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The Housekeeper - Chapter 10 (Part 2 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 10 (Part 2 of 2)

     Two hours later, his neck was beginning to ache from looking up as he stapled insulation into the ceiling.  He really felt like he could use a short rest but fear of Mrs. Stokley kept him going.  As he surveyed the work ahead, he decided he would keep going and try to get the entire ceiling insulated tonight.  He grabbed another length of insulation, and noticed Mrs. Stokley standing in the doorway, surveying his progress.
      “I must say,” she said as she stared around, “it certainly looks much different.”
      “I’m making progress, Mrs. Stokley,” he replied with some satisfaction.
      “Yes, I can see that and I’m very glad of it.”  She turned her attention fully at him.  “I’m afraid I’m going to need you again Mr. Brinkley.”  Without another word, she turned and left. 
     Curious, Roger followed her out to the living room.  But when he got there, he stopped dead still and stared in horror at what he saw.  She was standing behind one of the kitchen chairs that she had brought into the room.  Distinct and horrible memories of the night before flooded his thoughts.
      “Please have a seat,” she said as she motioned toward the chair.
     Roger didn’t want to do it at all, but there was no way he could seem to defy her.  Fearfully, he walked over to the chair and sat down. 
     She held out the dog collar again to him.  “Please put this on, Mr. Brinkley.”
     He really didn’t want to do that, but her hand continued to hold the collar in front of him… and eventually, his hand reached out and took the hated device.  He was almost shaking as he buckled the dreadful thing tightly around his own neck, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself from doing it.
      “Very good, Mr. Brinkley,” she said with a small smile of satisfaction.  “Now, let’s see what you remember from last night.  Sleep and obey, Mr. Brinkley.  Sleep and obey.”
     Roger almost felt like his head was spinning as his mind started to process the suggestion and drop down toward the trance she wanted him in.  But before he could get very far, he heard her giving another command.
      “Stand up!”
     But in dropping into the trance, he was too slow to execute her instruction and suddenly his neck was alive with pain as she pressed the remote control to trigger the shock box on his collar.  Out of reflex, he reached for the collar and received a much more painful shock instead of the milder one she had given him first.  It took two more of the severe shocks before he pulled his hand away from the collar again.
      “Sit down!”
     After the shocks he had just gotten, it took too long for his brain to process her command and he received another shock – fortunately a mild one.  He sat as fast as he could.  His attention was entirely on her now though, waiting anxiously for her next command.
      “Stand up.”  He stood as fast as he could.  “Sit down” He sat down fast again, paying rapt attention to her.  Over and over again she gave him the various commands she had given him last night.  And over and over again she told him to sleep and obey, sleep and obey… to let her mind control him.  Sleep and obey… sleep and obey… stand up… sit down… 
     She could have done it the easy way – to simply tell him to sleep and obey over and over again and then constantly coax him down deeper and deeper, but this way reinforced her commands and her control over him in a much stronger way.  Some people couldn’t be hypnotized at all.  With most people, they couldn’t be made to do anything that they really didn’t want to do.  But this method was much stronger.  When done correctly, it couldn’t be resisted.  And the brainwashing could be taken to devastating levels.  Yes, it took longer this way and was much more difficult, but the method insured that he would obey her every command.  And coupled with the suggestions she would start giving him tonight, he would never be able to break free... after enough sessions anyway. 
     It took a while, but eventually she once again had him to the trance level she needed him to reach.  Fortunately, it didn’t take nearly as long as it had the night before. 
     She spent a few minutes reminding him that every time she told him to sleep and obey he would sink into the trance as he was now, and every time he would strive to go deeper and deeper… more and more under her control.  She reminded him over and over again that the only thing that really mattered to him was what she wanted.  Her will was all that mattered.  His one and primary concern was to follow her will. 
     Janice paused and took a slight drink from her iced-tea.  It was time now to start cementing things – permanently.  “Mr. Brinkley,” she began, “I want you to picture a steel wall – strong and impenetrable.  Nothing can break through it – absolutely nothing.  Do you see the wall, Mr. Brinkley?”
      “Yes,” he answered.  “I see it.”
      “What color is it, Mr. Brinkley?”
     He shrugged.  “Metallic.  Grey…  Not very shiny.”
      “Good, Mr. Brinkley.  It doesn’t have to be shiny.  It is too strong to be shiny.  Now, Mr. Brinkley, I want you to mentally step back from that wall a few feet and look left and right and up in the air.  You can’t see the end of it in any direction – it has no end.  You can’t see the top of it – it has no top.  If you dig down into the ground you will never find the bottom of the wall – it has no bottom.  The wall is complete… and totally impervious.  Can you see that?”
     Roger’s head had been moving all around at her suggestions as his eyes tried to take in the entire expanse of the grey metallic wall in front of him.  “Yes,” he replied.  The wall has no end… and I can’t see the top.”
