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The Housekeeper - Chapter 41 Part 3 of 3

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 41 Part 3 of 3

As she had suspected it would, the process to again rape Halifax’s mind didn’t take all that long.  But she had reached the stage now where she had to be more careful than ever.  Once she knew without a doubt that he was ready, she picked up her notebook and began going down her list of subjects to cover again.  Old subjects, such as the fact that he could never hurt her and especially that he could never tell anyone at all about her or about what she did to him.  The impenetrable wall was reinforced again as well.  Everything she had worked into his brain so far was revisited and reinforced. 
Only when she came to the end of her old list did she stop to rest and take a much needed drink of iced-tea.  Halifax was sitting unmoving in his chair, his face as blank and impassive as it could possibly get.  But then the only thing really working in his brain anymore was the ability to process the commands that came directly from her.  She refreshed her glass of iced-tea and took another long sip as she opened her laptop to work with it.  Only then did she call him over to the table where she was.
She watched as he walked over to her, totally unmindful that he was stark naked.  His face was still a blank uncaring canvas.  Perfect!  “Mr. Halifax,” she started, “What bank is your Victoria retirement account in?”
“Cayman Bank and Trust,” he said dully.
Janice was surprised to realize that it was among the recommended banks on the list that Susan had provided her with.  Well, that only made things that much easier.  “What is the website address?” she asked as she positioned her fingers at the keyboard.
With his mind in the hypnotic trance, there was no information she could ask about that he couldn’t easily dredge up.  A few seconds later, Janice was waiting for the site to open… which it did fairly quickly.  She hunted around on the web page and soon found the login button.  “Your account number?” she asked.  A moment later she was typing numbers as he relayed them.  “And your password?” she asked.  Again she typed them as he spoke.  A few seconds later, she was staring at the records of his secret retirement account.  She was happy to note that there was indeed a little over sixteen and a half million dollars in it.  Perfect!
“Mr. Halifax,” she said.  “Go sit down again and wait for me.  I’ll be with you in a little while.”  She watched briefly as he went back to his chair in the living room.
She had no intention of transferring the money anywhere.  There was no need.   And no transfers meant less of a trail for anyone to follow.  Instead, all she did was to change his password to get into the account.  With that one small action done, she was now sixteen and a half million dollars richer than she had been a few minutes ago.  Feeling happy and very satisfied, she closed the website, and closed the cover on her computer as well.  She took another long drink from her iced-tea.  It was time to get back to business with Halifax again.
She went back to stand directly in front of him.  His face was just as blank as it had been.  Good!  “Mr. Halifax,” she said, “I want you to think about your retirement account… your Victoria retirement account.  Think of the amount of money in there, think about your account number, think about your password, and I especially want you to think about sitting at your computer and transferring money into that account.”  She stood there and watched his face.  Something was going on that mind of his just then, and she had no doubt at all about what it was.  She let him think about it all for several minutes.
“Mr. Halifax,” she said, “I’d like you to concentrate your thoughts now on just the money transfers.  I’d like you to only remember doing that.”  She waited just a few seconds for his mind to do just that before she continued.  “Now, Mr. Halifax, I’m going to start counting down from ten to zero.  The further down I go, the more trouble you will have remembering transferring any money at all.  As I count down, your mind will erase every single money transfer you ever did with that account.  By the time I get to zero, you will no longer have any memories of transferring any money at all with that account.”  She waited a moment before she began, then very clearly she said, “Ten… nine….”  Slowly, placing several seconds between each number, she counted down from ten all the way to one.  And then, still watching his face intently, she said the final number.  “Zero!”  It was almost as if his face was suddenly showing relief.  She figured he probably was relieved since he no longer had any memories there to worry about trying to dredge up.
“Very good, Mr. Halifax.  Now I want you to think about typing in your account number and password.  And again I’m going to count down from ten to zero.  And when I reach zero again, all your memories of ever doing that will no longer exist.  Here we go, Mr. Halifax.  Ten… nine… eight….”  Again she went all the way to zero, erasing every memory of him ever logging into that account.
 “Good, Mr. Halifax.  Very good,” she said.  “Now I want you to remember setting up that account many years ago.  We are not going to count down from ten this time,” she said.  “Instead, I want you to simply erase that memory from your mind.  Wipe it clean now, Mr. Halifax.  Wipe it so that that your memory of setting up that account never existed in the first place.” 
