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Monsters - Chapter 26 – Guests – Part 2 of 2

By Karen Singer

Chapter 26 – Guests – Part 2 of 2

With her eyes closed, all she had to occupy her mind, was the feel of how much her breasts hurt.  With her eyes open, it wasn’t any different.  She kept them closed in hope that eventually she would fall asleep again, despite the pain.  Her mind was starting to go mad from the rigid position her body was locked into…and the inability to move anything but her toes.  She barley even wiggled them anymore.
Pain.  She had been reduced to being nothing but a thing that felt pain…all the time.  A thing that….  A thing!  That’s all she was now.  A thing with two holes for men.  A thing that was capable of doing nothing but feeling pain and the abusive behavior of men.  She was…a thing.
She heard faint screaming beyond the door.  Her eyes opened.  What was going on out there?  The screams came closer.  The door opened and the screaming suddenly got much louder.  A jumble of people entered, mostly men.  The men were dragging two women in with them.  The women both seemed to stop their screaming the moment they noticed her.  They both then noticed all the cages spread around the room.  And then their screaming began again, only far worse.  So did their panicked struggling to get free.
Brandy would have loved to help them, but just then, she didn’t quite have it in her to do anything…as much as she would really love to put a bullet into each of those men’s brains.  A few other men she had seen around the place too.  She had no choice but to watch as all the men roughly untied the women, then stripped both of them totally naked.  The women were certainly putting up a fuss, and Brandy didn’t blame them one bit.  She herself didn’t yell.  What good would it do her?  None.  She already knew the fate that awaited both those women.  A fate much like the one she herself had been given.  The only difference was that someday, both those women would be released.  She was stuck there forever…or at least until she could figure out how to die.
She counted seven men.  And with as desperate as those two women seemed to be, she could see how all those men were needed.  She did notice that the women, through the entire process of being stripped naked, kept glancing as much as possible in her direction.  Brandy guessed that if she herself were in their position and saw the fate that awaited them, she would probably scream her head off too.
She saw the door open again and this time Alfonso walked in.  She saw him stand there and watch as they finished stripping the two women.  “Stand them both up!” he ordered once all their clothing had been removed.  As far as Brandy could see, the men appeared to find that order strange, but they certainly didn’t hesitate to do as he had asked.  Both women were dragged roughly to their feet and their hands were held behind their backs.  “Take them over to our other guest,” Alfonso told them.  Let them have a real good look…all around.
“No!” one of the women shouted as she tried to struggle again.  But it did her no good.  Both women were either pushed or dragged over to Brandy.
“Let them get a good close look,” Alfonso told them.  “Take them around the back too.”
Brandy didn’t exactly enjoy being the center of attention, but she couldn’t do a thing about it as both women were given a tour of her body, including what had been done to her vaginal lips behind her.
Brandy heard a slight commotion behind her. 
“Pick her up!” Alfonso suddenly ordered.
Brandy wondered if one of the women had fainted?  She didn’t blame that woman if she did.
“Okay.  Enough!” Alfonso said.  “Get them in their cages.”
The screaming and struggling started again.  Brandy saw both women being dragged toward the door.  One of them appeared to be barely conscious.  She was set down on the floor and one of the men literally sat down on her to keep her there.  The other men grabbed the other woman and picked her up.  She watched as the woman struggled for all she was worth, but the men seemed to be holding her by not only her body, but both arms and legs as well.
It was difficult to see everything clearly since they moved off to the side of the room and Brandy had to rely more on her peripheral vision.  But she could see that they carried her over to the first cage on her left side.  The cage on that side that was closest to the door.  It was hard to see with all the men crowding around her, but Brandy did her best to watch as they turned the woman over and fought with her to get each part of her lined up in the cage.  She watched as piece by piece, limb by limb, part by part, the men literally forced her down into position and locked each part of each limb to the cage.  First one leg, then the other while the woman screamed her head off.  With both her lower legs locked down, they bent her at the waist and began forcing her arms into the device as well, locking each part of them to the metal frame.  When her arms were securely locked, Brandy saw them push down hard on the woman’s body, before other men attached more metal tightly around the woman’s waist and then fasten those metal bars to other parts of the frame, keeping the woman’s body crushed down against her knees.
Brandy couldn’t see it clearly, not just because of her peripheral vision but because the woman was surrounded by the men, but they were doing something to her.  When several of the men moved aside, she saw a metal bar attached from the waist piece that now ran to the woman’s head where it was secured by a metal band.  The woman, like herself, could no longer move anything…except her hands and her toes.
The women was certainly crying and screaming her head off as the men all left her and headed for the second woman, still being held down on the floor by one of the men.  As they picked the second woman up, the one thing about the first woman that caught Brandy’s attention, was that they had turned her so that her head was facing the wall.  The poor woman couldn’t turn her head and had literally nothing to look at but the dull tile wall right in front of her.  Brandy was suddenly grateful for the fact that she at least could see most of the room.  That poor woman couldn’t see anything.  They might as well have blindfolded her.  But then if they did, she’d never see all the damn cocks that Brandy was guessing would soon be filling her mouth.  And she had no doubt that Alfonso wanted her to see every cock she could.
While most of the men worked on getting the second woman locked into the cage at the far right side of the room, Brandy noticed the final man going to the first woman on her left again.  She saw him doing something with her long hair.  She was surprised to realize he was braiding her hair around that metal bar that ran from her head to her waist.  Had her own hair been braided that way?  It wasn’t hanging down.  She couldn’t even feel it.  Brandy was guessing that’s what they must have done with it.
