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Hypnotized and Humiliated - Chapter 8 Part 2 of 2

Hypnotized and Humiliated
By Karen Singer

Chapter 8 Part 2 of 2

Vivian sat in the fast food restaurant and picked at her fries.  The chicken sandwich she had ordered was still mostly untouched.  She had enjoyed forcing Marian into those ridiculously high heeled shoes.  She was going to enjoy watching Marian suffer with them at work even more.  There was still something in her though that felt upset because she hadn’t sent that video to Human Resources.  She still wanted to do that.  She would still do that!  But not before she made Marian suffer as much as possible first!  That thought brightened her mood some. 
She also needed a way to make sure that Marian would be more under her control.  More like Sissy Phillip was.  But she didn’t know how yet.  She would really like to hypnotize Marian like Philip was.  But unfortunately, she didn’t have a clue as to how to go about that. 
She turned her thoughts to Phillip then.  She had really enjoyed his lipstick plight all day today.  She had plans to turn the little twerp into a major sissy.  Major!  She supposed that since she did like the lipstick thing for him, that she could find a way to continue with it.  She thought about that for a few minutes as she picked at her fries.  Then she pulled out a napkin to write some notes on.  She would pay Sissy Phillip a little visit tonight like she had planned originally.  And little Sissy Phillip’s life would start going in a whole new direction!
She paused in her thinking a moment.  Was Phillip even home yet?  She had spent a long time at Marian’s place, then shoe shopping, then she had gone directly to another store nearby to see if there was anything new for her to look at there… which there hadn’t been.  And now she was eating dinner.  So it had been a while.  But how late was Phillip working tonight?  It had better be pretty late!  But still, she needed to talk with him and she didn’t want to do it at work.  She decided she would drive directly to his apartment and see if he was home yet.  If not, well, her place wasn’t all that far from his and she could try again later.

