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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 9

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 9

How the heck was she going to do this?  The sun was only a small glow in the sky as Marian got out of her car in the company parking lot and “managed” to actually stand up in the red shoes she was wearing.  Still holding onto her car door, she slung her purse over her shoulder, and managed to close the car door… while still holding onto it so she wouldn’t fall down.  Taking a deep breath to steady herself, she kept one hand on the car as she walked towards the front of it and the building beyond.  At least at this hour of the morning she had no trouble getting a parking place that was close to the building.  She paused briefly at the front of her car, and gradually removed her hand from it.  Carefully, she began making her way in her very high-heeled red shoes towards the building.  Don’t fall… don’t fall… don’t fall…. 
It took her a seemingly long time to walk the short distance because her steps were so tiny.  Opening the heavy door to get into the building was no barrel of fun, but at least it gave her something to hold onto to help her not fall.  She inched her way carefully through the lobby directly towards the elevators… which were all thankfully open and on the ground floor.  So far, the only person she had seen was a security guard inside the building who had watched her from a distance, but did nothing else. 
The nicest thing about the elevator was the bar that went all the way around the inside of the car… made just for people to hold onto.  Unfortunately, the ride wasn’t all that long and she was soon forced to get out of the thing and start teetering her way through the halls.  Why was her department so far from the damn elevators?  Her feet were killing her already!  All she could think about was sitting down in her nice comfortable desk chair.  Of course she also thought about not falling down if she could help it.
Her department door was closed and the lights inside were off, but holding onto the doorframe for balance made turning the lights on an easy task.  Two minutes later, she managed to walk from the door at the front of the room to her desk at the back of the room, where she collapsed directly into her chair.  Whew!  She made it!  After sitting there for a minute to catch her breath, her next thought was removing her shoes.  Vicious Vivian wouldn’t be in for a few hours yet.  She saw nothing in the world wrong with taking her shoes off.  And why the heck didn’t she wear flats until she got to the office?  Talk about stupid!  She mentally berated herself for that the entire time it took her to get those red shoes off!  Which wasn’t long!  Whew!  Relief!
She booted up her computer and opened her email program… and died a bit the minute she saw an email from Vivian.  She read it with raised eyebrows. 

Phillip looked at his face in his bathroom mirror.  He had just redone his lipstick for the third time that morning.  The first was the minute he got out of bed, the second time had been after he got out of the shower, and now he had done it again as he got ready to walk out the door.  He wasn’t looking forward to this at all.  A lifetime of wearing lipstick in public where everyone would always see it?  No, he was definitely not looking forward to this.  With Dolly safely tucked away in his backpack, he headed out the door to work.  The only good thing was that the sun wasn’t even fully up yet.  There was no one else in sight. 
There were very few cars in the parking lot and he managed to easily get a parking space near the building.  He hurried inside, even though the only person around that he could see was the security guard in the lobby.  Several of the elevators were open and he hurried directly into one.  The only good thing about having to be at work that early was that fewer people would be around to see his all too colorful lips.  He figured that the same thing would be true when he left the building much later than everyone else as well.  That was the only good thing he could see about his new work hours.
Once off the elevators, he hurried through the halls and was surprised to see the door open to his department and the lights already on.  Marian must be there already.  He entered the room, and instead of hurrying, forced himself to walk more slowly.
“Good morning Phillip,” Marian called as soon as she saw him.
“Morning,” Phillip mumbled as he headed with his head down toward his desk.
“Let me see,” Marian requested.
Uncertainly, Phillip stopped halfway to his desk and slowly lifted his head. 
Even from where Marian sat, she could see his red lipstick.  The only lipstick he had… so far.  Vivian’s email to her had been a list of rules… rules for Phillip’s lipstick that he had to adhere to from now on.  And Vivian had mentioned that she had hypnotized him last night before instilling those rules into his brain.  Phillip would have no choice now other than to follow Vivian’s humiliating instructions. 
