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Revenge - Chapter 29 – Part 2 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 29 – Part 2 of 2

Dear Monica,

I truly wish there was some way I could help you, but I’m afraid I cannot. What you seek…what you think exists, in reality, doesn’t. 

Remember the old adage about magic being only that which we don’t understand?  I’m afraid that is the case here.  The magic you are looking for doesn’t exist – in the way you think it does.  And what I do with Steve isn’t anything you can use to help you later in life.  My power over Steve came about because of a rather unexpected circumstance.  One that he himself is not even aware of. 

I am truly grateful that everything went well last night.  I can tell you that Steve was in major pain last night and most likely remains so today.  I can also tell you that he is feeling more defeated than he ever has before.  So what you did last night had a very major impact on him.  Hopefully, he will no longer be any kind of threat to you or the others at all.  It is also possible that he may even be more compliant since he knows he has no way to ever strike back.

Once again, I’m sorry I can’t help you more with what you seek, but as I said, it is something that doesn’t actually exist.  If I could be there with you, I would do everything in my power to help your emotional state – and much of what I do in my life is to help people with problems.  But I am not there, and even then, helping you would be a long and lengthy process.  If you like, I can recommend some very good psychologists in your area to talk with you.  That is what you need.  That is what you should be looking into. 

Steve is hurting both physically and emotionally right now.  Most likely, he’s hurting very badly both ways.  Perhaps it would be good to go easy on him for a few days, at least until next week, before you do anything more with him.

Once again, you don’t know how sorry I am,
The Sorceress

Monica read the email with growing sadness.  Basically, the Sorceress was refusing to teach her at all.  The Sorceress only wanted to keep all the magic for herself.  Well, she had thought about that possibility.  She had thought about it, and had decided on a course of action just in case.  Starting today, she was going to start reading everything she could about witchcraft.  She was going to find a way to learn about magic.  Somehow, she was going to become a witch – for real!  The Sorceress wasn’t going to be the only one with that kind of power.
She turned back to her email and began a reply to the Sorceress.


I was afraid you would reject me.  But let it be known, I’ve seen what your power can do.  There must be some way in this world for a person to learn how to do that.  You will not be the only one.  I am going to study witchcraft any and every way I can.  I will be – Witch Monica.  And nobody will mess with me again!

And as for going easy on Steve?  After seeing him with that gun last night, and knowing he had it with the sole intention of killing me, I have no intention of going easy on him at all.  I want nothing more than to grind him into the ground under my heels.  He deserves to be punished any, and every way I can!

Witch Monica

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Susan read Monica’s email with growing concern.  The woman needed help!  But she was also certain that in the mental state Monica seemed to be in, that she couldn’t be helped – until she settled down some.  Susan could only hope that Monica would seek the psychological counseling she really needed at that point.
And as for grinding Steve into the ground?  Hadn’t she dreamed of doing just that for years?  That much, she fully understood.  She only felt sorry for – Karen.  Her own creation.  In a way, her child.  Her only child.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Late that night, Ruth sat at her desk at home, working.  All the kids were in bed and her husband was watching TV.  But her husband fully knew what she was doing.  She had shared it all with him…along with her vehemence for the company she worked for, and especially for one particular employee of that company.  Her husband however, had no knowledge at all of the “witch” work she had been engaged in against that one employee. 
Her husband was one of those rare gems that fully supported whatever she wanted to do.  And after finding out about some of the materials she had collected over time, he more than supported what she intended on doing.  It would be to the advantage of their entire family.  Quite possibly, their grandkids as well.
With the headphones on her ears, she began transcribing the recording she had secretly made of the meeting in the board room that afternoon.  Most meetings she had recorded were a complete waste of her time.  But not all of them.  And she had recordings of times she had dropped off the ice bucket in the company president’s office as well. 
She listened and typed as the men in the recording talked.  She recognized the voice of the company president, two of the company vice-presidents, and the company’s Director of Development and Research.  The other three men she didn’t know, but she had heard their voices before.  She found it interesting that not once in any of the recordings she had of them, had anyone mentioned any of their names.  Never.  Very curious.  But that all paled in significance to the things that were always discussed every time they were there.
She stopped typing and stared straight ahead, listening more intently than ever.  She wound up listening to the entire recording before she went back to begin transcribing it again. 
Pay dirt!  Pay dirt that was going to be her pay day!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---
On Friday morning, Steve woke up feeling a little better.  Yesterday, the damn witches had only called him down at the end of the day to see his stupid underwear, and that had been the only time he had seen any of them.  But when he had his pants down, Monica had come over, stuck her damn hand right into his panties, and pulled his aching dick out.  She pulled on the thing and squeezed hard, bringing him much more pain and nearly driving him to his knees.
“I’d like very much to just rip this stupid thing right off,” she had said with all too much vehemence.  Then she had let go of him and told him to get out of there.  He was glad.  He’d had more than enough of those four witches to last a lifetime.  Two lifetimes!
When he got dressed that day, he actually felt the absence of the gun he’d had.  Oh well, it was something he was sure he would never have been able to hold again.  When he left for work, he prayed that the witches would just leave him alone again.  Forever!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Instead of working on the idiotic things she should have been doing, Ruth was researching something else instead.  She finally narrowed her choices down to one very obvious choice.  She picked up her phone and called.  Five minutes later, she had an appointment for the following Monday to talk with someone at the most prestigious legal company in the city. 
She was nervous about what she was doing.  In fact, she was afraid.  Not just for herself, but for her family.  And she had proof as to why she should be very afraid. 
Texts had been flying between herself, Monica, Carla, and Diane, since yesterday afternoon, discussing what they should do next to Steve.  But today, her mind didn’t want to concentrate on what those women wanted, she could only think about what she wanted instead.  Something that she wouldn’t share with the others for anything in the world.  Soon now.  Very soon.  They were going to find themselves with one less “witch” for their ceremonies.
She picked up her phone and called her supervisor, telling him that she was taking off next Monday for personal business. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