Phillip trudged wearily though the door and into his apartment.  With Dolly still in his backpack on his back, the first thing he did was to scrub the lipstick off his face.  He scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed!  Hard!  And unfortunately, his lips still looked red.  The darn stuff had stained them!  But at least the junk was gone now.  He could still taste the miserable flavor of it.  And women liked that junk?  Well, he liked seeing women wear it, but then they didn’t have to wear it as thickly as he had been stuck with all day.
He was tired and exhausted.  Hungry too.  He had worked until seven o’clock and by that time his brain had been so fried he couldn’t continue any longer.  He was just glad to be home now and glad to get the darn lipstick off of his face.  That had been horrible! 
With his backpack still on his back so his hands would be free, he went to his kitchen to figure out what to have for dinner.  He stared into his open refrigerator for a few moments looking at the few choices he had there… and the sudden knocking of someone at his door startled him.  Vaguely in the back of his mind he remembered Mistress Vivian mentioning that she might stop by tonight.  He started to hurry for his door, but he remembered that Dolly was still in his backpack.  As fast as he could, he shed the pack and extricated the stupid dolly.  The pack he threw into the corner out of the way as he was already running for his door.
“What took you so long?” Vivian asked, the moment he had opened his door. 
He didn’t bother answering since she was already forcing her way past him.  He closed the door and followed her back to his living room where she was setting her purse down on one of his chairs.
“Did you enjoy all the lipstick today?” Vivian asked with a rather malevolent grin on her face.
“Not really,” Phillip replied. 
“Well don’t worry, I’ve got something new for you to enjoy with it now.”
Phillip immediately started worrying, but he didn’t get the chance to worry long. 
Phyllis sucks her thumb,” Marian said immediately, and watched as he once again closed his eyes and stuck his thumb in his mouth.  She stared at him like that for a moment.  He looked so peaceful like that… so childlike.  She had only put him in the trance because she had a lot of details she wanted him to remember, and she figured that hypnotizing him would be the best way to make sure he remembered everything and would ensure that he would do everything she wanted. 
“Open your eyes and go sit in a chair,” she told him.  She was rewarded to see him doing that immediately.  His thumb in his mouth looked all that much more childish as she stood back where she could see the doll in his arms as well.  Again she felt a little tingle in her sexual regions over what she could do to him.  And she was about to do something that she was sure would only increase that wonderful tingle she was feeling.
Before doing anything else, she took a long time to deepen his trance… to make sure he was going as deep as he could.  She also reminded him of his trigger to make sure there would be no forgetting that.  Then she pulled out the napkin she had written her notes on in the restaurant so she wouldn’t forget any part of what she wanted him to do.
“Phillip,” she said, “I want you to remember all the pain I put you through last week.  You don’t have to feel that pain right now, but I want you to remember it.”  She saw his face scrunch up as if he was afraid of something.  Good!  “Phillip,” she said, “remember, if you don’t do everything I want, then that pain will come right back to you every time you even think about disobeying me!”  She thought his face contorted even more at what she had said.
“Now Phillip,” she said to him, “if you don’t want to feel that pain, all you have to do is everything I tell you to do.  And now I have something new for you that I want you to remember perfectly.”  She paused to study his face, but there was no change.  He still looked worried about something… most likely, the pain.
She continued.  “Phillip, here’s what you’re going to do.  From now on, I want you to wear lipstick all the time.  And I mean all the time!  Twenty-four hours a day… everywhere you go.”
The expression on his face had changed slightly, but she couldn’t tell if it was any less concerned or not.  No matter, she pushed on.  “Phillip, as part of the way I want you to wear your lipstick from now on, I’ve come up with a list of ten rules about it that you absolutely must obey.  Nod your head if you understand that you absolutely must obey all ten of the rules I’m about to tell you.”  She saw him nod his head.  Very good!
“Okay Phillip, here is your list of lipstick rules.  First….  Lipstick will be worn twenty-four hours a day, every day, even to bed.  You will never be without lipstick on.  Never!
“Second....  You must always have a tube of lipstick with you at all times.  Always!  You will never be without it!
“Third....  You must keep a supply of at least ten different lipsticks for you to use.  They must be all different colors, and every color must be noticeable on you… so you may not wear any that would make you look like you aren’t wearing any at all.  Starting tomorrow, you are going to buy at least one new lipstick every day until you have a minimum of ten different colors. 
“Fourth....  You must change to a different color every day, rotating between all colors in your collection.
“Fifth….  You must apply fresh lipstick as soon as you get up out of bed every morning.
“Sixth….  You must apply a fresh coat of lipstick just before you go to bed every night.
“Seventh….  You must apply more lipstick just before you leave the house… or anywhere else that you’ve been at for more than an hour.
“Eighth….  You must apply another coat of lipstick just before you eat anything.
“Ninth….  You must apply another coat of lipstick again every time you finish eating.
“And finally, tenth….  Your lipstick must always look perfect!  You will work hard to learn how to wear it perfectly.  You must check your face in a mirror often to make sure your lips always look absolutely perfect.  Anytime they don’t, you must fix the situation immediately.”
She watched him for a few moments again, but there was no change in his face.  She was certain that he had heard her though.
“Those are the ten rules for your lipstick.  You will follow those rules perfectly from now on.  Any time you fail to follow one of the rules will bring on intense pain until you remedy the situation.  Continuing to not follow one of the rules will make the pain grow worse and worse.  You must follow those rules!”
Again she watched his face, but he was just sitting there sucking his thumb with his eyes staring straight ahead.  The look of worry was still on his face as well. 
“Phillip,” she said, “Take your thumb out of your mouth and tell me, what is your first lipstick rule?”
“I have to wear it all the time.  I can’t ever not wear any.”
“Good enough,” she said.  “What’s your second lipstick rule?”
“I have to have some lipstick with me all the time,” he replied.
“Good,” she told him.  One by one, she went through the entire list, making sure he knew each and every rule.  His answers paraphrased the rules she had given him, but that was fine.  She was just glad to note that there wasn’t a single error in any of the rules.
“Okay Phillip, I’m going to wake you up in a few moments.  What are you going to do as soon as you wake up?”
“Check my face and fix my lipstick,” he replied.
“Very good, Phillip. Very, very good.  Remember to try to get it as neat and perfect as you can.  I’m going to ask Marian to help you with it when you get to work tomorrow morning.  You can ask her any questions at all about it that you may have.  Now get ready to wake up fully, Phillip.  Get ready.  Three… two… one… wake up!”
Phillip regained full consciousness, and immediately found himself getting out of the chair he was sitting in.  He couldn’t help himself!  With Dolly cradled in his arm, he hurried to his bathroom mirror and checked his face.  He needed lipstick!  And he needed it now.  He could never be without it… like it or not!  But the lipstick he had brought home from work was still in his backpack.  He ran to find it and pulled it out.  Then he ran with it right back to the bathroom where he did his very best to put it on neatly… all under the watchful gaze of Mistress Vivian. 
When he was done, he turned back to her so she could see.
“Very good, Phillip,” she told him.  “Very, very good.  Now you’re looking much more like the sissy I want to see in you.  I’m sure you’ll make me and everyone else at work very happy, showing us how well you can do that.” 
She grabbed her purse.  “Good night now Phillip,” she told him.  “Don’t forget, you have to get an early start at work from now on.”  With a laugh, she walked out his door to go home.  That tingle she had felt earlier had become an irresistible throbbing.  And she had every intention of exploring that throbbing as soon as she got home.  The power of what she had just done was absolutely incredible!  She couldn’t get enough of it!

Phillip continued to stare at his apartment door that she had closed behind her as she left.  Lipstick again.  And now he was stuck with it… permanently.  He had to always be wearing it.  Always!  And it had to be noticeable lipstick.  None of the stuff that most women wore where you could hardly tell they were wearing any. 
He went back to his bedroom where he stared at his face in the mirror over his dresser.  Then he and Dolly laid on his bed together, where he masturbated to an amazing climax… before he had to start fixing his lips yet again.  He had a feeling that Mistress Vivian’s rules were going to quickly become a major pain!


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