She tried to smile as she got up from her chair.  “It doesn’t look so bad,” she declared, trying to sound as kind as possible.  He was still stopped in the middle of the room.  Barefoot, she walked right up close to him for a better look.  She nodded her head.  “Not too bad at all.”
“Maybe not from where you stand.  But you don’t know the half of it.”
“I probably do know,” Marian replied.  “I had an email waiting for me this morning from Vivian.  She outlined ten rules that you have to follow now.  And then she told me to spend some time with you this morning teaching you how to put it on properly.”
Phillip was surprised.  “Now I have to take lessons?”
“’Fraid so,” Marian told him. 
Exasperated, Phillip headed for his desk where he extricated Dolly from his backpack before throwing the backpack under his desk.  Marian went back to her desk and pulled her chair over to his desk.  “We might as well start now,” she said as she pointed to a box of tissues he had on his desk.  “Grab some of those and start wiping.  In the future, we might want to get you some makeup remover to make the job easier.”
Phillip did his best to scrub his lips clean.  He was worried the whole time about the pain kicking in, but when it didn’t, he guessed it was because Vivian had told Marian to teach him… and he had to take orders from Marian now as well.  Besides, the ultimate goal was to put more lipstick on him… so the darn pain had better stay away!
“Where’s your lipstick?” Marian asked when he had managed to get most of it off.  Phillip pulled the tube out of his pocket.  “I don’t suppose you have a mirror on you.”  She saw Phillip shake his head.  “No, of course not,” she said.  “We better put a small mirror down as something you definitely need to get… and keep with you all the time.  I’ll get mine for now.”
While Marian was at her desk retrieving her mirror, Phillip was trying to picture himself trying to put a mirror into his pocket along with everything else he always carried.  The idea of it wasn’t looking very good.  He was guessing his backpack was going to become even handier. 
“Okay,” Marian said as she came back and handed him the mirror.  You can use this for now.  Let me see what you can do.”
Phillip tried to see his lips in the small mirror that she had given him.  He immediately went cross-eyed just looking into the thing.  He was surprised to see his lips looking all too large in her small mirror.  He realized her mirror must magnify things a bit.  Very carefully, he started.  But as he started, Marian began offering suggestions on how to do it… which she kept up through the whole process.
“Good,” Marian finally declared after he had blotted them on a fresh tissue.  “And they don’t look half-bad.”  She smiled at him and looked at the used tissue in his hand.  “Maybe you should start carrying some of those with you all the time too.  They come in handy all too often.”
Phillip rolled his eyes.  It was something else he would have to carry now that he didn’t want to.  At the rate it was going, he was going to need a bigger backpack.
“We’ll discuss it more later when we’re alone,” Marian told him.  “Right now, I’m guessing that we both need to get to work, or we’ll never get out of here tonight!”
Marian returned to her desk and started working, trying her best to alternate between the things that were supposed to be her tasks to accomplish and working on the things that Vivian should have been doing.  She watched the clock the entire time, and shortly before any of the others were due to arrive, she got up and told Phillip she was running to the ladies room while she still had the chance.  Barefoot, she headed quickly out into the halls. 
Knowing that it was still a bit early for anyone else to be there, Phillip decided that was a good idea too.  He started to get up to go, and stopped, and went back to grab Dolly.  He started to go again, and couldn’t.  It had been over an hour since he got into the room.  The pain in his arm made him pull out his lipstick.  The pain went away the minute he looked into Marian’s tiny mirror and started to refresh his lips.  Only when he was finished could he get up and leave.  He ran since he was now later than he wanted.

All morning long the women talked about Phillip’s lips.  But that conversation ended the minute Marian got up from her desk and headed precariously in her new shoes for the break room to make the coffee. 
“Wow!” Heather exclaimed the minute Marian got up from her desk and walked past her. “Those are some shoes!”
“Uh… thanks,” Marian replied, trying to hide her embarrassment.  “Wait till you see the other pair I got too.”  She did her very best to head for the break room – without breaking her neck.  It would have been better though if the other women hadn’t kept stopping her along the way for a better look at her heels. 
