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The Bet - Chapter 34 (Thursday – week 5 Part 6 of 6)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 34 (Thursday – week 5 Part 6 of 6)

Gloria watched anxiously for them to arrive, even though it was still a few minutes early. She was ready to get started. Tonight would be the beginning of getting the answers she wanted. She was happy to see Mel’s car driving into her little parking lot. Was it her imagination, or did she see him drinking from a baby bottle as they drove in? No matter. That wasn’t her concern.
She greeted the two of them warmly the minute they walked through her door, taking careful note of how Chad was dressed – a far cry from the ridiculous outfit he had on last Monday in her office. Trying to be as professional as possible, she carefully didn’t mention that event. Two minutes later, both Chad and Mel were getting comfortable on her couches and she was adjusting the lights to a much more relaxing level. She looked around the room at all the details. Everything looked perfect. It was time to begin.
“Okay, you two. Let’s just start with some nice relaxing deep breaths. In… and out. In… and out. Good.” Her voice droned on and on, giving little instructions, little suggestions. Relaxing them both. Releasing their worries about everything that was stressful in their lives. More and more she began including the little trigger words that would drop Chad into a deep trance. Still talking, she quietly wandered over and touched Mel on her arm, signaling her to wake up so she wouldn’t get hypnotized too. More trigger words for Chad. Deeper and deeper.
Mel almost jumped out of her skin at Gloria’s touch. It had been so long now since she had been able to have a full session with Gloria. She almost ached for it. The brief little period she had just enjoyed had been wonderful, just not long enough. She watched as Gloria continuing working with Chad. So far, she didn’t see anything different than usual. She was tempted to close her eyes again and just relax while she waited for Gloria to work with him, but she dared not. Gloria’s suggestions and voice were too tempting. She finally sat up as quietly as possible to just watch.
Gloria ran him through all her usual routines, the things he was most familiar with, dropping him further and further into deeper and deeper levels of trance. Finally, she felt like he was ready for some new things. Over and over again, between suggestions that he already knew, she started telling him that she wanted him to trust her. After a while, that suggestion changed to telling him that he did trust her, completely. Then she started working on how important it was for him to be honest and truthful with her, totally. Over and over again, sinking those ideas into his head, making him need to be honest and truthful with her.
She finally looked over at Mel, who looked mostly bored. She had warned her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t quite done getting Chad ready yet. There was still one more important step. “I want you to picture some place that you would find totally safe, and secure. Someplace wonderful. Someplace where only you exist… only you and the sound of my voice.” It took a moment, but she finally saw a smile creep onto his face. “Do you have that place?”
“Yes,” he replied, still smiling.
“Good. Now remember, there is nobody there except you and the sound of my voice. Nothing that can harm you. Nobody that can upset you. This is your special place, the place where you can always go to and find happiness and peace. Everything else, that isn’t the sound of my voice, is nothing but a faint gently breeze on your face. Nothing else. This is your place where you are always calm and relaxed and happy. Yet this is also the place where you can examine the truth about yourself without worrying about it or getting upset about it. Remember, just you and my voice. Everything else is only a gentle breeze.”
She worked with him for a few moments longer on this, wondering if Mel realized that she had just attempted to fix things so that he wouldn’t hear anything that Mel might say. Mel still looked totally bored, but also, she seemed a bit anxious now too. She couldn’t blame her. She was quite sure that Mel was anxious to get her questions asked. She nodded at Mel. “I think it’s time to ask some questions,” she said, careful to word things so that both Mel and Chad would understand it in their own way. Mel suddenly seemed to come back to life. As much as Gloria wanted to get to her own questions, she knew that if she didn’t ask Mel’s first, Mel would probably start to go crazy.
She turned back to Chad. “Remember, you want to be honest with me. You want to be honest with yourself.” She looked briefly back at Mel, then turned to Chad again. “Tell me, do you still want to win the bet?”
“Yes,” Chad replied. “Definitely.”
“Are you still trying to hold back every day? Trying to gain more control?”
“Yes,” Chad replied. “When I can.”
Gloria noticed that his face seemed a bit more troubled. “Remember, this is your calm, relaxing place. Nothing can trouble you here. Here you feel safe to look at the truth.” She waited a moment then continued. “What did you mean by ‘when you can?’”
“Lately, the only time I can do it is when I’m at work. Mel has me keeping to a wetting schedule now that’s almost impossible to keep. She’s not letting me hold back at all when I’m not at work.”
“So tell me, the last time you were here, you were able to hold things for almost half an hour. Have you improved any?” She saw Mel leaning closer now. This was the heart of Mel’s question. She couldn’t help but notice the troubled look on Chad’s face again. “Remember, you can be relaxed and honest. Nothing can hurt you here. Nothing can bother you here. You want to look at the truth.”
“I’m going backwards,” Chad finally replied.
Gloria heard Mel’s overly loud sigh of relief. She saw Chad seem to smile a bit. “What are you smiling about?”
