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The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 3 of 8)

Chad followed behind her in a daze. He was dazed but totally aware of how ridiculous he had to look. Where were they going? He briefly hoped that she would take him to Sandy’s apartment, but that hope was quickly dashed when she turned and headed down the steps toward the parking lot below.
Instead of just getting into the driver’s seat of her car, Mel held the door of the passenger seat open for him to get into. She took his diaper bag and purse and put them into the back seat of the car for him while he climbed in with just his baby bottle in his hand. “Buckle your seat belt,” she told him as she continued to stand outside the car next to him. Once his seatbelt was secure, she pointed at his baby bottle. “Maybe you better keep drinking that.” She waited till he was drinking once again, then she reached into her purse and pulled out one of her scarves. “Just keep drinking,” she ordered as she tied the scarf tightly around his head, cutting off all his vision.
Chad was scared now. Where were they going? And he had to keep drinking his bottle while they were driving? He jumped as she slammed his car door shut for him. A moment later, he heard her getting into her side of the car and starting the engine. The panic in his stomach increased as he felt her backing out of her parking space and driving through the parking lot. It increased even more as he felt her pulling out of the apartment project onto the busy road. Everyone would be able to see him drinking from his bottle! And if he tried to keep his head down, then he couldn’t get at the liquid in the bottle. In order to keep drinking it, he had to keep the bottle tilted up! He was actually glad he couldn’t see anything because he didn’t want to see the looks on the faces of the people in the other cars. He felt soooo embarrassed. But… where were they going? And what were they going to do when they got there?
Mel was worried about it being too late. Fortunately, they didn’t have very far to go. But would the people she was looking for be there? She could only hope. She had promised after all. She pulled into the parking lot and found a parking space. She was pleased to note that there were a fair amount of cars already there. Not a lot, but more than enough to make things interesting.
She got out of the car and went around to his side and opened the door. His bottle was almost finished. “You can put that bottle down now and get out,” she told him.
Chad felt around and set his bottle into one of the empty cup holders in the console. Then he started to reach for the blindfold.
“No! Don’t touch that yet!”
Chad pulled his hands away and unfastened his seatbelt instead. “Where are we?” he asked with more than a bit of concern.
“You’ll find out soon enough,” Mel replied as she helped him out of the car.
All Chad knew right then, was that he was standing outside somewhere wearing nothing but his silly pink sissy baby dress… oh, and a diaper and his pink patent heels. He could hear the traffic from the road not far away. But where were they? He suddenly heard her car door closing behind him and a moment later he heard the faint sound of the doors locking. Wherever they were, she wasn’t going to allow him to escape back into the car. The fear he was already feeling – doubled! He had no place for him to hide!
“There,” Mel said happily as she put her keys into her purse. Then she untied his blindfold and took that off of him.
Chad blinked in the bright sunlight. But his eyes didn’t need time to adjust to tell him exactly where they were. He was standing in the parking lot of the drug store where he usually bought his diapers – and where those two girls liked to tease him every week!
A car horn honked and he jumped, reminding him of just how exposed he was out here. Had the car been honking at him? He wasn’t sure if it would be better to stay right where he was – out in the open, or to go into the store where the people would be. Of course, the people would all be coming out eventually… not to mention more entering the parking lot as they came in… not to mention all the other people driving by. Maybe it would be better to go inside, but not by much.
As he followed Mel toward the entrance to the store, he was more aware than ever of his heels hitting hard on the pavement. He couldn’t believe how silly he felt – not to mention embarrassed! He had to look absolutely ridiculous! He certainly felt absolutely ridiculous! He also felt mostly naked, which he was. He didn’t even have his purse to hold on to or to use to try to hide his diaper. Totally naked… or in this case, worse than naked!
He couldn’t believe he was doing this! But he was! And now there was no place at all for him to hide. Mel reached the doorway first and waited for him to go inside ahead of her. He stepped into the store, quickly looking around to see how many people were there – more than he was comfortable with. But then, even one person would be more than he could be comfortable with.
