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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 13 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 13 Part 3 of 3

Phillip was still in a daze as he carried Dolly and several other large bags out to Vivian’s car.  This time, Marian was carrying her fair share of the bags as well.  He just knew he was going to have to dress as a woman to go to work tomorrow.  While Vivian hadn’t come out and actually said so yet, he just knew it!  She had said he always had to have a bow in his hair whenever he went out now, and with his new hairdo that he couldn’t exactly change, he figured he’d be wearing everything else too.  What was everyone else going to think of him?  Not that it mattered anymore.  After the way things had been in the office lately, he was sure that everyone thought he was a total freak!  Maybe they were right.  It was beginning to look that way even to him.  In fact, he knew they were right!  He had to face it.  He was a total freak!  He just didn’t really want everyone else to think that about him. 
He seriously thought about quitting his job.  He would have done it on the spot, but he knew immediately that quitting wouldn’t get him out from under Vivian’s not so loving care.  Quitting wouldn’t do him any good at all.  And he knew that just finding another job would be an impossible nightmare.  It was why he had taken this position in Marian’s office to begin with.  He had been the low man on the totem pole, doing Marketing graphics, when the cutbacks had come.  So when they offered him this job instead, he had jumped at it.  The fact that he had worked on a lot of graphics that spelled out all the products and pricing they were dealing with now hadn’t hurt him one bit when it came to learning the new job requirements.  It was detailed work, and he enjoyed that aspect of it.  He wasn’t enjoying having to handle Vivian’s workload on top of his though.
No, quitting wouldn’t do him any good at all.  Plus, there was that other little reason in the back of his mind too.  The one he tried so hard to ignore… but couldn’t.

