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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 11 Part 1 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 11 Part 1 of 2

Friday was the start of another month, payday for everyone in the company, and for Vivian, not only the start of a new shopping period, but she was looking at it as the start of her new life!  She noted that Phillip was wearing a more pink shade of lipstick that day, different than the darker red colors he had chosen before – the little sissy!  Oh the things she had in mind to do to him… but just not today.  Soon though, very soon.
All day long Vivian planned on what she wanted to do that evening.  The worst part for her was that she realized that since she was giving all her work to Phillip and Marian, they did need to work late or things were going to get too noticeably behind, and that wouldn’t be good.  She sent them each an email telling them to only work no more than one hour overtime that night.  Then they should both stop and get something fast for dinner on the way home.  She told them both to be at Phillip’s apartment no later than half an hour after they finished working – so they had better eat fast!
Now all Vivian had to do was to manage to wait until she could see them at Phillips apartment later.  Fortunately, it was payday, and fortunately it was also Friday, her day to start her weekend shopping, so she had stores to look into to pass the time.

Marian read Vivian’s email instructions.  Only work one hour?  Meet at Phillip’s apartment?  She’d have to find out where that was.  Something told her that tonight wasn’t going to be the pleasant evening last night had turned out to be.  Something just told her that!

Phillip read Mistress Vivian’s email.  He had been trying every night to only work one hour extra… things just didn’t always work out that well.  He was suddenly dreading going home.  Mistress Vivian was coming again.  That spelled more trouble!  And this time, evidently Marian would be there as well… which meant even bigger trouble!  No, he wasn’t looking forward to tonight at all.  He was suddenly wishing he could work all night.

The clock ticked off the final few seconds of the work week and Vivian was up and out of her chair with a whoop of delight.  She turned back to level a delighted wicked gaze at both Marian and Phillip who were also getting up from their desks, only much less enthusiastically.  Well, they would be right back here again in a few minutes. She had shopping to do right now and she couldn’t get to the stores fast enough!

Fifteen minutes later, Phillip and Marian trudged back into the room again to get back to work.  Marian took the time to change into the flats again to ease her aching feet.  Damn those heels hurt.  They were simply too high for her.  At least she hadn’t fallen in them… yet.  She wasn’t looking forward to meeting Vivian later at Phillip’s place.  Something about that idea scared her to death.  Yet oddly, she still felt that new bond towards Vivian.  Devotion.  Compelled to do whatever Vivian wanted.  Damn Master George Lithgo!  That was the one and only thing he had done that she could have lived without.  It would probably take her a while to get rid of that feeling.
When their hour of extra work had passed, Marian strapped her super high heels back on while Phillip refreshed his lipstick.  “Since we have to meet at your place,” Marian said to him, “want to stop together to get a burger on the way?  I have to follow you to your apartment anyway since I don’t know where you live.”
Phillip nodded.  “Sounds okay,” he said, but without much enthusiasm.  Having both Mistress Vivian and Marian there to make his life even worse, still wasn’t sounding very good to him.  He remembered something.  “But you know I have to stop at the drug store on the way.”
Marian nodded.  “Another lipstick.  No problem.  I’ll wait for you.”
Twenty five minutes later, they were both trying to choke down their food.  Neither one of them was looking forward to Vivian’s little visit.  But neither one of them dared to be late.  Of course their quick meal was delayed by Phillip having to apply his lipstick again just before he ate… and again as soon as he finished.  But a few minutes later, Marian followed Phillip to his apartment and found a guest parking place not too far away.  They were both glad that Vivian wasn’t there yet.