“Wow,” Felicia exclaimed.  “I’ve never seen you wear anything but flats before.  Why the sudden change?”
Marian shrugged as her embarrassment grew a bit more.  “Just something different.”  Ashley asked the same question and Marian gave her a similar answer.
Vivian was all but laughing.  The stupid old cow could barely walk in those shoes!  And there was no doubt about Marian’s face turning red when the others asked about them.  Yes, the shoes had been a perfect idea for her.  Absolutely perfect!  And it was more than obvious that the old cow didn’t have a clue as to what to wear with shoes like she had on.  Even her pants were too short and didn’t even come down to the straps on her ankles!  Her entire outfit was nothing but a big embarrassment.  She smiled wickedly because Marian’s embarrassment was only just starting!

Vivian was desperate for a stronger way to control Marian.  Hypnotizing her would be perfect… but could it even be done with someone like her?  Later in the morning, having nothing better to do, Vivian started researching hypnotism on the web.  Not having a computer at home herself, she always did all her web browsing at work… as much as she could anyway.  Until now of course.  Now she had all the time she could possibly want!
She targeted her research towards controlling someone with the hypnotism, and continually refined what she was looking for.  Eventually she found websites about erotic hypnotism… which led her closer to what she had in mind.  And late in the morning, shortly before lunch, she stumbled onto a way to actually chat on line with a guy who lived in the same city they did, and who did the kind of erotic hypnotism she thought she was interested in.  Since the guy… who called himself Master George, didn’t know her at all, Vivian was fairly open and direct with him. 
Vivian told him she had a “friend” she wanted to have hypnotized, but that since this friend was also good at hypnotizing people, she needed to know if she could still be hypnotized.
Master George wrote back and said, yes, anyone could be hypnotized, even someone who knew how to do it.  Then Master George asked if this “friend” was Vivian’s sub and if Vivian was her Mistress.
Vivian was stunned, but quickly wrote back that that was the situation.
Master George then told “Mistress Vivian” that he’d like to meet her and would be more than glad to hypnotize her sub for her.  Then he included his price for doing it – two hundred dollars!
Vivian was thrilled to be addressed as Mistress Vivian by the guy.  She was more than thrilled that he was willing to hypnotize Marian.  She was simply shocked at how much he was charging to do it.  But… she wouldn’t be paying for it anyway.  The hypnotism was for Marian.  Why shouldn’t the ugly old cow pay for her own hypnotism?
Vivian quickly accepted and a few minutes later had an appointment set up with Master George to do it early Thursday evening right after work.  Now all Vivian had to do was to get Marian to agree to let the guy hypnotize her.  Well, Marian would either agree to do it, or she really would be out of a job – something that Vivian was still kicking herself about for not actually sending those videos to HR last night!  The stupid old cow!  Marian didn’t deserve to be the supervisor, she did!  She deserved to finally be the one in charge!  Not ugly Marian who couldn’t even dress herself properly!

At lunchtime, Marian had to deal with going out to get lunch for both herself and Phillip again.  Her feet had been killing her all morning in the red shoes, but having to walk that far in them made sitting down while wearing the shoes seem like heaven.  And the worst part was that when she got back to the parking lot, she had lost her close parking place so she had to walk much further.  The only good thing she could say was that her balance in the things was getting better… somewhat.  She was still continually worried about breaking her neck, but she was definitely walking better.
When she dropped Phillip’s lunch off at his desk, she had to watch closely as he attempted to refresh his lips using some of the suggestions she had given him earlier.  And when he finished eating, she again watched him doing it… as some of the women were coming back in.  Unfortunately, through the whispered conversations she heard a short while later, those women had somehow gotten the idea that Marian had just hypnotized Phillip again.  Marian didn’t see any hope in setting the story straight.  Things were so botched up now thanks to Vicious Vivian, that the whole situation looked nothing but hopeless.
