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Training with Wolfie - Chapter 16 – Part 1 of 2

Training With Wolfie
By Karen Singer

Chapter 16 – Part 1 of 2

     “I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Isabelle,” Connie said to Rosa the following afternoon as they were sitting together in Rosa’s kitchen.  Both Wolf and Bobo were still outside. 
      “Yes.  Me too,” Rosa replied.  “She seemed so promising there for a while.  She seemed so sure of herself.  Confident in her abilities.”
      “And in the end she turned you down.”
      “Rather flat I’m afraid,” Rosa replied.  “Oh well, if it wasn’t to be, then it wasn’t to be.”
      “You’re only keeping Bobo like he is for the rest of the summer,” Connie reminded her.  “Maybe you can find someone else to work with just Wolf after that.”
      “Maybe.  And most likely, I will probably look for someone.”  She smiled broadly.  “But Connie dear, just the thought of forcing poor Bobo to go through formal dog training had me really excited there for a while.”
     Connie smiled.  “I’m sure it did.”
      “Can you stay for supper dear?” Rosa asked.  “You said you had no clients tonight.”
     Connie smiled.  “Sure.  I’d love that.”
      “It’s so nice having you right next door!”
      “But only for a few months!” Connie stated.  “Just until my house gets finished.”
      “So true…and so sad,” Rosa replied.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Bobo sat in the kitchen, his stomach growling with hunger as he stared up at Rosa and Connie’s backs while they prepared dinner.  Wolf was pacing expectantly around in a circle.  Bobo didn’t know why he bothered, Rosa wasn’t going to feed them until after they ate.  But he also knew that Wolfie was waiting for one of those big dog treats.  As much as he hated to admit it, so was he.  He was that hungry!
     The sudden sound of someone knocking at the front door sent Wolf into a frenzy of vicious barking as he tore through the house straight toward the front door.  Bobo went in the opposite direction, toward the back door instead.  He couldn’t get out that way, but he would be more out of sight there.
     He heard Rosa mutter something that wouldn’t be polite to say in someone else’s presence…something that let him know just how unhappy she was at not only the interruption, but mostly about the way Wolf was behaving…which was exactly the way he always behaved when someone came to the house.  It was a bothersome interruption for him too.  Not only did he not want to be seen, he wanted something to eat!

