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The Housekeeper - Chapter 11 (Part 1 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 11 (Part 1 of 2)

     He lay huddled on the bathroom floor, his bath towel wrapped around his naked body for warmth.  But the towel did nothing at all to ease the icy cold feeling that still resided in his cock and balls… a cold that far surpassed the cold steel of the cuffs and chain that held him captive to the toilet in the room.  His hands were clutched over his cold cock, as if they could somehow transfer warmth into it.  It had definitely warmed somewhat since last night… but it still felt all too cold.
     The bathroom had been growing steadily lighter for a while now despite the rain he occasionally heard beating against the house.  He had no idea what time it was.  As miserable as he felt, no matter how late it might be, it was still all too early.  He had worked as late as he could last night… until she had told him to stop and chain himself naked to the toilet once again.  And her will was all that mattered.  But he hadn’t slept well at all.  As tired and weary as he was… the cold in his cock had been a constant distraction.  Not to mention the nightmares when he did sleep.  Nightmares that centered around one enormous grey wall… and the words obey, obey, obey.
     From the master bedroom… his old bedroom… he again heard the alarm going off.  Two minutes later, she was out the bedroom door.  “Are you awake, Mr. Brinkley?” she asked as she headed for him. 
     He was still huddled under his towel, his hands still wrapped around his cold cock.  He looked up at her, weary and miserable.  But he made no other reply.
     She stopped in the doorway and looked down at him.  The towel draped over his body couldn’t hide where his hands were.  “Does it still feel cold, Mr. Brinkley?” she asked.
     He nodded… pleadingly. 
      “I think that now you have a better understanding of just how much I am capable of controlling you.  For your sake, I hope you don’t force me to increase that control.”
     Increase it?  Roger couldn’t even fathom that it could get worse than it already was.
     Janice paused a moment as she looked down at him.  It was time to get things moving again.  “I’m releasing the cold… for now, Mr. Brinkley.  Your stupid male appendage can return to normal again… at least until some pretty woman crosses your path.”
     Immediately, Roger felt blessed warmth flowing back into his freezing cock and balls, and with that warmth, much needed relief!  His whole body seemed to relax at the warmth and he laid back on the floor to enjoy it.
     She came fully into the room, bent down, and unlocked the chain from his ankle, freeing him… physically, but not mentally.  “It’s time to get up and get moving now, Mr. Brinkley.  We have things to do again.”  She headed out the bathroom door to leave him, but she paused before she got very far and turned to say brightly, “It’s Sunday, Mr. Brinkley.  Church!”
     Church?  Roger’s head went spinning at just the mention of it.  How could this demented woman even think about going to church?  He pondered that thought even as his body immediately went through the motions of getting shaved and showered.

     A short while later, he was standing naked in the unfinished bedroom where he had all his things piled – now in the middle of the room since he had been working on the walls and had to move everything last night.  The room seemed darker now, more closed in because of the insulation that now filled all the wall and ceiling cavities.  He knew it would brighten some when he added the sheetrock on top of it.  Hopefully today. 
     The only underwear he had now was all frilly women’s panties.  He searched among his jumbled clothes and found the stack.  He selected the first pair his hands landed on… pink with white and pink lace.  He didn’t really care which pair he had to wear, one pair was as bad as another.  He pulled them on.  At least they were briefs and not bikini style or even, heaven forbid, a thong.  So as long as he was able to cover them up and forget about them, they were perfectly comfortable. 
     His eyes now searched the pile in front of him for the one part of his required wardrobe that he was the least happy about – a bra.  He found a pile of freshly cleaned ones not far from the pile of frilly panties and pulled one out, but the one he selected was one with overly large cups.  He threw it aside and grabbed another one instead – fortunately, it was one with a very small cup size.  As usual, getting the darn thing on was a struggle.
      “Here, let me help you with that.”
     Roger turned and found Janice entering the room toward him.
      “I know that fastening a brazier can be difficult when you’re just learning,” she said as she hooked the straps together behind him. 
     Roger wasn’t about to tell her that he was grateful.  Especially not after she bent down and retrieved the two sock balls from the floor that she had been making him stuff his bra with.  He looked at her incredulously as she handed them to him.  “To church?” he asked.
      “Certainly, Mr. Brinkley.  As far as I’m concerned, the only place we need to be concerned with is when you go to school… for now anyway.  Please make sure that you wear you’re nicest suit, Mr. Brinkley.  We want to put our best foot forward for church.”

