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The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 4 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 4 of 7)

Chad stood in his corner, alone… again. He couldn’t really hear what Mel and Sandy were talking about in the kitchen. He couldn’t see anything except the blurry walls almost up against his eyeballs. He couldn’t move without getting in trouble… in fact, as long as he was standing on the miserable bar, he couldn’t move his feet at all. He suddenly felt himself wetting a tiny bit again. As Mel had said earlier, he was wetting all too easily. And yet… and yet… he liked it that way. The feeling – or almost lack of feeling – fascinated him. And for some strange and dumb unknown reason, the thought stimulated a tiny twinge of sexual thrill from his penis trapped inside of his chastity device. He quickly hoped that he didn’t start growing down there again. The darn thing had already given him too much pain today as it was. And why was the thing acting up now again… after being dormant for so long?
But the stimulating feelings from wetting himself soon died, as did all other stimulation. And he was once again stuck with only his thoughts to occupy his mind. And since he had just been given so much to think about, there was no way he couldn’t turn things over and over in his mind. He couldn’t see anything, he couldn’t hear anything, he couldn’t move – despite the aching in his feet and legs and wanting to move badly. He was stuck alone with just his thoughts – and his pacifier, which since he had no other stimulation, gave him more pleasure than ever.
Did he really want the pool table and the ultimate “guys hangout?” Yes he did. He knew he did – without a doubt. But despite all the humiliation, which he knew he really did crave, he also desired all the things that life with Mel would mean. The girly things… the baby things… all of it. He wanted both lives! But both lives were impossible. Was Mel really asking him to make a choice? It was an impossible question. And wasn’t that what the bet was about? Her training him… forcing him… to do things to rob him of his male life. It wasn’t about making things easy for her… he didn’t think so anyway. And he really did want the pool table and all the other stuff. And what about the one big item, his self respect? What about that? What about walking down the street with his head held high, confident about life once again?
And what about all his strange inner desires – desires that seemed to rule his life all too much. What about all those things that he craved so much… that he dreamed of so much. He wanted them just as much, if not more.
He wanted both lives – equally. But both lives couldn’t be!

There was not a sound in the apartment, although once in a while, Chad could hear the soft tapping of Mel typing on her laptop. But she wasn’t typing much. His legs and feet had passed from aching, to outright pain, to an aching numbness. While he had stood in the corner for long times before, he had never been left here this long. He wondered how much time had passed – it seemed like an eternity. He was growing very tired. Despite having nothing to drink, he had continued to wet himself frequently. Often, he had no warning that he was going to wet, but more and more now, he was realizing when it was going to happen – maybe because he had nothing else to concentrate on.
And then a new sensation hit him. One he recognized immediately. With no other sensations to occupy his mind, he was plagued by every tiny little sensation of the stupid suppository suddenly doing its job. He hated it. He didn’t hold back for even a second. He wanted it to finish – and quickly! After standing in the corner for so long with no other stimulation, the entire experience seemed to be heightened as he messed his diaper thoroughly and without any control. Ugh! And yet, there was something about it that also stimulated his under exercised sexual need. But fortunately, the lousy chastity device didn’t give him any pain.
He could smell himself now. With only one diaper on, and with no plastic panties, and without the tight confines of the all-in-one girdles he usually wore, the smell reeked out from him quickly and horribly. Yet it was another sensation for him to concentrate on as he stood confined in his corner. Maybe now Mel would release him! But he continued to stand there, now reeking horribly, while Mel continued to work on her laptop in the living room. Couldn’t she smell him? Ugh! He had been there so long now! He wanted to be released!

Mel sniffed the air and looked over at Sissy in his corner. He still hadn’t moved that she could see. Good! She wondered how he managed to stand there so long without moving. But that was what he was supposed to be doing. She glanced at the clock. It had been over an hour and fifteen minutes since she had put him there. His diaper looked fairly wet as well as messy. She decided to leave him in his messy diaper for another five minutes. Despite the stink that was starting to fill the room, she went back to her work once again.