“A nice cool gentle breeze just blew across my face.”
Gloria smiled, then continued. “Why are you going backwards?”
“Mel’s wetting schedule… and way too much to drink. I can’t hold back very well with so much liquid in my system. It’s usually not till later in the afternoons when I get a chance to hold back really well.”
“And how long are you able to hold back now?” Gloria asked. She felt Mel leaning even closer. Again, she saw the shadow of trouble cross Chad’s face, but she ignored it this time.
“Today I only managed eighteen minutes. Every single day I’ve lost a few more minutes. But still, eighteen minutes should be pretty good.”
Mel was ecstatic! She had managed to trim his best time last week down by over ten minutes! What she was doing with him was working. But would it continue to work? Would it still be enough? She heard Gloria talking to him again, reminding him about his need to be honest. She forced herself to sit still and listen again.
Gloria glanced quickly at the clock. There wasn’t much time left and she had another client coming after them. She would have to ask her questions quickly. “Chad, remember when this bet started? Did you really want to be incontinent then? Truthfully.”
“Yeah, I did,” Chad replied.
“But you don’t want it now?”
Chad didn’t answer for a few moments. His face looked troubled again. “I do… but I don’t.”
“Can you explain that?” She glanced at the clock again.
Chad was slow to answer as he thought about the question. “I really like the humiliation of not being able to control myself. Plus, there are times now when I wet myself or mess myself with no notice at all. I find that it’s a very interesting experience. Fairly exciting. Maybe because it really is like being incontinent. No control at all.”
Mel found his words very interesting and exciting too.
“So why don’t you like it?”
Chad seemed to sigh a bit before he answered. “The bet. I just feel like I have to win. Plus, I really want people to like me again. I really want my self-respect back again. In some ways, I really love everything that Mel is making me do, but in other ways, it’s ruining my life.”
Gloria glanced at the clock again. She was out of time. She needed to start bringing him back out of it again – carefully. But she had a few more answers now. And answers she knew were truthful. It wasn’t much new information at all really. But she knew that everything he had just said was totally honest. Unfortunately, his final bit of information left some big holes that would need to be explored another time.
Slowly and carefully, she began pulling Chad up out of his trance, reminding him of all the triggers she had planted in him, old and new. She reminded him that he would never remember being hypnotized. He would only remember being very relaxed and how good he felt afterwards. She saw Mel laying back on her own couch so that when Chad woke up he wouldn’t know she had not been relaxed. A minute later, the session was over. Chad was fully awake with a big smile on his face. Mel’s face looked happy too, but not nearly as much as Chad’s.

On the drive back to her office where Chad would pick up his own car, Chad felt so relaxed, and so happy, but he was totally silent. He was silent mostly because of the baby bottle stuck in his mouth that Mel had ordered him to finish. Since he wasn’t talking, Mel’s mind began musing over what she had just learned. He was down to eighteen minutes. But that was still an incredibly long time, even if he didn’t seem to think so. Somehow, she had to take that away from him – all of it. He had said that he thought her new single diaper exercise was working, she would definitely stay with that until she could think of something better. He had also said that too many liquids made it difficult for him to hold back. Well, that figured too. Then she remembered the part where he had mentioned that it wasn’t usually till late afternoon when he was able to hold back the longest – the time when he had less fluids in his system. Was that the key? But how could she do anything with that if he was at work? Things to think about. Obviously, she still had a lot of work to do with him. A lot!
She pulled up next to Chad’s car and waited as he grabbed his diaper bag and got his own car started, then she backed out and headed toward home. But on the way back to her apartment, her thoughts ranged not so much on what she had learned at Gloria’s but more on what he had said earlier during dinner. She could just imagine what kind of slogans the women were probably coming up with. Women could be so inventive sometimes. Then there was the picture in her mind of him going out on a date with a man. How uncomfortable would he feel about that? But mostly, for reasons she couldn’t explain, she kept picturing him at the poker game with the guys. Why? Other than the fact that she saw him there dressed pretty much as he was, there was nothing much more exciting there. In fact, it was really one of those masculine activities that she wanted him to have nothing more to do with. So why did it fascinate her so much?
The minute they were both back in her apartment, she made him start getting undressed. Everything that covered him from the waist down. Chad figured that it would be back to the single diaper again, but he had forgotten about something.
“Don’t forget to prepare the floor thoroughly before your punishment,” Mel said as she headed back to her own bedroom to change into something more comfortable.
His punishment? Damn! The demerit for not using his sissy voice on the phone earlier. It wasn’t something he was looking forward to at all. But at least it would be for only one demerit. He spread a bunch of disposable diapers out covering a fairly wide area because now Mel was “requiring” him to pee during his punishments. Talk about stupid! It was humiliating too though, very. By the time he was finished, Mel came back out wearing just jeans and a comfortable top.
“Are you ready?” she asked.
Chad wasn’t ready at all, but he had no excuse to put the punishment off. He curtseyed. “Yes, Mistress.”
