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Mercy Me - Chapter 7 – Part 2 of 2

Mercy Me
By Karen Singer

Chapter 7 – Part 2 of 2

      “One foot in front of the other,” Mercy told him again as they walked to her truck.
     Once again, Fido attempted to walk that way.  It actually made walking in the damn shoes far more difficult.  He was very, very glad to get back to her truck, and get his embarrassing new shoes out of sight.  And better still, she had said he could wear them home.  He’d had enough for one night.  And his cock was beginning to really hurt now.  He was horrified however when she didn’t turn her truck in the direction of her house.  “Where are we going?”
      “Those shoes aren’t the only thing we need to get you tonight,” Mercy said with a sly smile. 
     Fido’s nervousness went way up.  “What’s next?”
     Mercy looked over at him and gave him one of the most mischievous smiles she was capable of giving.  “You’ll see.”
     Mercy figured she could do like she had done last night with the twerp and get everything she needed at Walmart, but where was the fun in that?  Besides, she had no reason to punish Fido later for anything…yet.  Even though she’d probably enjoy doing something painful to him later…and she still might.
     Fido was afraid.  Where were they going?  And he had no doubt at all that he would be out in public somewhere, not only with the big bow in his hair, but wearing the new high heels on his feet.  He was going to have to do more walking somewhere, where more people would see him – wearing those heels!  Where were they going?
     And then she turned off into another parking lot, and his cock gave another major twitch.  For a very brief moment he forgot about his big hair bow, and he even forgot about the high heels on his feet.  She was parking in front of…a pet store.  He looked wide-eyed over at her.  She was grinning at him from ear to ear.  And damn if her grin didn’t look evil!
      “Get out Fido.  We’re here,” Mercy told him as she opened her truck door. 
     Fido opened his door, but it was a moment before he found the courage to climb down.  Mistress was already waiting for him near the front of her truck by the time he closed the door.  How could he do this?  But…he had to do this.  And he had no doubt she would make sure he did whatever she wanted of him.  Controlled!  Nervous and shaking a little, he forced himself to walk forward in those heels.  It was getting a little easier for him.  Not a lot, but a little. 
      “One foot in front of the other,” Mercy said to him again.
     Fido adjusted his steps as she held the door open for him to go through.
     Mercy had never been into this pet store before.  She had been into very few pet stores in her life.  But she figured this would be the best place to bring Fido to get what she needed for him – a few things actually.  The place was big!  She looked around, trying to figure out where to go.  Fortunately, the dog area was straight ahead in the middle.  “This way Fido she said as she led the way.
     Fido followed, noticing the few people that he saw looking at him.  He had no doubt that the reason they were watching him was because of the big bow on his head.  They were all far enough away that they probably couldn’t see the shoes he was wearing because of the displays all around him.  He was very glad to follow Mistress into one of the long aisles of dog care things where he figured fewer people would be able to see him.  He stopped and felt his cock starting to hurt again when he saw what Mistress was looking at.  Dog collars!
     Mercy looked over the huge collection of dog collars carefully…and slowly.  Purposely taking as much time as she could just to make Fido wait.  She had a pretty good idea how this was affecting him.  She studied all the collars and the materials they were made of.  She studied the different methods that they fastened.  And she took particular note of all the different colors they came in.  She finally decided she wanted a good strong collar.  One that she could literally hang him by if she ever needed to.  She also decided to get one that buckled traditionally, because if she ever decided she wanted to, she could punch a hole in the collar, buckle it on him, then slip a padlock through the holes so he could never get it off.  Fun!  She smiled to herself.  And she thought she had no ideas what to do with a dog!  Still, she really didn’t know what to do with a dog, and that was why she had decided to also push him toward her favorite agenda – emasculinization!
