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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 13 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 13 Part 2 of 3

Phillip didn’t have much in the way of food in his house.  So when lunchtime came, the only choice was to go get something.  And the moment they arrived at that decision, Phillip said, “You go.  I’ll wait here.”  There was no way he was going outside of his apartment any more than he possibly had to with the stupid hairdo he had now… not to mention with the stupid dolly he was stuck carrying around everywhere.
Marian looked at him.  “You’re going to have to start getting used to being seen that way pretty soon.”
Phillip adamantly shook his head.  “No… way!”
Knowing it was useless, Marian made the short trip to the fast-food restaurant and brought their lunch back.  Her arrival with the food was just in time to catch the sound of Phillip’s phone ringing.  She heard him saying, “Hello?” as she put the food on his small table.
Phillip listened a moment, then said.  “Wait a minute.”  He pushed a button on his phone.  “Okay,” he said, “You’re on speaker now.”
“Can you both hear me?” Vivian’s voice came through.  Both Phillip and Marian confirmed that they could hear her.
“I’ll be there in about an hour!  I want both of you fully dressed and ready to go shopping by the time I get there.  And you both better be wearing the new clothes you got last night!  I can’t wait to see you in them!” she added with a giggle.  “Marian… make sure that Phillip’s hair looks as good as it did yesterday.  That’s going to be one of your jobs from now on.  He’s not to go out of that apartment unless his hair looks perfect!  Do you understand that you stupid cow?”
“Yes,” Marian replied, somewhat exasperated.
“You better!  Just be ready to go.  Both or you!” 
Vivian never said goodbye.  It took Phillip a moment to realize that she wasn’t there anymore before he put his phone down.  “I’m not looking forward to this.” he said dispiritedly as he sat down at the table to eat.
“I’m sure you’re not,” Marian replied.  “What outfit are you wearing today?” she asked trying to brighten the mood. 
“I don’t want to wear any of them!” Phillip replied.
“I know, but that’s not exactly an option.”
“I wish it was.”
Marian waited a moment before asking again, “So what are you going to wear?”
Phillip shook his head.  “I don’t know.  I guess those brown pants.  At least they look a little more… normal.”  Marian only nodded since her mouth was full of food.  “How about you?” Phillip asked.
Marian finally swallowed enough to speak.  “There’s not that much difference in any of the skirts I got yesterday.  They’re all too short for me.  I know I’m wearing the black shoes today.  I want to wear the taupe ones to work tomorrow.  I have an idea for an outfit I want to try.”
“At least one of us has it easy,” Phillip grumbled.
Marian made no reply to that.

All of Marian’s computer things were stashed at the side of Phillip’s desk, and there were several large piles of her clothes pushed up against one wall of the living room by the time Vivian knocked on Phillips door.  Just before she knocked, she heard a distinct cow moo coming from inside.  The moo brightened her day considerably! 
The door opened and she saw Phillip framed in the doorway.  As usual, she pushed her way right past him.  “Let me see you both!” she said as she entered.  Phillip and Marian stood where she could see them.  Vivian took them both in, then concentrated on Phillip.  “I hate those pants!” she declared.  “They don’t stand out enough, and the top could be something more feminine too.”  She stared at his hair.  It looked okay except for one thing.  “Where’s his hair bow?”
“I didn’t think he needed it today,” Marian replied.
“I liked it!  I want him wearing it!  In fact, while you’re shopping today, find him a collection of hair bows!  I don’t want him ever leaving the house without one!”
Phillip felt like dying.
Vivian turned to Marian and smiled.  “Enjoying that skirt?” she asked.  “It’s the first time I’ve really seen your legs since we’ve met!”
“It’s… cooler,” Marian replied.
Vivian nearly laughed.  Her face quickly turned commanding though.  “Does that line I put on your leg yesterday still show?”
Marian was a little shocked at the question.  “I don’t know.  I can’t see back there.  I tried scrubbing it pretty hard while I was in the bath this morning.”
“Let me see!” Vivian commanded.  Once Marian had turned around, Vivian knelt down where she could see better.  The line was still there, but it was much fainter.  “Phillip,” she said, “go find something to darken that line again.”  A few minutes later, the dark line was very prominently visible – since it was a good half inch below the hem of Marian’s skirt.
“Much better,” Vivian said gleefully.  “There’s no missing it at all now!  Maybe I should have a line like that tattooed on the back of both your legs.  Maybe we could add some words like… ‘Maximum Skirt Length,’ or something.”  She giggled.  “I rather like that idea!”
Marian blushed.  The damn woman was an absolute horror!
“Now fix his hair bow and let him do his lipstick so we can get out of here!”

