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The Housekeeper - Chapter 42 Part 4 of 4

The Housekeeper
By Karen Singer

Chapter 42 Part 4 of 4

“What is it?” Carol asked as her face screwed up into a quizzical expression.  “It looks like some of those things you see the stars wearing on TV when they’re trying to look sexy, but this one doesn’t look that fancy.”
“You’re quite right, dear,” Janice replied.  “That, Carol, is a proper ladies corset. “It’s not meant to be worn on the outside like the ones you see on TV.  It’s meant only to reshape a woman’s body.”
“It is?” Carol asked as she picked the thing up to examine it closer.  “They look a lot more interesting on TV.”  She was surprised at how solid and heavy the thing felt.  She looked up at her mother.  “I hope you don’t expect me to wear this thing!  It’s got all these long hard things in it and it feels like it would be… very uncomfortable!”
Janice laughed.  “You don’t exactly need it, dear!”
“So…” Carol asked, looking shyly at her mother.
“No, it’s not for me either,” Janice told her.  “Although some days I’m sure I could probably use it.  But no, it’s for Candy.”
“Oooh!  Getting him something sexy to wear?”
“Um… not exactly,” Janice replied.  “It’s to help his figure… to give him a more… feminine shape.”
“Cool!” Carol exclaimed.  “So are you going to make him wear it now?”
“Not quite, dear.  Since he’s going to be wearing it more and more as time goes by, I’m afraid I’m going to need you to help put it on him and always make sure it’s properly laced up.”
“Totally cool!” Carol exclaimed with some delight.  “I can make sure he’ll definitely find the thing miserable to wear.  Let’s give it to him now.”
“No dear, not quite.  First I need you to do a bit of internet research on the proper way to fasten them and especially on how to break them in.  If you don’t do it right, you can damage the thing.”
“You mean, damage him.”
“No, you can damage the corset.  And we definitely don’t want that to happen.  That thing cost me a lot of money!”
“It did?”
“Yes!  So we have to make sure we use it right.  Besides, going too fast with it on him will probably cause more problems than we’re trying to fix.”
“Why can’t you just show me?  Why do I have to look everything up?”
“Because, dear, I’ve never worn one of those things in my life!  I’ve only read about them.  I’m afraid I’m going to leave it up to you to become the expert on them.  That is… if you’re going to make sure that Candy is properly fastened into the thing every day.”
Carol smiled.  “I’ll look it all up!”  A moment later she asked, “So… after I find out about breaking it in and stuff, then can I put it on him?”
Janice smiled.  “Of course!  He’s got to start getting used to it sometime.”
Carol giggled as she headed for the computer.  “Um… Mom?” she asked as she logged into the machine. 
“Um… remember a while back when I said I wanted to find a way to make him more miserable whenever he gave the class a test?”
“Uh… I think so dear.  But don’t forget, he’s a teacher.  He’s required to give you those tests.”
“Yeah, but he doesn’t have to like giving them so much!”
Janice had a feeling that Carol didn’t quite understand the situation.  She also had a feeling that changing her daughter’s mind on the subject wasn’t going to work.  Bracing herself for something outrageous, she asked.  “What were you thinking?”
Carol explained her idea while Janice poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the table to listen.  It was all she could do to not roll her eyes once in a while. 
“So… what do you think?” Carol finally asked.
“Don’t you think it’s a bit… unnecessary?” Janice asked.
“Momma!  I haven’t had a chance to have any fun at all with him in a long time now.  I can’t even tie him up anymore!”
Janice sighed.  Her daughter was right, she hadn’t allowed her daughter to have any fun at all with Roger in quite a while now.  And she had spent a lot of time over the years preaching dominance over men into her daughter.  Never – ever let a man feel superior to you in any way.  Keep them underfoot and firmly in your control – always! 
She also knew that her daughter had a very big cruel streak in her.  And there were times when that cruel streak had been very handy – for both of them.  Besides, her daughter wanted to do this and she really hated disappointing her… especially when it came to making a stupid man feel… uncomfortable. 
She finally smiled.  “Okay,” she said.  “But let’s talk this through a bit more.  And maybe we can find some ways to… improve on it a little too.”
“Really, Momma?” Carol asked excitedly.
“Yes,” Janice confirmed.  Then her face became stern.  “But not until after you’ve looked up that information on corsets and not until after you’ve helped Candy get that corset on!”
Carol’s only reply was to giggle.  She was looking forward to both putting the corset on Roger – and making him miserable during his next test… which most likely was going to be the final exam.  Which would be perfect!

