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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 12 Part 2 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 12 Part 2 of 3

Vivian shopped for herself as she usually did, but this time she was also keeping an eye out for things she wouldn’t normally look for.  Her mind was also somewhat preoccupied with images of the things she wanted to do to both Sissy Phillip and that stupid cow Marian.  She had enjoyed last night a lot.  Now it was time to move forward with things.
Instead of shopping late into the evening as she normally would, by mid-afternoon she was again pulling up in front of her old apartment.  She went inside.  Everything that she had designated was now gone.  Her bedroom, now void of all her clothes, suddenly looked old and dirty.  The walls looked horribly faded.  All the better that she wouldn’t be living there anymore.  Let them tear the place down.  She had a much better place to live now!  Satisfied that everything she wanted had been moved, she headed for her new townhouse.
The door was closed when she got there and she had to knock to get in.  Phillip answered the door after only a moment.  She went in and found Marian in the kitchen, wiping out the sink.  Excellent!  Not bothering to look at anything downstairs, she hurried directly upstairs and into the bedroom.  She opened closet after closet, inspecting everything that was in there.  Each closet was nicely full without being overly stuffed.  She opened the dresser drawers. They were more than a bit overly loaded, but not nearly as bad as her old dresser had been.  She saw Phillip in the room now watching her.  Marian was just getting to the top of the stairs.  Stupid slow cow!  She pushed past Phillip and went to the guest room.  The bed was now gone and her two clothing racks were in there.  One rack was half filled with clothes.  The room was going to make a perfect extra closet!
Of course, Vivian didn’t bother telling either of them that they had done a good job.  She simply didn’t care about them that much.  But the day was passing and she still had major shopping to do!  “Okay, both of you.  Downstairs!” she ordered.  She wanted to leave as soon as possible, but she had just a few little things to do first.  She was the first one downstairs and took the time to briefly look around and appreciate how nice her new place was.  Hers!  All hers!  And she wouldn’t even have to pay any rent!  It just didn’t get any better than that!
She got the spare key for her old apartment back from Phillip, then she demanded all the keys that Marian had to her place. It took a few minutes for Marian to find them all, but eventually Vivian had all three copies of Marian’s keys.  Marian mooed mournfully as she realized that she wouldn’t be able to get back into her own house anymore… and that it wasn’t her house anymore.
Vivian had just one last thing to do before she could go back to shopping.  “Do you have a marker pen and a ruler here somewhere?” she asked Marian. 
Marian mooed and nodded her head.  She was still feeling very sorry for herself but she slowly went to the kitchen junk drawer and found a tape measure that she usually used to check her waist.  There was a black sharpie pen in the drawer as well.  She brought them back to Vivian, who handed them to Phillip. 
“Pull those stupid pants you’re wearing down to your ankles, you stupid cow!” she ordered Marian. 
Marian was surprised and shocked.  But having no choice, she slowly lowered her pants all the way down to the floor.  Vivian moved around behind her.  “Come here my little sissy shit,” Vivian ordered Phillip.  “Take that tape measure and stick the end of it right up into her crotch.”
If Marian could have jumped in the shoes she was wearing, she would have probably hit the ceiling when she felt Phillip tightly jab the end of the tape right into her crotch and hold it there.  Outraged and embarrassed, she did her best to just stand there.
“Now measure down to the middle of her knee,” Vivian ordered and waited while Phillip brought the tape down the back of her leg.  “Now find the halfway point and make a mark on her leg!”  She saw Phillip put a small black dot on the back of Marian’s leg at the midpoint there.  “Good,” she said.  “Now move and give me that pen.”  A moment later, Vivian herself drew a straight black line across the back of Marian’s leg where the dot was.  She heard Marian moo again as she did it.  She stood back to examine her handiwork.  Good enough!
“Okay,” she said as she handed Phillip the pen.  “Put these back in the kitchen,” she ordered.  “And you, Marian, pull those pants up so we can get out of here.  We have things to do.  And we better all take my car since I know where we’re going.  I’m not sure stupid Marian here has the intelligence to find it!”  As she waited for Marian and Phillip, she noticed again the doll tied around Phillip’s neck.  “And get that doll off your back.  I want you carrying that thing in your arms from now on!”
Marian and Phillip soon found themselves in the back of Vivian’s car where they were both scared nearly to death as Vivian drove all too recklessly.  A while later they got out of the car at one of the city’s shopping malls.  “Hurry up, you two,” Vivian ordered.  She was anxious to get back to her shopping.
