Sunday, May 15, 2016

My “Original” Sissy Rules

Once upon a time, I was younger (obviously), and so was the internet.  There was no Blogspot.  There was no Twitter.  Believe it or not, Facebook didn’t even exist!  Imagine!  How did we ever survive?  But in those young fragile days of the internet, I had an idea to create a website dealing with some of the all too secret things that had always occupied my mind.  And so I chose a FREE website platform, where I created my fledgling site and uploaded it for all the world to see (it was on December 28th 2001 to be exact).  The website’s name?  “My Sissy Rules Fantasy.”  Guess what it dealt with!

Anyway, the basis of the entire website was a list of sissy rules that I created.  And trust me, nothing like it existed anywhere on the web at that time.  What still boggles my mind, was how popular that website became.  I still can’t believe that I continually received emails from literally all over the world!  Wow!!! 

And then I noticed that my list of rules started to get copied on other websites (mostly without credit to me).  Sometimes they would be changed just a bit from the original to fit the user’s intentions better, but most of the basic rules were always there.  Oh, I’m not angry about that, I’m very flattered.  What the heck did I start? 

Along with my list of rules on the website, I also had lists of humiliating sissy ideas and suggestions available.  And to my amazement, readers started sending me emails of their own experiences and sissy ideas for me to include on the site as well, and of course, I always posted them.  The site was actually starting to get a frightening number of pages to it (for the time). 

And then of course, the nice free web platform where I had my website posted, suddenly went away, and so did my site.  So, so sad.  Cry!  Cry!  Cry!  I can’t tell you how bereft I felt over it.  It was like I had lost a major part of myself – or like a close relative had died.  Question, is my Karen persona considered a relative?  I guess she’s relative to me – in one way or another.

I no longer see those rules posted anywhere on the internet anymore.  Of course, I don’t go looking for them either (hey, I’ve got other things to do).  But it’s been a long time now since that website went away, and since it’s been gone so long, I’m wondering if anyone out there might be interested in seeing what my “original” set of sissy rules looked like.  So I’ve decided to try occasionally posting some of the material from my old website, just for the “education” and “amusement” of anyone interested. 

Naturally, to start things off, I’m presenting my original list of sissy rules.  Would I use this list if I had the chance today?  Probably not!  But…they might form the basis of something that really could work for me. 

Oh, by the way, further down near the end of the list, you’ll see what I refer to as my list of diaper period rules for sissy babies.  That list I’m afraid, will have to be for another posting.

So without further ado, here’s my list of sissy rules, just as I first penned them back in 2001.


1.       You must always wear panties.  Sissies are not allowed to own men's underwear.

2.      You must always have your toenails painted.

3.      When at work, you must always wear panties and have your toenails painted, but you need not wear any other feminine items unless they won't show – or you want to.

4.      Never, under any circumstances, stand to pee – ever, even at work.  Sissies only sit to pee.

5.      Your face and body must be free of hair at all times.

6.      Use only female deodorant, shampoos, and conditioners.

7.      Get some very mild perfume and wear it – even when you go out (but not to work).

8.      Take frequent scented bubble baths (you might as well enjoy yourself).

9.      Read a book about nail care and buy yourself a complete nail care kit.  Your fingernails don't always have to be painted, but they should be well manicured at all times.  You must keep your toenails painted always.

10.  Whenever you sit down, you must always sit with your knees together.

11.  You must keep yourself in shape by working out to an aerobics videotape while wearing a feminine leotard and tights at least three times a week.

12.  For bedtime, a nightgown or some other type of feminine nightie must be worn.

13.  Subscribe to several women's magazines and read them.

14.  When leaving the house (not to work), besides your panties, you must always wear at least one other feminine item.

15.  When shopping, never make up an excuse that you are shopping for anyone else.  You are a sissy.  The items are for you.  Be honest.

16.  When shopping for clothes, if offered a chance to try on clothes, take it.  You should also always be wearing pantyhose under your clothes when you go out looking for new clothes.

17.  For 7 out of every 28 days you must have your period.  Keep a calendar clearly marked.  You must buy all your period needs yourself and be honest about them if asked.  If you are a sissy baby, see the rules for a diaper period.  If you're are not a sissy baby, during your period you must wear a maxi-pad at all times (you can wear this to work too).  If you use a maxi-pad, you must find a way to keep a spare one on you at all times and change your pad at least four times a day.



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I added your post to my own blog, not that it gets many readers but hey
I think its worth sharing. Wish I could claim to follow all the rules
but life gets in the way. Please keep up all your good work we all love
it and you.
hugzzz April