Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

Hi All,

Yep! That’s me tonight. All dressed up with nowhere to go. Not that I really want to – sort of. It’s raining cats and dogs here tonight. But we do need the rain. We’re still over 10 inches in the hole for the year.

But tonight I’ve got my nice grey dress on again with the first pair of heels I bought, and I don’t know what to do with myself.

So anyway, to catch you all up…

I didn’t listen to either recording even one time last night – at all. I did stay in diapers though and of course you saw that I took some pictures of my shoes. Other than that, I was a bit busy with errands that had to be done.

I’ve been trying to listen to my No Control Mantra file at least every day when I get home from work and get diapered up (properly). But yesterday I didn’t have time, and when I went to bed, it was late and I didn’t want to take that much time either. And what a difference! All night long I was aware of every time I needed to pee. And it didn’t come out in lots of tiny little bits like it had been. It came out as a major wetting each time. The only good part was that I didn’t have to fully awake and get out of bed to handle it. Diapers are soooo nice!

Since I knew that my step-son was home this morning, I changed out of my night diapers as soon as I got up and put just one single one on – which I promptly wet before I even got out of the bathroom. While I was aware this morning that I was going to pee, I was doing it much easier than all night long. I barely had to think about it. But again, it’s nothing at all like it has been after listening to either my No Control recording, or both that and the Baby Girl file I’ve been using.

But tonight, I again listened to my No Control file about half an hour after getting diapered and the results are profound! While I’m currently aware that I’m going to pee – sort of, there is never even the slightest urge by my body to tighten those muscles and mostly I’m only aware of the pee running out of me. Wonderful!

It looks like I’ll be driving this weekend to pickup my wife again. So my play will be over with soon. I’m still trying to think up some other ideas to try, but nothing much has come to mind. Yet. I’ll let you know if and when something kicks in.

Alexis left a comment on my Mary Jane shoes saying that they were perfect to go with wearing diapers. I hadn’t thought of that before, but after looking at the picture again, I have to totally agree. Thanks Alexis.

And Dani asked if that was the highest heel I ever wear, saying that I have pretty nice legs and should consider higher heels. Actually, for the first time, I never bothered to measure the heels on either of the shoes I bought, till tonight. Both pair have three and a half inch heels. And no, they’re not the highest heels I ever wear – except on this play period. I remember that last time (when my wife had the camera) one pair of shoes had heels that were just barely under five inches. They were a bit hard to walk in, but I don’t think it was the height of the heel that was bothering me. I think it was something else about the construction of the shoes. Anyway, I had to get rid of them along with everything else as usual last time. Oh, this time I bought a plastic storage bin to put my stuff in and stash it way up in the attic.

And nice legs? Thank you! I don’t consider anything about my body as nice. Oh God how I wish I had a pretty feminine body! Even part of it!

Stay happy everyone. Find a reason to smile if you have to!

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