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Revenge - Chapter 16

By Karen Singer

Chapter 16

Steve woke up Friday morning with hope on his mind.  His exile in turmoil was almost over.  And hopefully the witch would let him buy some proper men’s clothes today.  By his figuring, he had pretty much done everything she wanted.  She had given him no choice.
As he got out of bed, he once again noticed a message on his computer screen.  He examined it closely.  Another note from the witch – who else.  Like the other notes, it gave very few clues about anything.

I hope you enjoyed your little vacation this week.  Such an exotic vacation, in such an exotic place – full of exotic people, activities…and clothes! 

Did you enjoy it?  Hmmmm?   Well I did, even if you didn’t!  I hope now that you’ll think twice about doing things you shouldn’t!

But unfortunately, all good things must come to an end – (sigh).  Tomorrow you have to go home again.  I’m sure you’re very sad about that.  You’ve had such fun after all with your two little playmates. 

I promised you that if you were good you could buy pants for the trip home.  And overall, I’m fairly pleased with your behavior.  So I’m going to let you go shopping this afternoon to pick out some new clothes for the trip home.  In fact, I may even help you!

Bon Voyage!

Steve read the note and shuddered.  It was all good news, but every word sounded almost evil to him.  Think twice about doing things he shouldn’t?  How was he to know how powerful she was? 
The best news was that she was letting him buy some new clothes.  He’d just have to wait until this afternoon to get them.  The part that worried him though, was where she said that she might even help him.  What did she mean by that?  He hoped he wouldn’t have to find out.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

The beach that morning seemed lonely.  There were plenty of people around as usual…people on the beach, people playing in the water, people at the bar, people sailing around the bay – people having fun.  Steve truthfully couldn’t say that he had ever had fun on this trip, but somehow being out there alone now seemed to make things all that much worse.  The two girls had not only been pleasant company, they had also added a margin of validity to his predicament and almost shielded him in a way.  Now, he felt much more exposed than usual. 
After a while, he went into the ocean one last time to search the crystal clear water for fish.  He loved seeing them swimming around him.  He couldn’t think of a more amazing thing that he had ever witnessed in his life.  He thought of the underwater observatory that he had been to during the island tour.  The fish there had been even more amazing.  Of course while he was in there, he had first remembered trying on his sister’s dress.  He thought of that memory now.  What would it feel like to wear a dress?  He had been forced to wear dresses and skirts almost continually for the last week.  He’d be wearing another one when he got back to his room.  Why did he have to remember such things now?  He had never remembered them before.  They were embarrassing memories.
After the beach, Steve changed into another of the many skirt outfits he had bought during the week.  He had so many to choose from.  Way too many clothes.  He made it a point to search for a dumpster he could throw them all in before he went home.  He was going to be so glad to get rid of them. 
As he finished doing his makeup, he stared at himself in the mirror.  He had done a better job than normal.  It seemed that some of Mandy’s lessons had rubbed off a bit.  Did his face look more feminine?  Yeah, somewhat.  Maybe more than that.  He was tempted to wash all the makeup off and see if the witch would let him go without it.  But the minute he turned on the water to do so, the itching started on his back.  The witch! 
He went downstairs in the hotel and walked into the mini-mall hallway, hoping that maybe he could get his men’s clothes sooner.  But as he approached the men’s store, the itching began again.  He turned around.  Evidently the witch was going to drag this out.  He headed for the bar instead.
“Hey, hey!  It’s the lady-man,” the bartender called out as he sat down in his favorite seat at the end of the bar.  “I must say, you are certainly looking better than you did a week ago.  Much prettier.”
Prettier?  Was he supposed to thank the bartender for the compliment?  Steve wasn’t exactly happy about it.  He just ordered his lunch.
After lunch, he tried to go into the men’s store again, but again the witch blocked him.  When was she going to let him?  What time?  Frustrated, he went back to his room and fumed about it. 
He tried it again two hours later, and again was denied.  And he tried it again an hour after that.  He was beginning to worry. 
At four o’clock he went down and tried it again.  He entered the hallway where all the stores were and headed straight for the men’s store, but again he didn’t get there.  Not because the witch was blocking him, but because he suddenly found his body moving where he didn’t want it to go.  Once again, he was no longer in charge of his body at all.  He was a mere passenger with no way to do anything. 
Helplessly, Steve found himself entering the women’s wear store again.  Helpless, he watched as his body browsed through still more women’s clothes.  But it wasn’t until his body began searching the racks of women’s pants and jeans that he began to really get upset.  The full meaning of what the witch intended for him sank in.  She had said he could buy pants for the trip home, but she didn’t say they would be men’s pants.  The damn witch was planning to make him travel all the way home dressed like a sissy. 
He struggled with everything he had to regain even a small measure of control over his body.  But it was useless.  It was like there was no connection at all between his brain and anything else.  While he screamed and raged inside, his body was gushing like a sissy girl with one of the saleswomen over a pair of pink Capri-length jeans.  And then of course, his body had to try everything on and come out and model it all for the sales staff. 
Steve struggled and struggled, but it did no good.  The witch had complete control of his body and he could do nothing but observe.  With time, his struggles grew less and less.  There was no sense in even trying anymore, he was thoroughly stuck.  Imprisoned within his own body.
Before going back to his room, Steve had to watch as his body made one last purchase, a small, rather feminine suitcase to go with his own suitcase for all the extra things he had bought during the trip.  It was looking like the witch wasn’t going to let him leave anything behind tomorrow.  Why?  What would he do with it at home? 
Steve fully expected that once he got back to his room, the witch would leave him alone, but even there he found that he still had no control.  He had no control when he went down for dinner a little while later, and he still had no control again when he found himself going down to the beach party one last time.  The witch just wasn’t letting up. 
Helplessly, Steve found himself dancing in the middle of the crowd to the lively steel drum music.  Helplessly, Steve watched as his body gyrated way too girlishly, drawing the attention of way too many of the people there.  Helplessly, Steve watched as his body laughed, and bumped, and danced in a way that even most women would be embarrassed to do.  His body was having a great time.  He was totally miserable. 
It was late when his body finally took him back to his room.  Steve was exhausted.  He wanted nothing more than the solace of sleep and oblivion.  And Karen gave it to him. 

