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The Bet - Chapter 42 (Friday – week 6 Part 4 of 8)

The Bet
by Karen Singer

Chapter 42 (Friday – week 6 Part 4 of 8)

Gloria took a sip of her iced tea and set her glass down. So far, the lunchtime conversation with Mel had been fairly nice – nothing at all about Chad or any of the usual things Mel had been consumed with for the last two months. But this time, Gloria herself was wondering about things. Things like… did Mel remember anything at all about last night during the time that she had been in a trance? Gloria was more than a bit worried about that, only because Mel was her friend and trusted her. But how could she bring it up without telling Mel what really happened? Her mind was so preoccupied with this question that she didn’t seem to realize for a while that Mel was talking more than usual, much more. And the things she was talking about were so disjointed that they almost made no sense. “Mel! Wait a minute!”
“You’re carrying on about nonsense.”
Mel slumped back in her seat. “Sorry,” she replied. “I’m just trying to keep things… light.”
Gloria was suddenly more worried than ever. Did she know she had been hypnotized? “I appreciate that you want to keep it light, but… jeez… you don’t have to work so hard at it. What’s bugging you so bad?”
As usual, Mel realized that her friend knew her all too well. “Sissy… and time!”
“I should have known.” Actually, Gloria was relieved. It meant that Mel still had no idea. Well, hopefully, she would never know.
“It’s just that, there’s so little time left in this bet, and I have way too far to go with him. You heard him last night, he still has so much darn control! I have to take it all away from him – in just three more weeks!”
“Sounds like a lot of time to me.”
“No it’s not! He should be totally there by now! He’s just… fighting me too hard!”
“And winning?”
“No! Never! At least… I hope not.”
“But he could win.”
“Not if I can help it!”
“Of course not.” Gloria was getting sick of Mel’s over obsession with Chad and their stupid bet. And Mel didn’t like to lose! “So what are you going to do about it?”
Mel shook her head. “I just don’t know. The problem is that he works on it constantly while he’s at work. I don’t let him work on it any other time.”
“So? You’ve still got three weeks.”
“Yeah, but… well, things may come up where I can’t control him as well.”
“Like what?”
“Ugh! Like this stupid date we’ve got this weekend. I wish I’d never done that!”
“Why? Just because of Chad?”
Mel just looked at her for a moment. “Partially.”
“So there’s more?”
Mel nodded her head a bit. “Kind of.”
“Okay out with it girl!”
“It’s just that… well… I think I’d rather be going with his date instead of the guy I’m stuck with.”
“Hey! I saw those pictures. The guys a hunk.”
“Yeah, but he’s a woman chasing, conniving, bastard who only wants to get it on with as many women as he can.”
“So? As far as I know, you’re not looking to get married anytime soon. Let him jump your bones and enjoy it.”
“Ugh! I’d rather it was Sissy’s date!”
“So you’ve got the hots for Sissy’s guy instead?”
“No! Not at… well, maybe. Just a little.”
“So let him jump your bones instead.”
Mel just rolled her eyes. “Not right now. Maybe when this bet is over with. But not right now.”
Gloria just shook her head. “Well, if you’re going to toss any of them away, send them in my direction. I’d give my right arm to go out with either of them.”

Chad stared at his blank computer screen, and stared, and stared. He still didn’t know what to write for Mel’s stupid paper. He had to write something though. He didn’t want to think about what kind of punishment she would dish out if he didn’t at least make a good effort. But there just wasn’t any good reasons he could put down. None!
Feeling defeated once again, he opened instead the spreadsheet where he kept his progress for the bet. Twenty-one days to go… still! Three weeks! Just one week less than a month! An eternity! He was more worried than ever about all the progress Mel had made in him. He had been having more and more trouble holding back every day. Every day he managed to hold back less and less. How could he hold out for another three weeks? It was way too much time. What was he going to do?
He moved to the space next to yesterday’s date and filled in the exact time he remembered – eight and a half minutes. Another minute lost over the day before. Another full minute! Mel was making more and more progress. Twenty-one days and yesterday he had only made eight and a half minutes. And so far, today was looking even worse. Twenty-one days. The way things were going, if he lost a full minute every day, then Mel could win this thing by next week! He had to find a way to fight back! But how?
He quickly glanced over at his column of reasons to win the bet. Respect, friends, and a life! The rest of it barely mattered right now. But even his three main reasons meant little to him today. All he knew was that he still wanted to win this thing, and so far, he was losing. Not wanting to think about it anymore, he closed the spreadsheet and went back to fretting about what to write in the paper Mel wanted.

