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Mister Mike - Chapter 20 – Part 2 of 2

The Domination of Mister Mike
By Karen Singer

Chapter 20 – Part 2 of 2

     I really did not want to do this.  I sat in the driver’s seat of my SUV and stared at the building supply store in front of me.  I had parked down near where the lumber was since I knew I would have to carry it out and load it directly into my car.  That entrance wasn’t as busy as the main entrance further down the front of the store.  But this was the entrance where all the more manly men came…the men who worked construction.  And trust me, just then I didn’t feel like someone who belonged anywhere near a store like that.  In fact, I didn’t feel like anyone who belonged anywhere near any store at all…or anywhere out in public at all.  Yet there I was…like it or not.  Which I didn’t. 
     Joanna got out of the car.  I watched her for a moment, trying to find the courage to open my door.  She had closed her door and was standing there waiting for me before I managed to open my own door.  I grabbed Ashley’s stupid colorful purse and slung it over my arm.  Oh how I wished that Joanna hadn’t made me take it before we left the house. 
     I set one high heeled shoe down on the pavement, then swung around and set my other shoe down as well.  And I stood up.  Another thing I wished was that Joanna would have let me wear the boots instead of my t-strap heels.  The boots had a slightly shorter heel, and would be somewhat better for carrying anything heavy.  They were also warmer in the cold weather.  But no, Joanna had made me keep my t-strap heels on, especially since they were locked.  She was willing to unlock my dress, but not the heels.  So once again, I was still stuck in them – and out in public.
     I followed Joanna toward the store, feeling more nervous with each click, click, click of my heels.  I had no doubt that the sound of my heels alone would call all too much attention to me.  And of course the colorful purse slung over my arm wasn’t going to help matters either!  I also knew for a fact that my pants left nothing to the imagination as to the bulky diaper I was wearing underneath them.  Once again I was wishing that my winter coat was a long one and didn’t end just below my waist.  At least my winter coat disguised my breasts somewhat since Joanna had made me keep my bra with the breast forms on.  I was being forced to go into that all too masculine store, dressed the way I was.  Help me Lord!
      “Don’t forget,” Joanna said as she headed for the doors ahead, “Ashley says you can’t leave the store until you wet yourself – inside!  So let me know before you do it,” she told me.  “I told Ashley I’d take pictures for her.”
     It was just something else to make me far more nervous than I already was.  How did I manage to get my feet moving to follow her?  How did I manage to walk toward that store dressed as I was?  I’ll never know.  But somehow, my feet kept going, and so did the butterflies in my stomach.  Click, click, click, click…sorry.  I mean, clomp, clomp, clomp.  Those darn heels on my boots made far too much noise.  The nice flats that Joanna was wearing weren’t making hardly any sound at all.  Clomp, clomp, clomp.  As if I needed anything more to call attention to me.
     The double doors to the lumber sections split wide at our approach and we walked right in.  My eyes immediately started looking at all the people inside.  Customers, obvious contractors, and store workers in their red aprons.  I couldn’t help but notice how many of them turned their heads to look at me.  I hung my head in shame as I followed Joanna. 
      “Where do we need to look?” Joanna asked. 
      “Straight back this way,” I told her.  Together, we walked toward the back of the store where the nice shelving boards were kept.  I noticed Joanna looking all around as we walked, as if she was sizing up everything we were passing. 
     She looked carefully through the section of lumber where I usually shopped.  “Don’t they have anything bigger?” she asked.
      “Bigger?” I asked, looking at the 12 inch wide boards.  “They’ve got plywood over in the next row.”
      “No,” she said, “I mean thicker.  Big and thick.”
     Oh!  Heavy duty stuff.  I led her over to the construction lumber. 
      “This is better she said as she looked around.”
     What the heck did she need with lumber like this?  I usually worked with the thinner stuff for bookshelves and things.  “How wide do you need it?” I asked.
     She shook her head and started wandering up and down across the different sizes of lumber.  She stopped next to the row of two by eights and seemed to be considering them carefully.  Then she moved on to the next size, the two by ten boards.  Finally, she wandered up to the two by twelve boards and seemed to consider them.  She came back to the two by tens, then looked again at the two by eights.  She went back to the two by tens.  “Don’t they have these in a shorter length?” she asked.
      “No,” I told her.  “Eight feet is the smallest they make.”