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

Karen woke up early.  Her time of having fun with Steve was almost over.  It had been a wonderful week.  Difficult at times, but wonderful.  She could feel his dreaming mind even now – still sleeping until she decided otherwise.
She always knew his thoughts since they shared so much of their common body.  All of his emotions were her emotions, but slowly, she was developing emotions of her own now.  It was Steve’s emotions that had given her the most trouble.  Yes, his frustration with begin forcibly feminized was angering him the most.  And that was just what she had wanted him to feel.  It felt wonderfully delicious to her.  But those same emotions that they shared had also taken something away from her.  Steve had made love to Ellie, and in the process, Karen had become a lesbian.  The emotions of sex had been too strong for her. 
Susan had told her how pleased she was and that it was alright, but still, she felt like something major had been ripped out of her because of it.  The result, while Steve ogled all the girls, she did too.  But while Steve was totally uninterested in the way the guys looked, she was still curious.  They fascinated her, even though she currently had a male body of her own, one she wasn’t really happy to have.  But it did serve to give her the possibilities for imposing endless humiliation on its other owner.  Such a happy thought!
That happy thought led her to where she was now.  Her last day for a little while, but Susan had told her that she could be in charge of their body for almost the entire day again.  Wonderful freedom!  But this time, Susan wanted Steve to know what was going on all day.  She mentally laughed.  Steve wasn’t going to like it.
With Steve still sleeping, she got out of bed and took a bath, soaking luxuriously in the flowery scented water.  She took the time to once again shave her entire body nice and smooth.  It felt so good.  After her bath, she looked into the mirror.  Yuck!  She was going to have to shave Steve’s face too.  Why did Steve have to have a beard?  Maybe she could do something about that someday.  Yeah, it would be so much nicer to not have any hair on her face like a normal woman.  She giggled at that thought.  It would humiliate Steve terribly.  She’d have to tell Susan about that idea. 
After shaving, she was finally ready to do her makeup.  As she picked up the jar of foundation that Mandy had suggested, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and thought, “What the hell, this would be as good a time as any.  Steve doesn’t like makeup.”  And with that, she woke him up.
The first thing that Steve realized, was that he was looking at himself in the mirror – although to be fair, it took a second or two for the sleep to fully clear his mind enough to make that connection.  The next thing he realized, was that he was spreading makeup all over his face, smoothing it out to look good.  The final thing he realized, was that he still had no control at all over his body.  “Noooooo!” 
Karen giggled at Steve’s mental scream.  His discomfort thrilled her down to her bones.  She felt him mentally struggling to find a way to gain control of their body once again, but there was no way that he could.  After this week, she was stronger than she used to be.  That ability was even more under her control now than ever. 
Steve had no choice but to go along for the ride.  A ride he would have paid anything to not have to take.  He was forced to simply watch helplessly as his body finished perfecting his makeup, and then dressed itself all too humiliatingly in a matching pink bra and panty set, the pink Capri-length jeans, a white frilly top, and a pair of pink shoes with about a two inch heel.  His body added a necklace and bracelet, re-combed his hair like Mandy had done a few days ago, added a few spritzes of perfume, and then looked deeply into the mirror and puckered up his lips in a kiss.  Steve felt like the kiss was aimed directly at him.  The witch! 
Karen finished packing her suitcases.  All her wonderful new clothes were neatly folded and packed lovingly inside.  Nothing at all of Steve’s things that she had arrived with were there.  Those things had long ago been tossed into the trash and were gone now.  When she had arrived, she had been forced to travel as Steve.  Now, she was going home as Karen.  And it felt great.  Especially with Steve being forced to witness everything that she was doing.