Vivian drove them out to another of the city’s malls.  This mall was one that Marian was more familiar with since it was the closest one to where she lived – where she used to live. 
“Okay you two,” Vivian said as they got out of the car, “I’ll probably be seeing a lot more of you today since I’m not all that happy with the pants Sissy Phyllis is wearing today.  I want to check on you two more often!  Phillip, you need three more pairs of very sissy pants!  Something bright or patterned!  No, wait!  Make that four pairs since I don’t like the one’s you’re wearing now.  And find four more tops to go with them all – tops with some lace or frills or something for heaven’s sake!” 
Phillip nearly died when he heard that part. 
“I also want you to buy yourself all new underwear – a full week’s worth of bras and panties.  I think an ‘A’ cup bra will be sufficient for you – but make sure they’re all padded!”
Phillip was in shock and was trying to wrap his brain around the women’s underwear when Vivian finished with, “And don’t forget your hair bows and lipstick.”
Phillip was simply speechless.
“Now Marian,” Vivian said, turning her attention toward her other plaything.  “Three more skirts for you – I think you know what length to get now.  But Sissy Phillip here had better check every last one to make sure that line on your leg is clearly visible!  And I also want you to find yourself some new bras, but this time find some that will show off those ridiculous udders of yours!  I want everyone to clearly see them since I also want you to buy yourself a bunch of tops that will display them much better than anything you have in your closet now.  Got that?  When you get dressed now, I want to see – udders!”
Marian was doing everything she could to hold her temper… and another moo, back.  The woman was totally deranged.  She gave up and mooed, but it did little to relieve her temper.
“And buy yourself another pair of shoes,” Vivian continued, “something more colorful than those black ones you’ve got on now,” she said as she briefly looked down at the high heels Marian was wearing.  A brief thought struck her.  “And while you’re at it, get Sissy Phillip here a pair of high heels as well.”  She smiled to herself.  “I think for him, something with maybe a three inch heel will be perfect.  He’s not to have heels as high as yours!”
Phillip didn’t know what to think.  She was making him buy more women’s clothes – all women’s clothes!  And bright stuff to boot!  He hugged Dolly to his chest for support.  It was all he could do to not put his thumb in his mouth to suck on for the tiny bit of comfort it would bring.
Instead of leaving them, Vivian again brought them to the children’s department of one of the stores.  And again she shopped for girl’s pants in the larger sizes.  She was still amazed that they fit Phillip so well!  It wasn’t long before she pulled out a pair to look at more closely.  “See,” she said, “this is more what I had in mind.”
Phillip nearly died!  The pants she had picked out were white with big red and blue flowers all over them.  The absolutely screamed – “girl!”
Vivian then pulled out a very nice, but much plainer pair that had a bright check pattern in the material.  She held both pants up for Phillip to look out.  “Now which pants would you rather buy?” she asked.
Phillip studied both pair. They were both horrible.  He finally pointed nervously toward the white pair with the flowers.
“Good choice!” Vivian said with a wicked smile.  “Why these?”
Why?  To Phillip, that pair had been the lesser of two evils – for one reason only.  “Um… because they have a zipper in the front so I can go to the bathroom.”
Vivian was rocked.  He considered the front zipper to be less girly than the other pair that… she checked, they had no zipper, just a stretch waist.  She quickly put both pair back in the rack and turned to Marian.  “None of the pants you find for him today are to fasten in the front.  And I think I want you to avoid the pull up styles too!” she added with a grin.  “Find him side zip and back zip pants only!”  Her grin widened, “And since you’re getting him four pairs today, make sure that at least two of those are Capri length.  I rather liked those red ones on him yesterday!”
She pointed at the white flowered pants.  “Bright like those, only no front zipper!  Now I’ve got some stores I need to check on.”  With that Phillip and Marian quickly found themselves left alone.’
“What am I going to do?” Phillip asked mournfully.
“Get used to it, I guess,” Marian replied with a sigh.  She would have her own problems to get used to as well… for a little while anyway, until she could get over the compulsions that Vivian had burdened her with.  She mooed again in frustration.

