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Training with Wolfie - Chapter 8 – Part 2 of 3

Training With Wolfie
By Karen Singer

Chapter 8 – Part 2 of 3

     Rosa didn’t bind Brian’s legs up at all during the afternoon, but she did send both dogs out into the yard to get some fresh air.  She went out twice during the afternoon to practice the same old tired commands with them, noting as she did so that Brian was doing better than Wolf with some of them – particularly with laying down.  Wolf was still all too prone to being lazy and uninterested in anything except more treats. 
     Late in the afternoon though, she brought her dogs back in the house and started running the water in her bathtub.  Wolf promptly disappeared as soon as the tub water started.  Since she was obviously going to take a bath, Brian went out to the kitchen with Wolf.  But he was surprised a short while later when Rosa came out to the kitchen – totally stark naked!  Not even wearing the panties she had worn earlier.  Nothing at all! 
      “Come Bobo,” she called pleasantly, as if she were going to give him some kind of big treat.
     Since she sounded so happy, Brian got up and crawled to her…only to have her grab his collar.  “It’s bath time, puppy,” she said as she pulled him toward her waiting tub.
     Bath time?  Brian crawled along beside her, but her grip on his collar never loosened so she was partially dragging him.  Once in the bathroom she pulled him right into the tub while she stayed dry on the outside. 
      “That was a whole lot easier to do with you than when I have to fight with Wolf,” she declared as she picked up a bottle from the side of the tub. 
     The water was warm, but not hot.  Comfortable really.  But all of a sudden, he felt something cold being poured on his back as whatever was in the bottle got dumped out onto him.  A minute later, she was lathering up his entire body with the suds from the dog cleaning soap she had poured out onto him.  He was totally shocked at this new outrage from the way she was touching him – all over.  She acted like she didn’t care at all about anything of his that she was – touching…scrubbing really.  But it was outrageous just the same!  And once again he realized that she was only treating him like…a dog.  Just like a dog.  As if…he really was a dog.  It was so…demeaning!  So horribly demeaning!  All of it!
     Once she had cleaned him and dried him off a bit too thoroughly, she wrapped a robe around herself and let both dogs back outside again.  “Hurry up and do your business,” she told him.  “And try not to get too dirty now.”
     Do his business?  But he realized that after his bath, he did need to pee.  He crawled down off of the deck and worked his way over to one of his usual places.  He spread his legs and started to hunch his back down. 
      “No, no, no!” Rosa yelled.  “What do you think you’re doing?  You know better than to do that!”
     Brian quickly stopped himself from peeing and crawled as fast as he could for the nearest tree, where he lifted his leg to let loose – dog style.  First the demeaning bath, now this!  And there was no way out!  Not any way that he could see – even though she had said there was a way.  And now that he had seen her as she used to torture spies, he was more scared of her than ever!
     As soon as both he and Wolf were finished, Rosa called both dogs back in the house again – mostly so that Brian wouldn’t get too dirty before they went out later.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Diner was great!  Well, it tasted good anyway, even if he did have to eat it like a dog…from his dog dish.  Chicken!  And it was mixed with string beans and mashed potatoes.  Yum, yum!  Even if he did have to eat it like a dog.  Of course, he was so hungry that almost anything would have tasted great.
     After dinner, he and Wolf got let back out to “do their business” again.  Then they were brought back into the house almost immediately.  And right after that, Brian watched as she again undressed completely – right in front of him, before she went in and took her own bath. 
     Rosa’s phone rang a little after seven o’clock.  “Am I going to be able to get in this time?” Connie’s voice asked.  “I’m almost there.”
      “I’ll put the dogs out back until you get in,” Rosa replied.  As soon as she hung up the phone, she shooed both dogs back out into the yard – where Wolf started barking frantically the moment he heard Connie’s car pull into the driveway.
      “I still feel like he wants to eat me,” Connie said as she entered the house.  “Overall, I think I like Bobo better.  He at least doesn’t scare me.”
      “Yeah, that’s the trouble with those two.  One is too aggressive, and the other doesn’t have the nerve of a chicken!  Sometimes I wish I could knock the two of them together and create one perfect…something!”
     Connie nodded.  “Something in the middle would be better for both of them.  Ready to get dressed?”
      “Can you help me move something up from the basement first?  It’s a bit heavy.”
      “Sure,” Connie replied.  “No problem.”