     Roger didn’t even get to sit in the passenger seat as Janice drove them back toward the foster home where Carol was staying.  She told him to sit in the backseat instead… so that Carol could sit up front next to her.  The rain had fizzled off to a fine misty drizzle as they pulled up in front of the foster home.
     Almost immediately, Roger saw the front door open and Carol ran out.  He was surprised to see her wearing a dress.  As far as he could remember, it was the first time he had ever seen her wear one.  But then, most of the girls at school usually dressed casually – which most of the time meant jeans… or camouflage.  As Carol got closer, he was surprised to see how nice she looked… and somewhat sexy he realized.  He was forced to look away from her as the old male twinge unconsciously hit his loins… followed immediately by what felt like a small ice-cube pressed up against his balls.  The cold didn’t dissipate until Carol was in the car and they were halfway down the road.  How was he going to get through life?
      “You look lovely dear!” Janice told her daughter as she drove away from the foster home. 
      “Thank you, Momma,” Carol replied.
      “Doesn’t she look lovely today, Mr. Brinkley?”
     Roger wanted to scream!  “Oh yes, definitely!” he replied, forcing himself to look only at the back of Janice’s head.  At least Janice didn’t stir any sexual urges within him.

     Once again, Roger found himself traveling down the interstate highway toward Atlanta.  It was a bit of a ride, but Janice finally turned off into one of the suburbs and it wasn’t long before they pulled into the parking lot of an old strip mall.  Roger read the sign on top of one of the large store fronts… “Free Spirit Nondenominational Church.”  Whatever that was.  He guessed he would soon find out. 
     There were a surprising number of cars already in the parking lot and Roger could see several groups of people heading for the makeshift church.  Janice parked the car, but he delayed getting out. 
      “Come along, Roger,” she told him.  “I think you’re going to enjoy this.  The minister here is so..”  She paused to shake her head and take a deep breath.  “Inspirational!” she finally finished.
     Before he dragged himself out of the car, Roger glanced down at his chest.  Did his jacket completely cover the “breasts” he was wearing underneath?  Unfortunately, no.  He could still see the bumps pushing his jacket out.  They were only slight bumps, but they were defiantly there.  Once he was out of the car, he glanced down again.  He wasn’t sure if they showed up more than when he was seated or not.  As they walked toward the building, he buttoned his jacket… and unbuttoned it.  It appeared that pulling the material tighter only showed off more of what he didn’t want to show off!
     As they got closer the building, Janice was excitedly greeted by several people that she obviously knew… and Carol was continuously told how big and beautiful she was growing.  Roger was quickly introduced to several of them as… a friend.  Ha!  He didn’t bother to try to remember any names though.  He noticed a few of them briefly staring at him… or were they staring at his chest?  He said nothing about it though and did his best to ignore the situation. 
     There were many rows of folding chairs inside with a wide aisle down the middle.  People were standing and talking everywhere and naturally Janice walked right up to several of the groups to talk – where she was greeted and hugged excitedly.  While Janice and Carol talked, Roger glanced around.  He was surprised to see several obvious transvestites and more than a few obvious gay couples.  The racial mix in the room appeared to run a wide gamut as well.  Some of the people, like Janice, were dressed quite nicely while others looked like they could use not only a good change of clothes, but a bath as well.  The atmosphere seemed to be… very friendly… and overall, Roger approved… despite his tiny breasts.
     Someone up front announced that it was time for everyone to take their seats, and Roger soon found himself sitting next to Carol in about the middle of the room.  A woman took the stage at the front and started speaking, and Roger soon figured out that she was the minister of this little flock.  And knowing what he did about Janice now, he wasn’t surprised at all that Janice had picked a church with a female minister.
     Surprisingly, the woman spoke quite well and despite how tired he felt, Roger not only didn’t fall asleep during the service, he actually enjoyed it… somewhat.  The entire service wasn’t exactly what he would have called – religious.  Maybe as Janice had put it, “inspirational” was a better term. 
