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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 12 Part 3 of 3

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 12 Part 3 of 3

Vivian led them into one of the large department stores, again being forced to wait for Marian to catch up to her and Phillip.  Stupid cow!  But she was really enjoying the fact that Marin was still struggling so much in those shoes.  Before Marian got too close she was off again, straight back to the junior women’s department.  By the time Marian finally caught up with her, she was already looking at some of the slacks there. 
“I saw these earlier,” Vivian said as she pulled a pair of pink slacks off of the rack and held them up in Phillip’s direction.  “Here my little sissy, there’s a changing room over there.  Go try them on so we can see how they fit.”
Phillip nearly had a fit as his eyes bulged out of his head.
“Go ahead,” Marian urged. 
But Phillip didn’t need her encouragement.  He was too afraid of the pain that was starting to invade his left arm the moment he thought about not doing it.  He removed his thumb from his mouth and grabbed the pink slacks.  The pain didn’t go away until he was halfway to the changing room.  Once inside though, he was immediately faced with a large mirror that covered one small wall.  He couldn’t help but see his image there… and his new hairstyle.  He looked at himself with a sunken heart.  He was the perfect image of a sissy!  And with Dolly in his arms, he figured all he needed was a silly dress!  But since Mistress Vivian was now making him try on women’s pants, could that dress be far behind?
Having no choice in the matter, he removed his pants and pulled the pink pants on.  He looked like even more of a sissy now.  He carried Dolly out where the women could see him.  Fortunately, they were just outside the changing room.
“Adorable,” Vivian declared.  Then she looked at the pants on him more critically.  “I think they’re too big in the hips.  I was hoping that the junior sizes would fit him pretty well, but for his waist size, the hips on those pants are still way too big.”  She studied his figure for a few more moments.  “I wonder…” she finally said.  “If the hips on these pants are still that big, I think we’ll have to try somewhere else.  Go change again sissy!”
Phillip went back in to change, but Marian suddenly rushed past him and closed the door behind her.  Phillip heard a distinctly loud moo come from the changing room… for which Vivian broke out laughing. 
“She managed to find someplace to hide that time,” Vivian declared.  “But I could still hear her plain as can be!”
A moment later, a red faced Marian came out and Phillip went in and changed back to his regular jeans.
Again Vivian moved all too quickly for Marian’s heels to keep up.  She had no idea where they were going, but she noted that Vivian wasn’t leaving the store like she thought she would.  And all too soon, she found herself finally catching up to them – in the children’s department!
Vivian wasn’t nearly as familiar with the young girls section of the store since she only walked through it and had never really shopped in it.  But that didn’t pose much of a problem for her.  She quickly zeroed in on where she needed to look, and almost as quickly pounced on something she noticed on one of the racks.
Phillip was horrified to see her pulling out a pair of red pants.  And the length of them didn’t look very long.  “They don’t look long enough,” he dared to say.
“They’re Capri pants idiot!” Vivian replied.  “They’re supposed to be that short!  But aren’t they darling?”
Phillip wasn’t expert enough to reply to that. 
Vivian quickly saw where the closest changing rooms were and sent Phillip off with the red pants to try on.  “I figured that if the hips were too wide in the juniors, then we might as well see if some of the larger girl’s sizes would fit him better.”
Marian made no reply.  She was all too worried that Vivian was going to make Phillip wear something like those pants to work.  “You promised me you were going to lay off of him if I got hypnotized!” Marian complained instead.
“Stupid cow!  I did lay off of him for a while.  But I didn’t agree to lay off of him forever… not that I would anyway.  And now it’s time to go back to making him look like the little sissy shit he really is!”
Marian could say nothing.  But she was boiling with anger inside.

The pants felt weird!  They only came down to his calf… and they zipped up the darn side!  Ugh!  He wasn’t too crazy about the bows on the cuffs of the legs or the bows at the front of the waistband either.  And she expected him to wear them?  Stupid question.  Of course she did. Totally ashamed, he and Dolly left the changing room.
“I love them!” Vivian declared.  “And they do fit better.”  She felt the seat of the red pants he was wearing.  “Still some extra room in there,” she declared.  “But they do fit better.”
