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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 11 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 11 Part 2 of 2

 “Enough of these pansy games,” Vivian suddenly declared.  “Get over there cow!  Stand against the wall where I can see you.”
Marian moved over to stand where Vivian wanted her to… not far from the corner that Phillip was still scrunched tightly into.  She was worried now about what Vivian might ask her to do next.  She was especially worried because she was still naked… except for her heels.
“You know what you are?” Vivian said.  “You’re a cow!  You’re a stupid, ugly, cow!  That’s the way I’ve always seen you, and that’s the way I’m always going to see you.  Now tell me, what are you?”
Very hesitantly, Marian replied, “A cow?”  It was very demeaning to be called a cow.
“No!” Vivian shouted.  “You’re a stupid, ugly, cow!  Now tell me what you are!”
“A stupid, ugly, cow?” Marian’s voice squeaked out.
“That’s right!  Now I want you to say it over and over again.  Tell me what you are!”
“A stupid, ugly, cow?” Marian repeated.
“No you stupid cow!  I want you to say… I’m a stupid ugly cow!  Got that?  Now try it again.
Marian could feel the tears threatening to form in the back of her eyes.  “I’m a stupid ugly cow.” She said.
“Louder!  Much, much louder.  I want the neighbors to hear you saying it!”
“I’m a stupid ugly cow!” Marian managed to all but shout.
“Again!  Keep saying it over and over again and don’t you dare stop till I say you can!”
“I’m a stupid ugly cow.  I’m a stupid ugly cow…..”
Vivian was without a doubt, having the best time of her life.  And the power of what she was making stupid Marian do was beyond anything she could have ever imagined.  And not surprisingly, that power was now being translated into sexual urges that couldn’t be denied.  With Marian still shouting that she was a stupid ugly cow, she turned her attention to Phillip.  “Sissy Phyllis!  Get your ass out of that corner and get over here!”
Phillip had heard everything that had gone on behind his back.  He had felt for Marian all during the pain she had been forced to endure.  He had remembered his own pain during that time.  Now he wasn’t alone with the problem.  He remembered how he had felt when Mistress Vivian had told him to do the naked jumping jacks out back.  And Marian had to do twenty of them!  And now, Marian was further debasing herself by loudly shouting that she was a stupid ugly cow – over and over again!  His fear of Mistress Vivian went up several more notches as he left his corner and approached her.  His thumb was still in his mouth and he was sucking furiously on it… not because he was still in a light trance, but he was sucking on it because he was trying to find any small bit of comfort that he could.
“Get yourself undressed!  Now!  Strip, you little sissy shit!” Vivian ordered.
As fast as he could, Phillip got naked while Vivian watched him all too delightedly.  As much as he would have liked, the doll in his hands did nothing at all to hide his nakedness.  As big as it was, it was still too small to hide behind. 
Once Phillip was naked, Vivian briefly turned her attention back to Marian.  “Wait a minute you stupid cow!”
Marian gratefully stopped her shouting.
Vivian walked right up to her with a mean look on her face.  “You’re a stupid ugly cow,” she said.  “What do cows say?”
“What do they say?” Marian asked, not sure how she should answer.
“You heard me you stupid cow.  What does a real cow say?”
“Uh… moo?”
Vivian shook her head.  “Yeah… moo, but not like that you idiot.  Have you ever heard a cow sound like that?  Do you even know what a real cow sounds like?”
Marian had never actually heard a cow in real life, and only a few times on TV.  “Um… not really,” Marian replied.
Vivian rolled her eyes.  “Stupid cow.  Moo louder.  Moo with a lot more gusto!”
More frightened than ever, Marian tried to say “moo” as loud as she could.
“Pathetic!” Vivian declared.  She turned to Phillip.  “You wouldn’t happened to have a computer here that’s hooked up to the internet would you?”
“Of course,” Phillip replied. 
“Go log on and help stupid Marian here research how cows really sound.  Now go!” she ordered.  “You too, you stupid cow.  Go find out how cows are supposed to sound.”  She watched as Marian hurried to the small desk at the other side of the room where Phillip had headed.  “I’d send you alone to research it, you stupid cow, but no doubt you’re too stupid to figure it out on your own!  You’ve got just ten minutes to learn how real cows sound and to learn how to moo like the real thing.  And I better hear you mooing a lot over there as you work on it!”
Vivian was beside herself with glee, and the minute she heard Marian trying to mimic the real sound of a cow, her excitement went way up again.  The stupid cow!  She could feel how wet her panties were getting, and she didn’t even care!  “Louder, you stupid cow!” Vivian shouted, and was rewarded by Marian mooing even louder.
Vivian watched the clock.  After exactly ten minutes she shouted, “Time!  Now get your asses back over here!  Marian, up against the wall where you were, Phillip, I want you kneeling on the floor at my feet!”  As soon as Marian was in position she said, “Now you ugly cow, start mooing for me and don’t stop!  And the whole time you’re doing it, I want you to try harder and harder to sound just like a real cow.  Now start mooing!”