      “Can you get one of these in your car?”
      “No problem,” I told her.  “If there’s not too many, I can get several ten foot boards in with no trouble.  They just come all the way up to the dashboard.  Eight footers are no problem at all.”
      “Good!” she said sounding very satisfied.  Then she looked at me for a moment before fishing her phone out of her purse.  A moment later, I had to pose for pictures she could send to Ashley.  Once the pictures were sent, she went back to looking at the lumber again.  “Grab one of those smaller ten inch wide boards then,” she said as she pointed to one of the two by tens.
      “Just one?”
      “That’s all,” she said. 
      “What do you need it for?” I asked.
     She smiled one of those wicked smiles at me again.  “You’ll see.”
     Once again those butterflies in my stomach began to feel more like a herd of elephants.
     I hefted one of the eight foot two by tens off the rack and started carrying it toward the front of the store.  Let me tell you, I’ve carried lots of lumber before, but never wearing shoes with a five inch heel.  Very…interesting.  Manageable though.  Of course, I’d had lots of practice walking in them now. 
      “Oh,” she said as we walked.  “We can’t forget something to cut that hole with.”
     I carried the board over toward the tool section and leaned it up against one of the shelves in the back.  I started looking for hole-saws.  The nice thing about that section is that the shelves are high and there aren’t too many customers back there.  I found the hole-saws.  “How big?” I asked.
     She started looking at them, seriously looking at a few that were made for locksets on doors.  But she shook her head and soon discarded them. 
      “Hey,” I said as I spotted something different.  “How about something like this?”  It was a special tool with many different circular cutting blades that ranged from less than an inch in diameter up to about five inches.  From what I could tell, the graduations seemed to be in quarter inch diameters.  You selected the size you needed and mounted it into a holder that attached to a drill.  “We can make just about any size you need with this,” I explained.
     She examined it closely.  “If you think that’s the best, then get it.  Like I told you, you’ll be buying that.  I’ll buy that big board for you.”
     I grabbed the nest of hole-saws, but before I took two steps she stopped me and asked, “Have you wet your diaper in here yet?”
     Talk about an embarrassing question to ask – out in public!  “Uh…no.  Not yet.”
     She shook her head.  “Then I’m afraid we’re going to have to stay here and keep looking around until you do.”
     That wasn’t exactly on the top of my list of things I wanted to do.  “Um…give me a second,” I told her.  “I think I can manage now.”
     She pulled her phone out again, took a couple of steps back, then aimed it at me.  Once again those damn elephant butterflies were romping in my stomach.  I did my best to relax things down there.  I had been stuck in diapers far more than I ever wanted to be, and wetting myself had become all too easy.  Within moments, the flood gates opened, and in the middle of it, I heard several clicks from the camera on her phone.  How…humiliating.  I had to stand there in my freshly wet diaper while she sent the pictures to her daughter.  Then she smiled.  “Let’s go,” she said brightly.
     Ugh!  Now I had to waddle around even worse because my diaper was wet!  I grabbed the board and hefted it up.  Carrying everything was actually somewhat difficult, and now the fresh amount of pee in my diaper was very noticeable to me.  The five inch heels, the now even thicker diaper, and of course the damn purse slung over my arm made carrying everything quite a chore.  And of course, Joanna didn’t offer to help me with any of it. 
     It wasn’t far to the checkout counter, and fortunately I didn’t have to stand in any kind of line, but I did have to stand there at the counter while the cashier girl rang everything up…two separate times since Joanna was paying for the board and I was paying for the saw.  The sales were made even longer since the girl kept looking up at me all too much, especially the purse I was carrying, and in the process she made several mistakes and had to back everything out again and start over.  And of course, I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was for me to have to dig my wallet out of that silly purse so I could pay for the hole-saw tool. 
     Eventually we got out of there, and with minimal effort, I got it all into my car and we headed home.  I was very, very glad to get out of there.  I was also glad that I hadn’t gotten thrown out of there!  Now the only questions I had to worry about were, what did Joanna want me to do with such a big board, and what the heck did it have to do with her cookie jar?
     Once home, Joanna had me take everything out to my workshop while she went inside to check on Ashley.  At least this time I was wearing a coat while I was out there, not to mention my pants and other clothes as well.  I carried the board and the hole saw out to my shop, along with that damn purse which just made matters that much more difficult.  As soon as I got everything inside, I turned the heater on and cranked it up.