The air went right out of Roger’s lungs and his eyes bulged the minute Janice and Carol showed him the corset.  “You expect me to wear that?”
“I do indeed,” Janice replied.  “And eventually, you’ll be wearing it for most of the day.”  She smiled.  “Think of it as your new back brace.  You did say that you didn’t wear your old one nearly enough.  You won’t have that problem with this new one since you can put it on… and leave it on.  It even has steel boning like your old back brace has… only better.”
Roger was flabbergasted.  He couldn’t take his eyes off the thing.  And the chuckles coming from Carol weren’t helping in the least!  He had no doubt at all that the damn thing would be very uncomfortable… to say the least!
“Now get undressed Candy, and let’s try this thing on you,” Janice ordered.  “We’ve got to start breaking the thing in, not to mention you’ve got to start getting used to it.”
Roger wanted to protest, but he knew it would be no use.  Besides, thanks to Janice’s mind warping programming, his body had started to remove his top the moment she had given him the order.  Finding it difficult to look away from the dreaded corset, he finished removing his top and started to remove his boots so he could get his jeans off. 
“Just pull your pants down out of the way,” Janice told him.  “You don’t have to get completely undressed.”
Roger pulled his pants down to his knees where they were prevented from going any lower by the tops of the boots he was still wearing.  He was immediately treated to some giggling from Carol over the very frilly yellow panties he was wearing.  But her giggling didn’t last long.
“Um…” Carol began, noticing just his bra covering the upper part of his body, “he’s supposed to wear a t-shirt or a camisole or something under this thing so his body oils won’t hurt it.”
“Go find something to wear under it,” Janice ordered.
Roger started to reach for his pants to pull them up so he could move easier, but he was stopped by Janice.  “Leave your pants where they are.  You can manage to get to your room and back with them like that.”
With his pants still at his knees, Roger hurried to shuffle in his new black boots, out of the living room and down the hall to his bedroom… to the sound of Carol laughing at him from behind.  Juuuuussst great!  Ugh!  A corset!  Damn!  He cursed his stupid rotten luck as he quickly found one of his old t-shirts and pulled it over his head and down over his “breasts.”  He felt better having his big bra covered.  He didn’t feel better about the breasts that were still displayed on his chest.  With his pants still down around his knees, he shuffled back to the living room where Janice and Carol were.
While Roger had been gone, Carol had taken the opportunity to loosen the laces on the corset all the way.  She held it wide open for him to step into as he approached.  “Just step into it,” she told him.  
Roger moved close in front of her, but with his pants around his knees, and still wearing the damn boots, he couldn’t get his feet up high enough to step into it.  He felt a momentary bit of relief… although he knew it wouldn’t last long.  Seeing his problem, Carol knelt down to the floor and held the garment open again.  With a bit of her help, Roger was just able to get his one boot into it and through it.  A moment later, he had managed to keep his balance long enough to get his second boot through the darn thing as well.  Then Carol began pulling it up.  She had a lot of trouble getting it over top of his bunched up pants at his knees, but that was only a minor little delay that was soon conquered.  And all too soon, Roger felt her pulling the thing right up to the bottom of his bra.  Ugh!
“Turn around,” Carol ordered.
Roger gave a pleading look to Janice as he turned around.  The look bought him nothing though as he felt Carol grabbing the strings of the corset and starting to pull on them.  What worried him, was the fact that as far as he could see, the stupid thing was already loosened up about as far as it would go… yet pulled up on his body, it was still fairly tight – from top to bottom!  Carol’s tugging wasn’t all that gentle, but Roger felt the corset only pulling tighter by minute amounts… in just as small places.  But it still got tighter and tighter.
“Pull your stomach in,” Carol told him.
Roger looked pleadingly at Janice again.
“Pull it in!” Janice ordered. 
Roger immediately sucked in his stomach.  The moment he did, Roger felt Carol pulling the long central strings as hard as she could, which immediately tightened the middle of the corset by a lot!  He felt her adjusting and pulling on the strings in different places, working out from the center in both directions.  When he was able to stop sucking his stomach in, it didn’t return outward anymore.  It was securely compressed by the damn corset. 
As per her mother’s orders… and going by two different sets of instructions on the internet, Carol decided that the thing was tight enough… for now.  She tied the thing off and tucked the long strings into the laces in the back of the corset where they would be out of the way.  “That should do it… for tonight,” she said as she stood back to see what the corset had done to Roger’s figure. 
“Pull your pants up and put your top on again,” Janice ordered. 
Roger was more than glad to do both as he started to deal with wearing the very tight confining garment.  He noticed right away that it was a bit difficult to bend down to grab his pants and pull them up.  Talk about an effective back brace!  Too effective!  If he had to wear the thing while he worked, he didn’t know how he was going to manage!  His jeans were suddenly a lot looser in the waist than they were before.  He didn’t have a female belt to wear with them, but he knew right away that he as now going to need one.  Either that, or he’d be constantly pulling his pants up so they didn’t fall down.
Pulling his top back on again wasn’t the piece of cake he figured it would be either, since the thing held his entire body all too firmly.  Every time his body tried to twist or bend at all, he felt the corset preventing him from moving as easily as he wanted to.  Everything he did while he wore the thing was going to be all but impossible!  Just like his entire life!
“See what a difference it makes already?” Janice noted happily. 
Carol was scrutinizing Roger’s figure very closely.  “I think he’s still got a long way to go,” she declared.
“Well of course dear,” Janice replied.  “We’ve only just started with his figure training.”
“Maybe I should have pulled the corset a bit tighter,” Carol wondered out loud.
“No dear.  I think it’s just right.  I’m sure that over time you’ll be able to trim a lot off his waist, but for now, we’ve got to go easy with it, remember?”
“Yeah, Momma.  No problem.  She smiled wickedly at Roger.  “At least not for me.”
Roger was still somewhat in shock.  A corset!  And the damn thing was all too tight already!  How was he going to survive this new torture device – especially when she started making it tighter?  And if he knew Carol, he was sure that she would have absolutely no mercy at all when it came to making him miserable.  Ugh!
With the corset holding his body all too firmly… and seeming to weigh a ton because of it, he headed back to his room where he was working on putting together his final exams for his classes.  With the corset restricting his movements so much, he was very aware of every little motion his body tried to make.  Just walking in the thing without bending brought a whole host of firm reminders that the stupid thing was there. 
He went back to working on his school stuff, but his mind was more focused on trying to find a way out of wearing the dreaded corset.  He wasn’t having much luck with figuring it out.  And when bedtime finally came and he was ever so grateful to have Carol untie the thing so he could get it off before putting his nightgown on, he was no closer to having any ideas as to how to get out of wearing the thing at all. 
Corsets!  Ugh!  How did women put up with wearing them in the past?

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