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Training with Wolfie - Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 3

Training With Wolfie
By Karen Singer

Chapter 4 – Part 2 of 3

     Rosa’s doorbell rang and she went to answer it.  She could immediately hear Wolfie barking outside at the back door.  She ignored him and opened her front door.  Connie was there with a large bag in her hand.  “I brought some rotisserie chicken,” Connie said as she held the bag up.  I figured it would be good and also easy to cut up if you needed to. 
     Rosa smiled.  “Sounds perfect,” she declared as she let her friend in.  She could still hear Wolfie barking out back.  She led the way to the kitchen where Connie simply set the bag down on the counter while Rosa went to her back door and yelled at Wolf to stop.  The dog did stop barking, but not without a few extra ones to show that he was still upset. 
     Connie poked her head around Rosa’s back to look through her back door.  She saw Brian sitting on the back deck.  “How’s Brian doing?” she asked. 
     Instead of answering, Rosa opened the door and went outside.  Connie followed.  Wolf immediately came up to her and sniffed her carefully before finally wandering off. 
     As soon as Wolf was gone, Connie noticed the look on Brian’s face.  He looked troubled, or angry, or something.  Not his usual self.  Then she noticed the tape wrapped around his hands.  She desperately wanted to say something about it, but she stopped herself.  Still….  “I see you’ve been busy with him again,” she noted. 
      “I just did that a few minutes ago,” Rosa replied.  “I don’t think the shock has worn off yet.”
      “No, not yet,” Connie agreed.  Connie wanted to ask more questions, but she knew they were not questions she could ask directly in front of Brian. 
      “Shall we go in and start putting lunch together?” Rosa suggested. 
      “Yeah, good idea,” Connie replied, anxious to talk to her friend privately about Brian. 
     Brian saw them heading toward the door, and realized that he still needed to pee.  He didn’t want to have to wait too long.  He wasn’t even sure how he was going to manage it with his hands all taped up.  The two women were going through the back door.  Quickly he let out three loud barks.  Rosa stopped in her tracks and looked back at him.  He barked three times again. 
     Rosa stuck her head back out through the door.  “Do you need to pee?” she asked him.  Again Brian barked three times.  He did see her smile though. 
     Rosa stuck her head back inside for a moment.  “You might want to watch this, she said to Connie.  Since he doesn’t have hands anymore, he’s about to be in for yet another little surprise.  Maybe a big one.” 
     Connie followed Rosa back outside.  Brian was just crawling up to her.  But as soon as Connie came out again, she closed the door to the house. 
      “Sit!” Rosa ordered as she stood over him.
     Hating having to do it, Brian settled back to his odd kneeling position again and looked up at her, waiting for her to let him inside.
      “Since you don’t have hands anymore,” Rosa said to him, “then I’m sure you realize that using the bathroom will be pretty much impossible for you.  Just think, how would you even unzip your pants?  So I’m afraid we’re going to have to make another little adjustment here to help you out. 
     Brian was instantly afraid again.  He still hadn’t fully registered what she had just done to his hands.  Now she was going to do something else? 
      “Stand!” Rosa ordered.  She waited until he was once again on all fours.  Then she moved around behind him.
     Still fearful and totally bewildered, Brian suddenly felt her straddling over top of him.  Then, before he knew it, her arms were going under him at his waist.  She was unbuckling his belt.  It certainly wasn’t a dog sound that escaped his throat.  “Ahhhh!” he moaned loudly in protest.  She was instantly off of him.  Faster than he could react, he saw her grab her rolled-up newspaper.  Then suddenly she was all over him, hitting his back, his shoulders, and his backside – over and over again.
      “What did I tell you?  Dog sounds only!” Rosa yelled.  “Dog sounds only!”