     When the service was over, Janice was greeted by more than a few old friends who all seemed to be glad that she was out of prison… unlike Roger.  The woman minister hugged and greeted Janice… and she did the same with Roger, who was more than a bit worried that she would feel the balled up socks filling out his bra.  But if she did, she didn’t mention it.
     As soon as they were back in the car, Janice headed in the direction of home, which pleased Roger, until she turned off the highway at the next exit.  “I’ve been cooking dinner for you every evening, Mr. Brinkley,” Janice said.  “I think it’s only fair that you treat Carol and I to a nice lunch today.”
     Roger said nothing.  He wasn’t going to have a choice anyway… and her simple request did sound totally reasonable.  The only thing he was really concerned with… was the darn little “bumps” sticking out of his chest.  But hopefully his jacket covered them enough that they wouldn’t be too visible.  He hoped.
     Roger got the impression that Janice seemed to know the area very well as she drove straight to one of the nicer family restaurants.  Despite it being Sunday, and lunchtime, they only had to wait a short while to get a table.  The one thing that stayed on Roger’s mind, other than his tiny breasts, was the fact that she seemed to be going out of her way to make them look like a normal… family.  If he didn’t know both of them better, he would certainly have thought of them more like a family himself.  Except he did know them better.  They were both absolute horrors.  Something that she proved just before he sat down in the booth across from them.
      “I think, Mr. Brinkley, that you should remove your jacket while you’re eating.  You might as well be comfortable.”  What Janice didn’t tell him was that, even as little as his “breasts” appeared, it still helped to diminish the appearance of his masculinity somewhat and would allow her to enjoy her meal better.  Besides, as little as it was, it was also a visible reminder of just how much control she now had over this… man.
     Roger reluctantly removed his jacket and threw it into the bench seat ahead of him.  He “casually” glanced down at his chest before he slid into the seat.  Yes, there was no doubt that he could see the bumps from his bra pushing out his shirt.  And… did his tie make things look worse since it hung down right between them?  He wasn’t sure, but he got that impression. 
     Other than that, once again Janice seemed to be the very epitome of the nicest person he could imagine.  She discussed everything from how nice it was to finally be out of prison, to how much she loved the woman minister in the church they had just attended, to possibly planning a little outing with everyone to go… of all things… hiking!
     Surprisingly, despite the bumps pushing out his shirt, Roger enjoyed himself.  It wasn’t even until they were all back in the new car and heading home that he realized that once again she had kept him from finishing the rooms that she claimed she so desperately needed him to finish.  He worried about that mostly because she had threatened to make his life more and more miserable the longer it took him to finish the job.  So far, he wasn’t sure if making him wear the bra and stuff the socks in it now was part of what she had in mind or not.  But to him it was certainly constituted making his life more miserable.  The frightening gray wall that now appeared at the edges of his vision every time he stood up or sat down was another major misery… not to mention that he didn’t dare look at any woman for more than a fraction of a second.   
     As soon as they had pulled the car into the garage and had gotten out, he chanced asking, “Can I get back to work on the rooms now?”
     Janice raised her eyebrows a bit at his question.  “It’s Sunday, Mr. Brinkley.  Normally I wouldn’t consider Sunday to be a day of work, but in this case I think finishing those bedrooms would be a very good idea.  That is, unless you want to spend the rest of the day as Carol’s little pet doggie again.”
     The very idea of it sent fear straight down Roger’s spine.


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Fanks for the update, surprisingly normal!

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I LOVE this story! A serenely malevolent antagonis, and a protagonist who doesn't want ANY PART of what is happening to him! Storytelling at it's finest!