     Now that she had decided on what kind of collar to buy him, all she had to do was pick one of about fifty different ones available.  She finally chose a thick red leather collar that was about three quarters of an inch wide.  She took one from the shelf and wrapped it lightly around his neck to see if it would fit.  Yes!  It would do just fine.  “Here,” she said as she handed him the collar.  “It’s going to be yours.  You hold it.”
     Once again Fido’s cock tried desperately to go crazy…when it had no chance at all.  But what was she looking at now?  No!  (Yes?)
     Mercy was now staring at the items that had been right behind her when she had been looking at the dog collars.  She looked over the items carefully, then reached out and selected one.  With a big grin, she threw it over his shoulder to carry.
     Fido’s knees nearly gave out, and it had nothing at all to do with how much his feet were hurting him standing there in those ridiculously high heels.  She had just selected a six foot red leather leash and draped it over his shoulder.  A dog leash!  To go with his dog collar!  He didn’t have to wonder why his cock was starting to really ache inside that chastity device.
     Just for fun, and to tease him longer, Mercy started wandering slowly around the store, letting Fido follow her.  She looked at this and that, but didn’t buy anything.  She just wanted to prolong his exposure out in public, and since he seemed to enjoy the dog stuff so much…keep him in the pet store. 
     She noticed that a few of the other shoppers were pushing carts – with their cute little dogs riding in them.  She saw another man leading his larger dog on a leash.  So this was a dog friendly store.  She wondered how they would feel if she ever led Fido in on a leash…stark naked of course.  Somehow, she didn’t think they would appreciate that.  But maybe she could work around that some way in the future.
     As they passed one woman with her small dog in the cart, Mercy noticed immediately that the woman was only looking at Fido and nothing else.  Perfect.  Mercy took particular notice of the dog collar her dog had – and the tags hanging down from it.  Dog tags!  She stopped right next to the woman’s cart…and still the woman could only look wide-eyed at Fido.  “You’ve got a beautiful little dog,” she said to the woman.
     The woman was still staring at Fido – now particularly at the big bow in his hair.  “Huh?” she said as she turned to look at Mercy.
      “I said you’ve got a beautiful little dog.  Can I pet him?”
      “Her,” the woman said, a smile forming on her face.  “That’s Chloe.”
     Mercy reached out and pet the dogs head.  The dog obviously loved the attention.  Mercy pulled on the round dog tag for a better look.  It had the dog’s name on one side and the address in tiny print on the other.  “Where did you get this?” she asked the woman.
      “Oh.  You can get them right here,” she replied.  “Just ask up front.”
      “Thanks,” Mercy told her.  “Come along Fido,” she said as she turned to walk away.  Before she moved, she noticed the look of astonishment on the woman’s face.  Precious!
     Fido nearly fell when she called him Fido right in front of the woman.  The woman had already been unable to believe what she was seeing…her eyes going from the bow on his head to the high heels on her feet…and back again.  But when Mistress had called him Fido, the woman looked like she would fall over.  He was glad to get away from her.  He was also glad they were now heading quickly toward the front of the store again.  He wasn’t glad to think about what that woman had just told Mistress.  They could get dog tags here.  Once again the pain in his cock tried to get worse.
     Mercy headed straight for the front counter.  There were no customers there so the guy behind the counter gave her his immediate attention…well, most of it.  He was also giving a lot of his attention to Fido…and the bow on his head.  “May I help you?” he asked, trying to tear his eyes away from Fido.
      “Yes,” Mercy said.  “Where can I get a dog tag made?”
      “Oh, I can make one for you right here,” the guy said as he reached down and pulled out a pad.  “What’s your dog’s name?” he asked.
      “Fido,” Mercy told him.
       “And do you want anything written on the other side?”
       “Um…how about, “If found, return to…” she gave him her address.
       “That’s a lot,” the guy replied.  “You’re going to need to pick out one of the larger tags for that.”
       “Oh, that will be excellent,” Mercy replied.
      The guy led her over to a display that had a lot of them on it.  He pointed to all the ones that he thought he could get everything she wanted on it.  Mercy finally selected one in the shape of a red dog bone.  “How big can you put his name on the one side?” she asked.