They didn’t see Vivian for a long time.  Marian found another branch of the store where she had bought two of her skirts in the day before and found two more she could wear.  The most difficult shopping of the day turned out to be finding the pants for Phillip.  Marian again avoided the children’s section in hopes it would make Phillip feel a little bit better about things by not adding the stigma of the clothes being children’s clothes.  She avoided the children’s sections… for a while.  But after checking four different stores and only managing to come up with one pair of suitable pants, they were forced to resort to the “younger” styles.  Two stores later, Phillip had more girly looking pants than he was happy about – not that he had been happy about any of them before.
They were in the shoe store together, trying to find a pair of heels for each of them when Vivian found them.  Marian was in the process of walking a few steps in a pair of blue sandals, when she let out a moo that had been building in her for a few minutes.  She hoped that she hadn’t disturbed anyone with it.  When she looked up a minute later, Vivian was heading down the aisle they were shopping in.  The sight of Vivian, her arms loaded with bags, didn’t please either Marian or Phillip.
“I heard you calling,” Vivian declared brightly, referring to Marian’s moo.  “How’s your shopping coming?”
Phillip refused to say anything.  “We’re nearly done,” Marian told her.  “We both just need shoes and then there’s a drug store near the mall entrance where we can find him some lipstick and bows for his hair.”
Phillip winced again at hearing that.
“Wonderful!” Vivian declared brightly.  “I can’t wait to see everything you two have bought.”
That didn’t sound good to either Phillip or Marian since it sounded like Vivian would be paying them a visit at home again.
“I like the shoes,” Vivian said, noticing the blue heels Marian was in the process of trying. 
“Thanks,” Marian replied, despite herself. 
Vivian started searching the racks of shoes.  Actually, it was something she couldn’t help but do.  She did it in every shoe store she went into – going through each and every rack of women’s shoes.  She turned the corner and headed up another aisle, and her eyes landed on another pair of heels.  “Marian,” she called.  “Take those blue shoes off and come over here.  I found another pair for you to try.”
Marian had already been in the process of removing the blue shoes.  She quickly slipped her new black ones on again and went around to the other side of the aisle… to the very shoes she had seen and purposely avoided earlier.  A pair of red shoes with at least a five inch heel.
“Try these,” Vivian told her.  “I don’t know why you didn’t see them earlier.”
Marian purposely said nothing.  With Phillip still holding all her bags, she found a box in her size… unfortunately… and tried them on.  They were simple red pumps with a thin ankle strap, but the heel on them was thin and all too high.  While not exactly uncomfortable – when she was sitting down, she knew without a doubt that she wouldn’t be walking very far in them – that was for sure!  She stood up precariously and took a few slightly wobbly steps.  Ugh!
“Perfect!” Vivian declared.  “Now let’s find something suitable for Sissy Phillip here.”
A few minutes later, Phillip’s nerves were well into overload as he set all the packages that he had been carrying down on the floor – everything that he and Marian had purchased so far.  The only thing left in his hands was Dolly.  He didn’t even think about the fact that he was still holding her.  Vivian was holding out a red high heeled pump for him to try on.  The same red color as the ones Vivian was making Marian buy, but this pair had no strap and a much lower heel.  Lower compared to Marian’s shoes, but high enough that Phillip figured it was higher than most of the other shoes around.
“I thought you wanted only shoes with a strap,” Marian commented at seeing the plain pump.
Vivian smiled wickedly at her.  “For you, you stupid cow!  I just know how much you’re going to enjoy seeing that he can take these off once in a while to stretch his feet… while you can’t!”
Marian shook her head, the woman was positively horrible!
A few minutes later, Phillip found himself trying to stand up in his first pair of high heels.  It wasn’t all that difficult, although he noted that Dolly in his arms didn’t help matters.  He took a tentative very short step, then another one.  The shoes felt really strange!  His footing certainly wasn’t going to be very good in them!
“Buy them!” Vivian declared happily.  “I think the two of you will look perfect together wearing your new red heels when you clean my place every Saturday morning.”
Marian just looked at her.  She had to be kidding!
