Saturday, April 1, 2017

The McComber Switch – Published

 Yes I did it.  But I told everyone I was going to publish it eventually, right from the start.  So as I’m sure almost nobody noticed, The McComber Switch is no longer posted here on this blog, and is out in Kindle land instead.  Like my other books, it’s now available as a Kindle EBook. 

I took the whole thing, and divided it up into four parts.  Each of those four parts are a separate book, AND the entire thing is also available as a Complete Edition with all four parts in one book.  I recommend the complete edition because it will save you money over buying each book separately, even though I’m charging about as little as Kindle will allow for all of it.  Despite that, I don’t expect the books to sell much at all.  Great story – bad covers!  But I’m too cheap to pay a fortune to have better covers made.  The titles are pretty lame too.  So there it is, but the books are out there anyway so I can ignore this thing now. 

The titles of all the books are:

The McComber Switch – Part 1 – Revenge of the Ducks

The McComber Switch – Part 2 – The Consequences of Conduct

The McComber Switch – Part 3 – From the Frying Pan to the Fire

The McComber Switch – Part 4 – Fame is a Four Letter Word

The McComber Switch – Complete Edition – All Four Parts in One

Here’s the book description I put into Kindle about it:

To the world, the story began with this:  “Welcome to northern Arkansas.  This is the story of a family that lives here.  It’s a story about courage and stress, love and hatred.  It’s a story about Four Musketeers.  A story about boys and men who love hunting more than life.  A story about an extended family that cares for each other with a passion that is almost furious.  Yet it is also a story about a family that is stressed to the limits with no conceivable way out.  And finally, this is the story of two young twins with the courage and determination to do what nobody wants them to do.”

To the world, that is the official way this story began.  The truth however was something far different! 

This is the story of an eleven year old boy and an eleven year old girl.  Twins!  One who refuses to do what he’s supposed to do, and one who refuses to stop doing what she’s not supposed to do.  And so the family, at their wits end, decide to enact a punishment that most would consider criminal.  A punishment that would literally put the twins through hell in order to change their minds and get them to see the light.  Yet it is a punishment of the twin’s own design.  One that the twins themselves asked for – in writing.  The boy would become the girl, and the girl would become the boy.  The twins just thought that nobody would ever go along with it.

Everyone hated the idea, but no one had a better plan for dealing with the problem.  Everyone was sure that the plan would work.  And everyone was wrong!

So if you’re interested, and I really hope you are, please buy a book!

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