While a wide-eyed Marian launched into her cow sounds, Vivian turned to Phillip who was now on the floor by her feet.  “Now my little sissy, let’s see if you’re good for anything other than sucking your stupid thumb!”  As quickly as she could, Vivian kicked her shoes off, pulled her pants off, and pulled her wet panties off as well.  She sat back on the middle of the couch like a queen and spread her legs.  “Now Sissy Phyllis, do you have any idea at all how to use that mouth of yours for anything other than thumb sucking?  Get over here and let’s see how you do!”
With Marian loudly mooing behind him, Phillip crawled over between Mistress Vivian’s legs.  He knew exactly what she wanted.  With Dolly cradled under his arm, he stuck his head up against Vivian’s already dripping crotch and put his tongue to work. 
Vivian’s eyes nearly rolled up out of her head as the incredible feelings of Phillip’s tongue hit her.  “Oh yes!” she screamed.  “There is a God after all!”  In only seconds, she was rocked by her first orgasm of the night.  The sight and sound of Marian standing in front of her mooing like an idiot cow, sissy Phillip between her legs doing the most wonderful things imaginable… it was simply better than she ever imagined anything could be.
After her second orgasm, Vivian had another idea.  “Keep mooing you stupid cow!” she ordered.  But now let me see you playing with those huge udders of yours too – one in each hand!”
All the mooing humiliation had been bad enough, but now Marian found herself rubbing her large breasts as well… all for the amusement of this demented woman.
“Not like that cow!  Squeeze them like you’re trying to squeeze the milk out of them!”
Marian began squeezing her breasts instead… all while continuing to moo loudly for the amused benefit of Vivian who she could now see was quickly building to yet another orgasm.
As she came down from another high, Vivian had to breathe a moment to catch her breath.  “Keep that tongue of yours working you sissy slut!” she ordered when she felt Phillip’s tongue starting to slow in her.  As the wonderful feelings down there increased again, she turned her attention back to the mooing woman in front of her.  “Do you ever finger yourself off?” she asked.  Not waiting for an answer, she ordered, “Stick your finger in your cunt you ugly cow and start fingering yourself off.  And keep squeezing those udders of yours with the other hand.  And for God’s sake, don’t you dare stop mooing you stupid cow!”
If Marian thought she was shocked before, she was even more shocked now.  Now Vicious Vivian wanted her to finger herself off in front of her?  But there was no not doing it… not even a pause to think about not doing it.  Once the command had been given, her right hand reached down and started rubbing her clitoris… for the amusement of Vicious Vivian.  Despite herself, the combination of massaging her breast while fingering herself started to get the juices in her flowing.  She felt herself becoming very wet down there as her own sexual urges started to kick in.
Marian was starting to breathe hard, sending herself quickly to her own orgasm, when she heard Vivian shout, “Don’t you dare have an orgasm you stupid cow!  Pull you finger out when you start getting close!”
Don’t have an orgasm?  After working that hard for it?  But she was getting very close.  She reluctantly pulled her now very wet hand away. 
“Put that messy hand back to work on your udders again!” Vivian commanded. “And as soon as you calm down enough, I want to see your other hand getting just as wet down below.  Keep switching hands.  Keep squeezing those udders, and don’t you dare stop mooing!”  As Vivian said that last part, she was rocked by yet another orgasm.  “Don’t you dare stop either, Sissy Phyllis,” she said to make sure Phillip would keep working on her.
Marian’s head was spinning.  She could no longer think.  She was becoming hoarse from all the mooing and her body was becoming exhausted from everything else.  But the part that was really getting to her was having to stop herself just before she had an orgasm each time.  And it was worse because as desperate as she now was, she kept seeing Vivian have orgasm after orgasm.  She was now mooing in desperation over that lamentable situation. 
Vivian had long lost count of the number of orgasms she had had.  Enough that she herself was becoming exhausted.  She could tell that Sissy Phillip between her legs was getting too tired to continue. While he was still trying, his tongue couldn’t seem to work as well anymore.  And the stupid cow mooing in front of her looked an absolute mess.  Her udders were soaked from her wet hands, and she had juices dripping all down both her legs.  And the best part was, she hadn’t allowed the stupid beast to actually have an orgasm.  Marian had to be horribly frustrated by now.  As she listened, she could actually hear that note of frustration in the mooing that was coming out of her mouth.  Incredibly, it made her sound even more like a real cow!  The stupid cow!