“He’s here!” a high pitched female voice screamed excitedly.
Shocked and scared, Chad immediately stopped and looked toward the cash registers, which was the direction the voice had come from. He immediately saw the two girls who “enjoyed” making his life so miserable every time he came in here. One of them was bent over double with her hand over her mouth as she laughed uncontrollably. The other one was totally wide-eyed and in shock – as was the cashier – as were several of the other customers who were in the immediate area.
“Oh God!” the second girl exclaimed in a rather throaty and awed voice. “I can’t believe it!”
Chad wanted to run – anywhere – but there was really no place to run to. He thought about the parking lot, but Mel was now right beside him and had grabbed his hand. He felt himself peeing again – from fright maybe?
“I take it that they’re your friends?” Mel asked.
Chad would have never referred to them as “friends” – under any circumstances. “Yeah,” he agreed.
“Come along and say hi to them then,” Mel said as she led him like a child by the hand, straight toward the wide-eyed giggling girls.
The closer he got, the harder the girls seemed to giggle at him – and so did a few of the other customers. Nobody was moving except for a few customers who quickly came to the end of several of the aisles to see what was going on. Chad desperately tried to reach for that feeling that he was a clown performing for an audience, like he had done at the gym a few weeks ago, but that feeling totally escaped him. Today, he was just embarrassed! Completely embarrassed!
“Ohhhh!” one of the girls moaned as he got close. “I just love that dress!” She was doing her absolute best to recover from her hysterical laughing – and was only barely succeeding.
“And the shoes!” her friend replied. “They absolutely just ‘make’ the outfit!” She giggled again.
Mel turned to Sissy. “Sissy, don’t forget to greet your nice friends – ‘properly’!
Properly? Ugh! But there was little he could do about his situation, and besides, everybody in the store had already seen him now. In for a penny, in for a pound! He dropped a curtsey and said “Hi” in his sissy voice. Which sent the two girls into an uproar of laughter again.
But Mel wasn’t satisfied. “I don’t think that ‘hi’ is as polite as the word ‘hello.’ Now do it again – one person at a time.”
Again? One person at a time? Ugh! He dropped another curtsey to one of the girls, then said in his sissy voice, “Hewwo.” The girls went into further peals of laughter. He did the same for the other girl, but she hardly noticed because she was laughing so hard. Unfortunately Chad did notice something that nobody else could know. His stupid chastity device was suddenly hurting him. Why now? Fortunately, it wasn’t hurting too badly – yet.
Mel noticed that the cashier behind the counter was the same one she had talked with last week. “Don’t forget to greet the nice cashier too. She was kind enough to tell us last week that your friends missed you.”
Chad turned towards the cashier, ignoring the customers who were standing right in front of her and repeated his curtsey and greeting. Several of the customers waiting in line grinned broadly, one looked very annoyed.
“Well hello to you too,” the cashier replied, obviously delighted with what she saw.
“I promised last week that he would be here today,” Mel said to her. “Did you get a chance to tell them?” she asked, referring to the two girls who were Sissy’s main source of ‘amusement.’
“Not till this morning,” the cashier replied.
“We waited around today, just to see him,” one of the girls said.
“We almost left a little while ago,” the other girl added. “I’m so glad now that we didn’t!” She suddenly looked past Mel’s shoulder and her face changed to one of concern.
Mel turned around to see what she was looking at and saw another woman approaching – obviously the store manager.
“What’s going on,” the manager asked as she came up, eyeing Sissy very closely.
“We just came in to get a few things and say hi,” Mel replied.
The manager looked from Mel to Sissy and back again. “This is a little… inappropriate!” she said. “We have customers who are waiting. You’re holding them up.”
Chad was mentally cheering. The manager was throwing them out! And he was more than ready to go.
“No problem,” Mel replied. “We’ll just get what we came for and then we’ll be on our way.”
Chad figured the manager would just tell them to leave, but she didn’t. After taking a moment to think about it the manager said, “Please hurry up then. I don’t want the customers to be… upset.”
