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The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 7 of 8)

The street the house was on was old. The street itself was fairly narrow but there were huge ancient trees in front of most of the houses. As were many of the houses on the block, George’s house was small – very small. From what Mel could see in the evening light, it desperately needed a fresh coat of paint – twenty years ago. There were a lot of cars pulled up in his driveway and on his lawn. The street was so narrow that Mel dared not park her car on the side of the road so she carefully navigated up onto the lawn and parked next to a fairly new Cadillac.
“Looks like evewyone is here,” Chad said, mentally cursing himself for messing up again.
Mel pushed the button to open the trunk before they got out. Chad immediately fought with his skirt to pull it down, realizing as he did so that the skirt was really going to be more of a problem than he thought. As he walked toward the back of the car, he could feel his heels sinking down into the ground a little bit. He immediately put more weight on his toes to compensate. Strangely, his first thought after that was to worry if there was going to be any dirt stuck on his heels that would show.
Each of them grabbed two cartons of beer bottles before heading to the door and Mel left her trunk open so Sissy could go back for the rest. “Don’t forget… only you’re girly voice tonight!” Mel reminded him as they mounted the steps. The light was on over the entranceway, but the single bulb still left the doorway in little more than shadows. Struggling with the beer in his hand, Chad rang the doorbell. As he waited, all he could think about was the way he was dressed. It was stupid and silly. And there was no way that Mel could explain that away. Of course, she hadn’t offered to explain that part at all. But of course… it was still better than his sissy baby dress!
“That better be them!” George complained as he heard his doorbell chime. He threw his cards down on the table since they had already started playing. Each of them had a beer already too since George had bought some just in case – but he hadn’t bought a lot. He made his way past the furniture to the door and opened it – and stared in shock – and cursed! He knew he shouldn’t have let Chad and his girlfriend come tonight! “What the shit do you think this is, Halloween? What’s with the stupid getup?”
Chad immediately felt more embarrassed over the way he was dressed than he had before. He really didn’t have an answer so he just shrugged apologetically as he held up one of the six-packs of beer.
George shook his head and stepped back to let Chad and Mel into his house. At least you remembered that much! And at least you got the good stuff! What took you so long? You’re late!”
Mel answered before Chad could say anything. “Sometimes it takes women a little longer to get ready than they plan on,” she explained.
“Yeah, well it looks like he could have done with a lot less – getting ready!” George complained. “I mean… Geez!”
“Holy shit!” came a surprised exclamation from one of the other men as they caught sight of Sissy.
“What the hell are you made up for?” another one asked.
Just like she had done with George, Mel answered before Sissy could say anything. “Oh guys! I’m surprised at you! You should know that dressing up a bit is all part of the fun of being a girl? You should try it sometime!”
“You call that dressing up?” one of the guys asked as he stared at Chad. “He looks more like… like… like a…”
“Don’t say it!” another one quickly interrupted. “Don’t even bother!”
Chad was extremely self conscious and embarrassed over his appearance, but there was nothing he could do about it. “Where do you want these?” he asked George in his new girly voice.
George looked at him strangely, then just held out his hand. “Here, I’ll take them.” He grabbed the six-packs from Chad. “I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself carrying them with those heels you’ve got on.”
“We’ve got more in the car,” Chad added as he handed over the first six-pack.
“We just wanted to make sure you all had enough,” Mel explained.
“I take it this is your lady-friend?” one of the guys asked. He alone had been eyeing Mel instead of Chad.
“Oh yeah,” Chad said, more conscious than ever about having to use his new voice… this was going to be the real test now! He started pointing around the room. “That’s George… Steve… Ray… and Derek. Guys, this is Mel she’s… she’s…” How could he explain exactly what Mel was? He certainly couldn’t say Mistress! He was about to say friend, but Mel beat him to it.
“I’m the one who’s helping Sissy…” she searched for just the right words… “be all that she can be!”
The one that Chad had pointed out as Derek, just laughed and shook his head. “Sure, but he could probably stand to be a bit less! Especially tonight!”
Mel just smiled as she set the beer she had brought in on the table. “Don’t be mean. I think it’s wonderful how she’s expressing herself tonight.”
“Of course! You can’t very well refer to her as a ‘him’ when she’s dressed like that. Besides, if he’s going to get used to this new way of life, then ‘she’ has to get used to being referred to in the feminine sense.”
