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The Housekeeper - Chapter 19 (Part 2 of 2)

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 19 (Part 2 of 2)

Janice coaxed him down into a semi-deep hypnotic trance once again.  She had only done it this way as a precaution.  Once he was deep enough… which was not nearly as deep as she could have taken him, she left him to sit in his chair and simply rest for a few minutes until she returned.  She went to her bedroom where she retrieved her notebook… and his dog collar and the remote control for the shocking device.  Back in the kitchen, she handed him his collar and had him put it on.  Then, she woke him up – completely.
Roger blinked a few times.  She had done it to him again… sent him into that quick hypnotic trance.  He fully remembered her handing him the dog collar and buckling it around his own neck.  But he found it strange that he was once again fully awake.  What new demented game was she about to play now?
Janice gave him a few minutes to collect his wits.  She sipped at her coffee until she was sure he was fully awake and cognizant.  Then she picked up the remote control for his collar and checked the time on the clock.  “Push your chair back further from the table,” she instructed.
Roger’s eyes went wide at hearing that because he was now sure she was going to do another training session with him.  And after hearing what she had just told him, he was more fearful of it than ever.  But he had barely gotten those thoughts through his brain before her finger hit the button and he was wracked with pain because he hadn’t moved fast enough.
“Push your chair back!” Janice ordered again.
This time, Roger was quick to push his chair away from the table. 
“Stand up!” Janice ordered, before pushing the button to give him just a minor shock for not being fast enough.  “Sit down!”  Over and over again she worked on him.  Over and over she gave the same simple commands.  Stand up. Sit down.  Raise your right arm.  Raise your left arm.  Lower your right arm.  Raise your left leg.  Lower your left arm.  Lower your left leg.  Sit down.  Over, and over, and over again.  Her instructions coming faster and faster.  “Don’t try to think.  You don’t have time to think.  My will is your will.  Let yourself react to my will alone.”
She watched him carefully as she worked with him.  But unlike other times, this time she never used the commands to sleep and obey to help sink him into a trance faster.  It was important now to not use that command.  She was going to need to do more with him tonight than she had done in the past, and the raw brainwashing technique she was using was a much stronger method than the simple hypnotic suggestions.  And when he was finally under her control again, she stopped and checked the clock.  It had taken nearly twenty five minutes… and this wasn’t the first time she had done this with him… by a long shot!  He did indeed have a very strong mind.  “Wake up, Mr. Brinkley,” she said, “Wake up fully.”
Roger’s head was still going around as he climbed his way to full consciousness again.  He as fully aware of everything.  She had done nothing more than to bring him under her control again.  As far as he could remember, she hadn’t even reinforced any of the commands she had given him before… not even to put him under with just her words to sleep and obey. 
Janice watched him carefully as he came around.  She picked up the coffee pot and poured a tiny bit of fresh coffee into his cup.  “Have a sip,” she suggested.  She was glad to see how fast he picked the cup up and drank from it… before putting it down on the table again.  And when she was sure that he was completely recovered, she started all over again.  “Stand up!  Sit down!  Raise your left arm.  Raise your right arm.”  All over again from the beginning, and again not once did she use the commands to sleep and obey to make him go under faster. 
Two minutes into this go-around with him, Janice heard the front door opening and Carol calling, “Momma?”  But she couldn’t stop what she was doing.  She kept right on issuing the commands as fast as she could.  When Carol came, wide-eyed, into the kitchen, she only paused long enough to put her finger to her lips to urge her daughter to remain totally silent. 
It took less time this time, just over eighteen minutes, but that was still way too long – by a lot!  But the problem was, that even doing it once was now dangerous toward affecting his mind so that it would possibly show more impairment when he went back to work next week.  And tonight she had done it not only once, but twice!  With most of her victims, she usually got them down to ten minutes in the first weekend.  But Roger wasn’t like most of her victims.  She had taken over his life as nothing more than a last resort toward a greater end.  And because of that, she definitely needed him to remain normal... or at least somewhat normal.  Mentally anyway.  But eighteen minutes!  She was tempted to do it again, but even as tired as she was, she knew better.
