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The Bet - Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 43 (Saturday – week 6 Part 5 of 8)

Chad couldn’t stop crying. He could hardly see through the tears as he picked up one of the diapers from the floor and handed it to her so she could diaper him – which she did quickly.
“An hour and forty-five!” she told him. Nothing more needed to be said. “Now go get yourself another bottle. Hopefully, this time you’ll have better luck.”
Chad stumbled more than walked to her refrigerator to get another bottle. He was still sobbing and tears were still falling down his cheeks. The bottle that he grabbed was still fairly warm, but then most of them in there were going to be that way since she had just filled them. He carried it out of the kitchen to where all the diapers were still strewn all over the floor, planning on picking them up.
“Just leave them,” Mel ordered. “We may need them later.”
Chad fervently hoped they wouldn’t! He put the bottle to his lips. It was his ninth so far this morning, and the morning wasn’t nearly over with yet. He started to head toward the laundry to get some work done.
“Don’t bother,” she told him, stopping him in his tracks. “Take that bottle back to your corner till you finish it. Let me know when it’s done.”
Ugh! He actually sobbed harder. Slowly, through tear-filled eyes, he went back to his corner. Back to his perch… where he was forced to stand with his feet at an extreme angle and he couldn’t even move them… where the perch pressed him into the corner so that he couldn’t see anything at all… where he wasn’t allowed to move a muscle… where he was totally ignored… where he would be simply – out of the way.
Feeling totally sorry for himself, he sobbed yet again as he raised the bottle to his mouth and began sucking on it. He dared not make another move – not even a finger. She always knew if he did. The only thing he had to concentrate on was his bottle – and trying to pee – and feeling sorry for himself. All of which he was getting very good at… except peeing lately. Why wasn’t it happening? He couldn’t understand it. He couldn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be. Pee! Pee! Pee!
Mel was stirring more teabags in yet another batch of tea. It would take quite a few to fill all his bottles. She didn’t mind. She needed to think about things anyway.
“Mistress! I’ve finished,” Chad called from his perch in the corner.
She looked at the clock. He had finished that bottle fast. “Good,” she called back. “Get down from there now.” She left her task of making tea to look him over. All his crying had ruined the makeup job she had done on him. “Go wash your face,” she told him. “And hurry up about it!”
Chad hurried to the kitchen where he put is bottle on the counter. Then her hurried to the bathroom to wash his face. Ugh! It was a mess. Totally ruined. He had never even gotten a chance to see what Mel had done with his makeup earlier. It took him a few minutes to scrub everything off thoroughly, which actually made him feel better. If only he could start peeing again – that would make him feel much better. He didn’t know why he suddenly couldn’t. He concentrated on his diaper a bit. Strange though, it did feel like it was a bit wet – but it had to be his imagination!
As he came out of the bathroom, he heard Mel shout from the kitchen, “Put your dress back on again,”
Ugh! He wished there was a way he could simply lose the stupid thing. But it did make him feel horribly humiliated which he loved. He hated the thing… and he loved it! Just like so many other things in his life – now.
Mel turned the heat off of yet another pot of tea and came out of the kitchen. He was just finishing with his dress. She looked him over. The makeup job she had created earlier was gone, but otherwise he looked… silly! She smiled and laughed at him a bit. “Show me your diaper!”
Once again Chad was caught off guard, but he quickly grabbed the hem of his dress and pulled it high! Was she going to say anything because he wasn’t wet yet – even though it kind of felt like he might be?
Mel looked closely at his diaper. It did look a little wet already – which she was glad to see. Perfect in fact. “Okay, Sissy. Grab your highchair. It’s time to go see Sandy.”
Chad knew it was coming, but he wished it wasn’t. Still, at least she didn’t punish him.
As Chad was grabbing his highchair, Mel grabbed her cell phone and dialed Sandy’s number. “Are you ready for him?” she asked.
“It’s about time!” Sandy replied with a laugh. “I bought him a little something new today. I can’t wait to show you.”