“Enough Sissy Phyllis!” she said as she pushed against his head, causing him to fall backwards away from her.  “You keep mooing cow!” she ordered to Marian.
Vivian took a moment to catch her breath, then she got up from the couch and found Marian’s blouse.  She used it to wipe herself as clean as she could… all the while looking wickedly at the still mooing and masturbating woman in front of her.
When she was done she picked up her own clothes and dressed herself again.  “Go fix your lipstick you little sissy freak!” she ordered Phillip.  She watched as Phillip and his doll hurried off.  She turned her attention back to Marian who was still at it, but she could see Marin was now getting rather desperate… desperate for an orgasm, desperate to stop masturbating, and desperate to stop mooing.  “Stop!” she yelled at the mooing woman.
Marian nearly collapsed as she stopped everything.  She had to lean against the wall to support herself. 
Vivian stood right in front of Marian, her head just a few inches from Marian’s face.  “I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that,” she said wickedly.  “That had to be one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life!”
Marian was still breathing hard.  She made no reply though except to watch Vivian carefully.
“I hope you enjoyed that,” Vivian said, “because now I have more for you to enjoy!”
Marian’s fear went way up again, but she didn’t get much time to think about it before Vivian once again issued the magic words, “Marian sucks her thumb!”  Despite her condition, Marian still closed her eyes, stuck her messy thumb in her mouth, and sank into a deep trance. 
Vivian was still trying to fully recover herself, but she dared not do this next part with Marian quite yet.  “Go sit on the couch,” she ordered the hypnotized woman.  She watched as Marian, still sucking her thumb like an infant, went over to Phillip’s couch.  “Sit in the mess!” Vivian ordered.  “No use spreading more mess than there already is,” she added.  A moment later, thumb sucking Marian was seated right on top of where Vivian had experienced orgasm after orgasm.
Phillip came back with his face clean and his lips freshly done.  “Go stand in the corner again,” she told him, and watched as he headed toward where he had spent the first part of the evening.
Vivian now moved closer to Marian and addressed her.  Speaking softly and as calmly as she could, she told Marian to relax and close her eyes before she once again reminded Marian of her trigger phrase.  After that, she spent a good fifteen minutes trying to coax Marian into an ever deeper trance.  When she felt she was finally ready, she started putting more commands into Marian’s head. 
“Marian,” Vivian said, “whenever I say, ‘Marian moos like a cow,’ you won’t be able to make any other sounds at all… only cow mooing.  And each time you moo, you’re going to do it loudly and strongly, and do your absolute best to make it sound just like a real cow!  You won’t be able to make any other sound at all until I tell you that you can… no matter how long that is… even if it’s for days on end!”
Vivian smiled at her own wickedness before continuing.  “In fact,” she said, “even when I don’t make you only moo like a cow all the time, you’re still going to keep reminding yourself that you’re nothing but a stupid ugly cow.  From now on, you’re going to find that you have an urge in you – a very strong urge.  An urge you can’t fight and an urge you can’t get rid of.  That urge is going to make you moo like a cow.  As soon as you moo, the urge will go away for a short period of time, but then it will start building again until you can no longer stand it.  When you’re at work, the urge will be much less.  If you fight it hard enough, you may be able to put off mooing until you can get alone somewhere.  Most likely you’ll have to go somewhere to relieve your mooing urge… like you have to go to the bathroom to relieve your bladder.  You’ll either do that, or you’ll wind up mooing in front of everyone else.  Remember, the urge will be less, but it will still be there.  And when you’re not at work, that mooing urge will be much stronger, and it will build in you much, much faster! 
“From now on Marian, the first thing you do when you get up every morning, will be to moo like the stupid cow that you are.  And the last thing you do every night when you go to bed will be to moo again.  And all through the rest of the day you’re going to find yourself mooing like a stupid cow, over and over again!  And you will always moo loudly and strongly like the cow that you really are – no matter where you are or who you’re with!
Vivian couldn’t help herself, she giggled at that.  Phillip was stuck with his doll and his lipstick, and now Marian was stuck mooing like a stupid cow all day long!  Hilarious!
She moved on.  “Now Marian, I saw how excited you were, playing with yourself and milking your udders like you did a little while ago.  From now on, you will desperately want to masturbate yourself like that to an orgasm.  You will desperately need to masturbate like that and you will desperately need an orgasm.  But from now on, you won’t be able to have an orgasm when you do it yourself.  You will have a need to keep masturbating yourself like a stupid cow, but the only way you can have an orgasm is if someone else masturbates you – while you’re mooing like a cow.  And the more excited you get, the louder and faster you’re going to moo.  Not only that, but any time you attempt to have sex like a normal person, it will result in nothing but horrible pain for you.  No normal sex from now on stupid cow!  Just useless masturbation!