Now that he was under again, she began reinforcing every single command that she had given him before.  She reinforced his prime directive to always protect her and Carol.  She reinforced the grey wall keeping him away from all ability to not do as she wanted.  She reinforced the cold that would invade his privates any time a pretty woman crossed his path.  And she especially made sure to reinforce the commands to sleep and obey… that would immediately sink him into a hypnotic trance any time she needed it. 
So far, she had added nothing new to what she had already put into his brain.  But now it was time for her to move on.  Now it was time to address the real reason she was doing this with him tonight.  She looked briefly over at Carol before she began.  Her daughter was sitting at the table now, watching everything raptly.  Well, she supposed she would. 
She picked up her notebook before sitting down at the table.  This was going to take a while.  “Mr. Brinkley,” she began.  “I want you to think of your mind as one big filing cabinet.  A cabinet with many drawers.  A cabinet where all those drawers are totally open so you can access what’s in them.”  She paused for a moment to let that fully register with him.  “Now we’re going to add a new drawer to your system, and we’re going to put it somewhere at the bottom in an out of the way place.  I want you to picture that new drawer as being completely closed right now, but you know that because it’s a new drawer, it will be totally empty since we haven’t put anything into it yet.”  Again she paused to let it all sink in.
“Now, Mr. Brinkley, we’re going to put a label on the front of that new drawer.  And the label will say, ‘Boots the Dog.’  Do you have that, Mr. Brinkley?  Do you see a label like that on the front of that drawer?”
“Yes,” Roger said, with a slight nod of his head.
“Very good,” Janice continued.  “Now we need to fill that new drawer.  Open the drawer labeled ‘Boots the dog,’ Mr. Brinkley, and we will begin putting things into it for you. 
Inside Roger’s mind, he could see the new drawer opening revealing a blank interior.
“Now, Mr. Brinkley, whenever I say, ‘It’s time for Boots the dog,’ you open this drawer and you will immediately become a dog named Boots.  You will have no choice in the matter.  You will not even consider that there ever was a choice.  As soon as I say those words… ‘It’s time for Boots the dog,’ you will only know that you are a dog.  As your body becomes Boots the dog, you will immediately remove every bit of your clothing.  Dogs don’t wear clothing.  You will not be able to stand the feel of clothing on your body unless someone puts it on you… after you become Boots the dog.”
Janice paused to consult her notebook.  “Stand up, Mr. Brinkley,” she instructed, and watched as he immediately rose to his feet.  She got up and went over to him.  “Hold your right hand out toward me.”  Roger’s arm immediately came up with his hand held out toward her.  She grabbed it and turned his palm so it was facing down.  “Curl your fingers under,” she commanded.  When he had done that, she took his thumb and pressed it alongside of his hand.  “Now put your left hand in this position too,” she told him.  She watched as his left arm came up with his fingers already in the required position.  “Now get down on the floor on all fours.”  As soon as Roger was down like she wanted him to be, she got down as well and closely examined his hands.  “Very good, Mr. Brinkley,” she told him.  “Whenever you become Boots the dog, as soon as you have removed all your clothing, your hands will immediately assume this position.  Your fingers will not just glue themselves together, but each hand will become fused together into one inseparable paw.  Your paws!  Since dogs do not have hands, you will have paws instead.  And you will never even think of trying to open your paws into a hand again.”
She left him in that position on the floor as she got to her feet and went back to her seat at the table… where she again consulted her notebook.  She looked back down at him… now on all fours on the floor.  “Mr. Brinkley, as soon as you become Boots the dog, with the exception of a few key words, you will immediately be unable to understand any human speech.  Human words will have no meaning to you at all – other than the few commands I will tell you.  You will be able to learn other commands after you become Boots the dog, but those commands will have to be taught to you. 
