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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 13 Part 1 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 13 Part 1 of 3

Vivian usually slept in on Sunday mornings since most of the stores didn’t open until eleven o’clock.  But she was too keyed up to sleep that Sunday.  Plus, it was a new place she was living in.  She got out of bed early and just wandered around again, looking into everything she could.  Marvelous!  Simply marvelous!  And it was now all hers!  She started a pot of coffee brewing in the kitchen and turned the large TV on in the living room.  Fabulous! 
But the TV didn’t really hold her attention.  Her thoughts were on Marian and Phillip instead – the sissy and the cow!  She had everything she had now because of what she had done to them.  As much as she hated them both, she had to make sure that they always stayed in her control… well, mostly that stupid cow Marian, but she was too reluctant to let Phillip go either.  She would still totally destroy them both and definitely get them both fired, but she had no intention of ever letting either of them go.
To that end, she sat thinking about how she controlled each of them.  She had a big blackmail threat hanging over Marian’s head, but mostly, she was now controlling both of them though the hypnotism thing… and it had yielded results far beyond her wildest expectations!  She thought again about that evening in Sissy Phillip’s place with Marian stuck against the wall, mooing over and over again and uselessly playing with herself, while Sissy Phillip was stuck between her legs granting her pleasure after pleasure.  She’d definitely have to revisit that little scene again!  But the hypnotism had now become her main tool for controlling both of them.  And she decided it was also going to become her main tool for destroying them both.
Hypnotism!  She didn’t know much about it, but it certainly worked… and a lot better than she ever thought it would.  The power of it was incredible!  But it was that power that she knew she had to be very careful to hang onto – and maintain!  She remembered that every time Marian had hypnotized Phillip, she had taken the time to deepen the trance he was in… she had also taken the time to remind him of his trigger phrase.  In fact, she had taken the time to remind him of absolutely everything she had made him do.  Why?  Would the suggestions wear off or something?  Was that the reason why nobody considered it such a powerful thing?  That was a worrying thought. 
She knew she had been careful so far to deepen their trances each time… and she had also reminded them of their trigger phrases, but would she have to do that every time?  Not knowing for sure, she decided that maybe she should… if for no other reason than to err on the cautious side.  Worried about it, she got up and dug through a few drawers in the kitchen until she found a notebook and a pen.  She carried them back to her seat and tried to remember every command she had given to each of them.  She started with Phillip since he had been the first, and she made a list.
The first thing she wrote down was his trigger phrase:  Phyllis sucks her thumb,” where he would immediately go into his trance and start sucking his thumb because it would help to relax him more.
The next thing she remembered doing with him was making him feel all that pain if he didn’t do whatever she demanded of him.  That had brought about glorious results both for him and with stupid Marian.
After that, she thought she had forced the doll on him again, where he had to keep it with him always. He couldn’t ever get more than an arm’s length away from the thing.
As far as she could remember, the next time she had hypnotized him she had given him that list of ten lipstick rules he now had to follow.  She was particularly pleased with that idea.  The little sissy was forever pulling his lipstick out and making sure his lips looked perfect.
After that, she had found Master George to do the original hypnotism on Marian.  After which she had changed the trigger phrase that he had put into her and set up, “Marian sucks her thumb,” instead.  She had asked George to use the thumb sucking thing with her because it seemed to be working so well with Phillip, and she had kept that bit too.  Besides, there was just something so satisfying about seeing both of them sitting there sucking their thumbs like stupid infants.
After that, she had done the pain thing with Marian just like she had done with Phillip. 
That night she had also put the command into Marian with the trigger:  Marian moos like a cow,” where until she said otherwise, Marian would only be able to moo like a cow.  Loud and strong… always trying to make it sound as real as possible.  She giggled a bit just thinking about that.
