Sunday, October 16, 2011

Doing “Manly” stuff

Hi All,

Once again I’ve felt like I’ve been wasting my day. I know my step-son will probably not come home, but I still have to worry about it. But why should he come home? My wife isn’t here to cook for him or do his laundry. He get’s no benefits to being here at all. But still, I have to worry. So, I as much as I would have loved to be in a dress today – and I spent a while imagining baking cookies – I have been “outwardly” male and doing “manly” stuff. But then the joys of owning a large home mean that the chores never end. Even if I were in a dress today, the work still needs doing and I would have had to make some kind of effort at it.

So anyway, this morning I listened to both my No Control file, followed immediately by the Baby Girl file and really, really had a good time with it. But those pesky chores, and more importantly, the fear of being discovered forced me to assume my alternate male ego and get busy.

I did wear two diapers all day under my clothes though. And here’s the strange part. As I write this, it’s nearly six thirty in the evening and I’m still wearing those same two diapers. I’m wondering if I can make it long enough that when I change it will be into my three night diapers. We’ll see.

I’ve been wetting freely all day long. Not a lot of times, but still, I guess a normal amount – I think. To tell the truth, I’m barely aware that I’m peeing most of the time. I guess I’m that used to it already. There are definitely times when I’m aware that I’m going to pee, but it really hardly makes a dent in my consciousness. Mostly I’m aware of it as the pee is coming out of me. Although I’m not always certain I’m aware of it all the time.

Now… Tonight… I’m afraid that I’ve gotten so “desperate” that I’m going to go get gas in my car while wearing my new heels. I know it doesn’t sound like much and I totally agree. It isn’t! But still, it’s a lot for me right now. I guess I’m starting small on my little public adventures this time. But still, in my little car that I take to work every day, it will mean getting out of the car in a very brightly lit area, in total view of not only a very busy highway, but also all the people in the store and the other cars getting gas too. And since my gas tank in on the passenger side of the car, I’ll have to walk around to the opposite side of the car to fill it, further exposing me. There will be no hiding the entire time between the car and the gas pumps. Plus… I’m probably going to be doing it sometime between eight and nine o’clock tonight. Early. When there will doubtlessly lots of people around. Oh, did I mention that my new heels are black patent leather? Much more noticeable than regular leather.

Now, the next question I have to figure out is, do I dare ware a visible bra under my t-shirt? I still can’t decide. I’ll have to let you know later tonight or in the morning.

Laugh for me please, and wish me well,

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