Mel was looking at her calendar and her plan for Sissy. According to the schedule, this was one of the days when Sissy wouldn’t get one of the suppositories at lunchtime. He didn’t get one last night either. She briefly wondered if he would realize it, and more importantly, would he be able to control that part of him now? Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. “Hello?”
“Hey Mel. It’s Cassie.”
“Hi Cassie. What’s up?”
“Hey, I just wanted to tell you about Sissy today. You would have loved it.”
“What happened?”
“I got a chance to play with him again today like I usually do – when we’re alone.”
“But this time, just before I started using my little dildo on him, he claimed he had to pee. I had a bit more trouble getting the thing into him because his muscles were all tightened up to hold back, but eventually it went in and he got into it.”
“So what happened?”
“Oh Mel, you should have seen it,” Cassie laughed. “Every time I pushed the thing in, he squirted out a little pee from the other side. It was hilarious! And the poor guy didn’t even know he was doing it. By the time I finished, he thought he still had to pee, but when he went to let it out, almost nothing was left. I tell you, it was so funny!”
Mel chuckled a bit herself. “I can imagine,” she replied. “Say Cassie, did you put one of those suppositories inside of him today?”
“I thought he wasn’t supposed to get one today, so I just faked it.”
“Good. He’s not supposed to get one. I’m just wondering how they’re working, that’s all.”
“I guess you’ll have to ask him. I wouldn’t know.”
“Yeah. I guess I should ask. Say! While I’ve got you on the phone, I need your help with something I’m lining up for tomorrow. I’ll be talking to Sandy in a little while about it too.”
“Okay. What do you need?”
Mel smiled before she continued. Operation Robin was getting closer and closer!

Ray entered the little alcove where the copy machine was located and opened the publication of new industry regulations to the first page he wanted to copy. As he lined up the book properly on the copier he heard someone coming into the office behind him. Before he could hit the copy button, he heard a woman’s voice talking to the woman whose desk was close by.
“What do you think about Sissy and Derek?” the woman asked.
Ray stopped his hand from touching the copy button. The words Sissy and Derek completely caught his attention and he wasn’t about to do anything to prevent him from hearing what was being said.
“Oh God,” the woman at the desk replied. “I guess it makes more sense than anything else.”
“But he keeps claiming it’s not true!”
“Yeah, and they used to claim the earth was flat! I still think it makes the most sense.”
There was a slight pause before the other woman answered. “Yeah, I guess it does. Still… You’d think we would have caught wind of it before this.”
“I don’t know. You know how men can be. And something like that I guess I would want to keep a secret too.”
“Yeah, I suppose. Is this all the stuff for marketing?”
“That’s it. Thanks for picking it up this time.”
“No problem.”
Ray peeked his head out of the alcove and watched the woman walking away. What the heck were they talking about? Whatever it was, it sure sounded… interesting! He finally hit the button on the copier, then lined up five more pages and copied each of them.
On his way back to his office, he stopped at the woman’s desk. “Hey,” he said, “I couldn’t help overhearing you talking a minute ago. Something about Sissy and Derek? What’s going on?”
“Oh,” the woman said. “It’s nothing. Just something we were considering at break earlier this morning.”
“And what’s that?”
“Well, it’s probably not true anyway but… We got to wondering if maybe… since Sissy just got divorced and Derek is also divorced that… well… Maybe Sissy is getting a sex change so that he can be with Derek.”
Ray’s eyes went as wide as saucers.
“You have to admit,” the woman continued, “it kind of makes more sense than anything else. Sissy totally denies it of course, but then, I guess I would too if I were him.” She watched the startled look on Rays face for a moment before she asked. “You know Derek pretty well, what do you think?”
Ray was still groping with all the possibilities, but finally he replied, “I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.”

Chad was grasping at straws. He had to write something, so he went for the thing that hurt the most – the truth. It might not exactly why he “deserved” to be incontinent, but it was the best he could come up with. And the painful truth was that he wanted to be incontinent just for the humiliation of it. Something inside of him seemed to know that fact so that’s what he put down. Now the trick was to fluff it out with enough trash to make it sound good. Having something he could finally start writing, he went to work.
A little while later, the humiliation factor led him to another thought. One that had been mentioned a few times when this bet first started. If he was incontinent and in diapers all the time, then he wouldn’t have to take bathroom breaks while he was performing his duties as a sissy “servant.”
Having two subjects to write about now made his task that much easier. He only hoped that Mel would buy it when he sent it to her. As he worked, he kept glancing more and more at the clock on his computer. Was it break time yet? The only reason he was wondering was because he was a bit thirsty. Since he purposely didn’t get anything to drink with his lunch, now he wanted something. Besides, Mel had him so used to drinking something almost constantly that now his body seemed to miss it. He was starting to do better at holding back though – finally! That much alone made being a little thirsty totally worth it.
As break time drew near, he closed the paper he was writing before Robin could get a chance to see it. He opened his web browser again and went back to looking at the fashion web sites. If only he looked like those models. Any of them!

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