she explained before turning the blender back on again. Once again, the blender went to work, but this time, for a much longer period. Sandy stopped it twice and checked it, adding water each time. But eventually, even the meat had been reduced to nothing but an unappetizing looking brown mush.
“Eeeww!” Mel and Cassie remarked together as Sandy dumped the brown mush out onto his plate.
“That looks disgusting,” Mel declared.
“Gross!” Cassie agreed.
“But it’s just the same as what you buy in the stores for babies,” Sandy exclaimed… “Mostly anyway. I have no doubt that this would probably taste better.”
“I don’t think I’d want to try it,” Cassie said.
“Me either,” Mel agreed. She looked around. “I guess we’re all ready for him. Cassie, if you’ll get the tray off his highchair, I’ll call him for dinner.”
Chad was elated when he heard Mel calling his name. He had heard strange sounds from the kitchen that worried him, but he could never hear what any of them were saying. Pulling himself out of the corner was easier this time than the last time he had been in it. And the heels on his feet made walking much easier since there was less of a difference in their height and the height of the bar on his perch.
He didn’t see his dinner till he was already strapped into his chair, the bib was tied around his neck, and the tray was locked back in place. Only then did Mel put his dinner in front of him where he could see it. He almost died! His dinner! The nice wonderful dinner that he had cooked, and had hoped that Mel wouldn’t want to cut up into tiny pieces. She had found a way around the problem and put everything into the blender! And it looked… awful!
Mel placed a tiny baby spoon on his tray for him along with a fresh bottle. “Eat up, baby. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy the dinner you spent so much time fixing for all of us. I know we enjoyed it… very much! Oh! And don’t forget to eat with just your left hand, holding the spoon just the way that Sandy taught you.”
All three women giggled as Chad stared reluctantly at his dinner and slowly picked up the tiny spoon with his left hand. He held it in his fist like Sandy had taught him and he dug it into the colorful vegetable mush. Most of it actually reached his mouth. And he was suddenly elated. It tasted fairly good! There was absolutely no texture to it at all – other than mushy. Nothing to really chew, but none the less… it was good! He decided to try the brown mush next, the part that he was guessing was all that was left of his pork chops. The mush proved to be a lot more watery than the vegetables and most of it fell off his spoon and back onto his plate – and into the pile of vegetable mush.
“Too much water!” Sandy declared. “It’s hard to judge sometimes.”
Chad got the remainder of the brown mush into his mouth. He tried to taste it. He rolled it around his tongue. There was almost no flavor to it at all. No flavor… and no texture. Basically, it was what he would label as – lousy! Not totally bad, but definitely lousy! He unconsciously made an unpleasant face at the tasteless mush.
“I knew I didn’t want to try it!” Cassie declared at seeing his face.
The other women just laughed and agreed.

After dinner, Chad was left alone to clean everything up while the women went into the living room to talk – and laugh. Chad couldn’t hear what they were talking about, but he did hear some of the ballet music Mel had played earlier so he had a pretty good idea. The entire time he was washing dishes, he kept picturing himself being abandoned at work dressed in a pink ballet costume. While the very thought of it scared him to death, it also kept him mildly sexually stimulated. Fortunately, his chastity device only gave him a tiny bit of warning irritation and nothing more. The thoughts did seem to make his kitchen work go faster though. Before he knew it, he was done, and the kitchen was spotless, and his diaper was… leaking again.
Since Chad was wearing his sissy baby dress, Sandy offered to change him – which she did in the middle of the living room floor, directly in front of Mel and Cassie. Chad could only think that it was a good thing that both of them knew him so well and had changed him many times before, otherwise, he would have been really humiliated.
Sandy’s changing job seemed to take – forever! She talked with Mel and Cassie more than she paid attention to changing him. Once she got his old soggy diaper off, she quickly laid a new one out on the floor under him… and then turned around to take part in the conversation between Mel and Cassie. Like she was ignoring him completely!
Chad didn’t do it on purpose. In fact, he didn’t even know he was doing it till Sandy noticed – and then both of them were shocked!
“That’s what I told him!” Sandy was saying. “He had to…. Aaahhh!” She quickly pulled her hand away from where she was resting it on top of Sissy’s still open diaper because something warm and wet was suddenly hitting it.
Chad was startled by Sandy’s sudden scream and looked down toward her – only to realize that he was peeing just then. Once again he hadn’t known he was going to do it.
As quick as she could, Sandy brought the diaper up between his legs and held it in place while he finished peeing. “It looks like somebody is becoming more like a real baby than ever!” she said teasingly, and obviously somewhat annoyed.
“I’m sorry…” Chad started to say.
“Hush!” Sandy interrupted him. “Just stick your thumb in your mouth where it belongs and lay there quietly! I’ve handled babies before!”
Having no choice, Chad stuck his thumb in his mouth and sucked on it while Sandy held the diaper over him and went back to her conversation. After a few moments, while Cassie was talking, she chanced pulling the diaper back to see if he was finished yet. He was. She pulled it further away from him and wiped the wet part of her hand off on it before finally pulling it firmly into place and taping it shut. She looked towards Mel. “Two hours?” she asked.
Mel shook her head. “We’ve changed that. An hour and forty-five minutes now.”
Sandy just smiled as she looked down at Chad. “I guess you know the drill.”
Chad only nodded as he continued to lay there and suck his thumb.
“All finished?” Mel asked Sandy.
“All done,” Sandy confirmed as she got back to her feet and headed to the bathroom to wash her hands.
Mel looked down at Chad. “Then we’ve got some refresher training to do. Stand up Sissy.”
Chad was a bit bewildered, not to mention worried about what Mel wanted of him. Refresher training? But he quickly pulled his thumb out of his mouth and got to his feet.
“Now,” Mel continued. “Show us your diaper!”
Chad was surprised. So surprised that he hesitated too long. Mel was instantly on her feet. “I said show us your diaper!” Chad quickly reached down and pulled up the hem of his skirt as high as he could and held it there. Mel left him like that and hurried over to the corner where she retrieved her yardstick. Chad’s fear quickly grew with every step she took returning. While he was still holding his dress up high, Mel got behind him and swung her stick against the tops of his bare legs with a very loud and distinct smack. Chad was propelled forward and had to keep himself from falling. “Okay,” Mel said, “you can lower your dress again. I don’t want to see you hesitate for even a second when I tell you to do something!” Keeping her yardstick at the ready, she repeated her command. “Show me your diaper!”
As quickly as he could, Chad grabbed the skirt of his dress and pulled it up high, fearful of her yardstick. His legs still stung from where she had just hit him a moment before.
“Better!” Mel declared. She sat back down in her chair but kept the yardstick in her hands.
“What did I miss?” Sandy asked as she hurried back from washing her hands.
“Not much,” Mel replied. Just a bit of refresher training. She looked straight at Chad as she continued speaking. “We’ll be doing more of it so you haven’t missed anything!” She paused for a moment, then smiled at Chad. “You can lower your skirt now.”
Chad gratefully dropped the skirt of his ridiculously short baby dress. Mel was still smiling, but Chad wasn’t totally sure it was a good smile.

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