At the end of the day, everyone got up to leave except Marian and Phillip.  Fifteen minutes after everyone had gone, Vivian came strolling happily back into the room.  Marian had been just starting to unfasten one of her shoes.  She stopped that quickly at the sight of the dreaded woman. 
“Feet hurting you a bit?” Vivian asked with a wicked smile on her face. 
“They’re killing me!” Marian replied.  “Do you mind if I take the shoes off now?  It’s after work hours.”
“Don’t you dare!  I want you wearing those things all the time now.  And I mean all the time!”
Marian decided not to push the issue.  She didn’t want to take a chance on Vivian actually making her do anything worse.  And she fully intended on ignoring Vivian’s demand that she wear the stupid shoes “all the time.”  What Vivian didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her… or herself either.
“Don’t make any plans for Thursday night,” Vivian said to Marian.
“What’s Thursday night?” Marian asked.
But Vivian decided she didn’t want Phillip around for this conversation.  She turned to him.  “Phillip!  Go home.  Now!”
Phillip was all too glad to go.  But he still found that despite Vivian telling him to go right away, he still couldn’t get out of there without redoing his lips.  And since Vivian was there, he ignored his backpack which was under his desk and just grabbed Dolly and hurried out.
“Don’t forget to buy more lipstick!” Vivian called after him.  Then she laughed at him as he disappeared out the door.  “The little sissy!” she muttered.  “Very soon now he’s going to be the talk of the entire city!”
Marian shook her head.  “What are you trying to do to him?  You’re destroying him!”
Vivian’s eyebrows raised in surprise.  “Destroying him?”  She laughed.  “The little sissy shit!  Eventually I’m going to get him to the point where he’s the most flaming… sissified… fag you can imagine!”
Marian was shocked.  “You’ll get him fired!”
Vivian shrugged, “Maybe.  But the company is a lot more lenient now towards people of… um… all sexual persuasions.  Remember all those affirmative action classes we had to take?  Well, we had to take them.  You weren’t here.”
“I went through one when I got hired,” Marian told her. 
“Well, because of that, I don’t think he’ll get fired at all.”  What Vivian didn’t say though, was that while she would somewhat like to get Phillip fired, she wanted to get Marian fired much, much more.  And she wanted Marian to get fired over the worst possible reasons!  She wanted to do it in some way that would completely destroy the old cow!
“You’ve got to go easier on Phillip,” Marian tried to argue.  “He can’t take what you’re pushing at him.  And just how long do you intend for him to be stuck with that silly lipstick routine you hypnotized into his head last night?”
“How long?  Forever!  For the rest of his stupid, good-for-nothing life!”
“He can’t do that!”
Vivian laughed.  “He not only can, he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter.  But I figure that eventually he’ll get so used to being seen that way that he won’t even think about his lipstick anymore.”  She chuckled.  “But I also figure that by the end of the week, that little bit of lipstick will seem like nothing at all to him.”
Marian was getting exasperated over the situation.  “Vivian… what are you doing?  You can’t push him like that!”
Vivian’s leveled gaze carried nothing but menace.  “Don’t you dare tell me what I can or can’t do!”
Marian shook her head.  “It’s not right,” she mumbled.
Vivian laughed a bit again.  “No, it’s not right.  And very shortly, nothing about Phillip is going to be… right!”
“You can’t!” Marian muttered softly, knowing it was useless.
“Watch me!” Vivian crowed.  But she quickly stopped herself.  “You care that much about the little shit?  You actually care that much about him?”
Marian nodded.  “It’s all my fault in the first place.  If I hadn’t hypnotized him like I did, then none of this would have ever happened.”
“Damn straight!” Vivian declared.  But now her thoughts were swiftly turning around a different possibility.  “So tell me,” she said, sounding a bit more reasonable, “if you care about him that much, what would it be worth to you for me to back off… leave him alone for a while?”
Marian looked at her in amazement.  Could Vivian be reasoned with?  “What would it be worth?  Anything!  You’ve got to leave him alone.  Fix him so he’s straight again!”
