Sunday, October 16, 2011

Early Sunday

Hi All,

Last night I got interested in a movie and didn’t listen to either of my recordings again like I had planned to. While I wore my usual three diapers all night, I didn’t leak all over the bed again which was a nice change of pace. (I really wish I could get some plastic panties. I’d feel so much more secure!) Anyway, I don’t think I peed all that often last night and my diapers aren’t nearly as soaked as they usually are. In fact, I’ll probably be wearing them for a while more until I feel I really need to change them. I remember waking up once and peeing a lot. I also remember only partially waking up once when I realized I was already peeing. Other than that, I don’t remember anything.

About five this morning, I started coming more awake and I realized I was very horny. Now please understand, my practice is to put my diapers on with my penis pulled back between my legs. It doesn’t completely stay there, but with all the diapers on it’s close enough. This makes it nearly impossible for me to masturbate. Now add multiple layers of diapers and the problem gets even more compounded. Now make those diapers really wet and bulky, and I don’t stand the slightest chance in the world! So anyway, my brain was sending me thoughts of being a sissy in service to someone. Thoughts where that someone had complete control of me and made me do the most outrageous things (use your imagination). And so I started humping the bed, or trying to anyway. Yes, I did get some pleasure from it, but the only pressure I could feel, didn’t reach my penis. I only felt the pressure just above it, nothing reached my cock at all – as usual. So once again, I was totally foiled.

About six o’clock, I got up, but when I got up, I immediately wanted my pacifier! Wanted it! So I grabbed it and stuck it in my mouth. After checking to see if my step-son ever came home last night (he didn’t) I put on my new heels (mary jane style). I really love them. I can’t tell you how nice they fit. And they feel like they were made to be a natural part of my feet.

So anyway, I came up to my computer in my heels, sucking on my pacifier, and all of a sudden, a suggestion from the Baby Girl tape popped into my head, and I could no longer swallow the saliva in my mouth. It just built up and built up. I tried to swallow it, but my tongue keeps it locked up against my lips. And since my mouth keeps watering, all the saliva keeps building up more and more. The only relief for it is to leak out of my mouth as I’m sucking on my pacifier. Drooling! Again! And I haven’t listened to that tape yet! Not even last night! But I do plan on listening to it along with my No Control Mantra sometime early this morning.

I’m really hoping this will turn out to be an interesting day!

I’ll try to update you all later,

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