Finally, finally, Chad sensed Mel’s presence next to him.
“You smell like a messy baby,” she said. “I think you’ve been there long enough for now. Get out of there and let’s get you cleaned up.”
Chad gratefully extracted himself from the perch and the corner. But he had been there so long that doing so was very difficult. Every little movement, from every part of his body, seemed to hurt. His knees wouldn’t bend without pain. And his feet… his feet wanted to be wearing much higher heels than the low heeled pumps he was wearing now. Just bending his ankles was a major chore.
“Go on back to your apartment and get yourself a shower,” Mel said. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”
Chad painfully, and carefully, made his way toward her door. Before he bent down to pick up his purse, he started to pull the skirt of his uniform back down again.
“Leave it!” Mel’s voice commanded from somewhere behind him. “Let anyone who’s out there see your messy diaper.”
Chad pulled his skirt back up again and bent down to pick up his purse, hoping as he did it that the mess in his diaper wouldn’t leak out. He got lucky. With his skirt pulled up and fully exposing his wet and messy diaper underneath, he went back to his apartment. Fortunately, there was nobody else around outside as he walked the short distance – he didn’t think there was anyone who saw him anyway.

Mel unlocked Chad’s apartment door with her key and went inside. She headed straight for his only chair and deposited the things she had brought with her on it. Then she headed toward his bathroom. He was just getting out of the shower. Good! “Dry yourself off,” she told him. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”
She went back to his living room and picked up the things from his chair – two pictures that Sandy had done, and a roll of tape. She held the pictures next to each other up against his living room wall, moving them here and there, trying to find the best arrangement for them. Finally, she settled on a placement that she liked. Grabbing the roll of tape, she began taping them in place, right next to each other, directly below his framed copy of the bet. One picture was of the design Sandy had done for his living room. The other picture was the design Sandy had come up with for his eventual nursery.
The pictures were all things she wanted him to keep thinking about. She wanted them to continually remind him of the things she had told him earlier. She wanted him to remember everything he would lose if he won the bet.
She went back to his bathroom and watched as he taped another fresh diaper in place. “An hour and forty-five,” she said as she turned around and headed for his closet. She glanced through his clothes for a minute before selecting the pale pink and white checked babyish dress. She hung the dress on a door knob and went back for the pink high-heeled mary-jane shoes she had made him buy to go with the dress. Chad had his bra and waist cincher on again and was ready to finish getting dressed. “Put your uniform back on again for now,” she instructed. “Then bring these with you. Since Sandy was so nice to do all that work for you, then I think it would be nice if you wore her favorite outfit for her when she comes over for dinner.”
Without giving it another thought, Mel walked straight back to her apartment.

