Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Getting Ready to Publish

I’m getting ready to make what could be potentially the most disastrous mistake of my life – and yet I’m still going to do it.  I’m getting ready to publish a book as Karen Singer. 

Yes, I’ve published one as my real self a year ago (and if you want to know the name of the book to check it out, you’re going to have to email me.  And yes, it’s an incredible book).  But this one will be different.  This time I’m going to publish as my “other” self.  My Karen self. 

Okay, I’m “sort of” publishing it.  I’m making it a Kindle Book.  Trust me, it’s not the same as doing a regular printed book, even though the same amount of work goes into it.  Well, at least I put the same amount of work into it, if not more. 

But it could be disastrous because nobody knows about my Karen self.  Nobody!  And I want very much to keep it that way.  I’m too old and too many people depend on me and look up to me for anything else. 

But I’ve got a number of stories that are way too good to do nothing with.  Way, way too good!  The one you’re reading right now I consider to be one of them, but I’m not going to publish the McComber Mess for a very long time yet.  So you’re safe to keep reading it.  I’m going to post the whole thing right here (eventually) so you can read it all.  I’ll warn you though, there are some twists in this tale that are coming up that are really insane!  But you’ve got a way’s to go before you get there.

I’m going to start my first Karen publication with the one story that has always been my favorite, and one that I have always thought deserved to be published:  Second Life, Second Chance.  I posted it a few years ago on Fictionmania, where it got rave reviews from the few people who ever read it.  Unfortunately, it was very few people that read it.  I got more reads on some of my other stories on that site in one month, than in the three years that Second Life was out there.  It’s not there anymore.

I’ve edited it, and rewritten parts of it and re-edited it and then some, trying to get it as professional a product as I can.  If I want someone to pay for it, then I want them to get their money’s worth.  But still, I’m not planning on charging a lot for it.  Not a lot as far as I see it anyway.  I haven’t settled on the price of it yet, but I will have to do that soon.

I’m publishing Second Life because I think it’s a great book and it deserves to be published.  But I also believe it won’t sell much at all.  Who the heck would want to read a transgendered novel?  It’s certainly not erotica like a lot of books out there.  It’s just a good story.  But still, maybe one person can buy it and read it…and will like it.  I hope.

So watch for the announcement soon because I am getting very close in the process to releasing it.  I just still have a few more things to finalize.  And when I do release it, please buy a copy.  And if you happen to like it, then maybe rate it so other people can know it’s something decent to read.

Take care everyone.  And don’t forget to smile once in a while so everyone will think you’re up to something, even when you’re not!

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sarah penguin said...

*hugs and waves* Your other book is still on my list of books to get. :)