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The Bet - Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 39 (Tuesday – week 6 Part 8 of 8)

As the game continued, Mel watched Chad’s pile of chips. He hadn’t brought a lot of money to the table, but he had brought enough – for him. She finally decided that he liked the game, not for playing cards, but for betting. The guy simply liked to bet! Which after further thought, really didn’t surprise her – in light of the bet that he had with her. But as she watched she noticed that whenever he got past the second or third round of betting, his play usually intensified. He got more excited and aggressive. Obviously, the guy liked to win – which didn’t surprise her either. He used every trick that he could to win the games. Some of them worked, and some of them didn’t. And even though he really wasn’t all that great a player, when he could, he played hard. Unfortunately, he lost most of his chips because he kept playing beyond the point where he should have quit. But she had to hand it to the guy for trying. The more she watched him, the more she realized that he was playing their bet the same way he played cards. He liked to win. Well, so did she!
She saw him check the clock on George’s wall the next time he had a small break. It was time for him to get another Coke. He again quickly drained his glass and got up from the table. But this time, as soon as he stood up, he pulled at his skirt to get it back in place.
“Are you comfortable in that?” Derek asked as he did it.
His answer should have been a big fat resounding – no! But instead he just said, “Yeah, sure. Why?”
Derek just shook his head. “Just wondering.”
Chad again started for the kitchen, but Mel stopped him – again. “Sissy, if you’re heading to the kitchen, why don’t you clear some of these empty bottles out of the way and see if anybody wants another one.”
Chad instantly understood more than the words she had just spoken, she wanted him to basically act as a waitress all night, checking everybody’s drinks and continually clearing the table. He wasn’t exactly happy about it, but it was really no problem. He grabbed empty bottles off the table as the game continued without him. “Would you like another one?” he asked each person softly as he grabbed their empties. He wound up heading back to the kitchen with an armload of empty bottles and a request for two more. Before he sat down at the table again, he pulled his skirt back down into place. The darn thing seemed to ride up whether he was standing or sitting and there was just no stopping it.
While Chad was again adjusting his skirt, George happened to remember something. “Hey Sissy, I got a couple of packs of pretzels that I bought in the kitchen. Since you’re up, would you mind getting them for me?”
“Sure,” Chad replied and again headed back to the kitchen.
“Thanks. I appreciate it,” George returned without thinking another thought.
Chad had seen all the bags of pretzels on the table earlier, but he had ignored them. He opened one of the bags, and was about to bring it to them, but something about just the open bag seemed all wrong. At most of the games, they just passed the bags around the table, but sometimes, George had put the pretzels in a big bowl which was a lot better. He wound up searching through the kitchen cabinets for a suitable bowl. He found the bowl that George had used in the past, but in the same cabinet, was a collection of smaller serving bowls. Perfect! A few minutes later, he deposited three bowls of pretzels around the table where everyone could easily reach them.
“Thanks,” George said without hardly looking up.
The hand ended just as Chad sat down again – and just as Mel got up from the table. “Deal me out this next hand,” she said. “Can you point me towards your bathroom?”
George didn’t even look in the direction, he just pointed over his shoulder. “Right down the hall on the left.”
Mel left them and went into the bathroom. She had seen a couple of the guys go in there briefly ahead of her, but by the time she got there, she wished that she had been the first… or maybe that she hadn’t come at all. The seat was up… which figured since George’s wife was away and it was just guys in the house. But there was pee everywhere all over the toilet and much of the floor around it. Geez! Men! Nothing but slobs! She decided she could hold it for a little while longer. Before leaving the bathroom though, she did open the cabinet under the sink for a quick look.
When she got back to the living room where they were playing, she wandered around the room looking at all the pictures and decorations. She had tried to do that when they came in, but things were just too busy then. Now, she took the time to notice the little things. Everything was old and worn. But it looked clean and comfortable too – mostly. She could tell where George had simply left some of his things out and not bothered to put them away. His wife probably took care of things like that automatically. Overall, she got the impression of a good home… a nice home. The longing for her parents and the home she had shared with them returned once again.
She heard the hand ending and was pleased to see Sissy raking the chips to his place at the table. “Sissy,” she said, “Why don’t you and me refresh some of these bowls of pretzels. Anyone need another drink?”
