Thursday, November 3, 2016

Baby Bobby - My Third Published Kindle Book

For my third published Kindle book, I chose:  Baby Bobby.  This is a pure fetish novel.  A sissy baby fetish novel to be exact. 

This was my first book that I published to the Fictionmaina website back in 2009.  I’ve removed the story now from Fictionmania so I could publish it.  This story immediately caused a big stir on Fictionmania and somewhat of a debate within the reader comments as to whether this story was a masterpiece or not.  In my opinion – not.  It’s just a very good, very unique story.  But to be honest, I do think it’s without a doubt a classic of the tiny min-genre that it occupies. 

Of course, I’ve rewritten the story a little bit in order to smooth it out and fix some of the errors.  The result is something much more satisfactory (at least to me), and perhaps something much more worthy to be a classic of that tiny genre.   
For a fetish story, there is NO SEX in the book at all.  Not even close.  So don’t go looking for it.  This novel isn’t about that at all. 

So what is the story about?  I’m so glad you asked – you did ask, didn’t you?

Baby Bobby is about Bobby, a high school sophomore who gets bullied by Brandy, a very cruel girl in the school, who beats him up and puts a diaper on him.  But the idea was put to Brandy by one of her friends to see if she could keep Bobby in diapers for the entire school year.  Could she do it?  Her friend didn’t think it would be possible, but Brandy believed otherwise.  But of course, once Brandy got started, she became more and more obsessed with dominating Bobby, and not just diapering him, but completely sissifying and feminizing him as well.

This is a story where the cruelty goes on and on throughout.  If you don’t like stories like that, then please don’t buy it.  But if you can get past that, then I truly believe you’ll enjoy this unique story.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  A book that I believe should be a classic for the subject, even though I’m sure every author thinks that of every book they write. 

If you’re wondering about the cover, I create all the covers for my books myself.  And this time I think I’ve created one of the absolute cheesiest covers imaginable.  Yet I think it pretty much sums up the book perfectly.  The cover was a lot of work to create, and also a lot of fun.

And once again, should you read the story and feel it’s worth someone else taking the time to read, please leave a comment about it on Amazon so that others can gain from your experience.


Anonymous said...

I dont own a kindle but want to read this - can I just email you some $?

Anonymous said...

I don't own a Kindle either, but you can read it on Amazon or download an app for your computer.