Vivian drove them straight to Phillip’s apartment.  Naturally, she didn’t offer to help carry a single thing into the apartment for them.  She only fumed that she had to wait for a few minutes until they got everything inside.  The minute the door was closed behind them, she turned anxiously to Phillip, “Now, let me see all your pretty new clothes!”
Mostly just scared, Phillip began going through all the bags, nervously laying out the things that they had bought for him… while Marian walked to the other side of the room and let out another moo.  This time, Vivian loved the pants and tops that they had found for him.  “Now aren’t these so much more interesting?” Vivian asked.  Phillip had no comment to that.  “I just know all the ladies are going to scream over all your new outfits!”
And that was the part that Phillip didn’t want to hear.  More confirmation that he would be wearing all that junk to work… most likely, every day!  How was he going to handle it?
Item by item, Vivian went through all of Marian’s new clothes too.  Each tiny skirt she held up and seemed to laugh over.  The blouses too.  “I just know you’re going to love showing everyone what a cow you really are!”
Once she was happy with all the new clothes they had bought, Vivian started looking around the room.  “What did you do with all those trash bags you had?”
“I took everything out and piled it all against the wall there,” Marian replied.
“No, I mean, where are the bags themselves?”
Both Marian and Phillip immediately grew more concerned.  “Under the sink in the kitchen.  We were going to use them as trash bags.”
“Perfect!” Vivian declared happily.  “That’s just what we’ll use them for.  Marian, go grab them all, and any others you can find too.  We’re going to sort thought Sissy Phyllis’s closet to make more room for you.  I’m sure he has some old things in there that he doesn’t need anymore.”  Not waiting for an answer, Vivian headed straight for Phillip’s closet.  In short order, she pulled every pair of pants and every shirt that he owned off the hangers and threw them in an ever growing pile on the floor.  “Start stuffing those into the bags,” she ordered as she started kicking his shoes out of the closet at well. 
Just as Marian had had trouble throwing away all her old shoes from her townhouse, Phillip was having a lot of difficulty stuffing his clothes into the trash bag too.  Not only did he not want to do it, but Dolly in his hands was making the job all that much more difficult.  Marian stopped him and pulled him away.  “I’ll take care of it,” she said as kindly as she could… then mooed again which seemed to remove any kindness from what she had said at all.   But with a heavy heart, Phillip backed away and sat on his bed and just watched his life being stuffed into trash bags. 
Vivian didn’t stop with his closet though.  Most of the contents for his dresser quickly followed… and then Vivian demanded to see where he stashed his laundry that needed doing.  When she was done, the only laundry that needed to be done, was towels.
Vivian had removed so many clothes, that Marian had long run out of the bags she had brought with her from her old townhouse.  She was now working on a brand new box of trash bags that Phillip had bought a while back.  Then, while Marian was still filling bags with Phillip’s old clothes, Vivian headed out to the living room to start on Marian’s things.  “Phillip!” she called.  “Grab some bags and come help me!”
Phillip and Marian just stared at each other for a moment.  “Better go,” Marian said.  “If you don’t mind.  I’ll just stay here.”  Phillip nodded and grabbed the box of trash bags and took it out to the living room… where Vivian was already creating a pile of Marian’s things that she didn’t want her to have anymore.
When Vivian was done, both Phillip and Marian were forced to carry bag after bag down to Vivian’s car and load them in… without damaging any of the bags of things that Vivian had purchased earlier.  They moved that stuff to the front passenger seat.  The entire back seat and trunk of Vivian’s car were loaded with the bags of clothes from Phillip’s apartment.
When they got back upstairs, Marian saw a disappointing amount of her old things left.  Nothing but small scattered piles here and there on the floor.
“You two should have no trouble sharing your closet now,” Vivian declared.  “I know you’ll be happy about that!”  She turned to Phillip.  “Phillip!  Go start putting your new things away while I talk with Marian here.  And when you’re done, don’t bother coming out of your room until I call you.  Marian and I are going to be very busy for a while!”
Her words sent fear running down Marian’s spine.
While Phillip was slowly dragging items, a few at a time since he was holding Dolly, Vivian turned to Marian.  Marian sucks her thumb,” she said immediately, and watched gleefully as Marian’s eyes seemed to roll up and close, and her thumb went straight into her mouth where she sucked on it happily.  Vivian told Marian to open her eyes before she sent her to the couch where she ordered the hypnotized woman to sit down and get as comfortable as possible.  Even with Marian’s eyes wide open, Vivian got a thrill out of seeing her sitting there sucking her thumb like an idiot.  But suddenly, Marian’s eyes went wide and she let out a moo – with her thumb still in her mouth.  For a moment, Vivian thought that the moo had brought Marian out of her trance, but closer examination showed her that Marian was still in it.  But it worried her enough that she quickly said, “Marian, from now on, whenever you’re in a trance, you will no longer moo like the cow that you are.  You won’t start mooing again until the moment you come out of your trance.  Nod your head if you understand.”
Marian nodded her head.
“Very good,” Vivian said in the softest, most calm voice she could manage.  Knowing that keeping Marian under her control was the most important thing she could do, she spent a long time coaxing Marian to go deeper and deeper into her trance.  She carefully kept her voice as calm and soft as she could manage for the entire time.  She didn’t stop until she got tired of trying to coax Marian down, a process where she couldn’t see any real results. 
Taking a small break, she quickly went to her purse and found her notebook where she had written down everything she remembered putting into Marian’s brain already.  Coming back to Marian, still sucking her thumb like an infant, she started at the top of her list and reminded Marian of every single thing she had ordered her to do. 
She started with her trigger phrase and reminded Marian that sucking her thumb would help relax her and help her go deeper and deeper into a trance.  She reminded Marian specifically about all the pain she had endured and that the pain would be back anytime Marian didn’t do what she was supposed to.  Vivian revisited Marian’s rules for mooing like a cow, both when under the trigger phrase so that she could only moo and say nothing else, and especially when she wasn’t under that compulsion, where the urge in her would simply build up to the point where she could not help but let out a loud strong moo.  Moving on with her list, she reminded Marian of her need to masturbate, yet she would never be able to reach an orgasm unless someone else was masturbating her while she was mooing crazily like a cow.  And any kind of normal sex would only bring her total pain.  And finally, she reminded Marian that she could never go barefoot or wear any shoes with less than four inch heels on her feet anymore.  The only exceptions were for sleeping and in the shower.  Again, Vivian thought about modifying that to make matters worse for Marian, but she had been at things a long time with the woman now.  She was getting tired of working with her and she still had to do Sissy Phyllis in the other room.
Done with her, she ordered Marian to strip all her clothes completely off... except for her shoes.  Then she ordered the naked woman to sit against the wall where she had spent so much time mooing the last time Vivian had been there.  “Marian,” she said, “I want you to continue to suck your thumb like you are now.  Think of it as a cow chewing its cud.  Suck that thumb and chew your cud like a good cow.”  Her eyes lit up in glee to see Marian’s jaw start moving a little.  “Now Marian, with your other hand, play with your udders.  Keep playing with them and keep chewing your cud like a cow until I tell you to stop.  You’re a stupid ugly cow.  You’re only good for chewing your cud and playing with your udders.  Be that cow Marian.  Be that cow.”
Vivian did so love watching Marian, but she had other business that needed to be attended to.  “Sissy Phyllis!” she called.  “Get your ass in here!”
Phillip hadn’t heard much of what Vivian had said to Marian since she had been speaking so softly.  But he had a pretty good idea of what went on.  And now he was very nervous as he and Dolly came out to face her. 
Phyllis sucks her thumb!” Vivian said before he was halfway across the room.  She watched as he immediately stopped, closed his eyes, and stuck his thumb in his mouth.  “Get over here and sit on the couch,” she commanded.  Just as she had done with Marian, Vivian spent a while coaxing Phillip to go deeper and deeper into his trance.  But she didn’t spend nearly as long doing it as she had with Marian.  Then, just as she had done with Marian, she started at the top of her list and went down it, item by item, reminding Phillip of everything she had put into his brain so far. 
When she was done and finished with all of it, she stripped her own clothes off, moved Phillip to his knees on the floor, and sat on the couch herself.  She then put Phillip’s tongue to work making her totally happy – while she watched Marian fondling herself and chewing her cud like the stupid cow that she was.  Vivian’s first orgasm came fast.  Her second didn’t take very long either.  There was an awful lot to be said about power.  And now she had it!
It wasn’t until she was well satisfied and fully dressed that she woke both Phillip and Marian.  And then she laid down her big commandment… the one that both Phillip and Marian knew was coming – how they were both to dress for work from now on.  After that, she added one more little commandment for them for the next morning.  Then, totally filled with glee, Vivian left them.  Her mind already couldn’t wait until tomorrow at work.  Marian was going to look like a stupid tart.  And Phillip… well, he was going to make a huge splash.  And the best part was going to be what everyone saw the minute they arrived at work!