After that, she had put the suggestion into Marian’s brain that even when she wasn’t under the compulsion to only speak like a cow, Marian would still feel an urge building in her that would force her to moo, no matter where she was or what she was doing.  At work, that urge would be less so she could go longer without doing it, but everywhere else it would happen much more frequently.  As far as Vivian was concerned, that little idea was now working out even better than she thought. 
She remembered the way that she had forced Marian to play with herself sexually while Sissy Phillip was licking her out.  She had thought that was more than amusing – especially since she hadn’t allowed Marian to climax at all.  So she had put another suggestion into Marian’s brain.  From that point on, Marian would always feel a desperate need to masturbate herself to orgasm, except that she would never be able to have an orgasm by herself.  She had fixed things so that if Marian ever tried to have normal sex with a man, she would feel nothing but the most horrible pain imaginable.  The only way out for Marian now was for someone else to masturbate her – while she was mooing crazily like a cow!  And the more excited she got, the louder and faster she would have to moo!  Vivian found that to be particularly hilarious.  Who in their right mind would ever want to have sex with that cow in the first place… and to agree to masturbate the beast while she laid there mooing away loudly and strongly?  As much as Marian would try, she would never have an orgasm again!
The last thing she remembered doing to her was the bit about her shoes.  From now on, Marian wouldn’t be able to wear flats or even go barefoot.  She would be forced to wear very high heels all the time, and she wouldn’t be able to take them off without the pain hitting her.  The only concessions she had made for Marian there, was for when she went to bed or when she was taking her bath, and Vivian was wondering if maybe that was being too lenient. 

Vivian now had a list of things she had done to both of them.  And starting today, she was going to make sure that the entire list got replanted in their tiny pee sized brains as often as possible!  They were never going to not be under her control!  Just thinking about everything she had forced those two into now had made her very wet.  But she didn’t have time for that kind of fun now.  It was Sunday.  The stores usually opened at eleven o’clock.  She would call the two idiots and pick them up for more of their shopping after lunch, but in the meantime, she wanted to get back to her own shopping. She had a list of stores to get to with more money than usual to spend, and she didn’t want to be late. 

Phillip stared at his face in the bathroom mirror… as he applied his lipstick for the first time that morning.  He was using a new shade of pink that Marian had picked out for him the day before.  As he worked on his lips, his eyes continually looked up toward his new hairdo.  It didn’t look quite like it did yesterday, but all of the basic style was still there… from the bangs across his forehead to the curls on top of and behind his head.  He had pulled the stupid pink bow out last night.  He hoped he wouldn’t have to wear that again.  But how was he going to hide the rest of what had been done to him?
He briefly thought about Marian, still sleeping out on his couch.  She had insisted on staying there and not taking his bed.  She had only asked for a blanket and a pillow.  He had loaned her his extra blanket, but he didn’t have another pillow.  She was making due using some of her clothes as a pillow until she could buy one later.  He briefly wondered which of them had it worse.  Deep down, he knew that she had it much worse than he did, especially since Mistress Vivian had kicked her out of her own home and taken it for herself.  Her mooing problem had to be no bundle of joy either.  But he was still selfish enough to think that he was worse off. 
With his lipstick done, he stared at his hair again and remembered everything he had gone through yesterday at the mall.  And just as he had done last night, he masturbated again to those memories.  He couldn’t help it.  With that problem taken care of, and now feeling much more like he should, he decided to take a shower before Marian got hers.  Once Marian got into the bathroom she seemed to always take forever!  It was amazing how long it took her to just go to the bathroom!  Most of the women he knew always managed to do it a whole lot faster than she did.

Marian opened her eyes and rolled over on the couch, trying to figure out where she was… and she mooed.  The moo startled her enough to bring her fully awake and remind her of her new life.  Total misery!  She closed her eyes in frustration.  She was tempted to get up, but she was too comfortable just then, except for a horrible need to pee.  It was the first time in several days that her feet had been allowed a bit of rest from the dumb super high heels she was forced to wear all the time now, and she wanted to give her feet as much rest as she possibly could.  Besides, she thought she heard the shower running.  Phillip was probably in there getting cleaned up.  Good for him.  Could she walk from the couch to the shower without having to put her heels on?  It was an excellent question that she intended on experimenting with the moment Phillip got out of there. 
