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Mister Mike - Chapter 35 – Part 3 of 3

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 35 – Part 3 of 3

I was out in my shop, measuring a board to cut it, when the door opened and Ashley walked in.  “Hey,” I said before finishing drawing my line.  I looked back at her.  “Do I need to stop?”
“No,” she replied.  “I just wanted to see what you were doing.”
I nodded and went back to my work while she sat herself on the stool to watch.  I cut my board to length.  She said nothing.  I figured if she wanted to talk, she would say whatever was on her mind when she was ready.  I kept working.  I was quite surprised when after quite a while, she had still said nothing.  She had only sat and watched me. 
The door opened again.  Joanna poked her head in.  “Dinner time kids.  Time to put your toys away.”
“I’ll be right there,” I replied.  I started my saw, cut the board, stopped the saw and piled my pieces where I wanted them.  Ashley was standing by the door waiting for me.  I expected her to say something, but she didn’t she walked out with me and waited while I closed and locked up my shop.  Even heading into the house she remained silent. 
Inside, Joanna had Ashley remove her shoes and shorts, and then she had me remove my boots and pants, leaving both of us with bare feet, bare legs, and our diapers fully exposed.  Then she had us hold hands again, and again wrapped the tape around them so we couldn’t let go of each other.  We had to eat dinner like that.  I wet myself while we were eating, not bothering at all to hold it once I realized I needed to go.  Trust me, picking up the baby bottle to drink some milk shortly after I had wet myself didn’t exactly help my ego. 
Joanna kept Ashley and me still linked together after dinner as we were both tasked with cleaning up the kitchen.  Trust me, the process took more than twice as long!
Towards the end, while we were still finishing cleaning up, Joanna came back into the kitchen to sit and watch us.  The moment we were done, she took us both back to the master bedroom again where we saw the towels lining the top of the bed again.
“Sit!” Joanna ordered.  “We’re going to do some more trusting exercises before I get out of here and go home.  And Ashley, I’m not leaving until we do this, so I suggest you decide real quick to just trust me and let me do it.”
I felt Ashley squeezing my hand, hard!  I could literally feel the anger boiling off of her. 
Joanna brought out the rope again.  Since our hands were still taped together, Ashley had little choice when Joanna tied our wrists together.  She did try to pull her hand away, but since that tape was in place, were soon even more firmly linked. 
“Now your other arm Ash,” Joanna said.  Ashley was glaring angrily at her mother, but Joanna was waiting patiently.  Eventually, Ashley gave in and brought her arm all the way over.  Joanna tied it in place.  My other wrist soon followed and our arms were linked like they were before. 
Joanna went back to the dresser, and pulled out two scarves.  When she headed for us, Ashley shook her head vehemently.  “No!” she shouted.  “Don’t do that!”
“Hush Ash!” Joanna told her.  “You know I’m not going to hurt you.  This is just part of the exercise.  Just like earlier.” 
I could see Ashley glaring angrily at her mother, but I couldn’t see it for long as Joanna tied one of those scarves around my head first, blinding me. 
“No!” I heard Ashely exclaim.  Then I felt her wiggling, trying to move away.  A moment later, Ashley was sobbing.  I squeezed her hand. 
“Now lay back on the bed again children,” Joanna ordered kindly. 
After a moment, I started to lay back, but Ashley was still sitting there.  I pulled, and eventually Ashley came with me. 
“Just relax Ashley and this will soon be all over.”
I don’t think Ashley relaxed much, she was still crying a little, but she wasn’t protesting either. 
“Arms straight up in the air again,” Joanna told us. 
I literally pulled Ashley’s arms up along with me as I raised my arms up in the air. 
“Arms down again,” Joanna said. 
This time, Ashley pulled our arms back down. 
“Arms over your heads,” Joanna said next. 
This time, Ashley moved her arms as soon as I started lifting mine.  Joanna kept us there like that for a few moments before letting us bring our hands back down again.  Then she had us bring our hands up over our heads the same way again and keep them there.  A moment later, I felt something going on with Ashley next to me.  And then I felt Joanna removing my diaper.  Oh, she was changing us.  Except she wasn’t.
“Sit up now children,” Joanna ordered. 
It took us a moment, but Ashley came with me when I sat up, blindly, on the side of the bed again. 
“Good,” Joanna crooned.  “Now Ashley, stay right there, but Michael, I want you to get off the bed and kneel in front of Ashley.”
Do what?  But I did as asked, our arms and wrists twisting a bit, but I was soon kneeling in front of her. 
“Ashley, open your legs.”
“Ashley!  Trust me!  Open your legs!”
“Momma, no…”
“Ash!  Do it!  We’re not getting out of here until I’m done!”
I could see nothing but a few moments later, I felt Ashley’s legs moving.
“Wider dear.  All the way.”
I’m guessing her legs opened wider.
“Now Michael, move closer to her.” 
I scooted myself forward. 
“Now bend your head down.”
