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The Bet - Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 3 of 7)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 37 (Sunday – week 6 Part 3 of 7)

Reluctantly Chad headed for the door, still afraid that it might be some stranger that would see him. But when he opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised to see Sandy standing there with a large case in her hand.
“Hi Sissy,” Sandy said as she stepped inside.
Chad curtseyed as she walked past him and replied, “Hi Sandy.” But she barely paid any more attention to him.
“Hi Sandy,” Mel said as her guest walked in. “I can’t wait to see what you’ve got.”
“Maybe we should spread it out on the kitchen table,” Sandy suggested. “I’m going to need some room for all this.”
Mel just gestured toward the table as she followed her into the kitchen. Chad remained where he had been standing by the front door, totally clueless as to what was going on. “Aren’t you going to join us?” Mel asked him. “She came here with the plans for redecorating your apartment.”
Chad was totally surprised… and delighted. Why didn’t anybody tell him? He hurried straight into the kitchen and watched as Sandy began pulling papers and pictures out of her case and laying them out on the table. The minute he saw one of the pictures she had drawn herself of his proposed living room, he stared at it intently and amazed. “All right!” he exclaimed before he had realized he had even said it. The picture looked much better than anything he had ever imagined.
Sandy glanced quickly, and conspiratorially, at Mel before she looked to Chad. “I take it you approve?”
“Very much!” Chad replied as he pulled the drawing over to where he could see it better.
“That’s just the living room,” Sandy replied. “Here, let me show you better pictures of the furniture I have in mind.
The three of them spent the next twenty minutes going through everything that Sandy had come up with for his entire apartment. The pool table was there along with everything else he had mentioned – and much more besides. All the furniture was rich and expensive looking – and Chad guessed that it probably was expensive. Mel had said that the sky was the limit, and it looked like Sandy had taken that statement quite literally – which please Chad to no end.
Here, here was what he wanted his apartment to be like. Here was what he wanted his life to be. This was what he wanted to show off to all his friends – if he ever got any friends. And this… this was his reason for winning the bet! Now he had more incentive than ever! He was going to win this bet… no matter what it took!
Chad didn’t see the sly look that Sandy gave to Mel as he was staring at everything that was laid out on the table. “Oh,” Sandy suddenly added. “I have more.” She glanced one more time up at Mel.
“More?” Chad asked, not knowing what more there could possibly be.
Sandy began gathering up everything that she had put down on the table and put it all into one big pile and pushed it out of the way. Then she reached into her case once again and began pulling out more pictures. Many more pictures! “Now this was the part that I really enjoyed,” she said to Mel. Everything I just showed him I’ve done a hundred times over… the typical ‘guys’ hangout. But this… This was fun!” She began laying out more designs and pictures on the table and sorting them out.
Chad saw lots of pink and soft purples and white in the pictures. Then he saw the title at the top of one of her drawings – The Nursery! He nearly died as he saw what she had done.
Sandy looked to Mel. “You said to make it big… no size limit. So I made it big enough to hold everything I could think of.”
Mel pulled the design for Chad’s nursery over to where she could see it better. Perfect! Absolutely perfect! The room was the perfect baby girl’s room – designed for a “big” baby girl. Sandy had included a crib, and a changing table, and a dresser that any little girl would love. The rest of the spacious room was taken up with a large playpen that looked to be built into one of the corners. There was a toy box and toy shelves that Sandy had filled with dolls in her picture. A colorful rocking horse occupied a small part of the space as well. A table with a tea set on it was not far from the rocking horse. So many little other items were included, like the diaper pail and even a rocking chair that was painted and decorated very obviously for a small girl – despite the real size the chair would have to be. A separate picture showed the walk-in closet design, partially filled with little girl dresses and shoes. Still another picture showed the attached bathroom – again, very much decorated for a little girl.
Chad stared at the bathroom picture for a moment. There was something odd about it… something was missing. And then he figured out what it was. “There’s no toilet in this bathroom,” he pointed out.
Sandy grinned. “You catch on quickly!”
“This would be the door leading into the master bedroom?” Mel asked as she pointed at the picture.
“Yes,” Sandy replied. “And this one would lead out to other parts of the house.”
Mel stared at the picture and noticed something else. “What are these odd triangles in all the corners?”
“I sort of modified his perch idea and put one of them in each corner. When they’re folded up against the walls, they look like just a large piece of the molding decoration. But all you have to do is pull it down and… instant perch. I figure you could actually put them all over your house. That way you’d always have one handy if you need it, and unless anyone else actually knew what it was, they would never know.”
“I love it!” Mel declared. She pushed the picture over toward Chad. “See this? This is what I’m going to have built for you when you lose the bet. I wanted you to see those other pictures Sandy did for you, just so you would know how much you won’t be getting. This is what a big part of your new life is going to be. Not that other stuff… this!”
Chad stared at the pictures in front of him. Baby girl – everything! But before he could say anything, Mel leaned over toward him and continued. “Don’t go getting any ideas about getting all that other masculine stuff when you win this bet, because we both know how much you really love being a baby, not to mention how much you love wearing dresses all the time. And we both also know that you’re losing more and more of your control.” She leaned in close to him. Pressing the argument now was important! “And you do want to lose control. Isn’t that why you entered this bet in the first place?” Her voice was calm and quiet – calculated to be convincing. “Deep down, you really want to lose. You love wearing diapers, and you love wearing dresses. You love wearing high heels. And whether you admit it or not, you love wearing it all in public… showing it off. Despite all your fears, you love being totally humiliated.