      “Very good, Mr. Brinkley.  What you need to understand now, is that all your ability to even try to override my will is on the other side of that wall, and it will always be on the other side.  Totally out of reach to you.  Totally blocked from you.  Totally locked away where you can’t even sense its presence anymore.  As long as that wall exists, there will never be anything you can do to not follow my will.  My will is all that matters.  Your ability to fight it is now permanently locked behind that impenetrable steel wall.  Do you understand that, Mr. Brinkley?”
     Roger’s reply was slightly hesitant and held a touch of fear.  “Y…Y…Yes,” he replied out loud.
      “Very good, Mr. Brinkley.  That steel wall will be with you for the rest of your life.  Over time, you will get very familiar with it.  It will be forever with you, locking away all your ability to not do as I command.  You must follow my will now.  There can never be any other way for you.”
     She paused again to take another small drink.  She glanced at her daughter who was watching raptly, but she could tell that Carol was impatient too.  Well, her daughter would just have to wait.  This was too important. 
      “Mr. Brinkley,” she began again, “I want you to understand something.  Even though that wall is impenetrable, it is still very thin.  But over time, that wall is going to grow thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger.  Making it even more impenetrable… more unbreakable.”  She paused again, but only slightly.  “Mr. Brinkley, from now on… for the rest of your life… every single time you sit down, you are going to see that wall get a little bit thicker.  Every time you stand up, you are also going to see that wall getting a little bit thicker.  When you stand up, when you sit down – the wall get’s thicker and thicker, stronger and stronger.  You will always see it happening… always… for the rest of your life.  You can’t escape it, you can’t not see it.  It may be brief and at the edges of your vision, but it will always be there.  And every time you see it, you will be reminded that my will is all that matters and that all ability to go against my will is locked away behind that wall… forever!”
      “Momma…” Carol’s voice called softly but impatiently.
     Janice turned to her daughter and quickly put her finger to her lips, signaling her to remain quiet.  “Not yet, dear,” she replied softly before turning back to Roger.  It was time now to go back over some of the important things.  But first, a tiny bit of deepening.  “Sleep and obey, Mr. Brinkley, sleep and obey.  Remember, whenever I say those words to you, you will immediately drop into as deep a trance as possible.  Every time I repeat them, you will go deeper and deeper, always striving for a deeper level, because my will is your deepest most important need.  Sleep and obey, Mr. Brinkley…  Sleep and obey.”
     Now for his prime directives again.  “I need you to remember, Mr. Brinkley, that protecting Carol and I is your first concern.  You must make sure that no harm comes to either of us in any way.  You will protect us with your life if necessary.  If anyone asks about us, you will always tell them how happy you are to have both of us around.  You will never say anything the least bit bad about either of us.  You must convince everyone that you are nothing but thoroughly happy with our presence in your life.  And in order for you to continue doing this, you will never try to run away.  Do you understand that, Mr. Brinkley?”
      “Yes,” he replied easily and with seeming certainty.
      “Very good, Mr. Brinkley.  Very good.”  She looked over to Carol, who looked back with a sudden hopeful look on her face.  But it wasn’t quite time yet.  Because of Carol, the situation with him had to be… fixed… just a bit more… like it or not… for both of them.  And without a doubt, neither he nor Carol was probably going to like it.  “Mr. Brinkley… my daughter is beautiful, is she not?”
     Roger turned his head to look at her.  “Yes,” he replied.  “Very pretty.”
      “Mr. Brinkley, I know that men have a certain response whenever they see a pretty woman, and I have no doubt that you are the same way.  Even though your primary concern is the protection of Carol and I in every way, I can no longer allow that normal male response in you.  It is my will, Mr. Brinkley, that whenever you see a pretty girl or a pretty woman, you will still be able to fully appreciate her beauty… and you may still be internally sexually aroused… but you will never again be able to have any outward sexual response unless I say so.  That means, Mr. Brinkley, that as of now, you are unable to get hard and your male organ will be unable to grow even the slightest bit, unless I give you permission.”
     She looked briefly over at Carol and saw the shocked look on her face.  Well, it was for her own protection.
     She turned back to Roger.  “Now, Mr. Brinkley, I will be allowing you sexual release once in a while, but it will only happen when I say it can happen, and never any other time.  Do you understand that?”
      “Yes,” he replied dully.
      “Good.  Now to help make sure you will never grow hard when you shouldn’t, this is what is going to happen.  Right now, Mr. Brinkley, I want you to notice that your cock is feeling cold… like someone just put it into the freezer.  It’s getting colder and colder now.”  She saw the sudden look of discomfort on his face.  “Tell me what happens, Mr. Brinkley, when your male organ gets cold.”
     Roger’s hand moved to cover his crotch as if trying to protect it from the cold.  “It shrinks,” he replied, but he sounded very distracted by his own discomfort.