Still naked, Marian sat and stared at… nothing.  Her mind was too busy sulking over Vivian’s little visit.  Vivian had again instilled everything deeply into her mind.  Not only that, but Vivian had taken a very long time to put her deeply into trance… much deeper than Marian ever remembered going before.  But the one single thing that worried and upset her the most, was not anything that Vivian had said.  The one thing that had her the most worried, was the notebook.  She had seen Vivian refer to that notebook both with herself and with Phillip.  Vivian had taken the time to write down everything she had done in it, and then had systematically gone down the list to reinforce everything on it.  And worse, she had been somehow smart enough to spend a lot of time deepening the trances so those suggestions would stick that much firmer… making them that much harder to fight. 
Marian remembered somewhat conquering the mooing urge earlier.  And even though Vivian’s backup system of the pain had kicked in, she had conquered the mooing for a very brief time.  But now, after being taken down so deeply into her trance and then having everything reinforced once again, she figured that it might be days before she could break out of Vivian’s suggestions. 
The urge to moo made itself very slightly known again.  Marian didn’t even bother fighting it.  It was something she was starting to get used to now.  And fighting it only made her mooing louder and stronger.  Once it was quickly over, she went back to her sulking. 
“Um… Marian…”
She looked up to see Phillip standing there.  She realized she was still naked, but heck, he had seen her totally naked a number of times now.
“Do you want me to hang up some of your clothes for you?  I seem to have lots of room in my closet now.”
She closed her eyes at the futility of everything.  But Phillip wasn’t to blame.  He was in the same position she was.  In some ways, worse.  “Don’t bother, I’ll do it myself.”  With great effort, she forced herself to her feet.  She quickly searched what things Vivian had left her and found her robe.  At least somewhat covered up, she headed to the bedroom.  The door to his closet was wide open.  There were things hanging in the closet – women’s things – but most of the closet was actually empty.  She did her best to smile at him.  “Will you help me drag my stuff in here?”
Together they rounded up most of Marian’s things and moved them to the bedroom.  She didn’t have a lot of clothes to hang up either, but her clothes took up the majority of the closet.  She had a lot of underwear and things that she had no place for.  Phillip showed her an empty drawer in his dresser and she moved her underwear into it so it wouldn’t be left out in the open.  When she was done, all that was left was a pile of very tiny skirts.  She left them on top of his dresser.  She would have to buy some skirt hangers for them. 
Later that evening, she looked at Phillip and did her best to smile.  “Um…” she said, somewhat shyly.  “Do you need to get into the bathroom?  I think I’m going to take a bath.  That way I won’t need to get one tomorrow morning before we have to go to work.  We’re going to be busy enough.”
“I’ll wait till you get out,” Phillip replied.
Marian just looked at him for a moment.  “Maybe you better not!” she told him.  “I’m probably going to be in there for quite a while.”
Phillip’s eyes went wide.  Marian always stayed in the bathroom for a long time, even when she just went into to pee!  He shook his head, “Man, you take more time in the bathroom than any woman I’ve ever met!”  But he headed to the bathroom anyway to try to do what he could.  Quite possibly, the way she was, she could be in there for the rest of the night!
Marian watched him go.  He was right.  She did spend way too much time in the bathroom now.  An embarrassing amount of time – for an embarrassing reason.  But thanks to Vicious Vivian’s little suggestions that were rattling around in her brain, she couldn’t seem to help herself.  There was just something about pulling her panties down now that started her juices flowing.  And thanks to Vivian, she was so damn horny all the time now that she couldn’t help herself.  And that was why she had told Phillip that she was going to be in there a very long time.  She had no doubt at all about what she would be doing in there – besides taking a much needed bath!

As Marian had expected, it was a long time before she finally got out of the bathroom.  She was embarrassed herself over how long she had desperately tried to reach what Vivian had told her she couldn’t.  When she came out, Phillip’s bedroom was dark.  He was asleep. 
Silently, she went into the living room and to his desk where she again set up her computer.  She searched for and opened up the new folder she had created called, “Truth Hurts.”  Inside the folder was a single video file – the hour and a half video of nothing more than an old friend’s fireplace burning ever lower and lower, until at the end of the video, there were nothing but a few small flickers among the brightly glowing embers.  It was a video she prized greatly.  Not just because it had been created and given to her by a friend, but because she loved watching the fire.  It was calming.  Soothing.  And, to her, elegant. 
She checked the file she had created from the disk.  A quick inspection told her it had come out perfectly.  She closed the video and opened up one of the software programs on her computer.  It was now time to start the beginnings of Vivian’s downfall.


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