Marian remembered that Phillip had to buy himself more lipstick… and she was going to have to find herself two more pairs of miserably high heels.  Marian mooed again once she got out of the car, then again to clear the urge before she got into the mall.  She didn’t know what she was going to do inside among all the people.  As fast as she was able, Marian and Phillip followed Vivian into the mall, where Vivian was walking all too quickly for Marian to keep up with her in the shoes she was wearing.
“Hurry up you stupid cow!” Vivian complained when she heard Marian moo too far behind her and she had to stop for Marian to catch up to them.  Marian finally caught up with her, only to be faced with having to keep hurrying as Vivian continued on.
Marian did her best to fight the urge to moo.  She began letting it out only whenever she wasn’t near anyone.  But that wasn’t always possible.  And her mooing was still loud enough that it always attracted the attention of everyone around.  She was so embarrassed that she wanted to run away, but her aching feet kept her constantly trying to keep up with Vicious Vivian.
Vivian stopped in the middle of the mall and turned to Marian.  “There’s a beauty salon over there that only takes walk-ins.  I want you to take Sissy Phillip in there and get him a woman’s haircut!  And when you get out, it had better not be anything that could ever be mistaken as something a man would ever wear!  Got that?”
Phillip and Marian were both shocked.  “I have to get a woman’s haircut?” Phillip exclaimed.
“Didn’t I just say that? Are you as stupid as the cow here?”
Phillip shut up quickly.  He knew all too well that Vivian could make matters even worse for him.  All he had to do was to look at Marian to see that… or listen to her as he heard her mooing once again.
Vivian turned back to Marian.  “Now get this straight you stupid cow, if I see any hint that his new haircut looks anything other than totally feminine, then I’m going to cut off all your hair and shave you bald!  I wonder what the other women at work will think of you then?  So you better make sure the stylist knows exactly what’s expected in there.  Got that?”
Marian was more than a bit aghast, but there was a bit of a problem with Vivian’s plan.  She shrugged her shoulders and mooed again… which she noticed brought even more looks from passersby than her last moo had brought on.
Vivian just looked at her.  “Oh shoot!  I guess you’re right.”  She paused only slightly before she ordered, “Talk like a human again!”
Marian immediately tried to say something, but was all too afraid of what would come out.  “Thank you,” she tried to say, and was very relieved when her words actually came out right.
Vivian smiled viciously.  “No doubt you’ll still be proving what a stupid cow you are the whole time you’re in there anyway.  I wonder how many times you’re going to moo for everyone while Sissy Phillip gets his hair done.”  With an all too wicked laugh, she added.  “Wait out here when you’re done until I get back.”  Then with another laugh for stupid Marian’s situation, she hurried off to continue her shopping.
Marian and Phillip both watched Vivian walking off.  Neither one of them felt good about what they had to do.  Marian turned to Phillip.  “Sorry,” she apologized.  “I don’t see any way out of this.”
“I know,” Phillip replied sadly.  “What the heck am I going to do?  A woman’s haircut?  That’s going to be very obvious!”
Marian nodded.  “Try to think of it as starting a new trend or something.”
“Yeah right!” Phillip replied sarcastically.  He turned to head for the beauty salon.  But Marian grabbed his arm and stopped him. 
“Wait a minute,” she said.  She watched the people passing by them, wishing they could all ignore her like they were doing just then.  As soon as it looked like things were less crowded, she relieved the urge to moo that she had felt just starting to build up in her… to the strange looks of more people than she would have liked.  “Sorry.  I wanted to clear that out before it starts all over again.”
There were a number of women waiting inside the salon.  The receptionist put Phillip’s name on the list and he and Marian sat and waited for a long time.  Marian got up and left twice, and then came back again.  Phillip didn’t have to wonder why she had left.  Eventually they called Phillip’s name and both he and Marian followed the stylist back to one of the chairs. 
The stylist wasn’t all that surprised to be working on a guy.  More and more guys were coming in to have their hair done professionally in the newer styles that a simple barber shop couldn’t handle.  She was surprised though to be working on a guy who was holding a rather adorable doll in his arms.  She did her best to ignore the doll.  “What are you interested in?” she asked Phillip as she draped a protective cape around him.
Phillip just looked up questioningly at Marian.