Chad looked around. There was still a few pretzels in each of the bowls, but since Mel wasn’t sitting down, he figured he better do as she said – which was usually a good idea. He grabbed a few of the bowls while she took one and followed her into the kitchen.
Mel simply set the one bowl that she had carried down on the kitchen table for him to fill. “After you deliver those bowls to the table, I want you to go to the bathroom.”
That surprised Chad. “The bathroom?” Not only was that the one biggest thing that he was forbidden, he was trying to picture how he was going to get past his diapers so that they could be refastened again when he was done.
“Not to use it, you idiot! To clean it. It’s disgustingly filthy! I noticed some cleaning supplies under the sink. And as soon as you’re done, I’ll be inspecting it thoroughly!”
Chad wasn’t really surprised by her request to clean it, he only should have realized it from the moment she mentioned going in there. “Yes, Mistwess,” he replied softly.
They delivered the pretzels and Mel sat down to play while Chad headed for the hallway. “You in or out?” Steve asked, seeing Chad leave.
“Uh… I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” Chad replied. Well it was the truth. He just wouldn’t be doing what they thought he would in there.
“I’m not surprised,” Steve replied. “You’ve been sucking those Cokes down like you’ve been in the desert for a month!”
Chad just shrugged. “Nerves!”
In the bathroom, Chad immediately saw what Mel had been talking about. While guys would find it no problem, he knew that she would – most women for that matter. As quickly as he could, he set about cleaning it. The bathroom looked like a different place a few minutes later.
He was about to adjust his skirt before leaving the bathroom – pull it down into place again, but he stopped and pulled it a bit higher instead. He looked down between his legs. He had been feeling the bulk of his diapers directly between his legs getting bigger and bigger all night. Now, what he saw shocked him a bit. The girdle was open-bottomed. It compressed the soaked diapers everywhere, but at the bottom – where all his pee wanted to settle anyway. The result was that it was growing drastically now below the girdle. If they didn’t leave to go home soon, it would be showing below his skirt no matter how hard he tried to pull it down. He grabbed the bottom of his sagging diapers with both hands and tried to push it upwards. It helped, but he knew it wasn’t going to stay that way very long at all.
He had been trying to hold back as much as he could all night, but with the amount that Mel was making him drink, it was like controlling Niagara Falls with a cork. That much liquid just couldn’t be stopped. And worse, he realized that he was getting a little hyper from too much sugar. He’d probably be awake all night long! With a sigh, he checked his skirt once again and headed back out to the game.
“What took you?” Derek asked as Chad finally returned to the table.
Chad actually blushed, although with all the makeup he was wearing, it was doubtful that anyone would notice. “I wiped things off a bit before I came out,” he explained.
“You’re going to make someone a nice little wife,” Steve said as the cards were being dealt once again.
A little while later, Mel sent Sissy off on another beer run. She was getting tipsy – no, she was already way passed that! But she didn’t care. When Chad returned she took the bottle and said. “You’re driving home tonight!”
By Chad’s count, she was now on beer number four. “I think that’s for the best,” he replied.
“I’ll drive you home,” Ray offered – all too quickly.
“Or I can do it if you like,” Derek also offered.
Mel was surprised. “Wow, offers from two handsome men to drive me home! Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve got Sissy here to think about.”
“It would be no problem,” Ray continued.
“For me either,” Derek added. “I can take you directly to your place and Cha… I mean Sissy can just go home to hers.”
Mel laughed. “Thanks guys, but she lives in the apartment right next to mine. It wouldn’t make sense.”
Both Derek and Ray simply said a soft, “Oh.”
Mel was suddenly in heaven. Two handsome men, vying for her attention. It did wonders for her ego and certainly made her feel good. As they continued playing, she noticed that now Derek and Rey were hitting their beers a little harder than they had been. Other than Sissy, they had drank the least – which probably accounted for why they were both winning.
“So Mel,” Ray suddenly said. “What would be the chances of you going out with me? I’m thinking a nice dinner somewhere, dancing... Whatever you like.”