“Oh Steeeevieee,” Monica’s voice came over Steve’s phone late in the day.
Steve suddenly felt sick. 
“Stevie?  Are you there?”
“Yeah,” he replied.  “I’m here.”
“Good!  I just wanted to make sure you didn’t get out of here tonight without stopping in to see us downstairs…to wish us all a good weekend.”
Yeah right!  He didn’t buy that one at all.  “Yeah,” he replied sullenly.  “Whatever.”
“Good, Stevie.  We’ll be waiting.”
Steve hung up his phone.  The damn witches.  At least they had left him alone all day again…until now.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Shortly after the business day ended, Steve somewhat angrily pushed open the doors to the shipping department and walked in. 
“Hey Steve,” one of the guys there said politely.  “Monica and Diane are back in their office.  Another big night coming up?”
Steve shook his head.  “I hope not.  I just want to go home and go to bed.”
The guy laughed.  “Have a good one.  With that, he headed out, followed quickly by the other two guys that worked there.  Steve continued back towards Monica’s office.
“Hi there Stevie,” Monica said brightly as he walked in.  “You’re earlier than usual.  You’ll have to wait a few minutes until Carla and Ruth get here.”
Steve said nothing.  He just stood there and kept a close eye on both Monica and Diane.  Especially on Monica.  He did notice though that Diane was watching him closer than Monica was.
A minute later, Carla breezed in.  “Hello everyone,” she called brightly as she hurried into the tiny office.  “I see Steve here can’t wait this time, can he?”  She laughed.  “Where’s Ruth?”
“We’re still waiting,” Diane told her.
Carla nodded.  “I saw her earlier today.  She seemed very…bothered by something.”  A noise from outside the office made her turn and look.  “Here she is.”
“Sorry I’m late,” Ruth said as she moved into the crowded office, noticing that everyone, including Steve was already there. 
“It’s okay,” Monica replied.  “Steve was just earlier this time.”
“He can’t wait to show us his underwear today,” Carla added with a laugh.
Ruth looked surprised, wondering if it was true or if Carla was only joking.  Joking, she decided.  “Well, let’s get on with it,” she said.  “I’ve got kids at home and a husband that needs to be fed.”
“Stevie,” Monica said.  “You know the drill by now.  Let’s see them.”
Once again, Steve lowered his pants to show them the panties, garter belt and stockings.
“And your pretty bra?”
He unbuttoned his shirt and opened it enough so they could see it.  “Can I go now?” he asked as he started buttoning his shirt again.
“Oh Stevie,” Monica replied with a hint of mischief in her voice.  “It’s Friday.  Party night.”
“I don’t feel much like partying,” Steve replied.  “I’m still hurting.  I just want to go home!”
Monica got up from her seat and walked over to him.  “Hold still!” she ordered.  She reached out and plucked another hair from his head.  “Look what I have,” she said with a mischievous smile as she showed it to all the other women.  “Another token.”  She headed back to her seat behind her desk and sat down. 
She looked at him for a moment before she spoke.  “Stevie, Stevie, Stevie.  I don’t care if you want to go home.  In fact.  I want you to go home.  I just don’t want you to stay there.”
Steve looked at her, just knowing that he wasn’t going to like what he was about to hear.
Monica continued to smile that mischievous smile of hers.  “I know you know how I can control you sometimes…so that I can make you do anything I want, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”
Steve’s nervousness went up.
“And I know you don’t like it when I do that to you.”
Steve still said nothing, but she had his complete attention.
“Well, Stevie, you have your choice tonight.  Isn’t that fun?”