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---

     Rosa grabbed Wolf’s collar and pulled him away from the door.  “Wolf!  No!” she yelled as she pulled him backwards.  “Wolf!  Stop it!  Down!  Sit!  Wolf, stop!  Stay!  Stop it!”  She finally got Wolfie away from the door, but he was still growling and barking occasionally.  Rosa chanced opening the door a crack, expecting to find one of her tenants.  Instead, she saw a man she didn’t recognize…and right next to him, was Isabelle.
      “Madam Rosa?” the man asked.
      “Yes?” she replied as Wolf suddenly started pushing his big nose between her and the door.
      “I’m Jose Cruz.  You met my wife yesterday.”
      “Of course,” Rosa replied.  “Just give me just a moment to grab Wolfie.”  She reached down and grabbed Wolf’s collar and pulled him backwards, which only made Wolf bark again.  When she turned around, Jose and Isabelle were already coming inside.
      “It’s okay,” Jose told her.  “Let him go.  Let him come to us.”
     Rosa had grave misgivings about that.  “Um…I’m not sure if I should.”
     Jose shook his head and came directly toward Wolf, who set his back legs wide apart and growled menacingly at him.  Jose stood right in front of Wolf, showing no fear of him at all.  He continued to stand right there until Wolf slowly and finally backed down.  When Wolf had settled down enough, he reached out and removed Rose’s hand from Wolf’s collar.  Then he stood there staring down at Wolf for a long time.  Finally, Wolf sat. 
     Jose turned to Rosa.  “I’m sorry we didn’t call in advance,” he said, completely ignoring Wolf.  “Isabelle and I talked about your situation quite a bit last night, and today as well.  And…we weren’t that far away, so I took a chance and stopped by.  From the corner of his eye, he saw another woman now at the far end of the room.  He ignored her.  “I’m afraid I was curious enough about your two dogs that I wanted to come out and see them for myself.”
     Rosa looked down at Wolf who was still sitting there quietly.
      “Ignore him like he’s not there,” Jose told her.  “Right now, he want’s everything to be about him.  He must learn that everything is not about him, not anymore.”
     Rosa smiled at Jose.  There was no doubt that she was in the presence of another dominant.  A true dominant, much like herself.  The only difference was that he knew how to handle dogs, and she didn’t.  But she could certainly handle men!  Probably better than he could.  She also noticed how his wife was staying quietly in the background.  Isabelle might be a switch, but Rosa had no doubt that she was far more submissive than dominant.  “I appreciate you coming out and giving us a second chance,” she told him.
     Without looking at Wolf at all, Jose said, “I can certainly see why you were looking for help.  And in my opinion, with Wolf’s aggression toward visitors, you need it.  But at the same time, he’s only doing what comes naturally to him, and part of that is to protect he territory…and I’m quite sure, you as well.”
      “I like Wolf’s protection!” Rosa told him.  “It’s one of the reasons I got him in the first place.  It just that…sometimes he protects me too much!” she stated with a touch of frustration.
      “I noticed that,” Jose replied.  Finally he looked down at Wolf.  “So this is Wolf, no doubt.  My wife said he’s a shepherd husky mix.  I can see it in him.  And as my wife said, he appears to be in excellent condition.” 
     He bent down and pet Wolf’s head, much to the amazement of Rosa.  Then he pulled a bit on Wolf’s collar and touched Wolf’s side to get him standing.  “Stay!” Jose said softly to Wolf.  He stood back to get a better look at the dog.  What he saw was a beautiful and powerful animal.  The combination of the breeds probably eliminating some of the shortcomings that both individual breeds might possess.  The result, a dog that in some places, like Alaska or Canada, might be worth a fortune.  But as such, there could be no doubt that an animal like Wolf was one that needed a lot of exercise…and something to keep him focused and busy.  He leaned down and pet Wolf’s head again.  “Good boy!” he said softly before standing straight again.  “And your other pet?” he asked Rosa.  “I believe my wife said he had the odd name of…Bobo?”
      “Oh yes!” Rosa replied, knowing full well that as a true dominant, Jose most likely had more interest in Bobo than in Wolf.  “Bobo!” she yelled toward the kitchen, where Connie was still standing in the doorway watching.  “Come!”  She turned toward Jose.  “Bobo, I’m afraid, is a bit…shyer than Wolfie here.”  When Bobo didn’t appear right away, she yelled again, “Bobo…come!”
      “I think he’s hiding by the back door,” Connie told them.
     Bobo had heard Rosa calling him.  He didn’t want to go at all.  When she called a second time though, he knew he wasn’t going to have a choice in the matter.  She might kill him if he didn’t do what she wanted.  He still remembered the horrible sting of that one whip lash she had given him.  He got to his feet and slowly headed toward the living room, but he was only halfway through the kitchen when he saw Rosa, and two other people, heading his way.  The woman he recognized, but not the man.  He sat in the middle of the kitchen floor, feeling nothing but fear and embarrassment.