She waited a few moments for his brain to do just that.  She was almost done.  Just one more thing to go.  “Mr. Halifax,” she said, “I now want you to go through your mind and instruct it to erase every remaining memory of anything at all to do with that account.  You will erase all knowledge that the account ever existed from your mind… you will erase every thought that you ever had about even having such an account from your mind.  You will erase all thoughts that had anything remotely connected to that account from your mind.  As of right now, that account no longer exists.  That account never did exist.  As of now, you no longer even know what I’m talking about if I mention the account.  You are free now from the burden of carrying that knowledge – knowledge that you no long know what I’m speaking of.  You only know that you feel relieved to be free of the knowledge of whatever it was.”
There was an unmistakable look of relief on his face, even though Janice had no doubt that he had no idea why he should even feel that way – other than that she had told him he would.  As of now, that retirement account was not only hers alone, as far as Joseph Halifax was concerned, he had never even owned such an account.
She left him like that to enjoy is brief relief while she went back to the kitchen for a much needed drink.  She refilled her glass and carried it back to the living room with her this time.  And this time, she grabbed and opened her notebook.  This was the part now that she knew would be the most difficult.  It was now time to begin the process of setting the new direction for the rest of his life.

“Goodness, Mr. Brinkley.  You’ve come a long way already!”
Roger smiled at his client.  “Yeah, I’m making good progress today,” he replied.  “It’s all the trim though that’s going to take the most time.  And of course, you’re only looking at one coat.  Most likely, it’s going to need a second coat on the walls before I can call it finished.”
“Well the difference is amazing.  And I’m so pleased with the color.  I think it looks… calming,” she finally decided. 
Roger nodded.  “Yeah, it does look nice,” he agreed.  “Good choice I think.”  He noticed her scrutinizing the way he was dressed.
“Aren’t you awfully hot dressed like that?” she asked.
Roger shrugged.  “A bit,” he agreed.  “But it saves me a lot of cleanup work… not to mention that I don’t have to worry about the splatter getting all over my clothes.”
But she was looking now directly at his plastic bag covered boots.  “And that includes your lovely boots as well?” she asked.
“Yeah,” he agreed.  “They seem to need cleaning more than anything else I wear.  And I try hard to keep them looking good.”  What surprised Roger then, was the look of what he thought might be disappointment on her face over not being able to see his boots.
“Of course,” she agreed.  “I’m sure they must get like that.”
Roger said nothing back, but only watched as she seemed to leave the room with a disappointed attitude.  Well, he had been contracted to do painting, now show off what he was wearing!

Janice started with Leila Rivers.  Of course, Halifax could no longer remember the reason he had her killed to begin with, but he could still remember that he had arranged and paid to have it done.  She made sure that the memories of Halifax doing that would forever remain close to the surface.  Then she began building on all his good memories of the woman… all the things he had liked the most about her.  She magnified each of those traits, making them seem like things he could never live without.  And when she was done, she forced the concept of guilt over what he had done to her into his brain… over and over and over again.  He deserved to be punished for what he did to her.  He deserved to feel miserable for the rest of his life because of what he had done.  He deserved every horrible, rotten thing that would ever happen to him for the rest of his life!  All because of what he had done to the poor woman.  Janice was only part way into her script for that when she saw the tears of remorse falling freely from his eyes.  He deserved it!
When she was done with that part, she left him again… crying pitifully.  Her instructions had made sure that he would always feel that remorse – for the rest of his life.  He would always feel that he deserved to be punished severely… because of what he had done to her.  He would always feel… the enormous guilt!  She left him to cry alone for a while, while she refreshed her drink.  It wasn’t until she figured that he had cried long enough that she went back for the next round with him.
“Mr. Halifax,” she said, “you’ve cried long enough now.  It’s time to dry those tears and face a new future, a future you deserve because of what you’ve done.  Pay strict attention to what I say now… because you deserve this.”  It took a few moments, but eventually his crying ended and he looked up at her.  Was that determination on his face… or resignation?  Not that it mattered.  She began at the beginning of her notes.
Point after point, Janice instilled Halifax’s new life into his brain.  The script was similar to the “Boots the Dog” script she had used on Roger, but this one was much more refined and much, much more complete.  She had taken the things she had learned from Roger and built upon those things, making them stronger, better, more in line with what she wanted out of him. 