She looked up at Marian.  “Okay, now here’s how this is going to work.  The mall closes at nine o’clock,” she said.  “I still have shopping to do so you two are on your own until then.  I’ll meet you at the door where we came in.  In the meantime, you two are going to find three pairs of pants for little Sissy Phyllis here, starting with those red ones that he’s got on.  You’re also going to come up with three tops to go with the pants.  And I want all his outfits to absolutely scream – sissy!”  She stared for a moment at Phillip.  “You know what else would look really good with those pants too?  Get him some red pumps.”  She looked wickedly at Marian.  “He can wear flats.  You can’t!”  She giggled.  “In fact get him two pairs of shoes.  And make sure the other pair is very girly too!”
Vivian now turned her attention to Marian.  “Don’t worry you stupid cow, I’m not forgetting about you.  You’re going to buy yourself three new skirts tonight.”  Her evil grin grew a bit worse.  “And remember that line I drew on the back of your leg?  If I can’t clearly see that line below the hem of your skirts, then I’m going to throw out whatever you buy and raise that line much higher!”  She turned to Phillip.  “Since that line is on the back of her leg, you’re going to have to check every skirt she tries on to make sure it’s short enough!  The shorter, the better you cow!”
Marian was shocked.  Mini-skirts!  She was way too old for mini-skirts.  But of course, Vicious Vivian didn’t care about that.
“Now I’ve got shopping to do.  And both of you don’t forget the other things you need to get.  Phillip, you need more lipstick, and Marian…”  She paused as her face lit up in another wicked grin.  “You need two more pairs of heels.”  She turned to Phillip.  “She so dumb she might not know the difference between flats and heels.  Make sure whatever shoes she buys have at least a four inch heel.  At least!”
With that, Phillip and Marian found themselves left on their own again.  This time with shopping instructions neither one of them were happy about.  Before going anywhere, Marian headed to the changing room to moo again.  That was getting awfully tiresome! 
With hours and hours of time, they shopped… and Marian mooed.  It quickly became impossible for Marian to continually find places to hide to do it, and over time, she rarely tried anymore.  It was all but useless.  She got lots of strange looks and more than a few people asking her if she was all right or needed help, but it was all things she had no choice but to put up with.  There was no doubt that Phillip was getting more strange looks than even she was.  People were staring at his hair all the time… they only looked at her whenever she mooed.
Together, they went into a cosmetics store where Marian helped Phillip pick out several nice shades of lipstick.  She also made some suggestions for colors he could look for in the future.  Then it was back to clothes shopping.
Marian had to come up with three very sissyish outfits for Phillip.  His hair and the doll he was carrying helped that sissy image immensely, so she did her best to find him two more pairs of women’s pants and three somewhat girly tops to go with them.  His red Capri pants came from the children’s department, but she found his other clothes in the women’s junior department.  She knew he felt bad enough about the clothes he was being forced to buy.  She didn’t want to add childish clothing to that list – despite how he looked with his new hairstyle and the doll he was carrying.
A pair of red pumps with just a tiny heel were easy to find.  Marian noted though how red-faced Phillip was over trying them on.  The other clothes he was able to try on in the semi-privacy of the changing rooms, but shoes were a different story.  For his second pair of shoes, Marian decided on a pair of black patent leather flats with a bow on top.  The shoes looked somewhat like ballet flats but made out of a black patent material instead.  She looked longingly at the comfortable looking shoes, wishing she could be buying them for herself.
For her own shoes, Marian found a pair of black t-straps.  She had to ask Phillip if he thought the heel on them was high enough to meet Vivian’s requirement.  Phillip studied the heel carefully and declared them to be just fine.  Since that heel was definitely lower than the red heels she was wearing, she used that as a gauge to find herself a similar pair in taupe.  She was tempted to wear one of her new pairs of shoes out of the store since they were a lot more comfortable than the shoes she had on, but she wasn’t sure what Vicious Vivian would think about that.
Then it was on to the skirts – the part that Marian dreaded the most.  Marian considered herself to be a full-figured woman.  Not fat.  Just… full figured.  Her hips, like her breasts, were fairly large… as was her backside, but she preferred not to think about that unless it was in the context of dieting.  There weren’t exactly a lot of mini-skirt choices in the women’s department where she usually shopped.  It took a lot of hunting around to find some possible skirt candidates.  And every skirt that Marian tried on… she literally had to let Phillip examine closely to check to see if that line on the back of her leg showed.  It took her three stores to find just one skirt that she would be allowed to wear!  And she needed three!