On her right side, Brandy watched as they continued to force the second screaming, sobbing woman into her cage…while on her left side. Brandy watched the other man.  By the time the second woman was locked in place, the other man had finished with her hair and was heading over to the one on the right.  Through it all, Alfonso stood in the middle of the room and watched.  She’d love to put him in one of these cages and weld it like hers was so he couldn’t ever get free.  See how he liked it!  She had a feeling he wouldn’t like it much at all.  Too bad he didn’t have breasts!  She’d hang a bucket from his breasts too.  And maybe fill it with lead!
She watched as the one man began braiding the second woman’s hair around the metal bar…while on the other side of the room, she was surprised to see one of the men doing something else with the woman’s head.  When the men finally moved away, she was surprised to realize they had buckled a gag of some sort around the woman’s head, and Brandy was just betting it was a ring gag to keep her mouth open.  But they had buckled that gag around her head.  Brandy was surprised by that.  Her own gag had some kind of cruel fasteners that literally fastened the thing permanently inside her mouth, preventing any jaw movement at all, up or down.
But the men putting the gag in place didn’t seem to be done with her yet.  She saw one of them take something from his pocket.  Something bulky.  He seemed to be…  Her hands!  He was putting something over her hands so she couldn’t open them.  Brandy was sure she had guessed right when the man moved to her other side to do her other hand.
A few minutes later, the second woman had the same kind of ring gag buckled in her mouth and the man was now working on her hands.  Brandy was jealous.  The gag they had used on her had to be better than the ring they had put into her mouth.  But then she knew that these women, unlike herself, would eventually be released.  She had no hope of that.  Not with her cage fastenings welded together.
She noticed Alfonso now staring at her.  He wasn’t saying anything, just smiling that wicked, cruel smile.  What could he say that she would care about anyway…unless it had something to do with letting her go.  And that was something she wanted desperately…even though she knew it would probably never happen…unless Carol finally found her.  What was taking Carol so long?  Please Carol.  Find me!  Hurry!
Alfonso turned his head away from Brandy and looked back and forth at his two latest subjects.  The men who had fastened them into the cages were all standing in a group by the door.  “I’m sure you realize by now,” he said loudly to the two women on each side of him, “that escape is impossible.  I’ve even allowed you to take a good look at what else we could do to you if we wanted.  So as bad as this seems for you now, remember, it can always get worse.  And trust me, we have no problem making things worse for you.
“You have been sent to us because your owners were angry at you.”  He chuckled.  “That makes us very happy.  We don’t have to worry about either of you being trouble ever again because both of you are now nothing but play-toys for my men.  You’re both nothing but exhibits to be looked at and used.  You’re nothing but a device with three holes for our pleasure and amusement.  Do you understand?  You are nothing anymore!  Nothing!  You’re certainly not human any longer.  Once you’re in those cages, you cease to be human.  You cease to exist…other than as an object for our pleasure and amusement.  You’re no longer women.  You’re no longer a person.  You’re an object with three holes.  Nothing more than that.  And from now on, for the rest of your miserable lives, that’s all you will ever be…three holes, and nothing more.
“How long will we keep you here like this?  I don’t know.  Weeks.  Months.  Years.  Or perhaps, like our other little exhibit in this room.  Forever!  It doesn’t matter.  Nothing about you matters to me and I need you to understand that.  You are now nothing but objects in my collection.  No matter what you may think, you are now nothing more than three holes.  Three holes designed to give pleasure to men.  The rest of your bodies are worthless.  Useless.  So we have fixed it so that the only thing the rest of your body can do is to be a container for those three holes, and nothing more.
You have given your owners nothing but trouble, so the only parts of you that can remain of any use are those three holes.  You’re no longer a person.  Just three holes.  From now on, that’s all you will ever will be.  Nothing more.  Forever.  Dwell on that as you now consider what the rest of your lives have been reduced to.”
Brandy saw him nod at the men.  The men barely paused.  Some of them went to one side, the rest to the other side.  It took only seconds for Brandy to realize what they were doing.  She had no choice but to watch as those two women screamed.  Screams that were cut short and strangled as cocks were rudely stuffed into their mouths…along with their cunts, or their anus.  Whatever the men wanted, they did to those two women.  And when all the men were finally done, they left.  All but Alfonso.
Alfonso stood in the middle of the room and listened to the two women sobbing their hearts out.  He tried to decide which one was crying less.  He finally decided on which one.  He went to her, pulled his cock out of his pants, and parted her ass cheeks.  Someone had already used it, but he didn’t care.  He used it himself, slowly, cruelly, until he was done.  Then, instead of pulling himself away, he went around in front of the woman and stuck his dirty cock right in her mouth.  “Clean me!” he ordered.
Brandy watched as a moment later the woman received a vicious slap to her face.
“Clean me!” Alfonso ordered.
Brandy knew first-hand what a slap like that felt like when your head was held rigid in one of those cages.  It seemed to take a long time, but finally Alfonso left her.  She was surprised to see him not putting his cock away.  Had the woman not cleaned him off like he wanted her to?  She watched as he walked across the room to the other woman.  Around to her head.  Brandy suddenly suspected what was going to happen.  She heard the woman there start to scream, then that scream got cut off as he began pissing into her mouth.  As Brandy knew from her own first harsh lesson, there was literally nothing the woman could do about it.  Like herself, those two women had been reduced from being a person, down to being nothing but three holes for the use and amusement of any man that wanted to use her – in any way they wanted to use her.  And as she had known most of her life, sometimes, men could be cruel.
Three holes.  No longer a person.  She was two holes.  No longer a person.  She was a thing now.  A thing with two holes that any man could use for whatever pleasure he wanted.  A thing that existed to feel nothing but pain.
Find me Carol.  Please!  Fine me soon!

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This is a thriller indeed. Hope all is well with you and we will soon stop holding our breaths in anticipation.

Thanks oh so much, Michelle Miller