     Joanna was there a few minutes later.  I had set the board on a couple of saw horses to work on.  She inspected the board carefully.  “How big do you want it?” I asked as I found my circular saw to cut it with. 
      “I’m thinking…maybe about half,” she said. 
     I got my ruler out and measured four feet and made a pencil mark on the board.
      “Let me see that,” She said as she grabbed the ruler.  She held that length up to me from the top of my head.  “Yes,” she said.  “That should work out just fine.”
     Five minutes later, I had two four foot long two by tens.  “Okay, now what?” I asked.
      “We need a hole,” she said.
     I got the new hole-saw apparatus out of the bag and found my drill.  “How big?”
     She was doing that sly looking thing at me again.  “I’m afraid we’re going to have to remove your diaper to figure that one out.”
     Remove my diaper?  At any other time I would be rather ecstatic about that, but this time it only made me nervous.  A few minutes later, I realized I had good reason to be nervous as she made me stand there stroking my cock to get it as hard as possible.  Once she had me to that point, she took my ruler and held up to my cock to determine, not how long it was, but how wide. 
      “Huh!” she grunted.  “Only an inch.”
     I was rock hard, and the diameter of my cock was only an inch.  More embarrassment.
      “So I guess we’re going to need a hole that’s one inch wide.”  Then she corrected herself.  “Maybe we better go up to the next size you have available.”
      “Uh…okay,” I replied.  That would mean drilling an inch and a quarter hole.  I pulled my diaper back up, and finished getting dressed again. 
     Once I had the proper hole-saw fitted to my drill, I asked.  “Where do you want it, right in the middle?”
      “Um…no.  I don’t think so,” she replied.  “Hold that board up in front of you.”
     I picked up the board and she had me hold it vertically right in front of my body.  She had me raise it up until the top was slightly over my head.  Then I felt her reaching around and putting her hand between the board and…my diapered crotch.  She decided on a spot and kept her finger there.  “Put the hole here,” she said, still keeping her finger on the spot. 
     I carefully laid the board back on the sawhorses, and grabbed a pencil while she kept her finger in place about eight inches from the bottom of the board.  I marked the spot, and five minutes later, the hole had been cut right through the board.
      “Now what?” I asked.
     She smiled.  “That’s it,” she said brightly.  “Bring it in with you and put it in your room.  You’ll be playing with it tonight.”  With that and another wicked smile, she walked out.
     I now had no doubt what that board was for, and what I’d soon be doing with it…and that hole.  And yes, as dumb as it was, my cock lurched inside my wet diaper.  What I still hadn’t figured out yet though, was the cookie jar.  Where the heck did that come in?

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “More lipstick,” Joanna told me.  “A lot more!  You want to look your best for your new lover.  Sexy!”
     My new lover?  A board?  A piece of wood…with a hole in it?  With both Joanna and Ashley looking on from the bathroom doorway, I applied another coat of my red lipstick, making it more than a bit too thick.  I could hear both Ashley and Joanna giggling as they watched.  I turned back to show them the finished result. 
      “Much better,” Joanna replied with that sly glint in her eyes.  “Now come along Michael.  Your new lover is waiting.”
     I left the bathroom wearing makeup, a wet diaper, those damn five inch heels still locked to my feet…and nothing else.  Not even the pacifier.  I followed them into my bedroom where the board was laying on top of my bed.
      “Now Michael,” Joanna said as I stood there looking at that board.  “I’m tired of you humping your bed all the time.  It’s absolutely pathetic.  So since it seems you don’t need anything but a dumb inanimate object to have sex with, then we’ve now created a new object for you to enjoy.  From now on, you will not be allowed to have sex with anything else, except that piece of wood.  Nothing!”
     It was absolutely insane!  Yet I could feel the butterflies in my stomach moving around, and I could feel my cock stirring inside my wet diaper. 
      “Now get that diaper off Michael, and show that piece of wood just how much you love it.  Show it how sexy you think it is.”
     Sexy?  She was nuts!  Yet my cock was stirring inside my wet diaper.  I pulled on the tape that held my diaper closed and finally got the thing off.  I left it laying on the floor.
      “Get on the bed with it Michael,” Joanna told me, “and show us how good a lover you can be to that simple piece of wood.”