Mel was surprised. If it wasn’t for the fact that she already knew what kind of womanizing scum he was, she would jump at the chance to go out with him. Now Derek on the other hand, he was a dreamboat too. Him, she would go out with in a second. She turned to look up at Ray – he certainly was handsome. “I don’t know,” she replied. “Ask me again sometime when I’m not so drunk.”
Derek chuckled. “You’re drunk, but not that drunk.” He leaned forward across the table towards her. “I can show you a better time. Let me prove it.”
Mel was surprised and her ego soared yet again. “Down boys! Down! I’m not committing to going out with either of you! Especially not tonight!”
“Too bad,” Ray said as the cards were dealt one more time.
“Definitely too bad,” Derek echoed.
The evening was winding down. They were all talking about having to go home soon. They all knew it was time. Mel looked at Sissy’s chips. He had lost some, but not too much. She looked at her own pile. She had lost more than she thought she would, but not really all that much. George had lost some too as had Steve. The two real winners were clearly Derek and Ray.
“Last hand!” George finally declared as he dealt the cards. The betting started and Steve quickly dropped out. They went around once more before Sissy dropped out too. George called it quits right after. That left just Mel, Ray, and Derek. Mel’s hand was fairly strong, but after betting twice more, she realized that it must not be strong enough and she tossed her cards in.
Ray and Derek though seemed to be in a battle. Back and forth they went, raising the stakes, daring the other to match the bet. Mel watched the two handsome men battling back and forth. They had been battling over her a little while ago – sort of.
If she hadn’t been so drunk, she wouldn’t have said it, but all the beers she had consumed got the best of her. “Are you two studs interested in raising the stakes a bit?” The silence at the table echoed through the room as everyone stared at her.
“What did you have in mind?” Ray finally asked.
“Well… How about… the winner gets to take me out on a date.”
“I’m in!” Ray declared quickly.
“Me too!” Derek declared right after him.
Clearly they were about to start playing again, but Mel wasn’t finished. “And…” she said loudly enough to interrupt their thoughts. Once again, everyone had her attention. She smiled wickedly. “And the looser has to date Sissy!”
“Ugh!” was the comment that came from most of the men in the room.
“A double date! Just dinner and maybe a movie. Nothing else! That’s all!”
“Why can’t I just date you?” Ray asked. “We would have a much better time.”
“You date her? Don’t you mean me?” Derek returned.
“Now boys,” Mel replied. “That’s the deal. A double date – just dinner, a movie, and nothing else. The winner is my date and the loser belongs to Sissy. And I’ll even throw in a super good night kiss just to sweeten the pot!” She could see the men both considering it now. “Of course, the loser would have to kiss Sissy just as passionately before saying goodnight too.”
“Oh come on!” Derek complained. “That’s ridiculous!”
Chad couldn’t have agreed more. He was sitting there holding his breath, unable to breath.
“That’s the deal, gentlemen. If you want to date me, then it has to be a double date. The winner gets me and the loser gets Sissy… and you both get a big goodnight kiss.” She looked back and forth between them. Clearly they weren’t too happy with the losing end of the deal. “What will it be?” She asked. “Are you in?”
Ray finally smiled. “I’m in… if for nothing more than to see Derek there give a big passionate kiss to Cha… I mean Sissy! And you on the other hand,” he continued, as he looked straight into Mel’s eyes. “You are going to find yourself mesmerized by my charm! It will be an evening to remember.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure you’re going to win,” Derek said. “I think I’d like to see you giving that big kiss to Sissy instead. And I think that Mel would absolutely love going out with me – probably many times after that.”
“So I take it you’re both in?” Mel asked, looking back and forth between the two of them.
There was a slight pause before either of them answered. “I’m in!” Ray declared.
“Me too!” Derek replied.
There was no more money being bet – nothing like that. It was simply a matter of showing the cards now. Mel was silently hoping that Derek would win, just because she liked him better. Besides, since Ray was such a scumbag, then he deserved to go out with Sissy.
Ray set a single card down on the table – a queen. Seeing how it was going to go, Derek countered with a king. Ray put down another queen. Derek followed with another king. Both men started sweating. Ray put down a ten. Derek triumphantly put down a third king. Ray looked up and saw the triumph in Derek’s eyes – till he laid down a second ten – two queens – two tens. Derek suddenly didn’t look so sure as he set down an ace - if Ray had another ten, he was in big trouble. Ray, very slowly, let the last card fall from his hand to the table – a third ten – full house! Derek threw his final card into the middle of the chips in disgust – he had lost and Ray had won!