Vivian had wanted to get there sooner, but as much as she couldn’t wait for this, her shopping had to take precedence.  She was only twenty minutes late though when she knocked on Phillip’s door.  Not really too bad at all – for her.  The moment the door was opened, she pushed her way past Phillip into his apartment.  She was glad to see Marian sitting on his couch – and she was still wearing her colorful heels.  Well, she’d better be! 
“Okay children,” Vivian said with an air of nonchalance, “let’s get started.  Phillip, you go sit over there next to Marian.”  She waited until her two “playthings” were sitting side by side.  They were both looking at her apprehensively.  She couldn’t have cared less.  Phyllis sucks her thumb!” she said quickly, and watched as the lipsticked twerp immediately closed his eyes and stuck his thumb in his mouth.
She saw the fear starting to build on Marian’s face, but before Marian could react further, Vivian said, “Marian sucks her thumb!”  Just like Phillip had done, Marian closed her eyes and stuck her thumb in her mouth to suck on it.  The two of them sitting side by side like that, sucking their thumbs like little kids… like idiots… brought a big thrill to Vivian.  Such an exquisite sight!  Phillip looked even more the idiot child with the doll in his arms.  Maybe in the future she’d get Marian one too.  But that would have to wait for the future. 
Vivian wasn’t stupid.  Starting with Phillip, she did her best to gently coax him down into a deeper and deeper trance.  Then she turned to Marian and did the same.  But eventually she smiled.  She was done with that part.  Now for the fun – starting with Marian – the stupid ugly cow!
She decided to get Phillip out of the way.  “Phillip,” she said, “keep sucking that thumb, but to go stand in that corner like the little child you appear to be.”  She watched with glee as he went over to the corner she was pointing to.  “Scrunch yourself in and stay there!” she told him.  “You will stay deeply in your trance no matter what you hear happening out here.  No matter what!  You will stay as tight in that corner as you can and just suck your thumb like the baby brain that you are!”  Okay, he was taken care of.  Now it was time for Marian to learn a thing or two!
She turned her attention to the other thumb sucking person in the room – Marian.  She had been through this once with Phillip and had learned a few things from the experience.  So this time she was better prepared.  “Marian,” she said, “In the next few minutes, if you need to remove your thumb from your mouth, you may, but not until you find it’s necessary.  And no matter what happens now, you will stay deeply in your trance.  No matter what, you will not wake up until I say you can wake up.  Nod your head if you understand.”  She watched as Marin nodded her head.  “Good!  Remember, no matter what you experience, you will stay deeply in your trance… unable to wake up.”
She watched the thumb sucking woman for a moment before continuing.  “Marian,” she said, “I want you to notice that there is now pain invading your entire right arm.  That pain is growing.  Feel the pain growing worse and worse!”  She waited a moment as Marian removed her right thumb from her mouth, stretched it, and then grabbed it with her left hand as her face contorted in pain.  “Now that same pain is in your left arm too!”  Vivian was in her glory.  This was excitement like she never imagined.  This was power!  Incredible power!  Just as she had done with Phillip, she sent the pain everywhere in Marian’s body, making her moan and writhe horribly with it on the couch.  What exquisite power!  She was tempted to just let Marian enjoy all that miserable pain for a very long time, but that wasn’t her main goal for tonight and she had many other plans to make Marian even more miserable.
“Marian,” she finally said, raising her voice over the painful moaning of the woman in front of her.  “I want you to remember this pain always.  You will remember it when you’re hypnotized and you will especially remember it when you’re not hypnotized. This pain is the punishment you will feel every time you don’t do exactly what I want… immediately!  You will feel this pain every single time you don’t follow my wishes, and the pain will grow and grow, getting worse and worse the longer you even think of not doing what I want.  The pain will only go away when you finally do what you’re supposed to.  If you don’t do what I want, the pain will always get worse and worse, and it’s important that you remember that I am the only person in the world that can end that pain for you.  I’m the only person who can take all that pain away.  And Marian, you know how much I hate you.  If you don’t do what I want, I have every reason in the world to not take that pain away from you at all.  I have every reason to watch and let you enjoy that pain for the rest of your miserable life!  So if you know what’s good for you, you now have even more reason to do whatever I say.  You know now that you have absolutely no choice but to do whatever I say.”
She let the agonized woman writhe on the couch, hoping her words were sinking into her despite the pain Marian’s whole body was feeling.  “Are you ready to do whatever I want Marian?  Are you ready for me to take the pain away?”
“Yes!” Marian cried.  “Please!  I can’t take this any longer!”
“Remember Marian, the pain will only go away if you’re serious about doing whatever I want from now on.”
“Yes!  Please!” Marian managed to say again.
“Very well then, as long as you know you now have to do whatever I want, you can wake up when I take away your pain.  Pain go away!”
Just like that, all the pain left Marian’s body.  She continued to roll on the couch as her body tried to come to grips with the sudden change.  It took her a few minutes before she could actually stop writhing and settle down enough to open her eyes and look up at Vivian with a very frightened expression on her face.
“I think we understand each other now,” Vivian said with a totally delighted wicked smile.
Marian was too frightened to make any reply at all. 
“Now,” Vivian said to her, “it’s time for a little test.  We’re going to see just how well you’re going to follow my orders.  Get up from there you stupid cow!”
Her apprehension growing, Marian got up and stood in front of Vivian. 
“I want you to carefully note, that you’re not in any kind of trance at all.  You’re completely wide awake now.  Right?”
Marian cautiously nodded.
Vivian’s order came fast and forceful.  “Now strip!  I want everything off of you but those darling high heel shoes you’re wearing.  Everything goes but the shoes!  So get naked – now!”