     I heard her and Ashley giggling, but I didn’t dare look at them.  How the heck was I supposed to do this?  This wasn’t like humping my mattress at all.  This wasn’t like anything I had ever done at all.  I climbed up on the bed, trying to figure out what to do with it. 
      “I’m sure you can figure out where your cock goes, Michael,” Joanna teased.
     I looked at the rough hole in the board.  I knelt over top of it and guided my semi-hard cock toward it.  But when I tried to push it through, the bed underneath prevented it from going very far.  I wasn’t sure what to do, but I pressed the tip of my cock against the mattress that way several times.
      “You’re going to need to do better than that Michael,” Joanna said.  “You’re going to need to push your silly cock all the way through that hole.  You’ll have to do whatever you can to push yourself back and forth inside that hole…fully!”
     I tried to figure it out.  I finally grabbed the board and turned on my side, holding onto it.  Now my cock was able to go through that hole with no problem.  But of course, all I could see was the board in front of my face.
      “That’s much better Michael.  Show that board what a man you are.  Show it how sexy you think it is.”
     I did my best to pump in and out of that hole harder, faster.  Despite myself, despite not wanting it to happen, I was growing harder.  I could actually feel more of the sides of that small hole against my now rock hard cock.  It’s a good thing Joanna had told me to go up a size when I made the hole, otherwise my cock might have gotten stuck!  I kept grinding away at it, feeling nothing but totally humiliated with what I was doing. 
      “Wonderful Michael,” Joanna said.  “Very good!  Hug that board to you tightly now.  Show it how affectionate you can be.  Give it a big kiss.”
     I was still trying to grind away going back and forth inside that silly hole.  I hugged the board now, which made grinding away a bit more difficult, but I kept at it.  The wood was pressed to my face.  As Joanna had ordered, I gave it a big kiss.  I heard Ashley outright laughing.
      “Have you ever in your life seen anything so pathetic dear?” Joanna said to her daughter.  “Have you ever…imagined anything so pathetic?”
      “Never Mama.  I never came close to imagining anything like this.”
      “Well…there’s the proof right in front of you.  He’s got to be the most pathetic human being on the planet!  Look at him.  He’s humping nothing but a piece of wood.  There isn’t even any paintings or pictures on it of any sort.  Just a plain piece of wood…with a hole in it for his silly cock to go through.”
     I heard her words.  I heard them both laughing at me.  And I couldn’t help it, they were actually fueling my sexual need!  All of a sudden I came, burying my cock hard into that hole and gushing my load through to the other side.  I finally slowed down, breathing hard.
      “Pathetic!” I heard Ashley exclaim.
      “Worse than that!” Joanna said.
     I laid there panting…hugging the board and trying to recover from my exertions. 
     Joanna came over to the bed.  “Pathetic!  Give your silly board another big kiss then get up from there Michael.”
     I kissed the board yet again.  Then got up and left it on the bed.  Joanna was looking at the mess I had made on the bed.  She shook her head.  “That didn’t work out quite as well as I hoped it would,” she said.  I didn’t know what she didn’t like about it, but I was hoping that I could put the board back out in my shed and never have to do that again.  Talk about demeaning!
      “Get some tissues and clean that up Michael,” Joanna told me.  “Then I think it’s time we got you into a fresh diaper for the night.”
     A fresh diaper!  Hooray!  And more than that, I noticed she hadn’t mentioned one word about spanking me.  I removed the board from the bed and leaned it against the wall.  I grabbed some tissues and wiped up the mess I had made on the bed.  I noticed Joanna looking critically at that board.
      “What’s wrong with it, Mamma?” Ashley asked.
     Joanna shook her head.  “I’m not satisfied with a few things about it yet,” she replied. 
      “Like what?  I thought it was great!”
     Joanna smiled at her.  “Yes, it was pretty good.  There’s just a few things I want to see if we can make better about it.”
      “Like what?”
      “I’ll have to let you know when I figure it out.”  She looked at me.  “In the meantime, get your diaper Michael and lay it out on the bed, but don’t put it on yet.  I’ll be right back.”  She walked out of the room. 
      “You were so funny!” Ashley said to me. 