       “I’ll make it as big as I can,” the guy replied.
       “Perfect!” Mercy said.
       “You just have to pay for it first.”
       “No problem.”
      Mercy led Fido over to the cash register while the guy started ringing up the dog tag.  She took the leash from Fido but left him with the collar.  “That’s yours,” she told him.  “You can pay for that.”  She held up the leash.  “This is mine!”  She added the leash to what the guy was ringing up.  “Please ring up his dog collar too, but separately,” Mercy requested.
      A minute later, Fido was once again very glad he had plenty of cash in his wallet.  At least the shoes and the collar hadn’t cost him too much.  Then he had to wait while the guy was busy creating a dog tag – for him.  Did the guy realize it was for him?  He could only wonder.  While the guy was working, other customers came up to the counter to pay for their purchases.  Fortunately, there was another woman who worked for the store to ring those purchases up.  But Fido was still forced to stand there in his super high heels and with the big all too obvious bow in his hair, while those customers seemed to be more interested in him than in what they were there to buy. 
       “Here you go,” the guy finally said as he came back.  “How’s that?”
      Mercy took the tag from him and inspected it. She smiled broadly.  Perfect.  Do you have some way we can connect it to this collar?”
       “Sure.” The guy took the dog tag and the collar from Fido.  He reached under the counter and grabbed a pair of pliers.  A few seconds later, he handed the collar back to Mercy.  “Will there be anything else?” he asked.
       “No,” Mercy replied, very pleased.  “You’ve been very helpful.  Thank you.”
      With that, she turned and approached Fido. “Stand still!” she ordered in a very stern voice.  Right there in the store, she buckled the collar onto his neck and arranged the tag so that his name, Fido, could be easily read.  “Just like a pretty necklace,” she said to him.  “She opened her bag that held the leash and attached it to his collar.  “Come along Fido,” she said as she pulled the leash.
      Fido was close to fainting!  The quick tug on the leash got him moving though.  He was so embarrassed he couldn’t stand it.
       “One foot in front of the other, Fido,” Mercy told him as she held his leash all the way out to her truck.  She didn’t drop the leash until she had unlocked the doors so they could get in.  She was laughing outright as she climbed up into the truck.  “That was precious!” she laughed.  “That was so good!  Did you see their faces?  Perfection!”
      Fido’s thoughts on the matter were something entirely different.  It had been so humiliating he almost couldn’t stand it.  And now, with the dog collar around his neck, and the leash still hanging down from it, his darn cock was aching more than ever.  How could he get that darn chastity device off?  He’d go nuts if he couldn’t do it soon.
      Five minutes later, Fido went into a panic again.  “Mistress!  You’re not going there!”
       “Of course we are,” Mercy replied with a mischievous smile.  “This was going to be my second stop tonight.  The pet store was just an added bonus.”
       “Oh no…” Fido muttered as she found a parking space out in the big lot in front of Walmart.  The one thing he took particular note of, was the fact that the parking lot seemed to be very full.  Lots of people!
       “Come along Fido,” Mercy said as she climbed down from the truck.  She took great delight in grabbing his leash and holding it as she led him toward the doors.  She took even more delight in the looks on the faces of everyone they passed.  “One foot in front of the other Fido.  Get used to it.”
      All the people looking at him.  Fido knew he had to be some sight.  And it was only made worse by her holding his leash.  He was being led through the crowded store…on a leash!  He had no doubt however that the big bow in his hair and the very high heels on his feet were attracting attention to him just as much as being led around on a dog leash.  Could they read the name on his collar?  He hoped not.
      Where was she taking him?  The women’s department.  That figured.  More humiliation.  He tried to brace himself for it, but he had no clue how he could.
