Friday, May 20, 2011

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 6 of 7)

“Okay Sissy,” Mel continued time to do some dancing for us.”
Chad silently groaned as Mel headed for her stereo system. He got into his usual place where he could hold onto the back of the sofa while he “danced.” The music started, plenty loud enough to hear, but still almost background music. Chad could almost feel the excitement that showed on both Cassie’s and Sandy’s faces. But then Sandy’s face changed.
“Can’t he do this with the pacifier in his mouth?” Sandy asked. “I mean, with that dress, it just kind of goes with the outfit. You know?”
Mel giggled as she sat back down. “Sissy. Go get your pacifier! And hurry back!”
Chad took off as fast as the pink high heels on his feet would let him and found his pacifier. He was a lot slower to return, but finally, he got back into place – pacifier in his mouth, pink and white baby dress over his one diaper, and the pink mary-jane high heel shoes on his feet. He reached out and grabbed the back of the couch to steady himself while he placed his feet in “first position.” He looked up and saw the quizzical look on Cassie’s face.
“What’s he doing?” Cassie asked.
“Ballet,” Mel answered. “Okay, Sissy. Show us what you’ve learned.”
It was all Chad could do to not roll his eyes in front of the women. But he dutifully began going awkwardly from one ballet position to the next, using the little transition step that Mel had shown him in between. The much higher heels on his feet made the exercise all that much more difficult. Mel looked absolutely delighted. Sandy just laughed. But Cassie looked puzzled. “What’s he doing?” she asked. “What’s with the silly way he’s holding his feet all the time? It looks stupid!”
“That’s ballet!” Mel replied. “And it’s not stupid. Every little girl has to learn the first ballet positions, and so far, he’s learned the first three. I think he’s doing very well!”
“I didn’t have to learn them!” Cassie replied.
“Did you take ballet?”
“Of course not! I was too busy playing softball and any other sport I could get into.”
“Well I had to take it – like it or not!” Mel replied sarcastically. “My mother kept me in it for years before she let me quit.”
“Were you any good?” Sandy asked.
“Terrible! But I do still love the ballet – when it’s done professionally.” She looked at Chad who was still going back and forth between the few steps that he knew. “And when it’s done by someone as silly as him!” She began laughing – which sent Cassie and Sandy into a fit of laughter too.
When Mel finished laughing, she looked up at Chad. “Show me your diaper!”
The command came so fast that it caught Chad completely off guard. Before he could recover his wits, Mel was out of her seat and swinging her yardstick at the back of his legs once again. He tried to get out of the way, but she was too fast. Smack! The yardstick landed another stinging blow to the tops of his legs – that the ridiculously short skirt of his dress did nothing to protect.
“Not fast enough!” Mel declared angrily. “You had better learn to do this instantly… without thinking about it!” She sat back down again. “Okay, now just dance around the room for us so we can enjoy it.”
Sandy giggled. “I think I’d like seeing that much better than whatever he was doing a minute ago.”
“Me too!” Cassie agreed.
Chad started dancing, semi-ballet style, around the living room while the women watched. He could tell they were all enjoying what he was doing much more than the stupid little ballet steps that Mel was teaching him. The truth was, he was enjoying it more too. He twirled around as best he could in the shoes he was wearing. He moved his arms and body to the music. And he danced all around the living room for the entertainment of the ladies – who were all loving it more than ever. He felt the short skirt of his dress swirling back and forth and all around as he moved. He started moving just so that it would make the skirt move even more – as if it were another part of his body to dance with. Both Cassie and Sandy started shouting encouragements as they enjoyed what he was doing even more. But as he was dancing, he didn’t notice Mel leaning over to whisper first in Cassie’s ear and then in Sandy’s.
He was twirling around and suddenly Cassie was right in front of him. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
Chad had been dancing, and recovering his wits enough to register what she had said took too long. Before he knew it, Mel was landing yet another stinging slap to the back of his legs with her yardstick. He quickly reached down and pulled the skirt of his dress up.
“You may as well put it down again,” Mel said. “You were too slow. Now dance for us again.”
Chad began moving again, but his mind wasn’t on dancing, it was on being worried about Mel and her yardstick. It took him some time to get back into the mood of the dance, and even then it wasn’t nearly as flamboyant as before. He danced for a while, constantly worried about someone asking him to show his diaper again, but nobody stopped him. The music ended briefly and he stopped, then the next track started. He looked at Mel, wondering if he should keep going.