Mel just nodded, glad that she was allowing them to “shop.” “No problem,” she replied. She turned to Sissy. “Which way to the diapers?” As Sissy turned to head toward the back of the store, Mel looked over at the two girls and motioned with her head for them to follow. Fortunately, the manager stayed behind.
The adult incontinence section was in the back of the store near the pharmacy section. Sissy led the way and fortunately he found the aisle empty when he got there. He headed straight for the brand of diapers he usually bought. The shelf was fully stocked with them. He figured that the cashier must have alerted someone to make sure that it was. He reached for one of the packages, but Mel grabbed his arm.
“Not so fast,” Mel said to him. “We’re alone now.” She turned to the two girls. “I’m sorry that Sissy wasn’t here last week to play with you. When I heard about it, I promised that I would make sure he came today. I’m so glad you stuck around to see her.”
The two girls giggled. “Sissy? Is that his name?” one of them asked.
“Of course it is,” Mel replied. “And please do me a favor, don’t refer to her as a ‘him.’ Look at her. Do you think that ‘she’ deserves to be called a ‘him’ anymore?”
The two girls giggled again. “I see what you mean,” one of them managed to get out.
“So, do you have any questions for her, or something you’d like to talk about with her?” Mel asked.
The two girls looked from Mel to Sissy to each other, trying to figure out what to say. But for a moment they were speechless.
Chad wanted to crawl through one of those nonexistent holes in the floor again. And once again he felt the sting of his chastity device. It had subsided a bit while he was walking to this section of the store, but now it was starting to hurt again. He prayed it wouldn’t get any worse! For a moment he thought that maybe, for once, the girls wouldn’t have any questions for him. Unfortunately, both of them recovered at exactly the same moment and they both started blurting out questions together.
“I really love of that dress!” one of them said. “Where did you get it?”
“Do you dress like that at other places?” the second one asked.
Ugh! Here we go again, Chad thought. He turned to the girl who asked about his dress. “The dress was a gift from Mel here,” he said motioning towards Mel. “I don’t know where she got it.”
“Internet,” Mel replied simply. “And curtsey when you answer them!”
Chad wanted to roll his eyes, but restrained himself. He curtseyed to the girl and said in his sissy voice. “She got it for me from the internet.”
“And who am I to you?” Mel asked.
Chad hated saying it in public. In fact, it actually took a bit of courage to say. “She’s my mistress.”
“Curtsey every time you say anything!” Mel repeated sternly.
Chad was getting frustrated. Things were rapidly getting worse – thanks to Mel. He curtseyed again then repeated. “Mel is my mistress.”
The girls looked a bit confused. “Your mistress?” one of them asked. She turned to Mel. “I’m not sure what you mean by that. I mean, normally if a guy has a mistress then he’s… I guess married and the mistress is some other woman he’s seeing.”
Mel smiled. “That’s not exactly the case here. She’s not married, and I’m not anyone she’s sleeping around with. In this case it simply means that between us, I’m the one who is totally in charge and she has no choice but to do whatever I tell her to do.” She could see the two girls trying to digest that. The looks of comprehension weren’t far behind though.
“Darn!” one of them exclaimed. “You mean like… it’s for real?”
“Of course it is silly,” the other girl replied. “Just look at him! I mean ‘her.’” She turned to Sissy to ask what she had asked before. “So do you wear that to other places too?”
Chad could feel those spikes from his chastity device digging in tighter and tighter. Ouch! He looked to Mel for a moment before curtseying to her and saying, “No.”
“Not yet anyway,” Mel added. “I rather like the outfit on her though. What do you think?”
Both of the girls just laughed.
“Hey,” the first one suddenly exclaimed. “He… I mean she got her ears pierced!” She walked up to take a closer look at Chad’s pink earrings. “Pretty,” she declared.
“I see you got your nails cut a bit shorter too,” the second one said. I’m still thinking about getting mine done real long – just for fun,” she replied. “I think they look so cool!”
Chad didn’t know what to reply. “I kind of…”
“Curtsey!” Mel commanded sternly again.