Chad had an ulterior motive behind the dinner he was preparing. While the stuffed pork-chop recipe seemed like a lot of work, it wasn’t really. He prepared four servings enough for Mel, Cassie, Sandy, and himself. All too many of his meals on the weekends turned out to be nothing but baby food. Or else, Mel cut his dinner up into tiny baby bite-sized pieces and mashed everything all up together. He was hoping that the pork chops would be too difficult for her to do that with. He planned on steaming the fresh vegetables so they would be just barely done, hoping they would taste fresher.
He had everything mostly ready. The pork chops were in the oven cooking, but he couldn’t do anything else yet. He grabbed his latest baby bottle and took another long drink, trying to keep himself peeing. He glanced at the clock, time was running out. Since Mel had trimmed that fifteen minutes off of his time limit and then had left him for so long in the corner with nothing to drink, he wasn’t peeing quite as much as he had earlier in the day – although that situation seemed to be getting back on track again quickly. But since it took a while to get back to where he was peeing so frequently, his diaper wasn’t quite ready to start leaking yet. He drank furiously now, trying to make the seemingly impossible happen, and all the while, the clock kept ticking down toward his deadline.
“Are you leaking?” Mel called from the living room.
“No Mistress. Not yet.” Chad replied, unhappily.
“Then don’t forget to tell me the minute you do!”
“I will, Mistress,” he replied. And he would tell her – the very instant he even thought he was leaking. Because every minute that went by meant more punishment. He forgot all about dinner as he drank his bottle furiously. Fortunately, dinner could take care of itself for quite a while.
Once again, Chad was only noticing that he was peeing, while he was actually doing it. There was no notice before. But that was something he didn’t even think about. The only thing he really wanted to notice was the telltale tickle of his diaper leaking. It was another full ten minutes before he finally felt it. If Mel hadn’t trimmed his time limit, he would have been just fine! It wasn’t fair! “Mistress! I’m leaking!” he announced quickly.
Mel glanced at the clock. “Ten minutes! That’s way too much! Well, get over here and start preparing the floor. I want to get this over with. And don’t forget, we’ve got to take care of that demerit for not showing off your diaper earlier in the store too!”
Chad had forgotten about the demerit. Why couldn’t Mel have forgotten about it too? Twenty swats with her yardstick. Ugh! He wasn’t looking forward to it. He grabbed a stack of disposable diapers that she kept in her bathroom for him. Many of them had been used for similar purposes before. He spread them out all over the floor in his usual punishment area. Then as Mel got up from her seat where she was working, he pulled the skirt of his dress up high and out of the way again. He was certainly doing that a lot lately. Why did Mel even bother to make him wear the thing?
Mel quickly examined the diapers covering the floor as she headed to the corner where she kept her yardstick. The floor looked to be adequately protected – unlike what Sissy’s ass was about to be. She stood back and said nothing, only staring at him. And after a moment, Sissy untapped his soggy diaper and let it fall to the floor. Then he leaned over and put his hands up against the back of the chair. His bottom rose up higher, inviting her to punish it with her stick. As she prepared to hit him, she saw his neck tense up as he prepared himself for the pain of her first swat. She didn’t disappoint him. “One!”
She watched as he stood up, curtseyed, and thanked her in his sissy voice before leaning back over for the second blow. Punishing him like this was a time consuming process, but it was also fulfilling in a way. She didn’t really know why, but there were definitely things about it that were, for lack of a better way to put it, fulfilling. “Two!”
Sissy stood back up, curtseyed again and thanked her, then leaned back over. She saw his bottom rise up to the required position once again, but as soon as it was where it should be, she noticed a stream of pee escaping out of him, falling down onto the floor below where it was quickly absorbed by the diapers underneath. And the odd thing was, the he didn’t seem to even notice. Swat! “Three!”
There were tears in Sissy’s eyes after the tenth blow and his words were nearly unrecognizable around the blubbering he was doing. “Now we have to take care of that nasty demerit,” she pronounced. She only had to glance at the back of the chair for Sissy to resume his position and get ready for the next attack on his backside. Swish! Swat! “One!” she pronounced once again. But before Sissy could even stand back up to thank her for it, she saw that he was peeing again – as if the blow from her stick had pushed it all out of him. But what surprised her even more, was that he didn’t react to the fact that he was peeing till he was almost done, which was right before his curtsey. And then, it was only a small reaction since she had told him before that his peeing shouldn’t stop anything that he was doing.
Chad thanked her once again for punishing him – in his blubbering sissy voice. And then quickly added, “I just peed, Mistress, so you don’t have to punish me more for that!” He wanted to make sure that he wouldn’t receive an additional five blows for not peeing while he was being punished.”
Mel was startled by his statement. “I saw,” she said as if it was the most common thing in the world. But as Sissy was preparing himself for her next swat, the only thing that she could think about was that it was the second time he had peed during his punishment, not his first. Did that mean that he didn’t even know he had peed the first time? The thought was encouraging!
As soon as she had finished punishing him, and he was once again diapered, and working on another hour and forty-five minute time limit, she had him change into his sissy baby dress and the pink heels. “Make sure you keep them clean!” she warned.
Chad, still trying to stop the last of his crying, only curtseyed before heading tearfully to her bedroom to change.

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