“Uh huh,” Derek replied, clearly not buying it.
“Bullshit!” George said softly, not buying it either.
Mel pulled out one of the empty chairs and sat down. She looked around at all the men. “In fact… gentlemen… there’s something that I could really use all your help with.”
“What’s that?” the one named Ray asked.
Mel had noted that he had barely taken his eyes off of her since she had arrived. There was something about him that gave her the creeps… but he was unusually handsome. Mel leaned forward so that they would all know she was serious about this. “For some time now, I’ve been trying to get Sissy to stop using his regular male voice. I mean… how stupid is it if he’s out somewhere and everyone all around thinks he’s a woman – till he opens his mouth and ruins it all! It’s ridiculous! Think about it, she looked directly at Derek as she continued, “if a nice looking woman walked up to you and she suddenly started talking in a man’s voice, wouldn’t you be upset?” As Mel asked the question, she was aware of how handsome Derek was too. And his wife threw him out?
Derek’s eyes suddenly went wide. “I guess so. But the way he sounded a minute ago didn’t sound very good either!”
Mel leaned back in her seat. “Admittedly, her voice needs a bit of work.”
“I’ll say!” Steve replied. “He sounds stupid!”
Mel just shrugged. “It will change with time. But if she keeps using her old male voice as a crutch, she’ll never get it right!”
“I guess that kind of makes sense,” Steve replied.
“Maybe!” Derek added. “Only maybe!”
Chad felt happy. She had done it! She had actually found a way to explain him using his silly voice right in front of them. The only problem now was, he now had no way out of using it. A tiny twinge of cautious fear ran through him the moment he saw Mel leaning forward to talk again.
“In fact, guys, maybe you can help me with that.”
“We can help?” Ray asked as he continued to memorize every nuance of Mel’s curvy body.
“Yes! No matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to convince Sissy that she needs to be using her new voice all the time – especially at work! If she doesn’t do it there, then she’ll never learn. It has to start being natural to her – so she uses it without thinking.”
Panic was beginning to swell in Sissy’s stomach as he listened to Mel talking.
“We don’t see… her… all that much at work,” Derek replied. “I only see ‘her’ at break once or twice a week.”
“Me either,” Ray agreed. “In fact, till now, this is the first time I’ve actually seen ‘her’ up close and personal since he started acting this way.”
“Don’t look at me,” Steve said as he held up his hands, “I don’t even work there!”
Chad started to feel relieved.
“But you all… well except you Steve, work at the company,” Mel continued. “Wouldn’t it be easy to simply pass the word around, asking people to remind Sissy to use her new voice all the time? In fact, I’ll bet that if you passed the word to some of the women who work around him… especially… what’s her name? The one he works with?”
“Robin,” Derek supplied for her.
“Right! Robin! I’ll bet that Robin… and all the other women… would be more than willing to… help her out.”
Chad suddenly felt sick! And he knew perfectly well that Mel knew Robin’s name – he had mentioned her enough!
Derek shrugged. “I guess I can mention it to a few of the women I work with… ask them to pass the message along.”
“I can do that too,” Ray added – a fraction too quickly.
Mel sat back pleased. “That would be great if you could. I would be so appreciative… and I know Sissy would appreciate the help too!” She had to work really hard to not put an evil smirk on her face as she looked up at Sissy – who was looking back at her in horror.
Chad couldn’t believe it! She had just sealed his fate! She had just found a way to ensure that he would have to use his sissy voice all the time – even at work. Well, not his sissy voice, but it was close enough. He couldn’t! He just couldn’t!
“Hey!” George finally said, trying to change the subject. “Are we going to play cards, or what?”
“Sissy, why don’t you run out and get the rest of the drinks. I don’t want my trunk left wide open any longer!”
“Deal us in George,” Mel said as she pulled her purse from the floor next to her and opened it. She pulled out a large stack of twenty dollar bills.
Steve suddenly leaned forward, staring at all the money in front of her. “Hmmm,” he hummed softly.
Chad retrieved the rest of the drinks and quickly carried them into the kitchen. He noticed the game had started again as he walked by the table.
“Sissy, bring me a beer when you come back,” Mel said to him. “Make sure you get yourself a drink too.” She looked around the table at everyone else. “Anybody else need a refill?” Several of the guy suggested that he might as well bring them another bottle before he sat down. “Bring another one for everybody,” Mel told him.