She carefully searched the room one last time to make sure she had everything, then she pulled her two suitcases out into the hall and closed the door behind her.  It had been such a wonderful vacation.  She could only hope that she’d get to do it again someday. 
Karen paid the bill with Steve’s credit card and didn’t even blink an eye at the amount.  Steve was doing mental flip-flops over it, but there was nothing he could do about it.  They had plenty of money either saved up or available on his credit cards, and the vacation had been worth every penny.  Well, to her, not really for Steve. 
As she sat on the shuttle bus going to the airport, she thought again of Mandy and…Ellie.  She was going to miss those two.  They had added so much to Steve’s humiliation, and also to her enjoyment.  It had been nice to have two real girlfriends.  She wondered if she could cultivate any more back home like that.  It would be difficult.  She would be stuck once again playing back seat to Steve most of the time.  Not a happy thought to dwell on. 
The airport was small.  There weren’t a lot of flights in and out every day.  The woman behind the check-in counter looked her over carefully.  “You’re flying like that?” she asked.  Raising her eyes at the way Karen, or rather Steve, was dressed. 
“Of course,” Karen replied.  “Anything wrong with it?”
The woman shook her head and processed Steve’s ticket and luggage.  “Have a nice flight,” she said somewhat tauntingly.
Steve was momentarily crushed.  He had hoped for just a second that the woman behind the counter would say that he couldn’t wear what he had on to travel in.  But she hadn’t said that at all.  It had been a brief moment of hope that had been all too quickly dashed.  He had another brief moment of hope when the security people pulled him aside after he had his purse x-rayed.  They checked him over very thoroughly.  He wanted to scream to them to help him.  But instead, his body was behaving like it was thoroughly enjoying the close scrutiny.  Unfortunately, they passed him through the way he was dressed – and his body thanked them for their efforts!  Ugh!
Karen had to wait over an hour before she could board the plane.  She wandered around the few shops looking at this and that, browsing contentedly.  Nothing she was looking at was interesting Steve at all.  Good.  It was pleasing her though.  The jewelry on the island had been exceptional.  According to all the sales hype, exceptional values too.  She was currently wearing some she had bought previously with Mandy and Ellie.  She looked at the bracelet on her wrist, so pretty.  Maybe she’d have Steve wear it to work someday.  Perhaps without him knowing he was doing it.  She would enjoy that so much – and Steve wouldn’t.  So many happy thoughts for the future.
The plane was small and crowded.  Steve had an aisle seat.  There was an older woman already sitting next to the window when he got there.  She looked him over carefully – and angrily. “Shit,” Steve heard her swear as he sat down.  “Stupid queers.  And I have to be stuck sitting next to one.”  She tried her best to turn away so she wouldn’t have to look at him.  Steve felt awful about it.  Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it either.  He was just as stuck as the woman was.  More so.
Karen felt slightly sorry for the discomfort of the woman sitting next to her, but there was nothing she could, or would do about it.  It was one of the few times she was forced to agree with Steve about the way they were dressed.  It would be so much better if they had a body that was a lot more feminine.  That way, she could get dressed and nobody would ever mind.  Of course, Steve always prided himself on how masculine his body was.  Not exactly a bunch of muscles – fortunately, but not too bad either.  Steve would be totally humiliated at having a feminine body too.  Thoughts of how she could make their body more feminine filled Karen’s mind as she sat through the long flight.
