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The Housekeeper - Chapter 18 (Part 1 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 18 (Part 1 of 2)

Misery!  A long, long night of misery.  Just then, Roger would have given anything for the time when he had simply been chained by his ankle to the bathroom toilet.  He was lying on his side… and Carol had even been “kind” enough to stuff some of the sweatshirts under his head again to use as a pillow.  But that was the only bit of comfort he had. 
His ankles were tied together and his wrists were again cuffed behind his back… which wasn’t so bad.  It’s everything else that was so bad.  He was bent at the waist, his head being pulled down by the rope around his neck… that was connected tightly to his cock!  Carol had found some thinner rope and wound it around and around his cock, tying it firmly, then she had stretched it around his neck, pulling his head as far down toward his aching cock as she possibly could.  Every time he tried to even think about pulling his body back into a more comfortable position, his poor tortured cock got pulled that much harder. 
But Carol wasn’t done yet.  Oh no, not by a long shot!  After that, the monster had tied more of that thinner rope around just his ball sack, and then bent his ankles up as close as possible and tied his ball sack to his ankles.  The constant pulling from his ankles along with the constant pulling from his upper body felt like it was trying to rip his cock and his balls in different directions – out of his body!
He finally heard someone moving around… although for once he hadn’t heard the alarm in his old bedroom.  And a moment later, someone opened his door and came in… although bent as he was, he couldn’t move his head to see who it was.  He just wanted to get untied! A moment later, Janice herself came into his limited field of vision as she knelt down next to him… and he heard her chuckle slightly. 
“Did you have a comfortable night?” she asked as she started working on the knot that held his body bent in two.
Darn the woman!  “Please release me,” Roger pleaded.  “Please…”  She said nothing in return, but the moment the rope was loosened, his body automatically pulled backward on its own.  He groaned loudly at the relief… and then bent forward again as the relief to his cock caused it to flare up in pain.  “Owwwww.”
Two minutes later, the rope connecting his balls to his ankles was released.  And his balls began aching in harmony with his cock.  But he could now stretch his legs and move his body, and despite not being fully untied yet, he did just that.  A few minutes later, he was completely free of his bindings… accept for the stupid very high heel shoes strapped to his feet… that he no longer even thought about.  Whew… what a horrible night!
“Get your shower now, Mr. Brinkley,” Janice said as she got to her feet.  “And like yesterday, please try not to take too much time in case Carol needs to get in there.  And don’t make too much noise either.  There’s no reason why she can’t sleep a bit longer today.”
Roger immediately wondered what she had against him being allowed to sleep.  At least to sleep comfortably. 
“You can continue to wear those lovely shoes again today,” Janice told him.  “And I expect you to be hard at work on my little project as soon as possible.  I’ll get your breakfast ready for you in the kitchen.”
With that, she walked out, and Roger found his body struggling to get to his feet.  A good long hot shower would feel awfully good right now.  A good long hot bath might feel even better.  And a long, long… unfettered… comfortable night’s sleep would be the best of all!