By the time Chad got fresh beers for everybody, along with a can of Coke for himself, the hand was over. As he sat down with his drink, he noticed the large pile of chips in front of Mel along with a surprising pile of cash.
“You couldn’t get yourself a glass?” Mel asked the minute he sat down.
“But…” Chad started to argue, but Mel interrupted.
“George, would it be possible for Sissy here to borrow a glass since it’s your house?”
“I don’t care,” George replied offhandedly. “In the cabinet up over the sink.”
“Go get yourself a glass. Mel suggested.” Then she turned to the guys, ignoring Sissy completely. “Are you going to deal again, or what?”
“Do I deal him… I mean her… in or out?”
Mel considered it for a second. “Out this time.”
Chad was silently fuming as he headed for the kitchen. He found the glasses easily enough and brought one back to the table. As he returned, he saw Mel looking at him closely. He sat down and started pouring his drink.
Mel leaned over to him while Ray was considering his next bet. She whispered very softly in his ear. “Pull your skirt down, I can almost see your diapers again!”
Horrified, Chad squirmed in his chair to again pull the miserable skirt back down into place – which proved to be even harder than usual since he was sitting on the damn thing. Finally, he pulled his purse up onto his lap and pulled out some money – far, far less than the amount that Mel had ‘casually’ left lying openly on the table.
The play came to Mel and she folded. She really wasn’t all that interested in winning or losing, not yet at least, because she wasn’t quite done with Sissy yet. As the play continued at the table, she again leaned close to Sissy’s ear. “I better see you finishing at least one of those cans, every half hour, or I will drag out your baby bottle.” She leaned back, purposely not looking at him, but watching the cards on the table instead. She did notice him quickly bringing his glass to his lips though to take a drink, which pleased her greatly. Obviously, he got the message!
Chad sat stunned as he held his glass in his hand, ready to drink again fairly soon. Every half hour? A full can every half hour? He should have known! Even here, she wasn’t going to allow him any relief! But… he could still try to hold back while he was here. A brief smile came to his lips as he realized that fact. He might have to drink a lot… and he might wind up peeing a lot… but since he didn’t have to worry about his diapers leaking, then he could still try to hold back. In fact, holding back and peeing less often would probably be a very good thing – given the amount that he had to drink.
The play ended and George passed a pile of chips over to him. Two minutes later, he was throwing chips across the table along with his bet.
Mel watched Chad playing. She wasn’t sure if she was surprised or not that he played fairly aggressively. He won a few, and lost a few. Overall, he was doing okay. She could tell that, by far, he wasn’t the best player at the table. Neither was George. The rest of them though… they would all bear watching – especially Ray. He was still eyeing her carefully – or was that hungrily?
She threw her latest hand in again after betting two rounds. Not strong enough compared to Ray or Steve. Chad lasted one more round before he too threw his cards in. She checked her watch – almost half an hour now. Chad’s glass was nearly empty as was the can next to it. She nudged his arm and glanced down at her watch as soon as he looked her way. She watched as he immediately drained the rest of his glass. Very good! He got up from the game and headed for the kitchen. “Sissy,” she called, stopping him in his tracks. “If you’re heading to the kitchen, why don’t you check to see if anyone else is ready for anything?”
Chad looked at everyone around the table. “I’m good,” Derek announced.
“Me too,” Ray agreed without looking up from his cards.
“Nothing yet for me,” Steve agreed without looking up either.
“I’ll have one,” George said as he threw his cards in.
Chad looked at Mel. “Would you wike anothea one, Mis…” He had almost said Mistress! “Um… Mel?” He saw that his gaff had brought the attention of both Derek and Steve.
Mel smiled. She was having more fun tonight than she figured she would. “Go ahead and bring me one so I’ll have it,” she told him.
Chad went to the refrigerator where he had left most of the drinks cooling. He pulled two beers and a can of Coke for himself. He went back into the room and set one of the beers down next to George. But as he was walking towards Mel with her beer, he noticed her looking intently at him. She was looking down at his skirt, trying to tell him something. He looked down and discovered that his skirt was riding up again – not too bad, fortunately.
He sat down and handed Mel her beer before he again worked on pulling his stupid skirt down. Then he set to work on drinking his latest can of Coke.

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