“Oh, I’m going to fix him alright, but not like you want at all.  But what I want to know is just how serious you are about it.  Would you really do anything if I backed off of him?”
Marian stared at the demented woman for a moment.  “What do you mean by anything?”
“Oh, I don’t know,” Vivian replied offhandedly.  Then she looked Marian straight in the eye.  “I want you to agree to have someone hypnotize you too so that I can control you like I do Phillip!”
“You what?”  Marian was totally shocked. 
“You heard me.  It’s either that, or I’ll go ahead and do what I had planned on doing to him later tonight, and I figure that within a day or too, Phillip will be spending all his free time searching the worst places in town for cocks to suck.  Don’t you think that will go along splendidly with all that lipstick he’s learning to use?”  Actually, Vivian had never even considered that idea before.  She had just come up with it on the spur of the moment as something to throw at Marian… but she did rather like the idea.
Marian nearly fell out of her chair.  “You can’t!”
Vivian smiled.  “I’m already planning on it!  And right after I finish with that, I’m going to send those videos to HR and finally get you fired like I’ve wanted to do all along!  No use keeping you around at all if I have to worry that you won’t do what I want.”
Marian was so shocked, she was speechless.  “You’d do it, wouldn’t you?” she finally said.
“Of course I would,” Vivian replied, feeling very proud of herself.  “I want to do it very badly!”
“But you can’t!”
“Oh stop that Marian!  You know perfectly well that I hate your stupid guts!  I can’t wait to see you fired in such a way that you’ll never find a decent job again!  You know that perfectly well!  And… you ought to know that I won’t hesitate one second with Phillip either.  The little snot has it coming to him!”
“Stop with the buts!  You either do it… get yourself hypnotized completely so that I can control you like I do him… or Phillip develops an insatiable hunger for dirty male cocks in his mouth… and you never work again!  And I have no doubt you’ll eventually have to sell that nice little home you’ve got now in order to pay some bills.  Maybe eventually you’ll be living out on the street where you belong!”
“Please…” Marian begged.
“You either get hypnotized… or I start making it all happen – tonight!  Now what’s it going to be?”
Marian closed her eyes at the frustration of it all.  Vivian had her over a barrel with no way out.  It was either go along with Vivian’s demented wishes, or she would lose everything she had.  And Vivian had been right.  She could possibly lose her home if it got that bad.  And not only that, she still felt responsible for Phillip.  Phillip’s whole life would be ruined.  She opened her eyes again and looked straight at Vivian.  “You’ll back off of Phillip and take away his lipstick compulsion?”
“No!  I won’t take the lipstick thing away.  I want the little shit stuck with at least that.  But I will back off of him for a while.  Now what’s your answer?  Yes… or no?”
Marian briefly closed her eyes again.  It was the best bargain she was going to get.  “Okay,” she muttered softly.  “I’ll do it.”
“Damn straight you’ll do it,” Vivian replied.  “Thursday night… right after work.  And I’ve already found someone to hypnotize you.”
“You did?  Who?” Marian asked.  She knew many of the people in the city who were into hypnotism.  There was kind of an unorganized community of them. 
His name is Master George!”
“Master George?  Do you know his last name?”
“What I know is all I have to know… and all you have to know.  That, and the fact that Thursday night you’re going to allow yourself to be put completely under my control.”
Marian nodded.  “I said I’d do it.” 
“Good!” Vivian declared.  “Oh, and he’s charging you two hundred dollars for the session.  So I suggest you have plenty of cash with you to pay him!”
“Two hundred dollars!”
Vivian just smiled wickedly at her before she turned and started walking out.  “And don’t take those shoes off!” she called without looking back.
Marian’s brain was spinning.  Master George? Two hundred dollars?  Get hypnotized so that she would be further under Vivian’s control?  The thought sent a shudder through her body.


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Fantastic twist... I hope Master George is someone from Marian's past that does something truly evil and nasty to her.