With nothing better to do, she closed her eyes and tried to settle into sleep again.  But her hands somehow found their way down between her knees, then up to her crotch, and before she knew it, one hand was inside her panties.  It was as if she couldn’t help herself.  She was awake now, and this was that time of day when she was often more horny than at other times.  She wanted a good lay in the hay!  She needed a good orgasm… a good release.  Unfortunately, thanks to Vicious Vivian, that was a pretty unlikely thing to ever happen to her… until she got herself out of this situation, which she fully intended on doing. 
In the meantime, she was all too desperate for some sexual release, and her hand inside of herself felt all too good!  She mooed again as her excitement level rose.  She just couldn’t help it.  Damn that Vicious Vivian!  But oh it felt so good!

Phillip heard Marian’s moo from the shower.  When he got out and was drying himself off, he heard her again.  He felt a bit sorry for her, stuck doing that all the time… but at the same time, he found it intriguing as well. 
As soon as he was dried off again, he redid his lipstick.  Then with the towel still wrapped around him, he ran from the bathroom to the bedroom.  He heard Marian moo again in the living room.  He figured she probably needed the bathroom.  Did she realize he was out of there now?  He quickly pulled some clothes on before going out to tell her that the bathroom was free now.  He walked out to the living room, and stared.  Marian’s hands were hidden under the blanket, but he had very little doubt about what she was doing. 
He loudly cleared his throat.  “Ahem!”
Marian looked up frightened.  She had been caught doing something she shouldn’t!  Embarrassed, she forced herself to pull her hands away.  She wasn’t going to succeed with what she was doing anyway.  “Sorry,” she mumbled sheepishly.  “I couldn’t help myself.”
“Yeah,” Phillip replied sarcastically.  “Why don’t you get cleaned up?  I’m finished in there for a while.”
Since she was only wearing her bra and panties, Marian carefully wrapped the blanket around herself further to cover herself up so she could hurry to the bathroom.  She really did need to pee pretty badly now.  But the moment she stood up and tried to take a step in just her bare feet, the pain hit both her legs like someone had taken a big baseball bat and hit them hard.  It was so bad she lost control of her bladder as she fell to the floor, writhing at the agonizing pain.  As fast as she could, she reached for her red heels and strapped them to her feet.  The pain didn’t go fully away until they were both securely strapped into place. 
She felt like an idiot.  And worse, she knew that Phillip had seen her wet all over everything.  “Sorry,” she mumbled.  She now knew that she couldn’t take even a single step without her heels on.  Ugh!  “I hope you’ve got a washer and dryer in here.”
“Sorry,” Phillip replied.  “We’ve got a bunch of coin machines in the building across the street.” 
Marian rolled her eyes.  “Coin machines?”
Phillip nodded.
Marian knew that her washer and dryer were going to be major things that she was going to miss… until she could get her home back again.  “I’ll wash these things as soon as I can,” she told him.
Phillip just nodded and headed for the kitchen to pour himself some cereal.  He hard Marian heading for the bathroom to get cleaned up.
Once again, just getting undressed seemed to trigger Marian’s need to masturbate.  Her shower was long, and by the time she got out, her sexual regions were getting sore.  Damn, she needed to stop that!  But it also felt so good!  She just couldn’t get totally satisfied… yet!
Out in the living room, she found some fresh clothes to put on and carried them back to the bathroom.  No masturbating this time!  She was proud that she accomplished that.  Vivian was taking them shopping again this afternoon, and she had mentioned that they had to wear their new clothes.  She wasn’t looking forward to spending all afternoon in a skirt as short as the ones she had bought yesterday, but she had done far worse things in her life.  It was Phillip she was more concerned with.  With that new hairdo and all the women’s clothes they had bought for him, well, she knew he had to feel horribly embarrassed about that.