“I’ll show you when you get here. Oh! And that other thing is still off?”
Mel thought about it. “Yeah. I guess so,” she replied dejectedly.
“Good. I’ll meet you at the door then.”
“Okay. See you in a minute.”
Mel grabbed his diaper bag while he carried the heavy highchair. She led him outside in his sissy baby dress and pink heels. He had to carry his highchair all the way down to Sandy’s apartment where she was already outside waiting on them. The task was made all that much more awkward because of the heels he was wearing. When he got there, he gratefully set the heavy chair down again.
Sandy looked at him. “You remember the rules?”
He nodded – it was safer and easier than worrying about having to curtsey before speaking. Besides, she didn’t want to hear him using anything but baby talk anyway.
“Good!” She replied. Because I’m going to be stricter about it today than ever!”
Chad wondered what that meant. She was always strict about it!
She looked him over carefully. “I’m so glad you sent him in that dress,” she said delightedly to Mel. “It’s by far my favorite.” She frowned when she got to his feet. “The shoes have to go though! What baby wears shoes like that?”
Mel just shrugged. “I kind of like them on him.”
“Take them off – now!” Sandy ordered.
Chad knelt down and unfastened his shoes and slipped them off of his feet.
“The socks can stay,” Sandy told him. “I like them.”
Chad left the socks alone. He grabbed his shoes and was about to stand up, but Sandy stopped him. “Just stay down there. You’re a baby again. Totally! No walking, no talking – other than baby sounds. You know the drill. Now crawl inside. Your toys are all set up on the blanket.”
Chad crawled into her apartment and headed toward the living room where she usually put the blanket. A baby again. Oh great! Yet at the same time, it kind of turned him on.
Sandy turned to Mel. “Want to help me lug this thing into the kitchen?”
“Sure,” Mel replied as she grabbed the back of it. Sandy grabbed the front and together they managed to get it through the door and all the way to the kitchen.
“So what did you get for him now?” Mel asked.
Sandy peeked around the corner to make sure that Chad was where he should be – and not where he could see anything. She went directly to her refrigerator and pulled something out of the freezer. She handed it to Mel.
Mel took what looked like a frozen piece of orange plastic from Sandy’s hand. “What is it?” she asked.
“A teething ring! Since he needs something to chew on, I figured this would be perfect. Just the thing for any baby. Now he can’t complain about eating only baby food and having nothing to chew.”
Mel burst out laughing. “I love it!” She handed it back to Sandy who returned the plastic ring to her freezer. “I’ve got to go. I’ve got another batch of tea cooking. Do me a favor, just make sure he gets plenty to drink.”
“No problem. In fact…” She reached into the refrigerator and brought out one of the bottles of baby formula she had already made up for him. “We can just give this to him now.”
“Great! I’ve got to go. See you later.”
As Mel walked out, Sandy carried the bottle into the living room where Sissy was laying down on the blanket on his side among all the toys strewn about. He was laying down instead of sitting in difference to his stinging backside. He was holding a block in one hand and a small stuffed bear in the other. She knelt down on the blanket with him and handed him his bottle. He dropped the toys and put the bottle directly into his mouth and started drinking. She giggled as she watched him for a moment. “I really do like that dress on you,” she said with another little giggle. “It’s so… perfect for you!”
She laid down on the blanket too, a more intimate position with him. “Even after all this time, I still can’t get over the fact that you actually like this stuff,” she said to him. “Mel says that you actually crave it – the humiliation of it all that is. I don’t really understand it, but I can’t help loving seeing you this way.”
She watched him for a few moments more before speaking again. “I want you to do something for me today. I want you to try to forget you’re an adult. Try to forget you were ever an adult. Try to forget everything except that you’re only a little baby again. You’ve got no cares in the world other than your next bottle or meal. Only think things a baby would think – a real baby. Think of yourself as a real baby today. And try to enjoy it. Take everything you’ve been practicing for the last few weeks and put it all together, and just be a baby again – completely. Try to do that… for me?”