With Phillip once again wearing his comfortable black shoes with the bows on top… comfortable physically, not mentally… as well as again holding most of Marian’s and his packages, they went to the counter to pay for the new shoes.  While Vivian was looking at more shoes, Marian paid for hers first.  Then, because she was holding Phillip’s wallet since he didn’t have any pockets, she pulled his wallet out of her purse and opened it to find his credit card.
“What are you doing with that?” Vivian asked as she came back to see if they were done yet.
“I’m carrying it for him.  He doesn’t have any pockets in those slacks he’s wearing.”
Vivian just stood back and let Marian finish what she was doing.  But once they were all out of the store she turned to Marian.  “Get him a purse!” she said in no uncertain terms.  “And get him a woman’s wallet to use instead of that thing you’ve got in your purse now!  It’s ugly!”  She changed the subject slightly.  “I waited for you to finish because when you go into that drug store to find him some lipstick, I want you to find some nail polish too.  Something fairly close to the red of those Capri pants he got yesterday.  I have one more store to shop in before we can go.  I’ll see you outside the drug store in an hour!  Don’t be late.  We have things to do today.”
Once again, Phillip and Marian stared incredulously at her back as she walked off.  Other things to do today?  Marian just hoped it didn’t involve more shopping.
The drug store only had one other hair bow that Marian thought would work for him, but they were easily able to pick out a few more lipsticks for him and Marian was able to find some red nail polish that she thought would be close enough to the color of his red Capri pants. 
“Am I going to have to wear that to work tomorrow?” Phillip asked nervously.
“Most likely,” Marian confirmed.  “Vivian hasn’t said anything at all about what you’ll be wearing to work, but so far, things aren’t looking too good for you.”
Phillip nodded.  “One more stupid humiliating thing.”
Marian nodded.  “But would not wearing the nail polish make things any better… considering everything else I’m guessing you’ll be wearing?”
Phillip had to think about that.  “Yeah, it would,” he finally said.  “If only because it would still be one less humiliating thing!”
Marian had no answer to that.  Before they left the store, Marian picked up several pairs of pantyhose to wear under her skirts.  And being mindful of the line drawn on the back of her leg, she picked up several pairs in different colors – including two pairs in black.
With their arms heavily loaded, the two of them went in search of a purse and wallet for Phillip… as well as more hair bows.  Phillip could have done very nicely without any of it!
The hair bows turned out to be easy to find in one of the small shops that catered to accessories for young girls.  Even knowing that Phillip didn’t want any at all, Marian insisted that he buy three more, just because Vivian had said he would be wearing one whenever he left the house.  Her explanation that the bows should at least go somewhat with whatever he was wearing was totally lost on him.
A short while later, when it came to selecting a purse for him to carry, Phillip’s one and only question was if it was possible to get him one that was big enough to hold Dolly too.
Marian looked at him sadly.  “It’s a great idea, Phillip,” she said, “but somehow I seriously doubt that Vivian will allow it.”
Phillip only nodded sadly.  “Pick one for me.  I don’t care.”  And with that he walked off and out of the store.
Since she had his wallet and credit card.  Marian found him a nice shiny black leather purse with handles he could throw over his shoulder if he wanted to.  Then she found him a red women’s wallet to go in the purse.  She found Phillip and Dolly sitting on a bench outside of the store with all their packages.  He looked so sad that her heart went out to him.  “Want to see what I got for you?” she asked brightly, hoping it would pull him out of his funk.
Phillip shook his head.  “I’d rather not.”
Marian figured that it was like with his hair yesterday.  He didn’t want to see the finished result until he was forced to deal with it.


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More terrorizing, love it :)

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More great stuff! Yay!

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bring on the nappies and no bathroom use perhaps first at night time and a skirt for him


Loved the new hair bows, and moderate height heels (for now only) i hope s(he) needs at least 4" or higher heels soon... And i absolutely loved the need for a lady's wallet and a shoulder strapped purse... BUT the best part is the introduction of nail polish... Can Acrylic nails be far behind????