     I nodded.  I was sure I had been.  Damn it!  I had fucked…a board.  A stupid piece of wood!  And I had gotten off on it.  Joanna and Ashley were right.  It was pathetic.  I was pathetic.  Totally…absolutely…pathetic.  Just like the rest of my life.
     Joanna was back a few minutes later with a small bag in her hands.  “Lay down on the bed, Michael,” she said.  “Let me put your diaper on you today.”
     I had no problem with that…even though I had already relieved my sexual cravings.  I laid down on top of the fresh diaper, expecting her to grab the bottle of baby powder on the dresser, but she reached into that bag and pulled out a plastic bottle instead and squirted a very generous amount into her hands.  It took me a moment to realize what it was – baby lotion.  The feel of her massaging that all over me was…wonderful!  And she particularly massaged it in heavily all over my cock.
     I expected the powder to be next, but I was wrong.  Instead, she reached into that bag again and this time pulled out something else.  From my position on my back, I couldn’t see what it was, but I heard her unzip something and could hear other small sounds after that from the foot of my bed.  “What’s that?” I asked.
     She smiled with that special glint in her eye again.  “Guess!”  And then she held it up, and I nearly died.  I wanted to protest, but somehow, I laid there with my eyes wide while she carefully and painstakingly fitted my cock into a chastity device.  Ashley looked on as closely as she could from the foot of the bed while Joanna fussed and prodded and hurt me more than a bit trying to get it all on and in position.  But all too soon I felt the tube of that thing going over my penis, and a moment later I heard the tiny sound of the lock clicking home.  She had locked my cock up!  She had fixed me so I couldn’t even get hard…let alone have any kind of sex.  She had locked a chastity device onto me…and I knew without a doubt that I’d never be able to get it off. 
     I thought I had recognized the model of the device when she had held it up to show me, but I wasn’t really sure.  I wanted to look at it.  Examine it.  Try to pull the darn thing off!  But I laid there with my eyes still wide as I felt her pulling that overly thick diaper up between my legs and then fastening it all too securely.  The diaper was secure…and now my cock inside of it was too.  What the hell was I going to do?
     My eyes were still wide with shock when Ashley hobbled over and stuck one of my damn pacifiers in my mouth.  “Don’t…take that thing out!” she ordered.  Then with a laugh, she was gone.
     My mind was in a daze as Joanna helped me into my nightgown.  It was still in a daze when Ashley hobbled back in with another baby bottle of water for me to drink.  Joanna herself put me to bed, pulled the covers up over me, pulled the stupid plug from my mouth, and then kissed me long and hard on the lips.  And my damn cock was locked up!  She guided the baby bottle to my lips, and said, “‘Night Mike.  Sleep tight.”  And with a giggle, she was gone, naturally leaving the bedroom door open…as it always was.
     What the hell was I going to do?  My cock was locked up!  She was denying me any chance at all to get off – in bed.  I remember her saying something about only allowing me to have sex with that piece of wood from now on.  Was this her way of ensuring that?  And how about with her?  Every weekend I had been enjoying sex with her…with a real live human being.  Something that until recently had been totally foreign to me.  Would she visit me in my bed and have sex with me again?   
     All those questions raged through my mind as I sucked on that baby bottle…and finished it before I realized it.  I put the bottle down and turned over on my stomach…and tried desperately to hump the bed.  I certainly wasn’t having much luck with getting hard again, but then I had just had sex with that board.  A dumb piece of wood.  And even without that damn chastity device, further sex was probably unlikely for a little while, and that was despite how thick my diaper was.  But that didn’t stop me from trying.  I tried, and tried, but my cock didn’t seem to be even interested in growing or doing anything at all, even though my mind wanted it.  Of course, that damn device kept my cock pointed in exactly the wrong direction for any fun, and that was beside the fact that it wouldn’t let me grow much – if I did start to grow…which right then wasn’t happening. 
     I could feel that device locked onto me.  There was no way I could ignore it.  The straight downward angle it kept my cock felt very uncomfortable to me.  Not normal at all.  But it was simply the entire feel of that device under my diaper that I couldn’t ignore.  It was almost mentally too much for me.
     I finally gave up and turned over.  I ignored the pacifier that I knew Ashley wanted me to suck on.  I never bothered with it at night anyway.  I tossed and turned remembering the events of the past hour.  I had fucked a board.  A simple piece of wood.  And Joanna had locked up my cock.
     Oh dear.

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