“Next!” Vivian declared.  “I have no doubt that when I’m not around, you’re removing your high heels and either wearing something else or going barefoot.  Not… any… more!  From now on, the only time you’re not going to be wearing your high heels will be when you’re in the bathtub or when you go to bed at night.  All the rest of the time you will either be wearing your very high heels, or you’re going to be in a lot of pain!”  She figured that should take care of that problem.
Vivian turned toward Phillip in the corner.  “Phillip, get over here,” she ordered.
Phillip had again listened to everything that went on.  As bad as his own situation was, he now realized that Marian’s was far worse.  From listening to all the things that Vivian had just done to Marian, he was now more worried about himself than ever.
“Sit on the couch next to the cow!” Vivian ordered.  The moment he sat down, she said, “Phyllis sucks her thumb,” to put him back in a trance as well.  There was just something so satisfying about seeing the two of them sitting side by side sucking their thumbs like infants!
“I’ve got you both hypnotized now so there will be no misunderstanding about what I’m about to tell you.  Tomorrow is Saturday. Tomorrow you’re both going to be at Marian’s townhouse at seven o’clock in the morning.  I’ll meet you there.  You’re both going to spend the morning moving Marian out of her townhouse and into this apartment here with you Phillip.  From now on, the two of you will live together right here.  And as soon as Marian’s things are removed from that townhouse, you’re going to move my things into there instead.  I’ll be living there from now on.  That place is too nice for a stupid cow to live in.  The two of you deserve to shack up here together.  And it will make it so much easier for me to find you both!
“I’m going to wake you both up now.  Phillip, you will continue to suck your thumb until I leave, and Marian, your mooing urge will start immediately.  Three… two… one… wake up!”
Marian opened her eyes and blinked… and mooed!  She couldn’t help herself.  The urge just hit her and she had to do it.  It was so startling that it surprised her.  “You’re taking my house?” she asked incredulously.
Vivian was perturbed by the question.  Marian moos like a cow!” she ordered. 
Marian immediately let out another cow moo.  Then she tried to say something else, and wound up mooing again.  She couldn’t speak anymore… except as a stupid cow!
Vivian was very satisfied.  “That should put an end to stupid questions from you!” she stated.  “Now, Marian, you might as well stay here tonight.  You’ll be living here from now on anyway.”  She looked at the stupid naked woman in front of her.  “And I think I want you to continue to only moo until I decide otherwise!”
Marian tried to protest, but only another long mournful moo came out.  It was hopeless.  And Vicious Vivian was stealing her home!  She had to get out of this somehow.  She had to break out!  But just then, she knew she couldn’t. And worse, she felt an urge starting to build within her already.  An urge to moo. 
“Have a good night kiddies,” Vivian said gleefully as she collected her purse.  I’ll see you early tomorrow.”
Marian couldn’t fight the urge any longer.  “Moooo,” she wailed. 
Vivian laughed.  She laughed all the way out of the apartment and down to her car.  She was still laughing when she arrived home.
Marian buried her head in her arms and cried bitter tears as she tried to burrow down into Phillip’s sofa.  What was she going to do?  It was horrible!  It was worse than horrible!
And one thing that Marian knew for sure.  Vicious Vivian had dropped over the edge… way over the edge!  Vicious Vivian was now totally insane!


sarah penguin said...

Thanks for the update :) Enjoyed it as always!

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I loved this. Thank you!!

Melissa said...

Excellent! Fantastic! I loved it! More please! Soon! xxxxxx

'Lil Melissa said...

Wonderfully dark! Vivian has certainly snapped her twig.Thought the 'mooing' was a bit overdone, but that's probably just me.

Anonymous said...

i would like to see the tables turned but not before Phillis starts wearing nappies to work and Mariam has to be his mommy and punisher...

Anonymous said...

I love what anonymous said. It would be wonderful if the two became nursemaid and toddler girl. But I am sure whatever you decide, Karen, will have me wetting my panties. You are an excellent writer.


Karen, I loved it..I hope Vivian learns more about either hypnosis or NLP by her web surfing at work now that she has,no ACTUAL work to do... so that there is NO possible way either Sissy Phyllis or the cow can ever convert to normal... in fact I would love to see physical changes forcing Sissy Phyllis to make both Estrogen shots and Alductone pills.