After a very embarrassing dinner in the food court, where Marian mooed three times and Phillip had to sit there and apply his lipstick both before and after he ate, Marian and Phillip found themselves in a very trendy store that specialized in clothing for “younger” women.  Teenagers!  But Marian was getting desperate.  With Phillip and his doll standing nearby, precariously holding all their bags, Marian was looking at one of the racks of skirts when she mooed again.  She hadn’t even thought about fighting it.  She was to the point now where she was just doing her best to ignore it and let it happen. 
But the mooing attracted the attention of one of the salesgirls who had been hovering nearby anyway… keeping a close eye on Marian, and an even closer eye on the guy with the little girl’s hairdo who was holding a bunch of shopping bags… and a doll.  What was up with him anyway?  She walked quickly over to Marian.  “Can I help you with something?” she asked.
A bit frustrated, Marian replied, “I need to find a couple of very short skirts.”
Noting the larger sizes of the skirts she was looking at, the salesgirl asked, “For him, or you?”
Marian looked up and blinked… and almost mooed again.  “For me of course.”
The salesgirl smiled, somewhat relieved.  “For yourself!”
“Unfortunately,” Marian replied.  “But I’m afraid I’m not having much luck with it tonight.”
“Um… I might have something that could work for you,” the salesgirl suggested.
“Where?” Marian asked.
“Back this way,” she replied as she led the way further back into the store.  She stopped at one of the wall racks that was filled with different skirts – all of them appearing to be very short.  She turned toward Marian and studied her figure… and the very high red shoes she was wearing.  “I love your shoes!” she said.
Marian wanted badly to tell her that she could have them!  But instead she just said, “Thanks.” 
“Flirty or straight?” the salesgirl asked.
“Straight!” Marian declared after she realizing the salesgirl was asking about skirt styles.  The short skirts were going to be bad enough.  She didn’t need to be worried about a flirty skirt blowing around and showing her underwear.  Besides, if she planned her wardrobe right, the straight skirt would look more like a business suit skirt.  Just… short.
“How about this?” the salesgirl asked as she pulled one of the skirts off of the rack.
Marian stared… and nearly mooed.  “Uh… no thanks!” she said.  “That slit goes all the way up!  Who would buy a skirt like that?”
The salesgirl looked at Marian for a few moments before saying, “Well, we get certain… ladies in here from time to time who are very interested in things like this.”
“Certain…”  But Marian quickly figured out what the girl was saying.  Hookers!  “Do you have any without a slit?  Maybe something I can wear with a nice jacket?”
The salesgirl kept looking, passing up all too many skirts.  Finally she found one and pulled it out.  “How about this?”
Other than the very short length, Marian actually liked the thing… relatively speaking.  The material even looked like it would go very well with several of the jackets she owned.  “Got any more like that?” Marian asked.
The salesgirl found two more and Marian grabbed them quickly.  “Got a changing room I can try these on in?”
“Right back here.”  She wasn’t prepared for how quickly the woman wanted to get into the changing room.  And the minute the door was closed, she heard a rather loud cow moo coming from the woman inside.  She looked questioningly at the guy who was holding all the bags. 
“Don’t ask,” he suggested.
She just nodded.
As short as each of the skirts were, Marian still couldn’t be sure that they were short enough to meet Vivian’s requirements.  Each one she tried on she had to wear out of the changing room and let Phillip decided if it was short enough – all in front of a disbelieving salesgirl.  Fortunately, all three skirts were short enough. She was tempted to buy all three, but she finally picked the two she liked the best.  And of course, she mooed one more time before she got out of the changing room. 
Finally she and Phillip had everything they needed to buy… and they still had several hours to kill.  Several hours where she would be in front of all too many people – mooing!  She could only imagine how Phillip felt with that hairdo he had now.  She wasn’t sure if he realized it, but all the bags he was carrying disguised the fact that he was forced to carry the doll.  At least, they somewhat hid his doll problem.
“Where to?” Marian asked as they got back out into the mall.
“Siberia?” Phillip suggested as he saw heads turning to look at him again.
Marian smiled at his joke… although she was sure it wasn’t completely a joke.  He had to be horribly embarrassed looking like he did now. 
“I think I saw a restaurant a while back that looked fairly dark.  Maybe we can get a seat in the back somewhere and just have a cup of coffee and desert or something.”
“Somewhere dark?”
“It looked that way to me.”
“Maybe a few cups of coffee then,” Phillip suggested, wanting to stay somewhere dark as long as possible.