      “That’s right, Mr. Brinkley.  The colder it gets the more it shrinks.  Shrinks and shrinks… down to nothing.  That is what you will feel from now on whenever you feel even the slightest bit of sexual arousal.  Your mind can be sexually stimulated all you like, and you can enjoy being mentally stimulated, but every time your maleness will experience intense cold.  The more intensely you feel sexually stimulated, the more frozen it will feel and the smaller it will get.  That is my will, Mr. Brinkley.  And there is no fighting it.  Do you understand?”
      “Yes,” Roger replied, both hands now covering his crotch as he still felt the intense cold inside.  He wasn’t the least bit sexually stimulated, but since she had told him earlier that his cock would feel the cold, he was still locked in the grip of it.
      “Good, Mr. Brinkley, that is my will and unless I say otherwise, that is how it will be.”  She looked back at Carol again and this time, smiled.  That was enough business for tonight.  She would be continuing it for some time to come.  It was time to give Carol a play toy.
      “Okay, Mr. Brinkley, we’re going to practice obeying again.  Even though your male appendage is currently freezing, you will ignore it and obey me.  Quickly now, Mr. Brinkley, stand up!”
     Roger could barely stand the intense cold he was feeling but he immediately stood up, even in his trance state he was mindful that he didn’t receive a shock from her.  But as he stood up, at the corner of his vision, he got another glimpse of the grey steel wall. He literally saw it growing a tiny bit thicker… a tiny bit stronger. 
      “Sit down!”
     He sat again, and again he glimpsed the wall growing that tiny bit stronger.  But he didn’t have time to think about it, she was firing commands at him quickly again, and even in his trance state, his only option was to drop further under her control and not think at all, let her do the thinking, his job was just to do it.
     Janice finally stopped again.  He was standing now in front of her, totally in her control.  She glanced briefly over at her daughter one more time and smiled.  Then she turned her attention back to him.  “Okay, Mr. Brinkley.  I’m going to release you in a few moments.  But first, it is my will that whenever Carol or I say the phrase, ‘Doggie Time,’ you will immediately drop to all fours and become a dog in every way possible.  You will no longer speak like a human, you will no longer stand like a human, you will no longer act like a human in any way.  You will still think completely like a human, but you will be totally limited to doing everything only like a dog.  You will continue to act completely like a dog until Carol or I tell you that you can be human again.  Nothing else can stop you from being a dog except Carol or myself.  Do you understand?”
     Very dully, Roger said, “Yes.”  There was no other thought about the situation for him, especially not in the trance he was in.
      “Very good,” Janice replied.  “Wake up!”
     Roger’s head suddenly started spinning as he came out of the trance.  It took him a few moments of dizziness before he could even focus his eyes properly. 
     Before he had a chance to think about anything else, Janice said, “Please return the chair to the kitchen now.”  Immediately, Roger picked up the chair and carried it away.  Janice turned to her daughter.  “He’s all yours as soon as he comes back,” she said with a broad smile on her face.  “Remember,” she said softly, “Doggie Time.”
     Roger’s head was still woozy and confused as he set the kitchen chair back under the table.  His stupid cock felt like an ice cube – and it hurt!  And strangest of all, off to the side of his vision, he had the impression of a huge gray wall, not really there, yet its presence seemed all too real.  His brain was still trying to register these things and come to grips with it all when he walked back through the doorway into the living room.  But he barely passed through when he heard Carol suddenly yell something.  He wasn’t even sure what, but his body instantly reacted and he found himself falling down toward the floor where he wound up on his hands and knees.  He realized that she must have said, “Doggie Time.”  The grey wall to the side of his vision became much more real and imposing as he realized that he would have to act like a dog in every way possible until one of them released him.  It was her will.  And as much as he didn’t like it, he would have no choice but to obey.  The grey wall made sure of it.
     Carol laughed and clapped delightedly as she watched Roger immediately fall to the floor to become her dog.  The bewildered look on his face was priceless as he knelt there on all fours, trying to figure out what to do next.  She ran over to him.  “Hello again little doggie,” she said as she petted his head like a dog.  “Can you bark for me?  Come on, bark.”
     Roger immediately barked like a dog – even though he didn’t really want to.  He was rewarded by Carol clapping her hands in delight and again petting his head.
      “Come on, little doggie, follow me,” Carol said as she ran off toward the other side of the living room.
     Roger crawled after her as fast as he could.  When he reached her, she again petted his head. 
      “Good doggie!” Carol said, praising him.  “We need a ball or something for him to play with,” Carol said to her mother who was looking on, happy to see her daughter’s delight. 
      “All in good time,” Janice replied.  “Maybe we can get him one for next time.  If you like though, why don’t you look around and see if there’s something else you can use instead.”  But as she saw her daughter glancing desperately around the living room, she had a small idea.  “Perhaps a pair of his rolled up socks?”