Ray crowed excitedly. Mel silently cursed. Derek cursed loudly! And Chad sat there stunned. He was going out on a date – with Derek!
“When would you like to go?” Ray asked excitedly as he cast a quick smirk in Derek’s direction.
“How about Friday?” Mel suggested.
Ray started to nod, then stopped himself and shook his head. “Friday’s out. I have… another commitment. Saturday too,” he added after a moment. Then his face brightened. “I have Sunday free.”
Mel had no doubts at all that all his prior commitments were with other women. “Sunday is fine with me.” She looked to Derek.
“Sunday is okay. I can’t do anything after that since I’ll be out of town all next week,” he replied, obviously not liking the situation.
“Then it’s settled!” Ray declared. “Sunday evening? I can call you with the time.
Mel picked up her purse and dug two of her business cards out. She handed one to Ray and the other to Derek. “Why don’t I get your numbers too, that way if we have any problems I can let you know.” Ray dictated his phone number while she wrote it down, but Derek simply reached into his wallet and produced his own business card. Mel put that in a safe place.
They all started to get up from the table, but Mel’s eyes caught sight of her cell phone in her purse. “Wait a minute,” she said excitedly as she pulled her phone out. “I want pictures to show off to my assistant of the guy I’m going out with!” She ran around with her phone in her hand to stand behind Ray. Then she handed her phone to George to do the honors. “Stand up, Ray,” she suggested. Ray stood, and Mel put her arm around him and they both smiled as George took the picture with the camera in her phone.
“Now your turn Derek,” Mel suggested. “Get over here Sissy.”
“I don’t think so,” Derek declined.
“Oh come on!” Mel said as she pulled him by his arm to get him standing.
“Do it Derek,” Ray coaxed.
Derek shook his head, but reluctantly got to his feet.
“Sissy, hurry up. Get over here,” Mel ordered again.
Chad went, but he wasn’t exactly happy with the situation either.
“Now put your arm around him like I did with Ray. You two are going out together after all.”
“Just for that one date!” Derek complained.
“Sissy,” Mel ordered. “Do it!”
Hesitantly, Chad put his arm around Derek. Mel grabbed the camera and stood back a bit further so the picture would show all of Sissy from the ground up. She took the picture. “There!” she declared happily. Then she went over to Ray and planted a big kiss on his cheek. “Till Sunday,” she said happily. Ray tried to kiss her back, but she teasingly refused him. But then she went over to Derek and planted a big kiss on his cheek too. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll make sure that Sissy is perfectly dressed for the occasion!”
As the other men began to leave, Mel grabbed her purse and put her phone back into it. She noticed Sissy sitting down again, watching as George escorted them all toward the front door. “What are you doing?” Mel asked. “It’s time to go.”
“I have a problem!” Chad replied very softly.
Chad glanced down at his crotch and Mel followed where he was looking. She could see the very fat swell of his diapers sticking out below his skirt. “Pull your skirt down again.”
“I just did! Since the last few times I’ve peed, it won’t stay hidden!”
Mel nearly laughed. “Well, you can’t stay there all night.” She glanced toward the door. George was outside waving goodbye as the others were getting into their cars. “Hurry, let’s get out of here now and maybe nobody will notice.”
Chad saw the chance too and quickly grabbed his purse. He let Mel kind of shield the way between him and George as they walked past.
“Hey,” George called as they were heading for the car. “How about the rest of your beer. There’s got to be a ton left over!”
Chad kept walking, praying the George wouldn’t notice the bulge below his skirt – or the strange way he was waddling – because that’s the best he could walk.
“Keep it!” Mel replied. “Our gift as thanks for letting us be here.” Without another word, she reached the car and got in the passenger side while Chad got into the driver’s seat. She handed him the keys. “Do me a favor,” she said. “Say something in your sissy voice now instead of just your girly voice. I’m sick of hearing it.”
“Yes, Mistwess,” Chad replied as he put the key in the ignition and started the car.
Mel leaned her spinning head back against the seat. “Oh… that’s soooo much better!”

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