Despite being so tired, Roger worked tirelessly on Janice’s little hiding place.  It was a somewhat challenging and interesting project that easily held his full attention.  Half an hour after starting to work on it again, he pulled a large piece of the floor completely away… the piece that he pulled out still had most of the finished floorboards attached to the subfloor.  What was left was a perfectly rectangular hole that went completely though the floor, but the outer sides of that hole were missing the finished flooring that would usually cover the subfloor that was now exposed. 
The hole itself perfectly exposed the large hole he had cut in the ductwork he had installed under the house yesterday.  He could now see the original smaller air duct running through the bottom of the new larger one.  From the outside, there was no hint that the large trunk line was only a false shell, hiding the original smaller duct inside of it.  Anyone looking underneath the house would only see the small feeder duct coming out of the end of the trunk line before turning and going straight up to the floor vent.  And now the left over space in the large trunk line was going to be Janice’s handy little secret hiding place. 
But there was still a lot of work to be done.  It took him over an hour to insulate the area that would become the hiding place… putting sheets of stiff insulating material over the bottom as well as the two ends… forming an enclosed box on the inside where nothing she put into it could accidentally get anywhere where it shouldn’t as well as insulating the box against either the heat or the cold that would radiate up from the true air duct just below.
But then he had to attack the floor itself.  The hole had been cut directly over top of the middle of the floor joists that supported the flooring.  All he had to do was to replace the finished flooring he had ruined in creating the hole with new boards… in such a way that nobody could tell they had ever been removed.  And it had to be done – perfectly!  That was the most challenging part.  Everything had to fit exactly right! 
It was midafternoon when he finally declared the project finished.  He stood over it and looked down at his work.  If he didn’t know where it was, he probably wouldn’t be able to find the thing.  He gathered up his tools into a pile in the room and took a moment to wipe some of the dust away from a good portion of the floor.  Then he inspected his work again… and smiled.  Pretty good if he did say so himself! 
And then he went to find Janice.
He found her… dusting the furniture… in the living room.  “Mrs. Stokley…”
Janice turned at Roger’s voice and saw him standing there.  It was the look on his face that interested her the most.  And she wasn’t sure if she should be concerned by it or not.  “Yes, Mr. Brinkley?”
“It’s done,” he said very simply.
Janice could only raise her eyebrows and stare at him for a moment… before a smile lit up her face.  “Wonderful, Mr. Brinkley,” she declared as she immediately headed for her bedroom.  Roger led the way. 
Once inside, she could see that most of the floor in that entire part of the room had been wiped free of the offending sawdust that was literally everywhere else in the room.  She stared at the floor… and after a moment, became confused. “Where is it?”
Roger smiled.  “Actually,” he said, “I’m standing on it.”  He moved a few steps away so she could see better.
Once Roger had moved, Janice searched the floor again.  “I still don’t see it!”
“I’m glad,” Roger replied.  “You said you didn’t want something that could easily be found.”
“I did indeed!” Janice said, the pleasure in her voice was evident.  “So… how do I get into it?”
Roger grabbed a tool from the pile he had on the floor.  It was a small somewhat U-shaped bar with two suction cups attached to the ends of it.  “This is a suction glass handler,” he said.  He knelt down on the floor and pushed the suction cups against the smooth floor boards.  “Once it’s in place, you lock the suction cups to the floor with these levers here… then you just pull it up.  I’m afraid it’s a bit heavy, but that can’t be helped.  Um… can you back up a little bit?  You’re standing on part of the hiding place.” 
Janice was a bit startled at that, and quickly backed up a few steps. 
Once the floor was clear, with a bit of an effort, Roger pulled up on the bar and lifted away a rather long piece of the floor, exposing the now finished cavity underneath.
Janice’s eyes went wide as she saw what Roger had finally created.  She peered intently into the hole and then got down to examine it closely.  It was… perfect!  “Mr. Brinkley,” she said, “this is wonderful!”
“Thanks,” Roger replied, somewhat pleased with it himself. 
“And then you just have to pull the floor back in place when you’re done,” Janice said, more to herself than to him.  “May I try it?”
“Of course,” Roger replied.  “I’ll warn you though, it’s a bit heavy.”
It was indeed heavy, but with a bit of struggling, Janice managed to get the floor completely back in place again.  The cover looked… and fit… much like a jigsaw puzzle piece.  But once it was in place, there was very little sign that the hiding place even existed. Roger showed Janice how to release the suction cups, then she tried the entire procedure herself to open the thing… which was just as difficult as closing it up.  But she figured that maybe that was a good thing.  It would only make it more difficult to find.  She also figured that maybe a small throw rug to put the floor piece on when it was open would be a good idea so the floor around it didn’t get scratched… and possibly indicate where her hiding place was. 
“Mr. Brinkley,” she said when everything had been closed up again.  “I am very pleased.  Very, very pleased!”
“So I can go without the bra at school now?” Roger asked.
“Absolutely,” Mr. Brinkley.  I’m a woman of my word.  No more brazier while you’re at school.  I’m afraid though that once you return home, you will once again have to put one on, but as we agreed.  No more brazier at school.”
Roger said nothing.  He only felt relief.  Although it was a very small relief.  School would only last less than two more months!  Since Janice seemed so happy with his work, Roger chanced something else.  “Since this came out so well,” he started, “any chance I can take these shoes off now?”
Janice looked at him and raised her eyebrows.  The fact that he had asked about it registered somewhere in the back of her mind.  “I’m afraid not, Mr. Brinkley.  Those shoes will remain on your feet until I decide otherwise.  By the time you go back to school again, I want the heels on those boots of yours to feel very comfortable indeed.”
Oh hell!  Well, he had tried.

Roger was somewhat surprised that Janice made no demands of him for the rest of the day.  He did his best to stay in his room where he would be out of the way… out of her sight… and consequently, out of her mind.  He knew she was spending a lot of her time in her room… probably filling that secret hiding place.  The money that now had his blood on it came prominently to his mind. 
He worked on the estimate for the Whittakers, he worked on lesson plans for school, and best of all, he napped – comfortably and unfettered for much of the afternoon and evening.  Now that was a better way to spend his holidays off from school!

Janice hummed to herself as she went about thoroughly cleaning her bedroom. Roger had gotten the sawdust literally everywhere – including the ceiling!  But she was so pleased with the hiding place he had created for her that she didn’t mind the dust so much anymore.  She figured she needed a way to hide the little suction cup tool he had given her to open the thing with.  That in itself could be a clue that there was a secret place under the floor.  She solved that problem by sticking it to the tile wall in the shower… and then hanging a washcloth over it.  And best of all, she actually needed something like that in the shower.  It was a double bonus!
She was so pleased with everything, that when bedtime came, she asked Carol to please secure Roger in some way that he could be as comfortable as possible, while still making sure he couldn’t leave the room.  Roger slept that night with his ankle cuffed to the chain again, but the chain was only locked around the bedframe.  He figured that if he really wanted to… or had to… he could break the frame apart and be free… somewhat. The stupid chain would still be attached to his leg.

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