     Carol laughed delightedly and ran off toward the unfinished room where all his clothes were stored.  “Chase me, doggie.  Chase me,” she called.  And again Roger took off after her, crawling as fast as he could.
     Roger hated being forced to act like her damn dog.  Did she have any idea how demeaning this was?  But then he realized that it was a silly question.  Yes, she probably did realize it, but at the same time, she didn’t care.  And like it or not, that weird grey wall in his mind was somehow totally keeping him from doing anything but what they wanted.  And to add insult to injury, he really wished his damn cock would stop feeling so cold!  And it was inside his pants where it should be nice and warm!
     Carol gleefully searched through his mountain of clothes and found a pair of socks.  She adjusted them into a better ball and ran back out into the hallway with them.  “Here doggie!  Fetch!”  She threw the sock ball back down the hallway. 
     Roger had no choice but to go after it as fast as he could.  And when he did catch up to it, like it or not, he bent his head down to try to pick up the sock ball with his mouth!  At least they were clean socks.  Doing his best to hold it in his mouth, he carried it right back to Carol, who was laughing at him.  Ugh!  Could things possibly get any worse?
     Janice let Carol play with her “doggie” for over an hour before she finally put a stop to it.  “I’m sorry Carol, but we need to get you back soon, and he still has work to do on your room.”
      “Oh Mom!” Carol complained.  “Can’t I play for just a little while longer?”
      “No dear.  I think it’s time.”  Janice could clearly see the disappointed look on her daughter’s face.  “Tell you what though, maybe we can do one other little fun thing with him tonight.”
     Carol’s face brightened quickly.  “What?”
     Janice smiled.  “Take his shoes and socks off of him and I’ll be back in a minute.”
     Roger had to stay still while he felt Carol fumbling around behind him pulling his shoes and socks off.  Janice came back before she was finished.  But what he wasn’t happy to see was the length of rope in her hand. 
      “Here,” Janice said as she handed the rope to her daughter.  Tie one end of this to his collar. 
     If Roger felt indignant about what he was being forced to do before, that indignity grew a whole lot as he realized she was attaching a makeshift leash. 
      “Now hold his head up with the rope for a minute while I do something else here,” Janice told her daughter. 
     Carol stood up with the rope and pulled on it, holding his head up tightly.  Then she watched as her mother stood over him, and reached under him, and unfastened his pants, finally pulling them off of him.  His frilly panties soon followed leaving him naked from the waist down. 
      “Okay dear,” Janice said.  “Let’s take him outside.”
     Carol was shocked.  “Outside?  Really?”
      “Of course, dear.  I’m sure that after all this time he must need to go to the bathroom.”
     Carol’s shock doubled.  “You mean… have him go…”
     Janice only looked back at her daughter as if it was the most normal thing in the world.  “Why not?”  Then she turned and led the way back toward the kitchen. 
     Carol pulled on Roger’s makeshift leash as she followed her mother.  Inwardly, Roger was going crazy, but outwardly, he only followed meekly along where Carol led him.  And he thought things couldn’t get any worse? 
     Janice held the back door wide open, and Carol led Roger slowly down the steps into the yard.  Negotiating the steps on his hands and knees wasn’t all that easy, but fortunately, Carol didn’t make him try to go any faster than he was able.  The floodlights were on, illuminating much of the yard between the house and the workshop.  Roger felt all too visible, all too humiliated being outside in the open where anyone could see him – no matter that his house was fairly isolated and protected on three sides by deep woods. 
     Carol led him around the yard a little bit.  “Okay doggie.  Go potty now.”
     But going “potty” as Carol had called it, was the last thing that Roger wanted to do.  At least not like a dog.  And besides, his damn cock was freezing! 
      “He’s a male dog,” Janice called after her daughter.  “Perhaps he needs something to pee against.  Take him over by that tree where he can lift his leg as he does it.”
     Carol led Roger over to the nearest tree.  Roger knew now that he would have no choice.  Not only did whatever she had done to him make him act like a dog, but he knew that he wasn’t about to get out of this predicament until he peed like a dog too!  Hating the act very much, he lifted his leg and tried to pee.  Fortunately, as freezing cold as his cock was, he was able to do it… at least somewhat.  He was rewarded by Carol dancing around and laughing at him, her antics occasionally pulling slightly at his collar.
      “And there,” Janice said to her daughter, “you see how easily men can be reduced to their true nature.”
     They didn’t take Roger back into the house again for several minutes.  Not until Carol had finally finished laughing.  Only then did Janice untie the rope from his collar and release him from being a dog so he could go back to work on the unfinished rooms.  But the collar stayed in place and despite the clothes he was able to wear again, his damn cock remained painfully frigid cold!

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