“He needs a woman’s haircut,” Marian told her.  “The most feminine thing you can do with what hair he has.”
“A woman’s haircut?” the stylist asked, more than a bit surprised at the request.  She wondered if it had anything to do with the doll he was holding.
Marian put her hand on the stylist’s arm.  “Do whatever you can… whatever you like… anything!  But for both our sakes, whatever you wind up with cannot be in any way thought of as anything a man would wear.  It has to be a very obvious woman’s hair style!  Do I make myself clear?”
The stylist stared at her for a moment, then she addressed Phillip.  “And what do you have to say about this?”
Phillip looked up at her, “Please,” he said, “like she told you, do whatever you can… please!”
The stylist looked back and forth between the two for a few moments, then she shrugged.  “Whatever you say,” she finally agreed.  She started looking closely at Phillip’s hair.  She combed it over and over again in different directions, then she sprayed water on it and combed it different directions again… all the time trying to picture what she could do with it.  Both the guy and the woman had seemed so serious about their request… as if their lives depended on it.  “So… you lose a bet or something?”
“Please don’t ask,” Phillip replied.  “I wouldn’t know how to explain it.”
“You make it sound so serious,” the stylist noted.
“It is!” Marian replied, now fighting hard with the urge to moo again.  “Um… do you have a rest room here I can use?”
“Sure,” the stylist replied.  “Right back there.”  She pointed toward the back corner of the salon.  When Marian had left, she started combing Phillip’s hair again, still trying to figure out what to do with it.  His hair was short, but not too short.  But was it long enough that she could do anything that feminine with it?  As she tried to decide what to do, she finally said.  “That’s an adorable doll you have.  Is it yours?”
“Yes,” Phillip was forced to say.
The stylist wasn’t sure if she should be surprised by that or not.  Jokingly, as if she was talking to a child, she asked, “Does your doll have a name?”
“Her name is Dolly,” Phillip replied.
The stylist just stopped and looked at Phillip’s reflection in the mirror.  “Well, Dolly is an adorable name for an adorable doll.”  Taking a cue from the doll, the stylist decided to go with some hair elements that were much more suited to a fairly young girl.

Marian hurried into the ladies room, glad that the door to the single occupant room was unlocked.  She went in and managed to flush the toilet just as she could no longer hold back the long deep moo that was forcing its way out of her mouth.  She hoped the bathroom walls and the noise of the toilet had covered that up.  But what was she going to do next time?  She took more than a few minutes to actually use the toilet, once again having to force herself to remove her hand from her sexual region.  She mooed again when she flushed the toilet afterwards.  With her system now reset until the next urge got too strong, she went back to check on Phillip.  The stylist was just picking up her scissors.
Phillip watched in the mirror as the stylist sprayed his hair with even more water before she combed it again in different ways.  Finally, with the scissors in her hand, he watched as she combed the front of his hair straight down over his forehead and over his eyes.  Very slowly, the scissors cut straight across his eyes.  When he could see again, he saw she had given him bangs.  He felt very funny inside at that.  “Can I make a request?” he asked.
“Sure,” the stylist replied, anxious for any input from her customer. 
“I don’t want to see what you do to me,” Phillip told her.  Actually, he wasn’t sure he could take watching what she was doing to him and have to sit through it.
She smiled at him.  “Sure,” she replied.  She turned his chair around, completely away from where he could see anything in any of the mirrors. 
“Thanks,” Phillip replied.  He looked up into Marian’s eyes, but he couldn’t find any words to say.

“It’s… adorable!” Marian gushed when the stylist finally finished. 
“I hope it’s what you wanted,” the stylist asked.
“It should be perfect!” Marian declared.
The stylist bent down toward Phillip’s head.  “Are you ready to see it?”
Phillip paused.  “No!” he finally decided.  “Don’t show it to me.”
The stylist was very surprised.  “You don’t want to see your own hair?”
Phillip shook his head.  “No.  Not if I can help it.”
“You’re going to be living with that for a while,” the stylist told him.  “Are you sure you don’t want to see it?”
“Not yet,” Phillip replied.
The stylist looked unsurely between Marian and Phillip.  “I did what you asked me to do.”
“And it’s perfect!” Marian agreed.  “Just give him some time.”
