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The Bet - Chapter 42(Friday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 42 (Friday – week 6 Part 1 of 8)

She was home. Her house. Her big wonderful house. She couldn’t think of a place where she felt more comfortable and relaxed. Totally safe, totally relaxed. She breathed in and out with contentment. And then Sissy appeared, tray in hand with her coffee on it. He dropped the sweetest little curtsey to her before stooping down to let her take it off the tray. She sipped at it… so good… so nice. Sissy curtseyed yet again before wandering off. She thrilled and almost giggled at the girlish wiggle to his backside as he walked away in his high heels.
She sipped at her coffee, totally contented with the world. Not one bit of stress over anything. Life was more than just good, it was wonderful. And then Sissy was back again, this time in his pink and white ballet costume – tutu and all! She giggled at the sight of him. He struck a starting pose, and suddenly music filled the air and he began dancing for her. While his movements lacked feminine grace, she still thrilled over every little part of his performance. There was something almost childlike in the way he went about dancing his little ballet. And while it still lacked femininity, there was certainly nothing masculine about it.
As he finished with an awkward spin and struck his final pose, she clapped her hands in delight. He curtseyed again before skipping away like a little girl to change. Yes, life was so good, so perfect. She couldn’t imagine anything better than this.
And then an odd buzzing interrupted her perfect little world, an annoying buzzing that ruined her perfectly contented place. She climbed awake enough to realize that her alarm had gone off – but she didn’t want to lose the dream, she didn’t want to wake up yet. But the alarm was relentless and her wonderful little dream faded quickly into nothingness. She felt a twinge of annoyance at her alarm from pulling her out of sleep, but it didn’t last very long. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. She felt good. Relaxed and refreshed, she reached over and finally turned off the annoying alarm.
She sat up on the edge of her bed and smiled as remembrances of last night with Sissy came to mind. She felt so good today. So rested. So… fulfilled. It was amazing what a little fun with Sissy could do for her. She slipped to her feet and grabbed her robe as she headed toward the kitchen to make her coffee. A quick fantasy of Sissy delivering it to her in bed, freshly made, filled her mind. Soon, very soon… she hoped.

Chad turned off the “alarming” rock music blaring out of his pink alarm clock. He was panting slightly from the effort and stress of being dragged out of sleep in such a startling manner. His diapers felt super thick and heavy – as usual… or were they heavier than usual? He glanced down at his blow-up bed and noticed that the sheets were wet. Darn it! Despite all the diapers he was wearing, plus the plastic panties, he had leaked! He briefly wished that it could count towards one of Mel’s leaking diaper requirements, but that always involved a time limit. How much had he peed last night to make four diapers leak? It had to be an awful lot! He remembered all that she had made him drink last night – way, way too much. He hoped he’d never have to drink that much again.
Remembering how much he drank last night, also reminded him of how much he didn’t eat because of it. His stomach growled angrily. He realized he was hungry… very hungry. As he waddled his way out toward his kitchen to see if she had left him another note, he realized that for once he was actually looking forward to one of her baby food breakfasts – which meant that he had to be really hungry indeed!
Her note was right where he hoped it would be, but it contained nothing new – good! He grabbed his three baby bottles for the morning out of his refrigerator, noting as he did so that they were among the last bottles he had. He had no doubt that replacements would be refilling his shelves very soon.
He carried the bottles out to his one and only chair and almost sat down before he remembered that he was leaking already. No use making the chair worse than it already was, even if it was ‘old.’ He stood up as he started drinking from his first bottle. He immediately realized he was peeing again. Why was it that he hardly knew when he was going to pee anymore – at least in the mornings anyway? Why did it always take so long now to get back to feeling everything again? The answer to that one was all too obvious – Mel and her stupid diaper wetting games. Ugh! And then the small tickle of pee leaking out from under his plastic panties began running down his leg again. Double ugh! His diapers were so bloated that his plastic panties weren’t properly protecting him anymore. The thickness was forcing small gaps around the leg openings. He decided that this time he’d take his shower and change as soon as he finished his first bottle. He only hoped that his decision wouldn’t cause him more problems later.