She again used the file cabinet drawer images that would close off his old human life and open only the drawer of his new dog life.  When that one drawer was open, all access to the rest of his human life was unobtainable… with the exception of only what she wanted him to remember – which mostly dealt with his guilt over Leila Rivers and the fact that she wanted him to remember that he was once a human being – but no longer deserved to be so.  But when the dog drawer was closed, she instructed him that he would have absolutely no memory of what was in that drawer… or of ever accessing anything that was in it.  If he was human, he would have no memory of being a dog at all.  But as far as she was concerned, that one command to turn him human again would be used this weekend and only this weekend.  If everything went the way she hoped it would, she would be turning the… new and improved… Halifax, or rather Ben-ben… over to Susan sometime next week.  Besides, from everything she could see, his mind couldn’t take much more of her training.
Like with Boots, she made sure that even as a dog, he would always be aware of the impenetrable wall getting thicker and thicker each time he sat, and each time he stood up – further insuring that he would remain Ben-ben forever.  All knowledge of human speech was removed with the exception of some key commands that she was very careful to make sure he knew what would be expected of him.  He might be a dumb dog, but there was no reason for him to make a nuisance of himself the way Boots had done.  She also told him that no matter how bad the food he was given would taste, if he was given it to eat, then he would eat everything as fast and completely as he could… and he would always be grateful that someone had bothered to feed him.  There would no longer be any savoring how good something tasted, he might still like the taste of something, but he would eat everything as fast as possible so he wouldn’t enjoy it very long.
There was one particular area that “Ben-ben’s” script differed completely from the script for “Boots.”  And that area dealt solely with sex.  When the proper command was given, Ben-ben would become interested in one thing and only one thing, licking pleasure into whoever had given him the command.  And he would keep at it single mindedly until told to stop.  Janice didn’t know how good Halifax was capable of being with his tongue, but she had no doubt that given enough time, he could only get better and better. 
Another part of the sex area that she put into “Ben-ben’s” script, was that no matter what he did or what was done to him, he would no longer feel anything at all in his penis.  It would become totally numb.  He would be totally unable to feel anyone or anything touching him there.  She then took that idea and tied it directly into his guilt feelings over what he had done to Leila Rivers… so that he would always know that he didn’t deserve to feel anything at all there anymore – no matter how badly he craved to feel something.  And he would always feel that sex drive crave.   
But since she had always tied what she did with her victims to sexual relief in some way, she also decided on a method for Ben-ben as well.  He would no longer have any concept of numbers or counting, but his sub-conscious mind was allowed to keep track of only one thing – how many times he got “bred” or “used” from the rear.  Once that number reached fifty, like her other victims, he would have an immense orgasm, after which the counting would start all over again.  Of course since he would have no conscious concept of numbers, he would never know how long it would take to get that relief again… he would only become aware of how he could get that relief.
Just as she had done with Roger, she set the same commands in place that if the right key phrase was spoken, Ben-ben would hear and understand what was said to him, but he would understand them now with the mind-frame of a dog and only a dog.  If Susan didn’t like that, then tough.  As far as she was concerned, Halifax didn’t deserve to ever have more intelligence back in his brain than she was allowing him – even if only for a few minutes.  He would be a dog, and only a dog – forever!
When she was finally done, she closed her notebook.  There was no more that she could instill into him this week.  It was now time to see what Halifax had learned during the week about how dogs behaved.  She looked at him, and spoke the magic words, “It’s time for Ben-Ben the dog!”
Immediately Halifax fell to all fours on the floor.  He had no clothes to remove so the process was almost immediate.  His hands closed under into two paws and he looked up at her and panted happily with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. 
“Sit!” she commanded, and watched as Ben-ben did his best to sit like a dog.  “Lay down!” she commanded, and she watched as he stretched out on the floor… somewhat like a dog might do.  She walked to the other side of the room.  “Come!” she commanded, and watched as he immediately got up and crawled to her.  She pet his head for a few moments.  So far, so good.
Leaving him to occupy himself as a dog, she went into the kitchen to pour herself a fresh glass of tea… and then prepare herself some dinner.  She had earned the rest.  While she was working, she kept one eye on Ben-ben.  She watched as he seemed to crawl around the house, sniffing at things.  And finally she watched as he crawled back into the kitchen.  She reached into the bag on the counter and extracted the duck that Roger – Boots had played with and threw it towards Ben-ben.  He got up and sniffed the thing carefully, then eventually took it into his mouth and laid down on the floor again where he happily chewed on the thing.  Excellent!  Shortly after though, Janice looked over and saw him sound asleep on the floor, the stuffed duck nearby and most likely forgotten.  Just like any other dog she supposed.