The words you will be able to understand will be these.  Stand… in which case you will assume the standing position you are in right now.  There is no other way you will be capable of standing.  Standing on two legs like a human will not only be impossible, you will never even think to try it.  Dogs do not stand on two legs, they stand as you are now.  And whenever you stand like that, just as happens when you are a human, you will again notice that your impenetrable wall will continue to grow thicker and thicker, holding all your will to do other than what I say on the other side. 
The next word you will be able to understand is to sit.  Do it now, Mr. Brinkley.  Sit like a dog… like a good dog… with your paws still on the ground in front of you.”  She watched as Roger lowered his backside down to rest on the backs of his legs.  His front “paws” remained on the floor in front of him.  “Very good, Mr. Brinkley.  And just as when you stand, when you sit, you will also notice your impenetrable wall growing that tiny bit thicker and thicker.”
She quickly consulted her notebook again before continuing.  “The other commands you will be able to understand are to lay down, to come when you are called, and to speak.  Whenever you are commanded to speak, you will of course bark like a dog.  All human speech will be impossible for you as Boots the dog.  The only sounds you will be capable of making will be dog sounds and dog sounds only.  But then, even understanding human speech will be impossible for you anyway, so you will have no need of any other sounds.  From time to time, either Carol or myself may train you to understand other commands.  But you will learn those commands gradually… as any other dog would since your intelligence will be completely diminished to that of a dog and nothing but a dog.”
She consulted her notebook again.  “As I said, Mr. Brinkley, other than those few command words I just gave you, you will no longer be able to understand human speech.  But there will be with one additional exception.  “Whenever I say the words, ‘Bonjour Boots,’ you will immediately be fully able to understand all human speech.  You will be incapable of making any human sounds yourself, but you will be fully able to understand what is being said.  But as soon as I say, Au revoir Boots,’ human speech will again become incomprehensible to you.”
She looked at her notebook again and her finger found the next item on her list.  “Just as with human speech being incomprehensible, you will no longer have any concept of numbers at all.  Counting will not only be impossible, you will not even be able to consider it.  You will be able to realize that something is there, and if there is more of that something, then there will simply be more.”
Her finger on her notes moved slightly down the page.  Then she looked over at the wide-eyed look on Carol’s face and smiled briefly before turning her attention back to Roger, still “sitting” on the floor like a dog.  “Mr. Brinkley,” she said, “as a dog, you will pay far more attention to your sense of smell than you ever have before.  Your sense of smell will become one of your primary senses.  You will actively smell everything you can, including your own pee and feces.” 
She returned her attention to her notebook where her finger moved slightly again.
“Mr. Brinkley, whenever you are Boots the dog, you will be the perfect loving companion for both Carol and myself.  You will play happily like a dog whenever anyone wants you to and you will crave being petted like any good dog.  You will eat, drink, sleep, pee, and defecate like a dog.  All of your interests will be limited to the interests of a dog… and nothing else.  Nothing else will even be comprehensible to you.  Basically, you will be a dog in every way possible.”
One more time she checked her notes before continuing. 
“Whenever you are Boots the dog, Mr. Brinkley, You will act like a dog in all ways, and you will think like a dog in all ways.  There will be one exception to that.  At all times, Mr. Brinkley, a small pocket in your mind will constantly remember that you were once human.  You will be completely unable to remember anything useful about your old human life, but you will constantly compare the life you have as a dog with the life you used to have as a human.  But no matter how much you may yearn for your old life, you will know that you can never have it.  You will only know that you are now a dog and will always be a dog.  Since you are no longer human, you can no longer be human.  You can and will be only a dog.  But the memories of being human will remain… and you will constantly compare your dog life with your old human life.”
Her finger moved down the page one final time.  She looked briefly over at Carol.  “Almost done, dear.”  Then she turned her attention back to Roger.
