Friday, March 3, 2017

Two Magical Tales

Ah!  Hello all.  Well, we’ve reached the end of yet another epic tale.  I do hope you enjoyed it.  For those who are interested, I’m working hard at getting The McComber Switch ready for publishing.  I’ll tell you more about that at a later time.

The McComber Switch is now in the past, which means that it’s time to tell you about the next little story.  Actually, I have two very fun stories cued up for you.  One that deals with a magic rock, and the second one that features magic where there is no actual magic.  But we’ll get to the second one in a few months, and I’m not going to tell you the title of it (Revenge) until then!!!

But first I guess it might be prudent to let you know a little bit about the next story.  And the first thing I need you to know is that I didn’t write it.  We have a guest writer for a change.  Hooray!

The next story is entitled:  Wererock.  And it’s about…a rock.  And of course some people that interact with it.  The author of this fun little tale, Mike, has been an on-line friend of mine since the middle of The Bet, which is a long time now.  During The Bet, he sent me several pieces of fan fiction that were absolutely marvelous!  Some of them were so good I posted them.

Mike and I often trade chapters back and forth of different things we’re writing.  With Wererock though, I enjoyed it so much, I asked if he would be gracious enough to allow me to post it on this blog, and he readily agreed.  Another Hooray! 

So starting with my next posting, I will be featuring a very fun tale by Mike – called Wererock.

Enjoy everyone.  And don’t forget to smile once in a while (even if it’s just to confuse everyone else).

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sarah penguin said...

Yay rock stars by the light of full the moon :)