A short while later, while she was in the middle of cooking, she quickly looked over at him because he was making some small distressful sounds.  But she noticed that he was still sound asleep.  He was dreaming!  It didn’t take a lot to realize what his distress was over – guilt!  It was as plain and simple as that.  Even in his sleep, Halifax… or rather Ben-ben, was going to feel painfully guilty over what he had done to Leila Rivers.  Perfect!
After she had eaten her dinner, she pulled Roger’s purple dog bowl from a bag on the counter and opened a can of dog food.  Ben-ben was awake by then and seemed to be all too interested in sniffing around the kitchen.  She set the bowl on the floor with the command to eat his dinner.  It gave her nothing but pleasure to see the way he almost attacked the horrid smelling dog food in the bowl.  Yuck!  And he deserved every bit of what he was now getting just a small taste of.
After he had finished his dog food… along with most of a bowl of water that she had him lap up, she grabbed the leash she had gotten for Roger and attached it to Ben-ben’s collar.  She took him outside and had him relieve himself, not just raising his leg to peel like the dog he now was, but she made him defecate like a dog as well.  The only thing wrong with the scenario, was that Ben-ben now truly believed he was a dog, so there was no humiliation in the act for him at all.  It was simply a normal thing for him to do.  Oh well, she was still pleased.
An hour later, she was inside watching TV while Ben-ben was napping not far away.  But the TV show was uninteresting.  It was uninteresting only because she had other things concerning Ben-ben on her mind.  Before long, she turned the TV off and gave into what had been on her mind.  She removed her shorts and panties.  “Ben-ben,” she called.  It was a moment until the dog came fully awake.  “Come,” she commanded.  She opened her legs, giving him full access to her private parts.  Ben-ben came over to her and started sniffing around between her legs, but she hadn’t given him the command to do what she wanted yet.  Still, she found his interest in that area of her, along with his sniffing of the area, to be more than a bit exciting.  She could already feel herself getting wet!  “Lick me, Ben-Ben.  “Lick me to pleasure!” she commanded.  She immediately felt his head diving into her crotch and his tongue going to work – right where she wanted it to.  And she was totally surprised by the fact that he seemed to almost know what he was doing there.  His tongue was stronger and more agile than she thought it would be.  And the result was quickly driving her – totally crazy!
As she came down from her first orgasm, she reached out and just managed to grab one of her burner phones out of her purse nearby.  She had trouble ordering the number of supplies she didn’t want because Ben-ben’s attentions to her sexual region were all too distracting.  And by the time Susan finally called back, she was almost into her fourth orgasm!
“Janice, what’s wrong?” Susan asked, her voice full of concern as she listened to the gasping that was coming over her phone.
“Wrong question,” Janice replied breathlessly.  “You mean, what’s right?”
“What do you mean?”
“Right now, Ben-ben is in the middle of proving to me that he already knows something about how to use his tongue to please a woman.  And I have to say, he’s seems to be somewhat talented in that area.  More so than I ever thought he’d be!”
Susan erupted in laughter.
“Look, Susan,” Janice did her best to gasp out over top of what Ben-ben’s tongue was doing to her, “can you take possession of him next weekend?  I think he’s going to be completely ready for you by then.”
“Of course,” Susan replied happily.  “Just let me know where and when and I’ll make sure to meet you.  Do you want me to come to your house again?”
Janice’s excitement, not to mention her breathing, was quickly getting the better of her again though.  “Hang on,” she managed to grunt out before she abandoned herself to the orgasm that had been building so strongly in her.  It was a few moments before she was capable of speaking again.  “Sorry,” she gasped.  “I hadn’t counted on him being this good.”
“Okay, I’m feeling more than a bit jealous right now,” Susan told her.
“Well, you can have him for as long as you like starting next week,” Janice replied.  He won’t be fully ready until then anyway.  But no, not at my house.  It’s going to have to be somewhere different, not to mention somewhere private that I can drive to fairly easily with him.”  The feeling of his tongue still working on her was exquisite!
“I’ll come up with somewhere,” Susan Wu promised.  “You just let me know when to be there.”
“I will,” Janice gasped out again as she felt another orgasm rising quickly.  “Got to go!” she screamed as the waves overtook her one more time.
Susan hung up her phone, then stared at the thing.  Damn!  Now she really couldn’t wait!  But in the meantime, after listening to what Janice was going through, she was now very much in need of a little fun and relief herself.  She picked up the phone.  I need a playmate in my playroom… as soon as possible!” she ordered.  “Phone me when he’s ready!”
Damn!  All she could think about now was whatever Halifax – Ben-ben – had been doing to Janice. 

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