Chad wondered if he dared answer, and decided against it, so he just looked at her as he continued to drink the lousy tasting formula in his bottle. Be a baby again? Could he really do it? Did he want to really do it? He thought about that. Maybe. Maybe it might be nice. Maybe it might be nice to totally forget about everything except the simplest little things in life. Maybe it might be nice to just relax and try to be a baby. Forget the worries. Forget the responsibilities. Forget everything! But could he do it? Could he really manage it? That was the question. He thought a few more minutes about it while he sucked on his bottle. What was the harm in trying? Maybe it would be nice to just relax and act… stupid? What would be the harm?
He closed his eyes and laid back with his bottle. What would be the harm? Maybe it would be nice. No cares. Let everybody else worry about things. Could he? What would be the harm? Yes, he would try it. Why not? In fact, it sounded kind of nice. What would be the harm?
Sandy watched him lay down with his bottle and close his eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes,” she whispered. Then she got to her feet.

Mel poured the large batch of tea from her pot into a pitcher. The pitcher made it much easier to pour the tea into the individual bottles. When the pitcher was full, she set what was left of the batch in the pot back on the stove till she emptied her pitcher again. The task was mostly mindless, which was why she enjoyed doing it while she thought things through. Unfortunately, since leaving Sissy with Sandy, it reminded her once again of Robin and Operation Robin – which was now out of course.
But really… What should she do about the tart? The problem was, she didn’t really know Robin. She had never even met her. All she knew about her was from the things that Chad had told her. Operation Robin might be out, but would it hurt to actually try to meet her? Find out what she’s really like? Okay, she knew what Robin was really like, of that she had no doubt at all. She knew exactly what that stupid bimbo was like! But… did she really? She was making an awful lot of assumptions. Would it hurt to just… meet her?
She sighed and set her pitcher back on the counter. Almost in a fog, she found her cell phone and dialed Robin’s number. Maybe she wouldn’t answer…
“This is Mel.”
“Mel?” Robin was clearly surprised. “What’s up?”
That was the problem. What was she going to say? “Um… I was just thinking…” She grasped for anything she could use. “I know you said you had some questions about Sissy. I was wondering if…” Did she dare? “If…” She still wondered if she should do this.
“If what?” Robin asked.
Mel was sort of trapped now. She had to continue. “If… you would like to come over to my place and we can talk about her.”
The tart! “Yes, of course.”
“Well…” Here goes! “Now would be best. I’m home now and Sissy is out for a while.”
“Are you sure?”
“Definitely!” Actually, anything but definitely!
“I was just getting ready to do some grocery shopping, but I can stop by there first. Will that be okay?”
“Sounds great,” Mel replied, although she wasn’t really all that enthusiastic about it. Was she really doing this? She relayed where she lived and what apartment number.
“Great! See you in a few,” Robin replied.
Mel hung up her phone. Was she really doing this? Obviously. Still, what could it hurt to actually meet the woman. The hussy!

Cassie walked into their apartment from working a partial Saturday shift and saw Chad chewing on one of his baby toys. Ugh! How disgusting! But also so much like a real baby. It was almost frightening.
“Hi Cassie…” Sandy called, seeing her friend finally home.
“I see you’ve got your little playmate again,” Cassie noted.
“Of course. And he’s doing very well today.”
Cassie looked at Sissy again. Was he drooling? “Yeah. I think you can safely say that.” She stared at him for a few more moments. The silly dress did look kind of cute on him. But… It was missing something! “Hey, would you mind if I added something to his outfit?”
“Sure. What?”
Instead of answering, Cassie left the room for a minute. When she came back she went straight to Sissy and knelt down by him. Sandy couldn’t see what she was doing till she stood up again. Then she laughed. “I love it! It’s perfect!”
“I kind of like it myself,” Cassie replied with a big grin.
Sandy smiled. The big pink bow she had put in his hair on top of his head was the perfect accessory. Just perfect!

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