They had to change planes, rushing to get to the next flight before it left.  Steve cringed with every hurried step as he felt the heels on the shoes he was wearing slapping against the hard floors of the terminal.  At least he wasn’t wearing a skirt that might fly up and show too much – as if he could do anything about that anyway.  Another crowded flight, and as usual, everybody looked him over all too carefully.  Did his body have to smile at them all?  He had a middle seat this time, between a business man and a young woman – fairly pretty.  The business man looked disgusted and tried his best to ignore him.  The woman nearly died ogling him.  Steve wanted to die too.
As Karen squeezed past the business man into the empty seat, she saw the look of amazement on the face of the woman next to the window.  The woman couldn’t take her eyes off of Steve and was obviously very amused at him.  Good!  “Hi,” Karen said as she sat down and pulled her seat-belt into place. 
The woman had been surprised by the greeting, but finally replied with a small, “Hi.”  She said nothing more until the plane had finally left the runway and was still climbing into the air.  She had hardly taken her eyes off of Steve the entire time they waited.  “Do you fly this way often?” she finally asked.
“No, this is my first time,” Karen replied.  “How about you?”
“Uh,” the woman replied, not sure how to answer that one. 
“I’m coming back from a great vacation,” Karen said.  “Are you on vacation too?”
“Um…family visit,” the woman finally replied.  “Where were you?”
“St. Thomas,” Karen answered happily.  “And it was so beautiful.”
“I’ll bet it was.  Um…pardon me for asking, were you dressed like…uh, that…the whole time?”
“Sure.”  Karen looked down at the pink jeans she was wearing.  “Except I never had to wear any pants.  Skirts are so much more comfortable.”
“Uh, I see,” the woman replied.  “How long were you away?”
“Just a week.”
“Just a week,” the woman repeated.  “Um…tell me, do you dress like this all the time at home?”
Steve was cringing.  It was bad enough that he had to put up with being dressed the way he was, but now his body was having a very embarrassing conversation with a total stranger about things he didn’t even want to think about.  And as the flight continued, the woman and his body kept talking.  Clothes, makeup, family…girl-talk!  Maybe the plane would crash and he wouldn’t have to ever think about such humiliation again.
When the plane finally landed, Karen walked casually down to the baggage claim and eventually found her two suitcases.  Pulling them behind her, she went out to the parking garage and found her car – Steve’s car.  Susan had given her strict instructions.  She had been created by Susan to do whatever Susan told her to do.  Even when she wasn’t always sure about it, it always turned out that Susan was right.  It had been a glorious trip, but Susan’s instructions had been clear.  As she walked up to the back of the car, she let go of her suitcases, and with a mental sigh, returned control of their body to Steve again.
Steve was elated to see his car again.  If the witch had returned control of his body to him before he saw it, he would have been forever trying to find it.  But now, his body was just standing there, not doing anything, not moving a muscle.  What was the witch waiting for?  He chanced trying to move his hand just a little.  It moved.  He had control once again!  He nearly fainted with relief.
He quickly fished his keys out of his purse and opened his trunk – no sign of his old clothes, but his cell phone and Monica’s laptop computer were there along with his fishing gear.  He put the suitcases in and got into his car.  Still no sign of his clothes.
He drove home as quickly as he could.  When he got to his apartment complex, he didn’t even bother to worry about other people seeing him.  He got out of his car and ran for his apartment.  As soon as he got inside, he closed the door behind him and collapsed with relief. 
The witch had been incredibly powerful.  She had punished him royally for what he had done.  He would have to find some way to make it up to her…some way to get on her good side.  He didn’t ever want to go through anything like that again.  But first, he needed a good shower…and his own clothes!

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