Mel stirred the pot of baby cereal one last time after turning off the heat. She grabbed one of his colorful plastic bowls and poured it in. She stuck one of his rubber coated baby spoons in the bowl and grabbed one of his bibs. Everything was all ready for him. Now all she needed… her doorbell rang… was him. She went to the door and opened it. She had no choice but to put a smile on her face at the sight of him curtseying to her and greeting her in his sissy voice. “Good morning, Sissy,” she replied as usual. She stepped back to let him in and waited till he had set his purse and diaper bag under the small table by the door. She took the plastic bag full of empty bottles from him as she started to look him over. Not too bad. Not too bad at all. He had chosen another skirt and blouse set… fairly casual again.
As she looked him over, she suddenly heard an odd sound emanate from him. It startled her a bit and almost made her laugh, but the sound wasn’t quite what she would have expected – if it was what she originally thought it was – gas! She had to wonder, which end of him did it come out of? “What was that?” she asked. She was startled to see the slight look of distress on his face.
“I’m sorry, Mistress. I’m just so hungry!”
His statement brought back memories of their dinner in the restaurant last night. She had forced him to drink so much tea that he hadn’t been able to eat hardly any of his dinner. That, coupled with all the other meals of nothing but baby food she had served him lately made her feel a little upset at herself for being so careless with him. She had planned on him eating a lot more of his dinner last night than he had been able to. “Go get in your highchair, Sissy. Your breakfast is all ready.” For once, she wasn’t glad at all that he would be eating nothing but baby food. She made a point to try to make it up to him… somehow.
She quickly tied the bib around his neck and put the tray into place. The minute she set his bowl of cereal in front of him, he attacked it almost ferociously. Hungry indeed! He wasn’t even paying the least bit of care as to how much dropped off the spoon as he tried to shovel it into his mouth as quickly as possible. She watched him for a moment before bringing him one more baby bottle to drink – which he ignored – for now.
He didn’t slow down till the bowl was halfway finished. His bib, his face, and the tray were a mess. He picked up his baby bottle and took a long drink before he paused long enough to take a large breath of air. He slowed down a bit after that, eating more normally – for him.
“Feeling better?” she asked.
“A bit,” he replied as he attempted, unsuccessfully, to put another spoonful of the cereal into his mouth without spilling any.
“It’s my fault,” she replied. “I expected that you would be able to eat more last night.
“Too much to drink,” he replied as he again dipped his spoon into the bowl.
“I know. Tell you what, if you want, you can just finish that bottle, and I’ll get you out of here quickly. You should have time then to stop along the way and get yourself a better breakfast.”
He had been planning to do just that, but he didn’t need to tell her. “Thank you, Mistress,” he replied as he dropped his spoon in the bowl and picked up the bottle instead.
Mel watched him attack the bottle now. Even as hungry as she knew he was, she absolutely had to keep him drinking! The fate of the bet… her fate… actually, both their fates, depended on it. Despite how bad she felt over how hungry he was, she almost giggled watching him. His tray was a mess, his bib was a mess, his hands were a mess, his face was a mess, and that mess quickly transferred itself to the bottle in his hand too. Just like a baby!
As he finished the bottle, she grabbed the last of his bottles out of the refrigerator and replaced the empty bottles in his diaper bag. It was way past time to make another batch of tea, but that would have to wait till later.

Heaven! Pure Heaven! That’s the only way Chad could describe his first bite into the breakfast sandwich he had bought. He was so hungry that he had actually bought an extra sandwich along with the meal deal which included coffee and some potatoes. He finished the first sandwich in the parking lot before continuing on to work. When he got to work, he wasn’t exactly late, but he wasn’t exactly early either. He grabbed his purse and the rest of the breakfast he hadn’t eaten yet and hurried inside.
“There you are!” Robin exclaimed as she saw him hurrying down the hallway toward his cubicle. I thought you were going to be late again.”
He held up the bag containing the breakfast he had just bought. “I was hungry,” he replied in his normal male voice. “It took a while to get this.”
“Girly voice,” Robin reminded him.
“We’re not going to go through that again, are we?” he asked as he set everything down on his desk.
Robin smiled. “Not unless you remember to stop talking like a man.”
Chad just stopped for a moment and stared at her. She did have a point – especially after what he had gone through with Derek yesterday. He shook his head. “I’ll try,” he finally replied – in his girly voice.
He pulled his cell phone out of his purse and set that on the desk next to all the food, then he stowed his purse into his desk drawer and began pulling the food out of the bag.
Robin shook her head. “I don’t know how you do it. You eat doughnuts, you eat breakfast, and still you’re losing weight!”
“Yeah, but it’s because of all the other times when I don’t eat much – or very little. In fact, that’s why I’m so hungry this morning. I didn’t eat much last night.”
“Why not?”
But Chad couldn’t tell her the real answer. Instead, he just shrugged his shoulders. “Dieting,” he replied.
Robin actually giggled. “Ain’t it a bitch?”
“You have no idea!”
“You forget, I live on a diet! And it’s not working. It never works. I live my life – starving!”
“Well, lately, so do I.”
“Like I said, dieting’s a bitch!”
“Yeah! It is!”

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