Chad curtseyed yet again and the spikes of his chastity device dug in more firmly, causing him more intense pain. He almost cried out from the pain, but he carefully controlled himself. Willing himself to try to relax so the pain would go away, he replied, “I kind of like my nails long. Maybe not as long as they once were, but I think they look pretty this way.” He held his hands up for a moment so he and the girl could both look at his nails. Calm, calm, calm, he willed, trying to get the pain from his device to subside.
“They do look pretty,” the girl replied. She turned to her friend. “See! They do look pretty!”
“Yeah, but you know if you get them real long then they’re going to be difficult and a pain to deal with.”
“Are they?” the second girl asked Sissy.”
“Curtsey!” Mel’s voice lashed out again.
Chad curtseyed. “Sometimes,” he repeated. “But I’ve gotten pretty used to them now. I don’t even notice them being trouble anymore. Of course they’re not as long as they used to be.” Chad felt awfully funny about giving nail advice to a real girl! Calm – calm – calm! Was the pain subsiding? Not much.
“So how come the diapers?” the first girl asked as she bent down sideways a bit so she could see them better. “Eww! Does that look wet to you?” she asked her friend.
The second girl bent over too. “I think so,” she replied.
“Sissy,” Mel ordered, “show me your diaper!”
The command had come suddenly again. Chad automatically reacted and reached down to grab the hem of his skirt, but he reached down too far. He wasn’t used to wearing anything that short! As panic over how fast he had to do it set in, he quickly readjusted his aim and found the bottom of his dress and pulled it up high. The moment he did so, the girls began laughing uncontrollably again. As embarrassed as he was over it, Chad couldn’t help but notice that his chastity device was now hurting him even more. The burning pain was becoming intense! Calm, calm, calm. Since his chastity device never let him get very hard, and he was trying to will himself to get softer, unfortunately he never really got hard enough to avoid what happened next… he suddenly started peeing again. Again, there had been no warning at all… but he certainly noticed how strong it was coming out this time. As usual, it didn’t last all that long, but as strong as it was, it was more than long enough.
“Hey,” one of the girls exclaimed. “It’s changing! Does that mean…”
Mel had noticed it too and laughed a bit. “Yes! It means she’s wetting herself right now.”
The two girls went wide-eyed as they watched. “So what do you have to do, change him now?” one of them asked.
Mel shook her head. “I could, but this is hardly the place and I don’t think the manager would appreciate it very much.”
“So he has to… stay like that?”
Mel shrugged. “Of course. He was already wet when he came in here and he’s just wetter now. Besides, he’s used to it.” She could tell the two girls didn’t know what to think about that. This was getting beyond them. “Do you two want to help Sissy carry some of his diapers back to the cash register?”
“Sure,” one of them replied.
Chad was glad they were finally getting out of there. He pulled a package of the diapers off of the shelf. One of the girls reached out for it and he handed it to her. A moment later, the other girl had a package too. He grabbed one for himself to carry.
“Grab another one,” Mel said. “I think you’re going to need them.”
Chad grabbed a second package off the shelf so he was holding one in each hand.
“Wait a minute,” Mel said as she looked him over before going back to the cash register. “We need something else.”
“What?” one of the girls asked.
Instead of answering, Mel led the way through the store, searching for another aisle which she quickly found – the baby supply aisle. She walked up it till she got to the selection of pacifiers. “Would you two like to pick one out for her? Something girly would be best I think. And the largest size would also help.”
The two girls started giggling again as they looked over the pacifiers on display. Finally they decided on one that was pink with a Disney princess on the back of it. One of the girls took it off the rack and handed it to Mel. Instead of heading for the cash register though, Mel started opening the package right there in the store. She pulled the hard plastic shell back that covered the pacifier and held it out toward the girl who had handed it to her. “Do you want to give it to her?”
The girl was shocked. “You mean… stick it in…”
Mel nodded.