The stylist shook her head.  “Well, you can always get it cut really short if you don’t like it. Since I went ahead and did the soft permanent with the curls because I figured he won’t know how to take care of it very well, well those curls are probably going to last a while.  You’d have to cut them really short to get rid of them.  And you’d have to dye his hair to get rid of the blonde highlights too.”
“I’m sure that none of that will be necessary,” Marian told her.
“It’s the best I could do,” the stylist said.  “I’m sorry if he doesn’t like it.  I got the impression he really did want me to do it.”
“I did!” Phillip replied.  “I just… don’t want to see it yet.”
The stylist looked at him… then she smiled broadly.  “Oh… I get it.  You want to wait to see it until you can get all dressed up for the surprise unveiling!  I hope you’ve got really pretty dress then.”  She waited for an answer, but was surprised to see only a look of horror on Phillips face instead.  “Oookayyy,” she said, drawing the word out.  “Will that be cash or charge?”

“Scared?” Marian asked as soon as they got to the middle of the mall to wait on Vivian again.
Phillip didn’t know what he looked like… especially standing in the middle of the mall holding an all too visible dolly in hands.  He was actually scared to death!  “Very!” he replied as he saw all too many heads turning to look at him.  “I feel so… stupid!”
“Does not knowing what your hair looks like make it any better?”
Phillip shrugged.  “I know it looks bad, but not knowing exactly how it looks, does help… I think.”
“Actually, she did a gorgeous job on your hair.  You really should see it.”
“Yeah!  Gorgeous for a woman!”
Marian studied him critically for a moment.  “Um… not… exactly.”
“What does that mean?”
Since he was so frightened of how he looked already, Marian decided not to fill him in on the fact that the hair style would only be worn by a very young girl.  “Uh… you don’t really want to know,” she finally told him.
“See.  It’s bad!” Phillip declared.
Marian didn’t say anything to that.  “I wonder where Vivian is?” she asked instead, starting to really feel the urge to moo again building up in her.
“Probably gone home by now,” Phillip replied.  “We were in there for hours!”
Marian smiled.  “It usually takes that long for women to get their hair styled.  Especially if it involves a permanent and some hair coloring.”
Phillip refused to say anything to that.
“I think I’m going to need to find another toilet to flush,” Marian mentioned as she started looking around for somewhere she could go to moo privately.
“You have to go again?” Phillip asked.  “You went like ten times while we were in there!  And most of the time you were gone forever!”
“I’m using the sound of the toilet to try to mask the mooing,” Marian explained.  “Don’t tell Vivian.”
“That’s actually a pretty good idea,” Phillip replied, doing his best to smile. 
“Thanks!” Marian replied brightly.  Now where could she go?  Unfortunately, she saw Vivian heading for them in the distance.  “Uh-oh!  Too late!” she mumbled.
“Oh!  He’s adorable!” Vivian gushed excitedly as she hurried up to Phillip.  She took a moment to take in what the stylist had done to him.  “I just love all the soft curls. And she managed to do it with his hair that short!”
“She permed it,” Marian told her.  “She had the idea that he might not know how to take care of it too well himself.”
“Oh!” Vivian exclaimed excitedly.  “Even better!”  She studied his hair a bit more.  “The pink bow she put in it is just the right touch too!  Don’t you think?”
“Bow?” Phillip asked, horrified to hear it.
Marian only nodded… which was just as well since she was really struggling with her mooing urge just then.
Phillip rolled his eyes.  It was worse than he thought!
“The ladies are going to just love it!” Vivian declared.  “And I think it goes especially well with the doll he’s carrying.  It’s just… perfect!” she exclaimed happily.  Her face clouded a bit.  “Except… suck your thumb!” she ordered Phillip. 
Hating everything, Phillip stuck his thumb in his mouth.
“Now that’s positively amazing!” Vivian declared.  “Maybe Felicia is right.  Maybe I should have him suck his thumb all the time again.”
“He can’t do his work,” Marian reminded her.  “And you’re having him do a lot of your work too!”
Vivian rolled her eyes.  “Unfortunately,” she replied.
Marian simply couldn’t hold it anymore.  “Moooo!” she bellowed all too loudly and forcefully… to the astonished looks of all too many people around her.  Red faced, she did her best to hurry after Vivian who was again moving all too fast for the heels she was wearing.


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Brilliant, as usual, Karen.

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FINALLY, some physical changes... too bad Vivian didn't require tattooed lip and eye liners too. MAYBE next salon visit.