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Brian had expected to get let back into the house fairly soon, but it seemed like she was going to keep him and Wolf outside for a while again.  Wolf was laying down on the porch, so he did the same, staying close to the big dog’s fur coat.  It was a while before the back door finally opened and he and Wolf got let back into the house.  Wolf hurried in anxiously, knowing that someone was there.  Brian followed much more slowly.  He knew who the visitor was. Or so he hoped. 
     He saw Rosa dressed in her spy torturing outfit again.  Only her whip was missing.  She looked – strange.  And dare he think it…kind of sexy.   But then, who was he to judge what was sexy and what wasn’t.  He had barely dated any girls in his life.  Getting to see her naked earlier was something he had never in his life seen before – a naked woman! 
     He noticed now that Connie was dressed similar to Mrs. Murphy, except that Connie was dressed mostly in black and red leather.  Did she torture spies too?  Were there that many spies around? 
     The moment that Wolf finally accepted that it was Connie in the house and left her alone, Rosa grabbed Brian’s knee pads and straps and once again bound up his legs. 
      “All ready?” Connie asked. 
      “Just one other thing,” Rosa replied.  She went to the back door and grabbed Wolf’s leash from where she kept it hung on a hook.  Before Brian knew what was happening, that leash was again firmly attached to his collar.  “Now we’re ready,” Rosa said as she started pulling Brian toward the door.
     Brian realized they were leaving – with him!  He tried to hold back, to not go, but she was pulling so hard, choking him…and she scared him so much…they both scared him so much!  Little by little, they dragged him right out through the front door – total naked except for his knee pads.  They dragged him down the steps and over to Rosa’s small SUV.  Connie opened the back door and Brian did his best to hurry into the car – where he would at least be out of sight.  Getting into the car wasn’t easy with his legs bound up, but he was so scared of being outside like he was that he was very motivated to get inside – where he huddled on the floor, totally miserable, totally scared.  Rosa threw her end of the leash in with him and Connie closed the door.  All Brian could think about was what was going to happen when they got to wherever they were going…wherever that was.
      “You may as well climb up on the seat and get comfortable, Bobo,” Rosa called to him as she pulled out of her driveway.  “We have a long way to go.”
     But Brian was too scared to climb up onto the back seat.  There was too much chance that someone might see him there.
     All the way to the club, Rosa and Connie talked about this and that, but the primary thing on Rosa’s mind was whether or not this experience would bring out the courage in Brian to fight back.  Because if this didn’t do it, she didn’t know what would.  And despite the money she had already committed to Tolliver’s little creations, she would still rather see Brian get a bit of backbone.  If he didn’t, it wouldn’t be backbone that he would get…but some kind of a dog bone to chew on instead.
     Their conversation lagged as they finally got to the club and started driving around the crowded parking lot nearby.  “There’s a space!” Connie exclaimed as she finally spotted an opening between cars.  Rosa carefully pulled her small SUV in and turned off her engine.  In the back seat, Brian was more scared than ever.  What would happen now?
     Rosa opened the back door and saw Brian still on the floor of the car, still in the same position he had been in when they left her house.  He was obviously scared.  Well, that was probably a good thing.  She grabbed the end of his leash and pulled.  “Come on, Bobo.  We’re here.  Time to get out.”
     But Brian didn’t want to get out.  He was too scared.  He felt her pulling on his leash, choking him.  The pressure made him back up a little, but he still didn’t want to get out.
      “Bobo!” Rosa yelled.  “Out!  Now!  Don’t make me have to beat you again!”
     Beat him?  Yes, she would.  Horribly.  He could just picture it in his mind…the same way she tortured spies.  He turned his head to look back at her and felt her pulling harder on his leash. 
      “Do you want me to open the other door?” Connie asked.  “Then you can just push him out while I pull.”
     Brian realized he wasn’t going to have a choice about getting out – like it or not.  He looked back one more time, then moved backwards, a bit.
      “No,” Rosa replied.  “I think he’s coming now.”
     Slowly, Brian backed up more.  Getting out of the car backwards was harder than getting into it.  But as his back leg was trying to find the ground, he felt her grab his body and pull him.  A moment later, he was outside…somewhere…somewhere where there were a lot of cars.  And he was totally naked.  And he was…behaving like…a dog.  In public!  He couldn’t help it, he let out a small whimper. 
