Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just act Normal

Hi All,

Well, I did it. A little while ago I put my bra on, pantyhose, and my new mary-jane style patent leather heels. Then I got into the car and went to get gas. Before I left the house, I took a good look in the mirror, hoping that the bra wouldn’t show too much. But there they were, two breasts for all the world to see. Great! I’m glad the mirror I looked in didn’t show me my feet.

So I went to a new gas station out by the highway. It isn’t the busiest one by far but it is right next to the one that is the busiest. Yes, I paid a few cents per gallon more than I could have at the busiest station, but what can I say, this was hard enough.

I got there, and was pleased to see that they weren’t too busy. I wasn’t pleased to realize that there were no curbs anywhere to hide my feet behind. So I drove up to a pump, got out of the car, and hurried around to the other side. Swiped my card and pumped gas. Then I started looking around – I had nothing better to do. I saw the girl inside behind the cash register looking at me for a moment, then she turned her head away. There was another car further over, but the woman there seemed preoccupied with trying to get her own gas.

Then another car arrived, a big SUV. The guy got out and I saw him looking at the gas pump for a moment. That’s when my pump clicked off. So I immediately took the nozzle out and hung it up and told the machine that “yes” I did want a receipt. That’s when I noticed the guy from the SUV looking at me. Was it my breasts? My shoes? Both? Or nothing? Anyway, as soon as possible, I got back into the car and got out of there. The guy from the SUV was walking toward the store to go inside. I just went home.

So that was it. I know most of you are laughing at me for doing what most of you would consider nothing, but to me it was a big deal. Certainly not the bravest thing I’ve ever done, but it was enough – for now. The only problem is that I have two cars and the other one is about out of gas too. Now what do I do?

Have a good evening y’all. I have to go to bed. No, I won’t be listening to my recordings tonight (I don’t think).

Find a good reason to laugh at something – even if it’s me. I don’t mind.


Liza said...

i think that's great!!! i know what you were feeling and its a great high...enjoy it...its so so much fun!!!

Pretty Sissy Dani said...

Karen--now we need a pic of those mary-janes!