     Brian was crying before she finished hitting him.  He knew the sounds of his crying weren’t exactly dog sounds, but he couldn’t help himself from making them.  Fortunately, Rosa seemed to be ignoring them as she set her newspaper down next to her.  Then she was back, standing over top of him again.  Her hands went back under him and he felt her unbuckling his belt.  He did nothing at all to stop her this time.  He felt her unfastening his pants, pulling the zipper apart.  Then she was at his feet, pulling his shoes and socks off.  He knew what she was doing to him, yet he was helpless to stop her.  Hating and dreading it, he felt her roughly grab his pants and pull them off of him.  His underwear quickly followed, leaving him totally exposed…and right in front of her friend!  Then, she was pulling at his shirt, pulling that up and over his head, leaving him completely naked with no clothes on at all.  He shivered in the spring weather as the breeze suddenly washed over his naked body. 
      “There!  That’s much better,” Rosa declared.  “Now those nasty clothes won’t be in your way anymore.  Now you can just go down into the yard and go like Wolfie does.”    
     Brian was too shocked to move.  Go like Wolfie?  He couldn’t!
      “I know you have to go,” Rosa said.  “Get to it!”
     But Brian was still afraid to do it.  Not like she wanted.
      “Go!” she ordered.
     Fearing her, Brian slowly crawled toward the steps.  He carefully made his way down them and out into the yard.  Go?  Like Wolf?  He looked around.  Where was he supposed to do it?  He looked back up to the porch to see both Rosa and Connie watching him carefully.  He looked around for someplace that would be more private, where they couldn’t see him – but there was no place safe anywhere around. 
     Wolf was suddenly there, next to him, jumping on him, trying to play with him.  But he still had to pee, and Rosa and her friend were still watching him. 
      “Don’t forget to lift your leg like Wolfie does,” Rosa called down from the porch.  Seeing he was still hesitating, she added, “Maybe you can try using some of the same things to pee against that he uses.  Maybe that will help you.”  She heard Connie start giggling uncontrollably next to her.
     Brian couldn’t believe it.  She wanted him to do this exactly the way Wolf did it.  Having little choice in the matter, he finally went over next to some of the bushes up against the porch.  He lifted his leg, but as he did so, he realized that he was probably giving the women a perfect view of his private parts underneath.  He set his leg back down again.  But where was he supposed to go?  Of course there were all the other trees in the yard that Wolf peed against regularly. 
     But now Wolf was not only trying to play with him, Wolf was sniffing all too closely at his private parts too.  He wanted to tell the dog to go away, but how could he if he wasn’t allowed to talk?  “We’re waiting,” Rosa’s voice came from the porch above him.  The women were waiting to see him humiliate himself in front of them…and Wolf was still sniffing all too closely at him.  He needed Wolf to get out of the way.  In desperation, he whined a bit at the big dog.  Wolf picked his head up, but did little else.  Having no other options now, Brian finally lifted his leg again…somewhat, and let loose his pee.  Wolf was instantly under him, sniffing at it while he was doing it.  He heard the women laughing at him from above.  He really hated himself just then. 
     The second that he finished, he lowered his leg again and crawled away as fast as he could.  Wolf followed right with him.  The moment he stopped, he felt Wolf under him again, sniffing at him.  Suddenly, Wolf’s rough tongue started licking him right where it shouldn’t.  He crawled away again, trying to get away from Wolf, but it was impossible.  Every time he moved, the big dog moved with him and of course, Wolf was much faster and much more agile than he was.  Again and again, Wolf’s tongue licked at his private parts.  Why wouldn’t the dog stop?  Finally, having no place to go, he stood still.  Wolf again licked him thoroughly, then finally stopped.  Brian felt totally humiliated, and for the first time in a few minutes, he remembered his problem with his hands.  He picked one up and tried to open it again – useless! 
     Wolf was on him again, this time, jumping on his back, trying to get him to play again.  How could he?  He crawled this way and that, trying to get away from Wolf, but the big dog just thought it was all part of the game and jumped on him each time.  Brian looked back up to the deck for the women in hopes that maybe one of them could help him…as if they would, and saw that they were both gone.  He was on his own now, playing this strange new game with Wolf.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