     Holding his leash up tightly, Rosa locked the car the moment Connie closed the rear door for her.  “This way, Bobo,” she said as soon as she had put her keys back into her purse. 
      “Where are you going?” Connie asked, seeing the direction Rosa was heading.  “The club’s the other way.”
      “There’s some grass up here at the edge of the parking lot,” Rosa replied.  “After that car ride, I figure I better walk him a bit before we go inside.”
     Connie giggled and joined her as they entered the grass patch.
      “Okay, Bobo,” Rosa said as they walked slowly along the narrow strip of green, “do your thing.  I don’t want to have to take you out later while we’re in there.”
     Brian was shocked beyond belief!  She actually wanted him to….  Out here?  Out by the road where there were cars driving by?  If it wasn’t for the leash pulling tightly on his neck, he would have crawled back to the car already!  But the darn leash didn’t let him go anywhere she didn’t want him to.  And with no hands and only half of his legs, there was little he could do but go wherever she wanted.  But this?  Pee like a dog where everyone could see him?
      “There Bobo,” Rosa said.  “There’s a nice bench up ahead.  Try sniffing that and see if it’s a good place for you to go.”
     Connie giggled again.  “Looks like a perfect place to me.”
     Brian looked.  There was an old bench up ahead bordering the sidewalk.  Maybe he could hide behind it so the cars that drove by occasionally couldn’t see him.  As they approached, he pulled harder on his leash so that he could get all the way behind it and out of sight – relatively.  But they barely got to the bench when she pulled back hard and he was stopped right at the edge of it.
      “Try sniffing there, Bobo,” Rosa said.  “See if it’s a good place for you to go.”
     Sniff it?  He didn’t want to sniff the leg of some old dirty bench.  But she wasn’t letting him go any further to get out of sight, so he lowered his head and sniffed the leg a little.  Yuck!  It smelled horrible.  Like other dogs had peed on it before.  He pulled his head away and tried to pull on his leash again.
      “No good?” Rosa asked.  “Okay, we’ll try the other side.”  She let him crawl forward toward the other end of the bench.  But when he got to the middle, he stopped as if he didn’t want to go any further.  No, she wasn’t going to let him hide here behind the bench.  Sometimes a leash can be the perfect tool.  All she had to do was pull on it and he was forced to follow her to the far end of the bench.  “Try sniffing that leg instead,” Rosa suggested. 
     Brian sniffed it.  It smelled exactly like the first one he had smelled – awful!  He lifted his head and looked at her.  At least from where he was he was still hidden from view by the bench.  Could he stay here?
      “I think he’s shy about it,” Connie suggested.
     Rosa looked at her.  “I think you’re right!”  She looked around and spotted…perfect!  She pulled on the leash again.  “This way Bobo.”
     Brian was dragged along with her – like it or not.  Out from behind the bench, out to the sidewalk in front of the bench, out to the edge of the road!  She stopped right next to a road sign sticking out of the concrete next to the curb.  “I think this is the perfect place, Bobo.  You had your chances back there, so now we’ll just wait here until you pee against that sign.”
     Brian couldn’t believe it.  He noticed now that several of the cars that drove by were slowing down so they could see him better.  She had absolutely no heart!  She was merciless!  But then, she also used to torture spies for a living!
      “The longer you take, the longer we’re going to be here,” Rosa added.  “I suggest you start sniffing again.  Hopefully, it will inspire you.”  She heard Connie giggling again at her words.
     Once again, Brian had no choice.  He lowered his head and sniffed the sign post.  He couldn’t tell what he smelled.  Nothing he had ever smelled before, that was for sure. 
      “Now lift your leg and do your business,” Rosa prompted. 
     Hating himself…hating her…hating life, Brian crawled a bit further forward and somehow managed to lift his leg.  A car driving by on the other side of the road pulled almost to a stop.  Peeing wasn’t easy, but somehow, he forced it out.  Another car coming from the other direction stopped too.  Brian was so embarrassed.  He finally lowered his leg.
      “See now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Rosa said as she turned back in the direction of the club.  “Next time it will be that much easier for you.”
     Brian seriously hoped there would never be a next time.
      “If you need to do anything else, Bobo,” Rosa said as they walked back along the small patch of grass, “Now’s the time to do it.”  Brian just kept crawling forward – back toward the cars.  Unfortunately, they weren’t going back to the car.
     With Rosa on one side of him firmly holding his leash, and Connie bordering his other side, Brian crawled along the sidewalk toward the lighted entrance ahead.  When they reached the steps, they turned and made their way up them.  Connie held the door open and Rosa led Bobo inside. 

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