      “So this is Bobo,” Jose said, taking a good look at the man-turned-dog.  He particularly stared at the leather paws that now encased Bobo’s hands.  Unique!  Very interesting indeed.  But his wife had mentioned a tail too, and yes, there it was, stretched out on the floor behind him.  He really couldn’t miss it.  He leaned down and pet Bobo’s head.  Then, like he had done with Wolf, he lightly grabbed his collar and touched Bobo’s side, getting Bobo to his feet.  Now he could see the leg binds and that unique tail better.  “The leg bindings were interesting.  He particularly noted two things, the rounded rubber base and the way Bobo’s feet were drawn inward toward his tail…that now hung down in a rather real position.  Not straight or even limp, but almost like it had muscles of its own.  He touched the tail, feeling it.  Heavy leather with padding inside.  He dropped it, and the tail continued to move on its own.  Interesting. 
      “Bobo,” Rosa said.  “Wag your tail.”
     Ugh!  Bobo hated that command.  But inside his bindings, he wiggled his toes, which made his tail wag back and forth.  He heard chuckling and saw Connie standing in the background laughing.
      “I just love seeing that,” Connie told them.
      “Do I know you?” Isabelle asked.  “You look familiar.”
      “You look somewhat familiar to me too,” Connie replied.  “I’m guessing we might have passed each other at the club?”
     Isabelle nodded.  “If you’re a member there, then most likely that’s what it is.  We’ve just never been introduced.  I’m Isabelle Cruz,” she introduced herself.  “Jose’s wife.”
     Connie smiled.  “Most people just call me Connie…except my subs,” Connie replied.  “You don’t need to know the name I expect them to use.”
     Jose ignored the women talking behind him.  He slowly walked all the way around Bobo, but by the time he reached Bobo’s other side, Wolf was there as well.  He watched as Wolf came over and rubbed the entire length of his body against Bobo as he walked past.  Then he circled behind Bobo and stopped and laid down right between him and Bobo.  Not threatening in any way, just planting himself there.  Jose had no doubt it wasn’t just to get more attention for himself.  There was a deep relationship between Wolf and Bobo, and Wolf was simply letting him know that Bobo fell under his protection.  Even more interesting.  He had to wonder how such a relationship could possibly develop.  He leaned down and pet Wolf’s head again.  “Good boy,” he said.  He moved around in front of Bobo, leaned down and pet Bobo’s head.  “Good boy,” he praised.
      “I’m sorry Jose,” Rosa said, “but I’m afraid that in Bobo’s case, I’m now considering him to be a female dog.  So if you would please, let her know that she’s a good girl.”
      “Girl?” Jose asked, clearly surprised.
      “Bobo…lay down!” Rosa commanded.
     Oh no!  Bobo didn’t want to go through that again.  But like she had commanded, he laid down on his belly with his front paws out in front of him. 
      “Bobo, roll over on you back and stay there!”
     Ugh!  He rolled over, just so that everyone could gawk at what they had done to him.  Gawk at what he had that could no longer be seen.  Gawk at what he might as well not even have anymore…because for all practical purposes, he didn’t have those parts of himself anymore.  But that didn’t stop him from feeling the need to use those parts.
     Jose walked around Wolf and Bobo to Bobo’s other side.  He knelt down and felt the smooth leather piece that he knew had to trap the man’s sexual organs.  Other than the tiny tip of his penis protruding from the leather, there was no sign, no bulge, no indication of anything else.  If Bobo’s entire body had been covered in the same fur that the leather covering still had, then he would easily assume that Bobo was a female dog.  Interesting – again! 
     He stood up and looked down at Bobo, still on his back.  “Bobo…sit!” he said softly but firmly.  He was rewarded to see Bobo roll over and move into a sitting position – just like a dog!  The truth was, there was so much about Bobo that he found so totally interesting that he was almost mesmerized by what he was seeing.  Madam Rosa was a dominant.   Evidently, a damn good one to be able to train a man to behave the way this man was behaving. 
     He had questions though.  His wife had told him what she and Rosa had discussed the last time she was here, but now he wanted to hear it all for himself…personally!  And, in the process, he wanted another dog training job for both himself, and his wife!  They really needed the work – one of the reasons he had been angry with his wife for turning the job down in the first place.  “Madam Rosa,” he said, “I know you talked with Isabelle about Bobo here, but would you do me the kindness to tell me everything about him as well?”
      “Certainly,” Rosa replied.  “Connie and I were just making dinner.  Would you like to stay and eat?  We can discuss it all at length then.”
     Jose didn’t even think of consulting with his wife.  “That sounds nice.”
     Two minutes later, Bobo found himself out on the back porch again with Wolfie, while Rosa and Connie were preparing dinner for everyone.  Everyone except him and Wolf.  And he was starving!  Never mind that he was starving every evening, he was starving then and that’s all that mattered to him.  And here he was, put out again, like a dog…like the dog that he was.

--- §§§§§§§§§§ ---


Anonymous said...

Work of art as usual! Twists and turns till the end. Like riding a roller coaster with a blindfold on. Thank you for another awesome chapter.

Erica said...

Wonderful addition. Hope you enjoyed your week off.

Natasha said...

Another magnificent episode. Again it really is surprising me with how much it is turning me on - I guess it just really appeals to my submissive side. Karen, can you please tell us how many chapters this fabulous story is in for us to enjoy?