“Don’t stop now,” Mel told him. “We’re all enjoying this too much.”
The new music was faster, more fiery! He danced again, only now much faster than before. And then suddenly Sandy was in front of him. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded.
Chad tried his best to stop what he was doing and pull up his dress, but it still took him a moment too long. And in that instant, Mel was there swinging her yardstick once again. “You’ll have to do better than that!” she criticized. “Now keep dancing!”
Once again, Chad tried to get back into the dance, but like before, it was difficult. His movements were becoming simple, less flamboyant, just because he was worried about one of them wanting him to show his diaper. But like before, a seemingly long time began to go by. And then Cassie was there again. “Show me your diaper!”
He did his very best to instantly reach down and pull his dress up and hold it up, showing off his wet diaper underneath. This time, Mel was behind him with her stick, but she didn’t hit him. “That was close!” she commented. “Very close. You better get used to doing it like a reflex action… or else!” She held her stick up for emphasis.
Mel and Cassie sat back down and Chad began dancing again – totally paranoid about Mel and her stick. And like before, a long time seemed to go by. The music changed again. Chad was getting tired now, but the new music was much slower and romantic. The entire style of his dancing changed to match it. But in changing styles, he lost some of his paranoia about Mel and her stick. “Show me your diaper!” Mel commanded, seemingly turning up next to him as if by magic. He was so startled that he once again hesitated a fraction of a second too long and her stick found the back of his legs once again. “You’ll have to do better than that!” Mel told him as she headed back to her seat.
Chad began dancing again, but very quickly, Sandy was there demanding to see his diaper. He reacted as fast as he possibly could, all the while keeping a watch on Mel out of the corner of his eye. But she didn’t even get up out of her seat. “Thank you,” Sandy said with a bit of a giggle as she headed back to her seat. Chad resumed his dance, grateful that he had managed to avoid getting hit.
“Show me your diaper!” Mel commanded very quickly from her seat. Chad had just barely started dancing again, but he stopped quickly and raised his skirt up high. “Thank you,” Mel replied with a bit of a giggle. Chad went back to moving to the music. It was a bit like musical chairs, at the right moment, you had to move fast. Only with this, failure meant pain!
Mel sat back and watched as Sissy danced all around. She could tell he was watching her continuously now to see if she would make him stop to show his diaper again, but that only added to the charm of what he was doing. As much as she was enjoying it, she had to admit – he was terrible – as a ballet dancer, yet she still loved watching him. And there was something more… something about the outfit he was wearing. And then she figured out what it was – the pink and white baby dress he was wearing reminded her so much of the pink and white ballet costume she had worn, more than once, in dance recitals when she was very young. The very same outfit she had ordered for him at the mall. More than ever, she couldn’t wait till it arrived. And suddenly, the more she watched him dancing, and the more she thought about him in that ballet outfit, the more sexually turned on she began to get. She suddenly couldn’t wait till Cassie and Sandy left!
The music was fairly long, as many ballet movements are, so Sissy was dancing for quite a while. As soon as the music ended, Mel got up and turned the stereo system off before the final movement could start. Chad stopped dancing, obviously relieved. Mel hated doing it! It was rude! But she couldn’t help herself. “I think we’re going to have to call it a night, ladies,” she announced. “I have other things that I need to be doing.”
Cassie had a fairly good suspicion of what Mel wanted to be doing, but saying so wouldn’t have been polite. “That’s fine,” she replied. “I’ve got to be going anyway.”
Sandy and Cassie headed for the door and Mel ushered them out, wishing both of them a good night before they left. Then she closed the door and turned toward Sissy. “Show me your diaper!” she commanded quickly.
Her sudden command once again almost caught Sissy by surprise, but he reacted as absolutely fast as he could and once again raised his dress up high and held it there.
Mel saw the bit of fear in Sissy’s eyes as she walked back toward him. “We’ll have to keep working on that,” she said to him. “But right now, I’ve got other things on my mind. Go get some towels to protect the couch – lots of them!”
Chad suddenly knew what the other things were that Mel had on her mind. And he could tell by the look on her face already that tonight was going to be… difficult!

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