The girl pulled the pacifier out of the package and took it over to Sissy with a huge grin on her face. “Open wide…”
Chad’s knees almost buckled as his chastity device suddenly started hurting again – big time! He couldn’t believe Mel was doing this! And in the store no less! His eyes were glued to the pacifier in the girl’s hand as she brought it closer and closer to his mouth. His hands were full with the big packages of diapers so there was no way he could use them to stop her. And then she was holding it right in front of his face. Then closer to his mouth. He didn’t open his mouth, but she stuck it right up to his lips and pushed a bit. It was no use resisting. One way or another, Mel would make him take the darn thing. He let her slip it into his mouth where he automatically began sucking on it. He was so embarrassed he wanted to cry – despite the fact that they were giggling at him again. And again he felt himself peeing a little, despite the tightness of his chastity device. Was that because he was so embarrassed?
Mel smiled. “Much better. Thank you.” Then she turned happily and led the way back toward the front of the store.
The pain from Chad’s chastity device was really bad. As he followed Mel through the aisles with the two girls right behind him, he mentally chanted calm, calm, calm over and over again to try to ward off the pain. It worked – but only a bit. The pain and the embarrassment made him suck harder on the pacifier in his mouth than usual, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to get out of there and back home again. A sudden bad thought found its way into his brain. Mel wouldn’t take him anywhere else, would she? Of course she would. He just prayed that she wouldn’t!
For once there were two cash registers open up front, something Chad was glad to see. The regular cahier was behind one and the store manager was behind the other. The shorter line was definitely in front of the manager, but Mel chose the longer line for the cashier she had talked with earlier. Once again Chad felt like he was totally on display… which he was. But what could he do about it? Nothing!
People kept looking at him while they all waited in line. The store manager kept glancing angrily over at them but Mel didn’t seem to pay her any attention at all. And when the line in front of the manager cleared out and she called them over to check out, Mel prodded the person in line in front of her instead of going over herself – which earned her angrier glares from the manager. And through it all, Chad kept mentally chanting calm, calm, calm, as he sucked on his pacifier while wearing his silly sissy baby dress with the sissy socks and bright pink patent leather shoes – and now obviously very wet diaper! Calm, calm, calm!
They were next in line when one of the girls with them suddenly lifted up the hem at the front of his dress to see his diaper again. With his hands full, there was no way he could stop her.
The girl laughed again. “Look!” she said to her friend.
Her friend came over to see better. “Oh my!” she chortled. “He’s even wetter now!” They both burst out giggling again.
Chad just kept chanting to himself. Calm! Calm! Calm! Trying desperately to stem the pain from his miserable infuriating chastity device.
Finally it was their turn. The two girls unloaded their packages of diapers, onto the counter, then Chad did the same. Mel showed the woman the package from the pacifier she had opened and that got rung up first.
“I’m sorry we couldn’t spend more time with you,” Mel apologized as the woman rang up their purchases. Chad particularly noticed that she was having no trouble finding bar codes this week and that she was doing it amazingly fast for once.
“That’s okay,” the woman replied as she rolled her eyes slightly in the direction of the manager – who was glaring at them all again.
“Maybe next time,” Mel whispered as she handed over the money for everything.
In record time, the bill was paid and Chad was carrying out two huge bags, each containing two large packages of disposable diapers. Mel bid the two girls goodbye before they left the store, and Chad had to just dip down in a quasi curtsey as he mumbled goodbye around the pacifier in his mouth.
Then finally they were outside again – in public – walking where everybody driving by could see him. But at least they were heading toward her car. Calm, calm, calm! The two girls went the opposite way toward their car. Good! And finally Chad got to unload his heavy bags into the backseat of Mel’s car. But would she drive him home? He didn’t dare give her any ideas by even asking such a question. Calm, calm, calm.
Fortunately, she did drive him straight home. Chad didn’t stop chanting calm, calm, calm till they were all the way back and she had parked the car in her space again. Then he breathed a big sigh of relief around the stupid pacifier he was still sucking on.
“Now that was fun! Wasn’t it?” Mel declared as she turned the engine off.
She had to be kidding!

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