“Of course!” Monica replied.  “Tonight, you get a choice.  It’s Friday.  Party night.  Carla, Diane, and I have been going to the club nearly every Friday lately.”  She looked over at Ruth.  “Poor Ruth bows out each week, but I guess we can forgive her since she’s lucky enough to have a family to take care of.”  She looked back to Steve.  “You used to go to the club every week too,” Monica said.  “Or so I understand.  In fact, you were there just last week.  Didn’t you enjoy that?  Of course you did.  We all saw how much fun you had…barking all night long like a dog!”
Steve was very nervous, but he couldn’t help the angry look on his face just remembering last weekend.
“So we all thought,” Monica continued, “that since we’re going back to the club tonight, then you should really go too.  And Stevie, this time, we all decided that you’ve just got to wear that gorgeous gold party dress you have.”
Steve’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head.
“And don’t forget the shoes that go with it!” Carla added.  “Damn, I’d still like to know where you got them.”
“Saint Thomas,” Steve replied sullenly.  “At the hotel.”
“See how good that trip turned out,” Monica said.  “You came away with a killer dress and those shoes.  I agree with Carla, I’d love to have a pair too.”
“Maybe we should plan a trip to the islands,” Carla suggested.
“Good idea,” Monica replied.  “And Stevie here can pay for it for us.” 
“Please!  I’m nearly broke!” Steve said quickly.
Monica laughed.  “Join the club!”  She suddenly turned very serious.  “We can talk about vacations some other time.  But we still have business to discuss for tonight.  Now Stevie, like we said, we want to see you at the club in that gorgeous gold party dress tonight.  But here’s the part where I said you’d have a choice.  You either spend all night trying to dance with the men and trying to pick one up.  Or I take over and make you do it.  But be warned.  If I have to make you do it, I’ll fix it so you not only go home with a man, but you go to bed with him too!  Possibly for the entire weekend!”  She stopped to consider something.  “But maybe that’s something you’d like.  Maybe that’s something you’d really like to do.  I didn’t consider that before.   But either way, you either throw yourself at all the men tonight, or we make you do it.  And trust me, if I have to make you do it, you’ll really regret it.  So the choice is yours Stevie boy…or girl.  You either throw yourself at the men tonight…”
“And kiss some of them!” Diane threw in.
Monica nodded.  “Of course.  We want to see you being very affectionate.  So you either do it yourself, or spend the weekend having wild passionate sex with some man that I pick out for you!”  She suddenly looked contrite.  “Oh, is that little weenie of yours still hurting?  Tough!  I don’t care!  You be at that club by nine o’clock at the latest!  And if you’re good, if I don’t take over and make you go home with someone, then you can leave at twelve.”  The smile she leveled at him was totally evil.  “The choice is yours Stevie.  See you later tonight.”
Steve looked around at all the women in the room.  What they wanted him to do was unthinkable.  But if he didn’t….  Instead of answering, he turned and walked out. 
What was he going to do?  He didn’t dare do it.  He’d be the laughing stock of the whole world!  But he didn’t dare not do it.  And one other thing crossed his mind.  While he had been in there, Monica had taken another hair from his head.  Another token.  Another ingredient for her to work yet more magic on him.  He shuddered at the thought.  It looked like he was going to spend another night in that gold dress.  And this time, he would be wearing it around people he somewhat knew.  People he had met at the club before. 
He had one other final thought as he headed out to his car.  Was Mike going to be at the club this week too?  Mike had dated Monica several times now.  If Mike was there, his life was basically over.  But wasn’t it already?

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