She finally wandered out to the living room.  Phillip was at his desk doing… something.  She saw him quickly close the cover on the pad that she realized he had been drawing in.  “You draw?” she asked, somewhat surprised.
Sheepishly, Phillip nodded.  “I doodle.”
“Can I see?”
Phillip considered that for a moment.  “If you want,” he finally replied.  He quickly put the pad he had been working in aside and dug into a drawer where he pulled out another pad.  He set it on the desk and opened it to the first page.
Marian looked at the drawing carefully.  It was a pencil drawing of an elderly woman’s face.  And it was amazingly well done.  The lines on the face, the expression, it was incredibly realistic.  “Wow!” Marian exclaimed.  “Who is she?”
Phillip shrugged.  “Just someone I saw in a park once.”
Marian turned the page.  Another face, this one done with colored pencils.  She continued through the pad, each picture was of someone he had just seen… and drawn.  Some were in color, some were nothing but plain black pencil.  “These are amazing!” Marian exclaimed.  “They belong in a gallery somewhere.”
Phillip shook his head.  “Nah, they’re just some doodling that I did.  I do that a lot.”
“I think they’re a lot better than that!”  Her eyes focused on the pad he had been working in when she walked in on him.  “What are you working on now?  Can I see?”
Phillip panicked a bit as he grabbed for the notebook.  “Sorry, not this one.”  He quickly opened the drawer again and pulled out a stack of the drawing pads, leaving only a select few.  The pads that he had removed, he picked up and carried straight into his bedroom where he put them away in one of his dresser drawers… and then put some t-shirts on top of them to hide them.  They were his personal notebooks.  They weren’t made for anyone else to see.  Out in the living room, he heard Marian moo again.  Poor woman.
Marian closed her eyes.  She was tired of all these problems that Vivian had stuck her with.  It was time now to do something about them.  And the first thing she needed to get rid of was this damn mooing compulsion. 
She went over to the window and just stared out of it while she concentrated.  She had just mooed, so the urge didn’t make itself known for a little while.  When it did, she concentrated hard on it.  She simply had to be strong… stronger than the command that Vivian had stuck into her brain.  She simply had to know for a fact that she was stronger than the urge and refuse to give into it.  Phillip had been completely right that first day.  Hypnotism can’t make someone do something they really don’t want to do… mostly.  There were some very big exceptions to that.  But overall, she knew she could beat the compulsion.  She just had to be more dominant than Vivian’s command. 
The urge to moo grew, and she fought it hard.  The problem was that Vivian had taken the time to deepen their trances so much before she instilled the compulsion in her.  That was making it so much more difficult to simply throw it off.  The urge was becoming somewhat intense!
“What are you doing?” Phillip asked.
With her concentration broken, Marian opened her eyes and mooed.  Ugh!  “I’m trying to get rid of this compulsion to moo like a cow all the time,” she told him. 
“Can you do that?” Phillip asked, somewhat surprised.
Marian nodded. “Absolutely!” she replied.  “I just need to concentrate and make it happen.”
“Can I get rid of the things she did to me?” Phillip asked hopefully.
Marian looked at him sadly.  “It’s… possible,” she told him.  “But I don’t think it’s very likely.”
“Why not?  Why should you be able to do it and I can’t?”
“Because of what I know about myself… and about hypnotism.”
“So what would I have to know to be able to do it?”
“It’s not what you’d have to know.  It’s more… something...”  But she couldn’t tell him yet.  Not only was she fairly sure he wouldn’t really want to know the answer to that one, but if what she suspected about him was true, that was the key to the only way she could get him out of Vivian’s clutches.  “Never mind,” she finally said.  “I can’t really explain it.”
“You just don’t want me to be normal!” Phillip replied before walking off angrily.  He headed for his desk again, but instead of drawing, he started surfing the internet instead.