At the restaurant, they “insisted” on a table in the back somewhere… which was no problem because by that time the customers were thinning out anyway.  They each ordered coffee and some cake… and Marian mooed right after the waitress took their order.  Which made the fairly overweight waitress turn quickly around. 
“Are you making fun of me?” she asked angrily.
“No!” Marian replied.
“She’s not!” Phillip added quickly.  “She’s just got this… problem!  Trust me, it has nothing at all to do with you!”
“Better not!” the waitress replied, still obviously upset.
“Um… Ma’am…” Phillip started.
“Uh… don’t be surprised if she does that again while we’re here.  In fact, please try to ignore it when it happens.”
“Say what?”  She turned towards Marian.  “Are you trying to be rude lady?”
“No,” Marian replied.  “Believe me, I’m not.  I just have this… problem.  This… compulsion… that I can’t control… yet.”
“You sound like a damn cow!” the waitress replied angrily. 
“That’s… kind of the point,” Marian admitted.
The waitress looked at both of them suspiciously… she especially looked at the flaky looking guy with the girl’s hairdo.  “You two lose a bet or something?”
“Or something!” Marian admitted sarcastically.
The waitress finally nodded.  “So that noise really wasn’t because of me,” she asked, just to be certain.  “Because I’ve half a mind to have you thrown out of here right now!”
“It wasn’t!” Marian insisted.  She sighed briefly.  “Look, I can’t help it.  Like I said, it’s kind of like a compulsion I have right now.  If it will help, I’ll try to do it in the ladies room from now on… if you have one here.”
Phillip looked at her quickly with a bit of concern.  She took more time in the ladies room than any woman he had ever met!
“Lady, you are some kind of messed up then!” the waitress replied.  “But the ladies room is back there if you need it.”
“Thanks,” Marian replied gratefully.  “We just want to relax back here out of the way for a while.  Can we just get our coffee and dessert?”
The waitress ran her eyes from the oddball woman to the oddball guy.  “You mean hide out here for a while,” she suggested.
Marian nodded. 
“We close at eight thirty,” the waitress told them.  “As long as you order something once in a while… and leave me a halfway decent tip, nobody should bother you back here.”
“Thanks,” Marian replied gratefully.  She and Phillip just looked at each other, both feeling somewhat relieved as she walked off.
They both had to order two different deserts during the time they were in there, and since the waitress kept coming around to refill their coffee, neither one of them knew how much coffee they had finished.  But it was more than enough for Marian to have to pee every time she ran to the ladies room.  And of course, she didn’t just moo once when she got there since she couldn’t seem to keep her hand out of her vagina every time she lowered her panties.  And the minute she started to get sexually excited, she mooed again.  She had to force herself each time to stop what she was doing.  But the more sexually frustrated she became the harder it was getting.
They finally had to spend half an hour by the door where they had entered the mall, waiting for Vivian to show up so they could go home.  And after all the coffee Marian had drunk, she had to disappear to find another ladies room before Vivian actually got there… which was fortunately early.
“Did you two find everything?” Vivian asked as she noted all the packages they were carrying – especially Phillip.
“Yes,” both Phillip and Marian replied together.
“Good!  Let’s go home then.”
Both Marian and Phillip were more than ready to get out of there.  But what Marian was wondering, was just what had Vivian been doing in the mall all that time?  She only had a few small bags in her hands and nothing else.  She got her answer as soon as they got back to Vivian’s car.  The entire back seat was loaded with bags.  Phillip suggested putting them in the trunk, but Vivian wouldn’t hear of it.  He and Marian wound up sitting in the back seat together, with all the bags either piled on top of them or occupying the empty front seat next to Vivian. 
Vivian drove home delightedly… to the tune of several moos out of Marian.  It had been a long but great day shopping.  Nearly perfect!  And now she was going back to her new home!  It was going to be great!  Once in her new parking space, she had Marian and Phillip bring all her new things in and carry the bags up to her bedroom for her.  Then she sent them away for the night.  “I’ll call you two tomorrow right after lunch,” she told them.  “Marian, make sure his hair looks just that nice tomorrow.  And I want each of you wearing your new clothes.  We have more shopping to do!”
Both Marian and Phillip stared at her, not believing what they had just heard.  More shopping?  They were both totally worn out.  
Marian simply let out a big, long, disheartened moo. 


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