“And that’s what these drawing represent. Not playing pool with a bunch of smelly, beer-drinking guys, but enjoying your nice soft life with no other cares than to cook and keep the house clean. These pictures represent a life where you get to wear pretty dresses all the time. You get to wear your nice soft diapers all the time, with no worries about wetting in them.
“The other pictures represent a life where you can no longer wear your diapers or dresses when you want. You’ll have to keep it all hidden again – forever – worrying constantly about someone finding out. Yes, if you win, I will buy you everything you want. But remember this, as much as you love doing it, the life you really crave will be completely out of reach… untouchable. And you’ll regret winning the bet forever. You’ll think about the time you spent with me, doing everything that you love… and so much more. You’ll remember it all – longingly. But the pool table and the TV and the stereo won’t bring you the things you desire the most. They won’t bring you back the life you really crave. That will all be gone, completely. You’ll have all that other stuff, but the life you really want will be gone – untouchable. Something you crave so much… something you could have had so easily… will be denied you – forever. No going back. Nothing you really want in life… if you win.”
Mel pulled over the picture of the nursery that Sandy had designed. “But this… This is everything you’ve craved all your life. Everything you’ve always dreamed of – all your life. It’s all right here. So easily obtainable! You love wearing pretty dresses. You love wearing high heels. You even love wearing diapers all the time. And despite your fears, you love doing it all in public… doing it all, freely. You love having no choice in the matter. You love having someone else in charge… of you.
“I had Sandy draw up these other designs, just so you could realize how much you would lose… not how much you would win if you manage to retain your control – which we both know isn’t very likely.”
And then, before either of them could say anything else, Chad suddenly felt the telltale tickle of his diaper leaking and realized that he was once again peeing – without realizing he was going to. The sudden odd feeling startled him and he quickly glanced down at his leg to see a tiny dribble of pee running down it a few inches.
Mel saw what he was looking at too. “See,” she said in her same soft but convincing voice. “I’ll bet you don’t even hardly think about going in your diapers anymore. I’ll bet it’s all become so easy… so normal, that you hardly notice you’re doing it. Because deep down, you don’t want to notice it. You want it to be easy. You want it to be totally uncontrolled.” She stood up straight from where she had been leaning on the table near him. “Come on, lets get that diaper changed for you.”
It was almost like Chad was in some other world. He had seen all the pictures. He had heard every word that Mel had said. And every word that she had said had been true… except… he did want the things that Sandy had designed for him. Despite his inner longings for the things that Mel had in mind, he still wanted the things from his male life too. But the things that Mel had said…
He followed her to her bathroom where he laid down on the floor with his dress pulled up high and out of the way. Neither of them said a word as she removed his soggy diaper, put some fresh baby lotion on him… and unfortunately, pulled out another suppository and stuck it way up inside of him before taping the fresh diaper into place. It almost seemed like she had done it all… lovingly – although he wasn’t totally sure about the suppository part. His mind was really in too much of a whirl to know anything for sure. He was really just trying to make sense of… everything.
Mel stood back up after diapering him and washed her hands while he climbed to his feet. She had given him lots to think about… lots of things that might tip him toward wanting to lose the bet now… or maybe even just caving in altogether. It was time now for a slightly different approach. One where he could spend time thinking about everything she had just said. He was just getting to his feet and was starting to pull his dress back down over his diaper again. “Leave it up!” she commanded. “Keep it up where I can see your diaper.”
Chad pulled the skirt of his uniform back up again.
“Now go stand in your corner till I tell you to get out… and think about what I just said.”
Chad headed reluctantly for his corner and the perch he would have to be stuck standing on. Mel followed him. “Where’s your pacifier?” she asked.
“I’ve got one in my purse,” he replied.
“Get it. Quickly!”
Chad ran for his purse and dug through it till he found it, and stuck the thing into his mouth. Then, with his head hanging down, he slowly headed back toward his corner again. Mel was standing there waiting for him. She watched as he climbed up onto it and got into position, fully into the corner. She leaned over close to him again. “Don’t forget, you’ve only got an hour and forty-five minutes to get that diaper leaking… and while you’re there, you won’t be getting anything to drink. And if it does start leaking, don’t bother telling me… let it leak. I want you to stay there till that suppository does its job and I can’t stand the smell anymore. I’ll tell you when you can move, and I suspect it’s going to be a very long time!”
She leaned in closer to him again. “So while you’re there, you’ll have plenty of time to think about all those nice pictures that Sandy did for you… and everything in them. And you’ll also have time to think about the pictures she did for me and how much you really crave everything they represent. Think about them both.” Her voice dropped almost to a whisper. “And think about how alone you’re going to be if you win.”
She left him then to his thoughts. She had put forth her arguments – arguments designed to convince him of how much he really didn’t want the things he had asked Sandy to design for him. It was much like she did in court or with clients. Half the battle was convincing them that they really wanted to do what she wanted them to. Sometimes it worked, and sometimes it didn’t. In Chad’s case, she hoped the chances were more in her favor. There was still time left for her to win this bet… but that time was growing shorter.
She spent a few minutes after that, talking with Sandy and thanking her for what she had done. After Sandy had left, she spent a lot of time going through the pictures again… all of them. Two of the pictures, she picked up and set aside. She had plans for those pictures.

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