Mel walked over and picked up her yardstick while Chad leaned over the back of the chair in front of him. Mel looked over the diapers he had spread all around that area of the floor and approved. If we keep having to punish you, then maybe we should find something else that’s easier to use,” she said as she raised her stick.
Chad turned his head at her comment and was about to agree that it would be a good idea when the stick swoshed through the air and landed with a stinging crack on his backside. “Ow!” Instead of agreeing with Mel’s last statement, he stood up, curtseyed, and thanked her in his silly sissy voice. Then he leaned back against the chair and raised his bottom to make it a better target for her miserable stick.
By the fifth stroke, the tears were coming down from his eyes uncontrollably. But it wasn’t tears that concerned him, it was the fact that he still hadn’t peed yet during the punishment. Because if he didn’t manage to do it before the ten strokes, then he would get another five. And he didn’t want that at all. He had felt so good after the session with Gloria, but that was all wiped away now. Why did they even bother to go if she was going to do this to him?
Eight strokes. Eight curtseys. Eight times thanking her, trying to talk coherently in his sissy voice. Then nine. Then ten. But he still hadn’t peed. More reluctantly than ever, he leaned back against the chair for the extra five.
“You know, Sissy.” Mel said as she delivered another nasty swat. “You’d think that you would get the point by now about using your old normal voice.” She waited till he had thanked her again, then continued. “One way or another, we’re going to stop you from using it.” Swish. Whap! “So I suggest you think very hard about all the pain that talking that way is going to bring you. Or maybe we need to find something even more painful than this!”
Chad was horrified at the thought of something that might be more painful. He wasn’t sure that he could take it. But there was still no way that he was going to talk in his stupid sissy voice at work! A few blows later, Sissy curtseyed and thanked her for the last time. He still hadn’t managed to pee even during the extra five blows.
Mel had him lay down right where he was and put one of the diapers that had been under him, on him. The minute she brought it up between his legs and taped just one side of it, he started peeing. She almost laughed. “Better late than never, Sissy.” She taped the other side firmly. “Two hours now. You know how it works.”
Chad picked up all the remaining diapers, his actions making his stinging backside sting all the more. Then he headed straight to the kitchen to get himself another bottle. He had to keep drinking if he didn’t want another punishment. As he entered the kitchen, he saw Mel looking through the coloring book that he had worked on in the restaurant. He pulled a fresh bottle out of the dwindling supply that took up a major part of her refrigerator and started to wander back out toward the kitchen.
“Look at these, Sissy,” Mel said as he walked past. “Which ones do you think we should hang up?”
Hang up? She couldn’t be serious! Mel turned back to the beginning of the book.
“I’m not so crazy about these first few,” Mel declared as she looked at each one then flipped past them. “But I can see a definite improvement starting from here, right after she brought you your bottle back.”
Chad looked at the pictures. They were his worst! He couldn’t see properly to color them because of the bottle in his line of vision. He had also had only one hand to work with. Consequently, the pictures looked much more like a child had done them.
Mel finished looking at the pictures he had finished coloring then turned back to the first ones that had looked more childish, his two absolute worst ones. “I think I like these the best,” she declared. “What do you think?”
“I liked the ones at the beginning better,” Chad replied.
Mel shook her head. “No, I don’t. They don’t show the real you.”
Chad didn’t reply. He only watched as Mel found a pair of scissors and cut one of the pictures out. Then she taped it prominently to the front of her refrigerator where anyone could see it. “There!” she declared. “I think that’s lovely.” Chad only found it embarrassing.

It was close to the two hour time limit before Chad managed to get his diaper to leak. He had been getting worried that he wouldn’t make it, but somehow his body managed to respond adequately.
Mel glanced at the clock. He had made it with only three minutes left to go. “I was getting worried there, Sissy. I was beginning to think for sure that we would have to get my stick out again. Okay, let’s get you changed.” She grabbed four disposable diapers from her own stash of them and had him lay down right there in her bathroom. She removed his sodden leaky diaper and put a fresh one under him. She wiped him off, taking note that his penis inside his chastity devise was just at small as ever.
She grabbed her jar of suppositories from her bathroom counter and stuck one of them up inside of him. Then she put some baby lotion on him and a bit of baby powder and taped four of the diapers onto him, cutting the outer liner of each of the inner diapers to allow the moisture to soak through as necessary.
“Okay, Sissy,” she said. “You can go home now. Have a good night.”
Chad wished her a good night too and grabbed his things and walked out her door clad only in the super thick wad of diapers from the waist down. He was long past caring what anyone else outside might think as he headed next door to his own apartment. He was ready for bed. It had been a long, and humiliating, day… again. He didn’t want to think about what tomorrow might bring as Mel wished him goodnight and he made his way back to his own apartment. His own quiet little apartment. With it’s empty blank walls, and empty blank floors, and his little blow-up bed. But it was his. Everything he had in the world… for now. But when he won this bet, there would be more! So much more!

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