Sunday, May 29, 2016

My “Original” list of Sissy Ideas and Humiliations

Okay people.  Once again I’m setting the Wayback Machine for the end of December in 2001, that time when I was a lot younger and so was the internet.  Back then, there were things just beginning to appear in the on-line netherworld that dealt with the fantasies that had consumed my mind for my entire life. 

Actually, for this posting, most of the items below were conceived of and were included when my site first opened, but over the years the list was added to, up until my website suddenly disappeared, probably back at the end of 2005.  I don’t remember the exact date anymore, even though it broke me up pretty badly when I was suddenly gone.

I wasn’t the first to post sissy ideas out on the internet.  Not by a long shot.  But I did read whatever ideas people had posted avidly.  I “consumed” them hungrily!  So with that in mind, when I opened my little website, I decided to create my own list of sissy ideas and humiliations.  Just to be different, I divided them up into categories of mild, medium, and hotter.  The number of ideas started small, but over the years, it did grow a bit.  Down below, some of the items listed are links to more extensive postings of those ideas.  Hopefully, I’ll bring you a few of them in the future. 

My original site seemed to draw an amazing number of followers, and surprisingly they often sent me their ideas and humiliations that I was very happy to add to my site.  Most of them though were included as separate pages in my site so that the authors of those things could receive proper credit for them.  I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to present any of those extended ideas to you or not.  I’m also not sure exactly how I will go about it.  But that’s a worry for the distant future. 

And for you diaper lovers out there, yes, I had a list of sissy baby ideas and humiliations too, but that’s an entirely different list. 

So here’s my “original” list of sissy ideas and humiliations, mostly as it was at the end, when my hosting site disappeared.


These ideas are divided up into three categories - MILD, MEDIUM, and HOTTER.  The ideas may not necessarily be in the category they belong.

  1. Decorate your house in a very feminine style.  Get expert help if you need it.
  2. Take up a traditionally feminine hobby.  Sewing, or needle work are always good and can be useful.
  3. Start a doll collection and make sure you display them in your home.
  4. Learn to write with very feminine penmanship.  Use it all the time.
  5. Buy some simple but obviously feminine jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring) and wear them while shopping.  Make sure they show.
  6. Replace your watch with a feminine one.
  7. Rule of Sums!

  1. Carry a purse whenever you leave the house.  Replace your male wallet with a feminine one.
  2. Start wearing nail polish whenever you go out (not to work).  Start with clear polish and then move on to subtle, pale shades.  Gradually make the shades darker.  How dark do you dare go?
  3. Go shopping for women's shoes.  Wear pantyhose but no socks.  Wear the shoes out of the store.  If they are ones that could almost pass for men's shoes, wear them while shopping for at least another hour to get used to them.
  4. If leaving the house just to get a meal from a fast food drive through, don't change out of your sissy clothes - go just the way you are.
  5. Or for another similar idea, go through the drive through wearing a very prominently filled bra under a tight fitting feminine top.  Your fingernails should be painted, and wear a bracelet on your left wrist.
  6. Go shopping wearing a decorative hair clip or ribbon in your hair.
  7. Go to the mall and have your ears pierced in a very public place.  Make sure your earrings are nice and feminine.  Don't forget to take proper care of them.
  8. Go shopping wearing a light touch of makeup.  Not too noticeable.  Stop and have a snack in the food court.  Before getting up, check your makeup in a compact mirror and reapply your lipstick.
  9. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male pants, male shirt, male shoes, and a bra.  Kick it up further - pad the bra.
  10. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male pants, male shoes, and an obviously feminine blouse.  Kick it up a notch - wear a bra under your blouse.  Kick it up further - pad the bra.
  11. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male shirt, male shoes, and feminine slacks.  You can go easy and wear jeans that look like male pants, or kick it up as much as you like by wearing ever increasingly feminine styles of slacks.
  12. Spend the day shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), male shirt, male pants, and obviously feminine shoes.  Kick it up a notch - high heels.
  13. The next time you are going to have some time off from work, the day you leave work, go and have your nails done.  Have some long acrylic nails applied.  Enjoy your time off by doing all the things you like to do and go everywhere you want to or need to, but don't remove the nails until the day you go back to work.
  14. So You Don't Want To Carry A Purse!
  15. Carry A Purse

  1. Go shopping wearing panties, pantyhose (no socks), a bra, and women's shoes (they can look like men's shoes).  Go into a store, try on a skirt and buy it.  Wear it home.
  2. Never buy any male clothing.  From now on, the only clothing you may buy must be female.  Won't it be fun, when your stock of male things is gone.  Optional - every time you buy a new piece of feminine clothing, throw out something male
  3. The next time you go out to get gas in your car, do it in a skirt and high heels.  Pump the gas yourself.
  4. Join a sewing class.  Make only female clothing.  Be sure to wear all of your creations to class.
  5. Go to a hair salon and have your hair styled in as feminine a fashion as they can do.  Let the hairdressers have full control over what they do.
  6. Shopping Trip -
    1. Go to the mall wearing panties, pantyhose (with socks over top of them), and the rest of your clothes all male.
    2. Stop in a lingerie shop, try on and buy a bra.  Take your socks off and stuff them in your bra.  Wear it out of the store.  If the store doesn't want you to wear it out of the changing room, go to a public rest room to put it on (this goes for other items on this list too).
    3. Go into another store, try on and buy a pretty feminine blouse, wear it out of the store.  Have the store throw away your old shirt, or if they won't, throw your old shirt in the nearest trash can when you leave the store.
    4. Go into a jewelry store and buy yourself a nice necklace, bracelet, and woman's watch.  Wear them out of the store.
    5. Go into a nail salon and have your fingernails painted in a nice feminine color.
    6. Go into a shoe store and buy yourself some women's shoes.  Pick some with at least a 1 ½ inch heal.  Wear them out of the store.  Have the store throw away your old shoes.
    7. Go into another store and buy yourself a purse.  Put all the contents of your pockets into it and carry it.
    8. Go into another store and buy yourself some women's slacks.  Make sure they're feminine and will go with your blouse.  Wear them out of the store and have the store throw away your old pants.  By this time you should have no male clothing left at all!
    9. Go to a store where they demonstrate makeup and have them do your face for you.  Buy everything they recommend.
    10. Go into another store and try on skirts to go with your blouse.  Buy one and wear it out of the store.
    11. Treat yourself to a nice dinner out somewhere.
    12. Be sure to take some pictures to remember the occasion.
    13. Email me about how it went!

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Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten about your website until today. In fact, I thought I imagined it completely from my youth. You don't by chance have the c++ file anywhere still, do you?