      Mercy stopped in the underwear section.  She turned to him.  “I’m going to ask you to buy yourself a few things here,” she told him.  “Nothing much, and nothing expensive.  I do this with all my men.  The shoes you just bought didn’t cost that much since they were on sale and I only asked you to buy the dog collar and nothing else, so I’m hoping you’ll have no trouble buying the few things I need you to get.”
       “What’s that?” he asked nervously.
      She turned and pointed at the racks of panties.  “I need you to buy yourself a week’s worth of panties, and I need you to also pick out two pairs of either pantyhose or stay up stockings.  Your choice on all of it.”  She dropped his leash.  “Enjoy your shopping,” she said with a sly smile.
      Enjoy?  How?  In a daze, he stepped forward toward the panties.  There were…all kinds…all colors…all manner of decorations.  How did he choose?  And what size?  He turned to look at her.  “What size should I get?”
      Mercy figured that was a fair question.  She took another quick look at his hips, then she told him what she figured would be the best size for him.  Then she backed off to watch. 
      Fido again scanned the large selection of panties.  Nervously, he went down the display and pulled off panties in several pastel shades, and three of them in white. 
      Mercy was amused to note that he was picking out individual pairs of fairly pretty panties that the store was displaying on hangers instead of going for packages of them like she was sure the twerp had done.
       “Are these good enough?” Fido asked.
      Mercy smiled.  “They’re your choice,” she told him.  “I think they’re all very pretty.  Now some stockings, if you’re done buying panties that is.”
      Fido had to go to another aisle to find the stockings.  He had to read the packages carefully to see if they contained pantyhose or stay-up stockings.  Not knowing what would be better, he finally pulled one package of each.  “Will these be okay?” he asked.
       “That’s for you to decide,” Mercy told him.  “You’ll be the one wearing them.  As far as I’m concerned, they’re just fine.”  She grabbed his leash again.  “Let’s go Fido.  You’ve still got to pay for them.”  Once again, she led him through the store, all the way to the checkout counters. 
      Fido looked longingly at the self-checkout registers.  He looked embarrassedly around at all the people who were looking at him, some of whom were now way too close since they were standing in the checkout line with him.  The line seemed to take forever before he had a chance to pay for his purchases…after which Mistress again grabbed his leash and together, they headed out of the store and back to her truck.
       “One foot in front of the other,” Mercy had to remind him again.
      They were on the road heading back to her house, when Mercy laid down the law for him.  “From now on,” she said.  “Anytime you come to see me.  Anytime we go anywhere together.  Or even if for some reason I decide to visit you at your house, you will always have a bow in your hair.  You will always be wearing stockings and high heels.  And for you, I always want to see that dog collar around your neck.  Always!  And now you’ve got one other thing you’re going to be doing from now on too.  I want you wearing panties instead of your men’s underwear – always!  I usually text my men at different times during the day asking for pictures of their panties, but since I know you can’t always get to a men’s room to do that, I’m going to require you to take pictures yourself and send them to me every day without being told to.  Is that clear?” she asked.
      Fido thought about that.  He’d have to wear panties to work.  That part actually didn’t surprise him at all considering the fact that he knew she liked to feminize the men she worked with.  As far as he could see, that part shouldn’t be a real major problem for him.  It was everything else – the bow, the high heels, and even his dog collar – out in public, that made him pause.  He looked at her, not wanting to believe she would want what he had just heard.  “All of that?”
      She chuckled.  “All of that, is just the bare minimum!  Trust me!  You know I like to emasculate men.  I hope that all of this will help you feel just a little less masculine from now on.”
      Just then, Fido felt very emasculated.  He couldn’t imagine feeling any lower than he did.  How often would she want to see him?  While a part of him wished he could be under her control every single day, a major part of him now hoped it would be a very long time until she contacted him again. 
      And then he remembered that she wanted him to do yard work for her.  Probably this weekend he figured.  It was Thursday night.  Saturday would be coming very, very soon!  How the heck could he get that chastity device off…and then on again so she’d never know?

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