“Now, Mr. Brinkley.  Remember that filing cabinet drawer?  All these instructions I have just given to you are now in that drawer – and nowhere else.  Once that drawer is closed, you will have no knowledge of those instructions at all.  You will remember nothing at all of the instructions for Boots the dog.  It will be as if they don’t exist.  They will only exist should you hear the phrase, ‘It’s time for Boots the dog.’  At that time, that cabinet drawer will open… and whenever that cabinet drawer opens, all of the other drawers that your mind can access now will close and lock tightly.  As Boots the dog, you will only have access to what Boots the dog needs to know and nothing else.”
She paused one final time before continuing.  “Mr. Brinkley, after you have spent some  time as Boots the dog, should someone decide that you may become human again, only someone speaking the words, ‘It’s time for Boots to be human,’ can return you again to a human being.  As soon as you hear those words, ‘It’s time for Boots to be human,’ you will immediately stop being a dog.  You will be able to open your hands into human hands and use them that way.  You will in all ways return fully to your life as a human being.  But you will still remember your life as Boots the dog so that you can fully appreciate what being a human being means.”
She looked down at him, still sitting the same way… like a dog... on the floor.  “We are done with putting instructions into that cabinet drawer now, Mr. Brinkley.  In a moment, we will close that drawer. After that, every time that drawer opens, all the other drawers will close and lock shut.  When the Boots the dog drawer closes, all the other drawers will open fully again.  You will either be able to be fully human, or you will be able to be Boots the dog.  There will be no in-between.”
She stood up from her seat at the table.  “Stand up now, Mr. Brinkley.  Stand as a human.”  She waited as Roger immediately got to his feet.  “Close that drawer in your mind now, Mr. Brinkley.  Close the drawer that is labeled, ‘Boots the dog.’”  She waited only a moment for the look on his face to change somewhat.
Finally, with him still deeply in his trance, she said.  “When you go into your room in a few minutes, close the door.  Remove all of your clothing except the shoes on your feet, and go to sleep.  There is no need for you to be bound or chained tonight.  There is no need for you to polish your boots or your shoes.  Get naked except for your shoes and then make yourself as comfortable as you can.  Go to the bathroom first if you wish, then enjoy a good night’s sleep for once, and sleep deeply and well.  Tomorrow when you awake, your mind will be completely clear and you will feel happy and well rested.”  She walked over to him and removed his collar herself.  “Go to your room now, Mr. Brinkley, and have a very good night.”
Carol watched Roger immediately leaving the room.  As soon as he was completely out of sight, she could no longer wait to ask.  “Momma, what was that all about?  Are you planning on turning him completely into a dog now?”
Janice shook her head.  “Only if I have to dear.  Only if I have to.  And even then, hopefully, it will only be for a short time to scare him into doing what I want.”
“But Momma, why can’t you just hypnotize him into doing what you want?”
Janice had to consider how best to answer that one.  “Because what I want him to do is going to require his complete cooperation and commitment.  And, because what we’re doing to him now has nothing to do with anything he’s ever done in the past.  We’ve invaded his home and his life and we’re stealing both.  In this one thing, I think it’s only fair that we let him decide which way his life is going to go.  But, in the end, I will do what I have to do.  And should the situation require it…”  She said nothing more on the subject. 
She went over and hugged her daughter.  “Did you have fun today?”
“Yeah.  We just hung out.  Momma, can we invite Shelly here some time?  I mean, I always go there.  Is there some way we can let her come here once in a while too?”
Janice looked at her.  “Not quite yet, dear.  Let’s wait and see.  I’m sure we’ll be able to arrange something though… eventually.” 
Janice yawned.  “Oh dear, it really has been a long day for me.  I think I’m going to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us.  Our new bedroom furniture is coming tomorrow.”
Carol brightened visibly.  “That’s going to be great!” she replied.
“Yes it will,” Janice agreed.  She kissed her daughter.  “Goodnight, dear,” she said before heading off toward her bedroom.  Yes, tomorrow would be a busy day.  The old bedroom furniture had to get hauled away.  The new bedroom furniture had to be delivered.  And Roger Brinkley had to be told what she had decided on for his future.


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