Marian hated herself for that.  But at the same time, she knew it was for the best.  Closing her eyes, she started waiting for the urge to build in her again.  She was really surprised at how strong the urge was.  All that deepening, she was sure.  She started grunting a bit when the urge to moo became extremely intense. 
Phillip heard the sounds of Marian struggling.  Forgetting the computer he went over to watch her closely.  Her eyes were closed.  No doubt she was concentrating and trying really hard.  He saw the look on her face finally change to one of total satisfaction.
Marian opened her eyes with glee and saw Phillip standing in front of her.  “I did i….”  And then she screamed as the pain descended on her entire body like never before.  Every part of her was wracked with the most unimaginable pain as she fell writhing to the floor.  It was pain so intense she couldn’t stand it. 
“What’s happening?” Phillip asked, panicked with concern as he knelt down on the floor to help her.  But he knew what was happening – Mistress Vivian’s pain!  “How can I help?” he asked.  “How can I help?”
Marian barely heard him… and she was in no condition to even try to reply.  She tried to fight the pain, but the pounding in her head wouldn’t let her think that well.  It was all simply too intense.  She couldn’t take it… she couldn’t take it… she couldn’t…  “Moo!” she said in desperation.  “Mooo!”  The pain let up a little.  “Mooo!” she wailed again and felt the pain lessening.  “Mooo!”  It took five more moos for the pain to fully go away.  Breathing hard, her head still spinning.  She grabbed her head in her hands and pulled her hair back away from her face.  She sat up and felt Phillip’s hand on her shoulder.
“Are you alright?” he asked, his voice full of concern.
She nodded sadly, then smiled.  “I guess the mooing wasn’t the first thing I should have tackled.  Now I know that the pain has to be conquered first.  And after that, everything else should be easy!”
“Are you going to try it again now?” Phillip asked.
“Not right now.  I’m not up for more of that kind of battle.  Maybe later tonight I’ll try it again.”  She had conquered the urge to moo, only to be wracked with the pain for not doing what Vivian wanted.  She was happy to note though that she had found a way out of the pain without Vivian making it go away.  That was somewhat good news.  But now that she had conquered the urge to moo, was that urge now totally gone?  A few minutes later, she sadly found out that it was fully back again.  Ugh!
With a little time on her hands, she started going through the bags that contained her things.  She opened many of them, but the only bag she was really interested in was the one containing her laptop computer.  She emptied that bag onto the sofa.  “Mind if I use your desk?” she asked Phillip who had been looking on.
“You’re welcome to use my computer if you want,” Phillip replied, “It’s already set up.”
Marian shook her head.  “I’ve got some special software on this one that I need.”
Phillip went over to the desk and moved his computer out of the way.  “You can unhook my internet connection and just plug it into yours,” he offered.
“No thanks,” Marian replied as she brought her laptop over to his desk.  “I don’t need it right now.”
Phillip watched as she plugged it into the wall and started it up. 
“Can you get me that DVD on the couch?” Marian asked.
Phillip found the DVD easily.  It looked like a homemade disk.  Printed on the plastic was, “Mark’s Fireplace.”  “What is it?” he asked as he handed it to Marian.
“I told a friend of mine a while back that the only thing I missed in my townhouse was a nice fireplace, so he videotaped his one night and sent me the video.”
“It’s just a fireplace?”
“With a fire burning.”
“And that’s it?”
“That’s it,” Marian confirmed.
“Doesn’t sound very exciting.”
“But it’s very relaxing.  I just love it!”
“What do you need it for?”
Marian smiled.  “This is how we’re going to stop Vivian… and I’m going to get my house back!”
A few minutes… and one moo later, Phillip watched as she set the computer up to transfer the video on the disk into a single file on her computer.
“Now,” Marian said once the long process was underway, “What am I going to do with all my stuff?”


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I liked that Marian is finally fighting back but I hope it won't help Sissy Phyllis until some permanent physical changes happen to him... turning him into a her regardless of the hypnotic conditioning