Marian was shocked.  She didn’t want to do it but her body was already responding to the command.  Since she hated it so much, she tried to fight it a bit, but the moment she even thought about not removing her clothes, the pain hit her abdomen like a freight train.  She doubled over at the pain, even as she started clawing at the buttons on her blouse.
Vivian laughed.  “I see you didn’t want to do what I told you, did you?”  She bent down closer to Vivian’s head.  “Now you see what will happen if you even think of not doing my bidding, and that pain will only get worse and worse the longer you try to defy me.”
The pain eased up slightly as Marian got her blouse off.  She attacked her slacks next.  But getting them off over her shoes was a bit of a chore.  Finally her pants were gone and the pain eased up a little more… but it was still there.  Growing more apprehensive over being naked by the moment, she removed her bra and tossed it aside.  The pain eased up a little more.  She fought it and tried to fight removing her panties, but once again the pain hit her stomach and once again she was doubled over in pain.  She had no choice but to rip the panties off as fast as she could.  The moment she did, the pain was completely gone… as were all her clothes… except for the very high heeled shoes on her feet.  She breathed a sigh of relief as she stood up straight to see Vivian smiling all too wickedly at her.
“I don’t think you’ll be trying to defy me anytime soon.  Am I right?”
Marian nodded.  She couldn’t get any words out of her mouth.  The pain had been too much for her.  She couldn’t face that again!
“Let me see those stupid udders of yours,” Vivian said as she looked at Marian’s figure more closely.  “What are you, a D cup?”
Marian shook her head.  “Just a C.”
Vivian looked closer.  “Could have fooled me.”  She thought of something else.  “Do you have bigger bras that you wear sometimes?”
Marian nodded embarrassedly.
Vivian looked more satisfied with herself.  “So you are a D cup and you just don’t want to admit it!”
Marian shrugged.  “They’re all a little too big on me.”
“But I’m guessing the C cups are too small!”
“Sometimes,” Marian admitted.
Vivian smiled and looked wickedly at her.  Then she stood up straight and assumed more of a commanding presence.  Her wicked smile changed as a completely vicious look took over her face.  “There’s a street lamp out back behind this building, you stupid cow.  Get your naked ass out of here and run around to the back and stand under it.  I made sissy Phillip over there do ten jumping jacks before he was allowed to run the rest of the way around the building and come back here.  You’re going to do twenty!  And I want to see those oversized utters of yours bouncing all over the place.  Now go!  Get!  Run, you stupid cow,” she said as she positively chased Marian out of the apartment.
The memory of the pain still hadn’t left Marian as she suddenly found herself outside, totally naked except for her shoes, and running for the stairs.  She couldn’t believe she was doing it!  But no matter how much she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help herself.  Besides, the memory of the pain was something she couldn’t ignore.  Pain like that could kill her!
Her heels made her hurry more than run.  It was the best she could do in them.  She counted herself lucky that she was walking better in the stupid things… let alone running in them.  Embarrassed as she never imagined she could be… and scared to death, she found herself hurrying down the stairs, all the while her eyes searching for anyone around.  It was dark beyond the lights around the complex, but she needed to stay in the light in order to see where she was going.  She had no choice about that… just as she had no choice about what she was doing.  Vivian had ordered it, and now she was seeing just how seriously she would be responding to Vivian’s orders. 
She didn’t see anyone in the front of the building, and nobody as she hurried around the side, but the sight of more apartments behind Phillip’s building didn’t exactly spread any joy in her.  With her eyes now casting in all directions because the back of the apartment was actually more visible to more people, she reached the sidewalk between buildings and turned, heading for the sole street lamp that lit the sidewalk there.  She stopped under that light, just as Vivian had told her to do.  She was breathing hard from the effort – and her feet in the stupid heels were killing her!  She looked up and could just make out the silhouette of someone in one of the windows upstairs.  She was hoping it was Vivian and not someone she didn’t know… although the likelihood of anyone else seeing her out there naked was all too great!
She hadn’t done any jumping jacks since she was a child in gym class.  But she knew better than to even think of not doing what Vivian had told her to do – no matter how demented it was.  Doing her best to remember how the exercise was supposed to be done, she jumped, spreading her legs and bringing her arms up over her head.  But the jumping and spreading her legs caused her to twist her ankle in those crazy high heels and she nearly fell over.  Catching her balance again, she stood up straight and tried it again, a lot more cautiously this time, barely spreading her legs at all when she jumped to separate them. 
Twenty jumping jacks.  Twenty times she felt her naked breasts bouncing up and down painfully.  Twenty times she prayed she wouldn’t break her ankle in the stupid heels she was wearing.  And through it all, she prayed that nobody could see her… except Vicious Vivian of course.  But in an area like that, she knew better.  By the time she finished, she was praying she could get back inside before the police arrived.  What would she say to the police if she got arrested?  She had no clue.  As fast as she could, she continued hurrying her way around the building, up the stairs, and into Phillip’s apartment.  She was tired, scared, out of breath, and very relieved to be back behind his closed door.  And… she was now even more afraid of Vivian than ever!  But she did notice something else… something so small she almost missed it.  As far as Marian could tell, she no longer felt any devotion to the demented woman at all.  But that small thing wasn’t going to help her much since Vivian’s orders were now reinforced by the massive pain.
Vivian was grinning from ear to ear.  “Great show cow!  I could see those udders of yours flopping all over the place.  I have no doubt all the neighbors enjoyed it quite a bit too.  Maybe we’ll have to let you put on another show for them real soon.  Maybe we could even set it up on a weekly schedule or something.  Wouldn’t you like that?”
Marian made no reply to that.  It was simply too horrifying to think about.


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