      “Now that was priceless!” Connie declared the moment they were inside again.  She was still chuckling over it. 
     Rosa pulled the chicken out of the bag that Connie had brought when she arrived.  It was a whole rotisserie chicken.  She grabbed a knife to cut it up with.  “I’m afraid that that’s just one of the little changes he’s in store for now.  Without the use of his hands, there’s all kinds of things he won’t be able to do.
     Connie glanced at the table.  “Like eating at the table?” she asked, trying to stifle more giggling. 
      “Exactly!” Rosa declared.  “He won’t be able to do it.”  She sighed, but it was a mock sigh.  “I’m afraid we’re just going to have to set a plate out on the floor for him.” 
     Connie giggled yet again as she grabbed some plates out of Rosa’s cabinet.  “And that’s why you wanted to make sure I brought something that could be cut up!” Connie replied.
     Rosa just looked at her and smiled.  Connie set two of the plates on the table and the third one on the counter.  Then she reached for some glasses.  She pulled two out and reached for a third, then stopped herself.  “How about to drink?” she asked.  “Do I get him a glass?”
      “Of course not,” Rosa replied, never looking up from the chicken she was cutting.  “How would he grab it?”
      “So what do I get him?” Connie asked. 
     Rosa reached into another cupboard and brought out a large bowl.  “Here, fill this with water for him.”  Connie took the bowl with another giggle.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     It wasn’t bad enough that Wolf kept jumping all over him to play with him.  Actually, Brian had seen dogs do that together when they played all the time.  The problem now was that he was fairly certain that Wolf was occasionally trying to “hump” him.  So when Rosa whistled from the porch, calling them in, he wasn’t just glad, he was relieved.  Especially when Wolf left him and took off like a shot for the porch.  Brian simply did his best to hurry along behind.  “Lunch time,” Rosa called. 
     Wolf was there quickly and Rosa let him into the house.  By the time Brian got there, only Connie was at the door.  She let him inside.  Would she finally untape his hands so he could eat?  He hoped so!  He crawled up to the table, waiting for her to give him the go-ahead that he could sit down and eat.  Even naked and embarrassed as he was about it, he expected her to do that. 
     Rosa finally gave Wolf his usual large treat which the big dog took greedily.  Brian was still waiting next to the chair he usually used.  But then he saw her putting down a plate full of chicken on the floor. 
      “This one’s for you, Brian.  I’m sure you’ll agree that eating at the table is now quite impossible for you, just like many other things.”  She looked over at Wolf who had spotted the plate and was sniffing the air all too actively.  “I suggest you eat this quickly, before Wolf gets it, because there won’t be any more.”
     Rosa sat down and Brian slumped back on his feet in shock.  Eat from the floor?  Like a dog?  But wasn’t that exactly what she seemed to be turning him into?  This was just one more example.  He saw Wolf suddenly get up and head for the plate of chicken she had put out for him.
      “You better move him off,” Rosa commented, now seated at the table, because like I said, there won’t be any more.
     But Brian wasn’t about to go through this indignity too.  He crawled away from the table, and away from Wolf, back toward the porch door, where he laid down on the floor out of the way. 
      “Suit yourself,” Rosa said as her last comment, while Wolf quickly gobbled down Brian’s lunch.
     After lunch Rosa let Brian and Wolf stay in the house for a while.  Wolf took another of his many naps, and Brian simply laid quietly while he sulked and felt sorry for himself.  Rosa and her friend spent a long time talking during lunch about remodeling her house, then after lunch, they went into the living room to talk while Brian and Wolf “slept” lunch off in the kitchen. 
     In the living room, Connie talked quietly with Rosa.  “So are you going to keep taping his hands up like that?” Connie asked.
      “For now,” Rosa replied.  “Actually, I was considering calling on the talents of Mr. Tolliver.  That is, if Brian still hasn’t gotten up enough nerve to fight back by tomorrow.”
      “You mean Edward Tolliver?” 
      “You know him?”
      “Oh, he does beautiful work.  I have several leather corsets that he made.  The man is a genius!”
      “That’s why I’m thinking of calling on him.  And I think I’ve still got one or two things that he made for me long ago lying around here somewhere too.”
     Connie giggled.  “You should get something for yourself while you’re at it.”
     Rosa shook her head.  “Not this time.  But I’m sure that I’ll wind up paying him plenty for his services.”
      “He’s worth it though.”
     Rosa nodded.  “He always has been in the past.”
     Connie paused before saying anything else.  “You said we could talk a bit more about a temporary house for me?”
     Rosa smiled.  She nodded her head towards the kitchen where Brian and Wolf were sleeping.  “His place…right next door.”
      “His place?  But how about him?  Is he leaving?”
     Rosa smiled to herself.  “Yes, and no.”  She shook her head.  “He’s been late more times with his rent than he’s been on time.  And lately, I haven’t seen him going to work as much as he used to.  Plus, with the way things are going right now with him, I’m probably going to be moving him in here with me for a while.”
      “In with you?  When he can’t pay rent?”
     Rosa nodded, then put a wicked smile on her face.  Of course, he’ll be living here permanently during that time as a dog.  But then, since he can’t pay his bills and he can’t find another job either, then maybe it will be for the best.”
     Connie was amazed.  “You actually intend on doing this?”
     Rosa nodded. “Yep!  If he doesn’t get up enough backbone to fight back pretty soon.”
      “And how soon before you know for sure?”
     Rosa shook her head.  “It’s hard to say, but the way things are going, it’s looking like he has less and less of a chance.  I’d say that the absolute deadline will be by the time Mr. Tolliver comes up with something for me.  After that, it’s all over for him.”
      “Or maybe just beginning.”
      “Most likely,” Rosa agreed.
      “And how about me?” Connie asked.
      “Don’t worry.  If Brian’s house doesn’t open up, I’ve still got another one that my people are working on right now that will be available by then.  I’ll hold it for you.  But his place is definitely better.”
     Connie smiled.  “Thanks Rosa, you’re the best!  I really appreciate it.”
      “Don’t mention it.  What are friends for?  Besides, you’re in the business.  Maybe with you living next door for a while, you can help out with Brian occasionally.”
     Connie smiled knowingly.  “Sounds like fun!”
     Connie left soon afterwards and the door opening awakened Wolf who immediately started barking again.
      “Quiet Wolf!” Rosa yelled from the front door as she watched Connie walking back out towards her car.  She closed the door and headed back toward the kitchen.  Wolf was just coming out towards her…and the front door.  “If there’s one thing I hope we can achieve this summer,” she said to her big dog, “it’s to get you under control!  You’re a pest!”
     Wolf, not really knowing, or caring, if she was yelling at him or just talking to him, went up and sat right down in front of her.  She reached down and scratched behind the big dog’s ears.  “You crazy monster,” she said affectionately.  Wolf simply loved the attention.
     In the kitchen, Brian had heard Rosa complaining about Wolf’s behavior and her desire to get Wolf better trained.  Was she really using him to try to train Wolf better?  It certainly didn’t seem like it.  Lately, everything she seemed to be doing was aimed solely at him.  He looked up as she entered the kitchen. 
      “Training time again, boys,” she announced as she went to her counter and grabbed her box of dog treats.
     Brian wasn’t happy to hear that.  He was still sulking over being naked, and not having the use of his hands, and in general – her trying to treat him like a stupid dog!  He was especially feeling weird about being naked – and in front of her and her friend too!  At least her friend had left now. 

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