I was pretty sure what was going to come next.  And trust me, I was really surprised by it.
“Momma?  What are you doing?”
“Now Michael,” Joanna said, take a deep breath and blow.  Softly and gently, but just blow.”
Okay.  I did just that.  Our linked arms told me that Ashley was feeling it.  The small noise of surprise Ashley made told me the same thing.
“Do it again Michael.”
So I did it again, then a third time. 
“Good Michael.  Now you’ve done this for me before.  This time it’s Ashley’s turn.  I have no doubt you know what to do from here, so get to it.”
“Momma?”  Ashley said yet again.
And then my head went fully down on her.  It took me a moment to find the right place, but her freshly shaven clit wasn’t difficult to find.  As my tongue started going to work on her, her legs tried to close, but they were stopped by my head and shoulders in the way.
“Momma….” Ashley exclaimed again, trying to fight away from me.  But linked the way we were, she couldn’t go anywhere. 
Surprisingly, Joanna didn’t say anything.  Me, I just kept at the task I had been given.  It took a little bit, but eventually I felt her legs pressing against me, then opening wider.  Pressing against me, then opening again.  I could also tell by how wet she now was that she was really starting to feel it.  She started making some strange noises, then more.  And she suddenly started going crazy against my head, squirming around, trying to get closer to me, her legs going crazy against me.  And then it ended and I could hear her breathing heavily, while my tongue continued inside of her. 
“Slowly now Michael,” Joanna told me. 
I slowed what I had been doing – gladly.  My tongue was getting really tired.
“Now start blowing on her again,” Joanna suggested.
“I took a big breath and started the blowing thing again.  Ashley whimpered.
“That’s enough now Michael, back up on the bed.”
I was tired out.  My face was a mess, but I somehow managed to find my way back up on the bed. To sit next to Ashley. 
“Lay back again you two and let me get your diapers back on you.  Arms up out of the way.”
I pulled and together we brought our arms fully up over top again.  I could feel something going on with Ashley next to me, and was guessing that Joanna was fastening her diaper back on her again.  But it didn’t last long and it was soon my turn.  It was only as Joanna was taping my used diaper firmly around me that I realized…Ashley had been given a sexual treat, but what about me?  It had been a week now since Joanna had let me out of my chastity device to get some sexual relief.  Was she going to give me the opportunity…or not?
“Sit up children,” Joanna ordered. 
We sat up. 
“Turn toward each other,” Joanna told us.  I turned my head towards Ashley.
“Now kiss!”
Huh?  But I soon felt Ashley’s face coming towards mine and she started kissing me, then she quickly pulled her head away. 
“Eeewww!  He’s all yucky from my…”
Joanna laughed and a moment later I felt her removing the blindfold from my eyes.  Ashley’s blindfold was already gone. 
“Eeewww!” Ashley exclaimed again as Joanna attacked the ropes binding us together. 
“It’s not that bad Ash,” Joanna laughed.  “And just think what he has to endure with his mouth and tongue all over you down there.
“Eeewww!” Ashley said yet again, but this time, there was a giggle behind it.
“That’s it.  Were done,” Joanna said as the last of the ropes fell away from my wrists and Joanna finally removed the tape that had been binding our hands together.  “Michael, go wash your face while I get my bags together, it’s time for me to go home.”
A few minutes later, Joanna was standing in the living room in front of us.  “Michael, Ashley got the work schedule I wanted her to try for next week so she’ll be working Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, so she can be here when I get here on Friday.  I’m going to try to work things so that I can have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off.  So next weekend will hopefully be a long one.”  She smiled.  “And trust me, I’m very much looking forward to it.  She moved in and hugged her daughter.  “Bye Ash,” she said.  “Love you.”
She turned to me.  “Michael, please take my suitcase to the car.”  As I was picking it up, I saw her kiss her daughter one more time.  “See you next week, dear,” she said quickly, then she followed me out toward the garage. 
Wearing my boots, my legs were still mostly bare and my diaper was fully on display, but today it didn’t seem to matter much.  Once I had her suitcase in the back seat, Joanna hugged me, then looked at me right in the eyes.  “Remember Michael, it’s all about trust.”  With that, she turned and got in the car.  I watched, still dressed just like that as she drove away.
“That was weird!” Ashley exclaimed as I came back into the house.
“Yeah.  You can say that again,” I agreed.
“And next week she’s going to stay for three days?  I’m not sure I can handle it.”
“Me either,” I replied. “But…what choice do we have?”
She looked at me.  She didn’t say anything, she didn’t even nod or shake her head. 
“Are you going back out to the workshop?”
“I don’t think so.  After that, I don’t exactly feel like it.”
“TV?” she suggested.
I looked at her for a moment.  “Sounds good.”
We sat together on the couch and watched TV.  Strangely, her hand, holding mine.

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